We believe in mir­a­cles and are glad that our nuts give a sense of mag­ic and won­der, which most of us lack so much. We will tell you in more detail how and to whom you can give our mag­ic nuts with pre­dic­tions and will be hap­py to ansr your ques­tions if they arise.

Why did decide to make mag­ic nuts with pre­dic­tions? First of all, because live in a time when emo­tions fade into the back­ground: who­ev­er is less emo­tion­al is the win­ner, it is con­sid­ered today. The race of harsh and ready to win peo­ple — in all areas of life, but where is the place for real emo­tions? Do you remem­ber the last time you jumped for joy as a child, or expe­ri­enced real sur­prise or delight?

The same is true in the niche of gifts. Today you can order any most expen­sive and unique gift with a per­son­al­ized approach and even in a gold­en frame, it will shine and scream about its val­ue, but how many of these gifts do your friends, acquain­tances, rel­a­tives and friends already have?

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But, by and large, are so tired of such gifts … We are so bored with them … And the thing is that togeth­er with us, our gifts have become prac­ti­cal, bor­ing and unemo­tion­al …

Isn’t it time to allow your­self to jump for joy like a child and, with bat­ed breath, wait for a mir­a­cle that is about to jump right into your palm from the box? — It’s time!..

To do this, just buy nuts with a pre­dic­tion!

If you have a hol­i­day com­ing up that will bring togeth­er many guests or rel­a­tives at the same table, or even in a restau­rant, our nuts can be an excel­lent present (com­pli­ment) for each of your guests, so that every­one leaves your hol­i­day with a piece of mag­ic! Our for­tune nuts are 100% hand­made and are a delight to hold in your hands!

Each nut con­tains a pre­dic­tion inside, you just need to open it in half glued halves and read what the nut has pre­pared for you. Such sur­pris­es are espe­cial­ly pleas­ant as a gift for the new year and bon­bon­nieres at a dding, when you need to present gifts to guests so that every­one takes away a piece of your hol­i­day with both. Our nuts will cope with this 100%!

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Orig­i­nal gifts today are sim­ple and afford­able, because you can enjoy even the sim­plest things that give a sur­prise and a fairy tale. Give with plea­sure!