Our new selec­tion will help you choose a gift in a sit­u­a­tion where it should be remem­bered, and the price prac­ti­cal­ly does not mat­ter. Meet: the most valu­able and desired New Year’s sur­pris­es for those who are espe­cial­ly dear.

Gold and silver

Jel­ry is appro­pri­ate for any hol­i­day if you are mak­ing a gift to a loved one. In terms of their abil­i­ty to respond to trends, gold and sil­ver jel­ry will soon catch up with fash­ion jel­ry: our selec­tion includes trendy tas­sel ear­rings and bracelets made of met­al in dif­fer­ent col­ors.

The pen­dant with Chris­t­ian sym­bols not only looks styl­ish, but also car­ries a high spir­i­tu­al mean­ing.

Natural fur

The most warm­ing gift is a warm sheep­skin coat made of nat­ur­al sheep­skin with a large fur col­lar.

luxury for home

A won­der­ful gift for the host­ess of a large hos­pitable house will be sil­ver­ware. Imag­ine: your gift will live for decades and, per­haps, will delight more than one gen­er­a­tion!

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A smart illu­mi­nat­ed mir­ror will please friends who have just fin­ished mak­ing repairs, and every­one who devotes time and atten­tion to per­son­al care.

The mar­ble table set will appeal to the man­ag­er who equips the home office.

Maybe you re sur­prised by the pres­ence in the “lux­u­ry” selec­tion of work tools; no, didn’t mix any­thing up, because 108 items are real alth for a per­son with skill­ful hands!