Around preschool age, chil­dren become more and more inter­est­ed in choos­ing out­fits and stand­ing out from their friends. A vari­ety of bracelets and pen­dants will def­i­nite­ly appeal to lit­tle fash­ion­istas.

Chil­dren increas­ing­ly want to look like adults, and “moth­er-like” jel­ry will arouse gen­uine inter­est. How to choose the right gift? We know the way!

Kid­d­i­boom jel­ry mak­ing kits con­sist of numer­ous ele­ments in var­i­ous shades. All parts are made of jel­ry hypoal­ler­genic alloy. Girls can choose beads and charms them­selves, cre­ate their own unique jel­ry and change them accord­ing to their mood. The set also comes with a beau­ti­ful gift box, in which you can store jel­ry lat­er.

Bracelets and neck­laces are made from beads and pen­dants called charms. This gift for girls will be not only pleas­ant, but also use­ful. Dur­ing the game, fine motor skills and sen­so­ry skills, imag­i­na­tion, fan­ta­sy and accu­ra­cy devel­op.

Fin­ished bracelets look quite high qual­i­ty and expen­sive. Let the girl feel like a real fash­ion­ista who choos­es and makes acces­sories for her­self!

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The assort­ment includes sets of all col­ors and var­i­ous themes: pink, green, red, pur­ple, green, rain­bow, blue and oth­ers.

These are mod­ern and unusu­al sets for cre­ativ­i­ty, with which you can cre­ate beau­ti­ful bracelets!