Until recent­ly, only knew about felt-tip pens. Those most col­or­ful, beloved, mul­ti-col­ored. But times are chang­ing. The shelves of cre­ative stores are filled with a vari­ety of goods.

Dou­ble-sided sketch­ing mark­ers are a new hit for pro­fes­sion­al artists and begin­ners.

Here are 5 rea­sons to give your child these mark­ers:

  1. The mark­ers have two sides — a bul­let-shaped and a dge-shaped tip. It is con­ve­nient to draw both thin lines and thick­er ones.
  2. The set of mark­ers has all the main col­ors and their shades. 60 bright col­ors will def­i­nite­ly give the artist a rea­son to devel­op his imag­i­na­tion.
  3. Con­ve­nient car­ry­ing bag. Mark­erv can be tak­en with you to the open air. Even at home, it is eas­i­er to store mark­ers in a con­ve­nient bag — they will not be lost. It is eas­i­er to choose the desired col­or from the bag.
  4. When dry, they can be refilled with alco­hol. Alco­hol-based mark­ers, so even if you for­got to cov­er the lid, it’s not a big deal! Fill with the most com­mon eth­yl alco­hol, and the mark­ers are like new again.
  5. The gift will please not only the own­er. The num­ber of mark­ers in the set (60 col­ors) will allow chil­dren to share, exchange col­ors and not sar for one or anoth­er col­or.
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