Christ­mas presents

What to give your parents for Christmas?

Christ­mas is a fam­i­ly hol­i­day filled with mag­ic, fairy tales and fam­i­ly val­ues. As a rule, gifts on this day should be such that they are more spir­i­tu­al in nature, sat­u­rat­ed with love and ten­der­ness. These gifts include hand­made gifts.

a Christmas gift

Many are inter­est­ed in what would be such an inter­est­ing gift. Bud­get and uni­ver­sal pre­sen­ta­tions - these are cakes, high-qual­i­ty alco­hol, good tea, elite cof­fees and sets. Great gifts are also con­sid­ered blan­kets, mas­sagers and heaters. Com­mon Christ­mas present fig­ured gin­ger­bread, usu­al­ly with gin­ger and cin­na­mon.

Fun­ny slip­pers and mit­tens will also please you on a mag­i­cal hol­i­day. If they are soft and cozy, then for a long time they will remind their own­er of the Jan­u­ary snow­ball. An inter­est­ing gift would be table­ware with the image of the Nativ­i­ty of Christ. It will be nice if this dish is used only on this hol­i­day in the cir­cle of loved ones and rel­a­tives.

New fash­ion trends lead us to hand­made, so you can sew a blan­ket and pil­low your­self, knit socks, make some­thing out of wood, per­haps draw or mold pot­tery uten­sils.

There are quite a lot of ideas, the main thing is to find the time and desire to imple­ment them.

Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad

Let’s fig­ure out the gifts that you can give your par­ents for Christ­mas. The best options might be prac­ti­cal things, like tech­nol­o­gy. It can be TVs, phones or mul­ti­cook­ers. If par­ents like to relax in nature, then you can pur­chase pic­nic sets and ther­mal bags. For trav­el lovers, the per­fect gift would be vouch­er for a vaca­tion or a sana­to­ri­um.

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Can­dles are the sym­bol of a mag­i­cal hol­i­day. Pleased with their huge selec­tion and vari­ety of prices, so can­dles are a suit­able gift option.

If talk fur­ther about reli­gious top­ics, then the cor­re­spond­ing pre­sen­ta­tions will be: icons, can­dle­sticks, Christ­mas wreaths, and chains for cross­es.

Christ­mas can be spent in a the­ater or restau­rant, It’s nice to vis­it such places with the whole fam­i­ly. For lovers of out­door activ­i­ties - ice rink and slides. A trip to a pic­nic will allow you to change the sit­u­a­tion and escape from the hus­tle and bus­tle.

Par­ents will also accept sep­a­rate gifts. Mom will be pleased to receive a cer­tifi­cate, for exam­ple, for the pur­chase of cos­met­ics, cloth­ing or spa vis­its. Recent­ly, you can attend cook­ing class­es, so if mom loves to cook, you can give hera sub­scrip­tion to sim­i­lar cours­es. Great ideas are blender and bread machine.

It is bet­ter for dad to choose a gift based on his hob­by.

If dad loves hunt­ing or fish­ing, then you can give cer­tifi­cates to stores for this pro­file. Avid motorists will like nav­i­ga­tors. For col­lec­tors, the best gift would be an addi­tion to their col­lec­tion.

The main thing is to put your soul into a gift, arrange it in a beau­ti­ful and fes­tive pack­age. You can also buy it or make your own. The main thing is a process that gives plea­sure to the one who draws up the gift and the one who receives it.

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What can be done with your own hands?

There are peo­ple who believe that a hand­made gift refers to those who are expe­ri­enc­ing finan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties. Hov­er, this is an out­dat­ed opin­ion, hand­made things car­ry the pos­i­tive ener­gy of the per­son who gives. Such gifts have more atten­tion and mean­ing for the one who receives them.

Par­ents become sen­ti­men­tal over the years, so gifts made by the hands of their chil­dren will be received with great love and inter­est.

Can be donat­ed wall cal­en­dar with pho­tos of fam­i­ly mem­bers. This bright and notice­able mas­ter­piece will not leave your beloved par­ents indif­fer­ent.

Small chil­dren can for par­ents make a card or draw a pic­ture. For mom you can make a toy for the Christ­mas tree, dec­o­rat­ed in the form of a ball with the image of an angel. It can be eas­i­ly made from impro­vised mate­ri­als. Dad will love it Frame. It is dec­o­rat­ed with var­i­ous sparkles, pos­si­bly cones. It will be a wor­thy and inter­est­ing sur­prise.

Pleas­ant for the eyes and soul knit­ted things, as ll as dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments for the design of the apart­ment, for exam­ple, beau­ti­ful nap­kins made of Iris threads, coast­ers for glass­es and much more.

For exam­ple, in order to send a post­card with embroi­dery, need:

  • dou­ble-sided card­board;
  • floss threads;
  • nee­dle.
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Fold the card­board in half. Embroi­dery on a post­card includes sev­er­al steps.

  1. You need to decide on a pat­tern. Draw it on thin paper in a box. Let it be a snowflake.
  2. Clamp the draw­ing with a clothes­pin or clip to the card­board.
  3. Take a nee­dle and make a hole in each cor­ner of the pic­ture (snowflakes).
  4. The holes are ready, embroi­der.
  5. We take threads for embroi­dery (muli­na).
  6. Cross stitch on the bot­tom of the pat­tern. First sticks in one direc­tion, then in the oth­er. Thus act with all the rows of the pic­ture.
  7. Fin­ished embroi­dery can be dec­o­rat­ed with some kind of rib­bon, tying a bow out of it.
  8. A rib­bon bow is best attached with hot glue.
  9. If you open the post­card, then the threads remain stick­ing out inside, care­ful­ly cut them off, bend the tail, glue it with hot glue.

The card is ready, it remains only to sign it, say sin­cere words, and a mem­o­rable gift is ready.

In the process of choos­ing a gift or mak­ing it your­self, you need to invest your whole soul. If you buy a thing, then let it be as use­ful and pleas­ant as pos­si­ble for par­ents.

It is also impor­tant to remem­ber about pack­ag­ing. Each per­son is always inter­est­ed in slow­ly unty­ing the rib­bons, as ll as unwrap­ping the wrap­per and wait­ing for a mir­a­cle.

Watch a selec­tion of inter­est­ing Christ­mas gift ideas below in the video.