How to please your loved one? What to give to lovers / cou­ples?

It is dif­fi­cult to find a gift that will be not only beau­ti­ful or use­ful, but also strength­en­ing rela­tion­ships! That is why the idea of ​​cre­at­ing the LOVEHACK set was born.

An unusu­al quest game for lovers is hid­den in a mag­i­cal design­er box. Here you will find spe­cial cards with var­i­ous tasks, as ll as many nice lit­tle things — small rewards that will help cre­ate a roman­tic mood!

Game cards are hid­den in 2 com­part­ments, which are locat­ed under the lid of the box. In one pock­et — 21 cards with tasks for him (blue shirt), in the sec­ond — the same num­ber of tasks for her (cards with a pink side). All cards are num­bered, and the task itself is hid­den under the scratch lay­er.

The game is designed for 21 days and this num­ber was not cho­sen by chance! Prob­a­bly every­one knows that it is dur­ing this peri­od that good habits are formed. We offer to make a won­der­ful habit — to give your soul­mate time and atten­tion, as ll as to have pleas­ant expe­ri­ences togeth­er!

To do this, every day you need to pull out a card with the cor­re­spond­ing num­ber from the trea­sured enve­lope, erase the scratch lay­er, get acquaint­ed with the task and com­plete it.

Each of the cou­ples has their own task! And to find out what prize you are enti­tled to for com­plet­ing it, you should fol­low the QR code in the instruc­tions for the box (find the day on which you com­plete the task and see what reward you will get today). There you will also find links to addi­tion­al mate­ri­als: 4 info­graph­ics for your self-devel­op­ment and a check­list with ideas for joint leisure.

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After pass­ing the test, it is impor­tant to share your impres­sions with each oth­er and enjoy the ll-deserved reward togeth­er!

Who is the LOVEHACK set for?

The LOVEHACK quest set is a great gift option for cou­ples in love. More­over, it will be inter­est­ing and use­ful not only for those who have recent­ly start­ed dat­ing, but also for those who have been in a rela­tion­ship for a long time.

The tasks are designed in such a way as to help lovers estab­lish a dia­logue, get to know each oth­er, dis­cov­er some­thing new in a part­ner, and learn how to spend time togeth­er with plea­sure.

In order for every­thing to turn out this way, it is worth fol­low­ing the rules of the game — com­plet­ing the cor­re­spond­ing tasks every day, and then shar­ing the impres­sions received from the passed test.

The tasks are based on infor­ma­tion that is set out in books about rela­tion­ships:

- 5 love lan­guages ​​(G. Chap­man);

- Love as a way of life. How to learn to speak the lan­guage of love (G. Chap­man);

- 7 prin­ci­ples of a hap­py mar­riage, or Emo­tion­al intel­li­gence in love (J. Gottman);

- 8 impor­tant dates. How to cre­ate rela­tion­ships for life (J. Gottman);

- Union of dis­sim­i­lar. How to cre­ate a hap­py fam­i­ly not in spite of, but thanks to your dif­fer­ences (I. Adizes, I. Madanes);

- as ll as oth­er best­sellers aimed at find­ing har­mo­ny in rela­tion­ships with a loved one and estab­lish­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

To achieve the great­est effect from com­plet­ing the quest, you should take the tasks seri­ous­ly and dili­gent­ly com­plete them. If one of the par­tic­i­pants in the game sud­den­ly wants to change the task, you can dis­cuss an alter­na­tive test with a part­ner.

Please note: each of the lovers has their own tasks, but in fact they are paired, one way or anoth­er com­ple­ment­ing each oth­er. For exam­ple, on one of the days you will be faced with the task of doing some good deed, on the oth­er you will need to com­mu­ni­cate with loved ones, that is, the focus of the tests will be the same for both of you. The reward for com­plet­ing the exer­cis­es will also be the same. There­fore, it is impor­tant to fol­low the sequence of tasks and not to con­fuse the cards.

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How can you play?

The rules of the game, con­ceived by the cre­ators of the set, re out­lined above, but you can change them and go through the quest at a pace that is com­fort­able for you. For exam­ple, on some day, com­plete one task, and on anoth­er, when you have more time or desire, two.

The most curi­ous can imme­di­ate­ly get acquaint­ed with all the gifts that are pro­vid­ed by the set, and maybe even use them. In this case, you can replace the used prizes with oth­ers.

But believe that the most inter­est­ing and use­ful option would be to fol­low the pre­scribed rules — dai­ly step-by-step com­ple­tion of tasks and receiv­ing the cor­re­spond­ing prizes! In this case, the game will bring real ben­e­fits to your rela­tion­ship and teach you to be clos­er to each oth­er!

Now the most inter­est­ing: what gifts are includ­ed in the set?

When you first open the box, you will prob­a­bly be tempt­ed to take a clos­er look at the con­tents and con­sid­er the rewards offered for com­plet­ed tasks. And there is some­thing to see!

All those small attrib­ut­es that will help cre­ate a roman­tic atmos­phere and enjoy joint com­mu­ni­ca­tion are wait­ing for you: here are var­i­ous cos­met­ic prod­ucts in mini for­mat, and set prizes (Love is chew­ing gums famil­iar to every­one, Bel­gian choco­late), a set of scent­ed can­dles, bal­loons, plant seeds , a set for mak­ing mulled wine, a bath bomb, mas­sage oil), 4 info­graph­ics and a check­list with ideas for spend­ing leisure time togeth­er. The main thing is to be able to resist the temp­ta­tion to use all these pleas­ant lit­tle things at once!

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It is impor­tant to note that if you add up the cost of all the gifts invest­ed in the box, then it will more than pay for the cost of the set. It is also worth con­sid­er­ing the invalu­able con­tri­bu­tion that the pas­sage of the quest will make to the devel­op­ment of your rela­tion­ship!

We are sure that if you decide to use our set, then in the end you will get much more than you expect­ed!

Rea­sons to give a LOVEHACK set

- Wed­ding or dat­ing anniver­sary

- St. Valen­tine’s Day

- Feb­ru­ary 23

- March 8

- New Year

- Hen-par­ty

- Wed­ding

- Birth­day

- No rea­son, just to please a loved one

- Diver­si­fy your rela­tion­ship if you have been togeth­er for a long time

- Get to know each oth­er bet­ter if you are at the begin­ning of a rela­tion­ship

Con­tents of the LOVEHACK set:

- 21 pink scratch cards with tasks for her

- 21 blue scratch cards with tasks for him

- 5 small dark choco­lates

- 5 small milk choco­lates

- 4 body mois­tur­iz­er sam­ples

- 2 probes of mas­sage oil

- 2 chew­ing gum Love is

- a set of spices for mulled wine

- air bal­loons

- a set of scent­ed can­dles

- bub­bling bath bomb

- two coast­ers for glass­es / cups

- seeds

- 4 posters in info­graph­ic for­mat for self-devel­op­ment (down­load link in the QR code instruc­tions),

- check­list (down­load link by QR code).

Pack­ing: design­er gift box with mag­net­ic clo­sure.

Box size (L x W x H): 18.7 x 18.3 x 5.6 cm.

Weight of the set in the pack­age: 645 g.