What to give a dog for Christ­mas? The best gift for your beloved dog is a new warm bed or oth­er essen­tials.

Christ­mas is com­ing and with it thou­sands of shop­ping, gifts, din­ners, par­ties and fam­i­ly get-togeth­ers. But what about man’s most loy­al friends, like dogs? They also deserve recog­ni­tion for all the moments they gave their own­ers through­out the year. To date, there are many ideas of how and what you can give your beloved pet, which the dog will cer­tain­ly appre­ci­ate. In addi­tion, this is a great chance to update those toys that have already been dam­aged due to time and use.

1. Chew toys

They can be a good option as a gift for a fur­ry pet. Today you can find almost any toy for your dog. There are many types, from clas­sic soft toys to inter­ac­tive toys that make sounds. Rope bones, croc­o­diles, roost­ers and even mon­keys. Any of them will enter­tain the ani­mal and bright­en up its pas­time. In addi­tion, find­ing a vari­ety of chew toys for your dog is not dif­fi­cult.

2. Dog snacks and toy dispensers

Christ­mas is a great time to give your dog this deli­cious treat, per­haps some­thing a lit­tle more out of the ordi­nary than usu­al. It’s amaz­ing how many shapes and fla­vors snack and del­i­ca­cy mak­ers can offer dogs. Pet own­ers can find these snacks in spe­cial­ty dog ​​stores. But it is impor­tant to keep in mind that in no case should human food be giv­en to dogs, because this can adverse­ly affect their health due to the fact that some foods are very tox­ic and harm­ful to them. Dis­penser toys are designed to make it com­fort­able for your beloved pet to stay alone at home while the own­er is at work. In such a toy, you can put pieces of your dog’s favorite snacks so that it is fun and easy for him to get them in case of hunger. Usu­al­ly dogs like the oppor­tu­ni­ty to feast on their prizes.

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3. Interactive camera

If there is a ques­tion of pur­chas­ing a toy that would enter­tain the dog dur­ing those hours when he was left alone, then an inter­ac­tive cam­era can be a good option. There are cam­eras that remote­ly trig­ger toys so that dogs can play with them when their own­ers aren’t around. With these inter­ac­tive cam­eras, the own­er decides when to launch the toy, and you can also take a pho­to or record a video from such a device while the dog is at home alone. In addi­tion, a spe­cial light is built into the cam­era, which lights up to attract the atten­tion of the ani­mal.

4. Travel voucher

Now any own­er can give his dog a tick­et for 10 walks. Of course, most of all, four-legged friends like to walk and dis­cov­er new places. With­out a doubt, this can be the very gift that will make the most hap­py pet at Christ­mas. There are spe­cial com­pa­nies that are engaged in a strict selec­tion of a char­ac­ter who is select­ed for walk­ing with dogs. The main cri­te­ria are respon­si­bil­i­ty and love for these ani­mals.

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Walk­ing with a dog in the fresh air will bring her a sea of ​​u200bu200bjoy. In addi­tion, if the own­er does not like the select­ed per­son who will take care of the pet dur­ing these walks, it can be changed. Hov­er, this gift can be a lit­tle more expen­sive than, for exam­ple, ani­mal toys. Today, a trip vouch­er costs about 65 euros.

5. Clothing and Frisbee

Own­ers can buy clothes for the pet for cold days or walks in the rain. There are amaz­ing brands of rain­coats that keep a pet’s fur coat warm and safe with­out sac­ri­fic­ing fash­ion. This type of cloth­ing is gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty, because you can pick up any­thing, for every taste and price. Dogs will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate if their own­ers put warm clothes on them on cold days.

As for the fris­bee, this is a clas­sic gift not only for Christ­mas. Fris­bees are made from many mate­ri­als, but nat­ur­al rub­ber is gen­er­al­ly rec­om­mend­ed as it will not dam­age the ani­mal’s teeth when caught in the air by the dog. This is a cheap and very fun­ny toy that can be found in any pet store.

6. New couch

With­out a doubt a new pet bed, a stel­lar gift for Christ­mas. His rest should always be one of the pri­or­i­ties of the own­ers, because in the case when the dog is full and rests in a con­ve­nient place, she lives a long and hap­py life.

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Extend­ing a dog’s life may also depend on its dai­ly rest. In addi­tion, before Christ­mas there is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to find beds with Christ­mas motifs and fun­ny pat­terns that will fit per­fect­ly into the decor of the house. On cold days, you can put a blan­ket on the couch so that the dog sleeps warmer.

Cor­ner beds for dogs fit very com­pact­ly into any inte­ri­or. Buy a pet bed for Christ­mas and New Year. The pet will be pleased to rest in a new sleep­ing place in a mag­i­cal cor­ner

Hav­ing become acquaint­ed with many gift options, it is impor­tant not to for­get that ani­mals them­selves are not toys. At Christ­mas, very often peo­ple get cute pup­pies, they are sold in huge quan­ti­ties. And in the first month, the babies are real­ly tak­en care of, but after that they are aban­doned due to mov­ing, or even end up in ken­nels, in which, unfor­tu­nate­ly, dogs are euth­a­nized due to over­crowd­ing. Peo­ple should always think about and care for their four-legged com­pan­ion, and whether they can offer the dog a care­free and good life. Dogs have a long life and this also entails a num­ber of costs that own­ers must con­sid­er before bring­ing a new mem­ber into the fam­i­ly. It is impor­tant to ratio­nal­ly igh your capa­bil­i­ties and strengths before buy­ing a pup­py, and look into shel­ters where a New Year friend can wait. It is bet­ter to buy a bed and oth­er gifts for a pet on a pro­mo­tion!