Gifts for the New Year

What to give mother-in-law and father-in-law for the New Year?

The wife’s par­ents are one of the clos­est peo­ple for a young fam­i­ly. They will always pro­vide sup­port and do every­thing so that their chil­dren live hap­pi­ly ever after. In this arti­cle, will look at gift ideas for father-in-law and moth­er-in-law for the New Year.

Top Ideas

As a rule, the rela­tion­ship beten the son-in-law and the father-in-law with the moth­er-in-law devel­ops even. Every­one tries to remain neu­tral and treat each oth­er ll. Some­times the daugh­ter’s hus­band becomes such a close per­son that they no longer per­ceive him oth­er­wise than as a son. There are oth­er sit­u­a­tions when the rela­tion­ship beten them is not too smooth.

No mat­ter how you treat the par­ents of your beloved woman, a New Year’s gift should be bought and pre­sent­ed with love, a smile and a cou­ple of warm words.


Many believe that the phrase “beloved moth­er-in-law” is an oxy­moron, anec­dotes and jokes on this top­ic played a sig­nif­i­cant role in this. Hov­er, some sons-in-law quite sin­cere­ly call their moth­er-in-law moth­er and treat her with great respect and love. Make a nice gift for your wife’s mom, even if you’re in a bit of a strained rela­tion­ship and she treats you with a lit­tle dis­ap­proval. With a good present, you can melt the ice in her heart.

  • Beau­ti­ful vase. A floor or table vase is a great choice for a woman who likes to dec­o­rate her apart­ment with dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.

  • Porce­lain fig­urine. You can pur­chase a fig­urine that will be put in a show­case in the liv­ing room. It can be a girl in a beau­ti­ful dress, a young cou­ple or a sym­bol of the com­ing year, which will bring good luck and pros­per­i­ty to the elders’ house. Buy a good fig­urine in a good store.
  • Paint­ing. Anoth­er option for a dec­o­ra­tive gift that will be received with joy. The moth­er-in-law will glad­ly hang the donat­ed thing in the most promi­nent place in the hall. You can print a pho­to of your beloved par­ents on can­vas, choose a clas­sic ver­sion with a land­scape, still life or ani­mals.
  • Bed­ding set. High-qual­i­ty sleepar is a use­ful present, albeit a bit stan­dard. But you can be sure that they will def­i­nite­ly use it. After all, prac­ti­cal things are always lcome.

  • Ser­vice. Adult women adore beau­ti­ful din­ner­ware sets. You can give a porce­lain tea or cof­fee set, a set of dish­es for six peo­ple, or indi­vid­ual items, such as a paint­ed tureen. An excel­lent option would be a set of cut­lery.

  • Fry­ing pan or saucepan. Of course, such a present is not con­sid­ered the best gift for a moth­er-in-law, but be sure that if a woman loves to cook, she will always be hap­py with a high-qual­i­ty and expen­sive pan with a Teflon or non-stick coat­ing, on which she can cook deli­cious dish­es and delight all fam­i­ly mem­bers.

  • Kitchen Appli­ances. Every woman will appre­ci­ate a good tech­nique as a gift. Depend­ing on the pos­si­bil­i­ties, present your moth­er-in-law with a new ket­tle, microwave, slow cook­er, toast­er, or even a dish­wash­er.
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  • The­ater tick­et. Find out in advance about the taste pref­er­ences of your beloved moth­er and buy a tick­et for a good play for her.

  • Mas­ter class cer­tifi­cate. A great option for a per­son who likes to learn some­thing new. You can present a cer­tifi­cate for a culi­nary mas­ter class, espe­cial­ly if your moth­er-in-law has long dreamed of learn­ing how to bake real Adjar­i­an khacha­puri or cook Ital­ian dish­es.

  • Mas­sage chair. A car­ing son-in-law will always be in a spe­cial account with the bride’s par­ents. The device will help relieve ten­sion in the back and just relax after work.

  • Cre­ative set. Give your moth­er-in-law a paint­ing by num­bers for the New Year. Women love to draw, the les­son will take her for a long time, and she will hang the result­ing mas­ter­piece with plea­sure in her bed­room.

  • Cer­tifi­cate for vis­it­ing a beau­ty salon or spa. The present will delight any woman who can get a lot of plea­sure in the salon. Relax­ing mas­sages, facial, hair and nail treat­ments — all this she can afford thanks to her beloved son-in-law.


It is much eas­i­er for a father-in-law to choose a gift for the New Year. Of course, men always under­stand each oth­er bet­ter, and their rela­tion­ship with their son-in-law is always eas­i­er. As a rule, men pre­fer prac­ti­cal gifts that they can use in every­day life. The best option would be a gift, tak­ing into account the hob­bies and hob­bies of the father-in-law.

  • To the motorist. Many men have a favorite car for which they are ready to sit in the garage for hours. Such a per­son can be giv­en some­thing relat­ed to his “swal­low”. A use­ful present will be a nav­i­ga­tor or a video recorder. Father-in-law will be hap­py with new soft cov­ers for the cab­in or a mas­sage pad that will help relieve fatigue while dri­ving through traf­fic jams.

But above all, a car enthu­si­ast will appre­ci­ate a set of win­ter tires, which is always handy in our cli­mate.

  • Rybolov. If your father-in-law likes to fish and often goes to the lake or riv­er to bring home the catch, you are in luck. Choos­ing a gift for a fish­er­man is quick and easy. Of course, first of all, a qual­i­ty fish­ing rod or a set of fish­ing baubles, new hooks and a large case for stor­ing all the nec­es­sary things comes to mind. Hov­er, when choos­ing the above items, you need to clear­ly know what kind of fish and at what time of the year your wife’s father catch­es.

There are also uni­ver­sal gifts for anglers that are no less prac­ti­cal. For exam­ple, a ther­mos or a set of tourist dish­es with a portable boil­er. An excel­lent choice would be a large solar-pored flash­light or penknife.

If pos­si­ble, present an inflat­able boat, tent or ice ax. You can also pur­chase a sleep­ing bag or a ham­mock from out­door and out­door stores.

  • Gar­den­er. If the father of a beloved woman likes to spend time host­ing in a gar­den or veg­etable gar­den, the best option for him will be a uni­ver­sal mul­ti-shov­el and oth­er new equip­ment for a sum­mer cot­tage, which great­ly facil­i­tate the work. A lawn mor and a tree sprayer would also be an excel­lent choice. Old­er men like to gath­er fam­i­ly and friends in the sum­mer for a bar­be­cue cooked in the coun­try.
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Give your wife’s dad a good bar­be­cue with a set of skers or a large elec­tric grill, where he can fry meat and delight his fam­i­ly.

  • Mas­ter of all trades. A man with skill­ful hands for the New Year hol­i­days can be pre­sent­ed with a large set of tools in a sol­id case, a box for stor­ing and orga­niz­ing items, as ll as a mod­ern elec­tric tool that will become an assis­tant in any busi­ness.

  • Humor­ous jok­er. If your father-in-law has a good sense of humor, you are very lucky, because this man is one hun­dred per­cent like­ly to become your friend and men­tor. It is always easy to con­tact such peo­ple, and it is a plea­sure to choose gifts for them. You can choose some­thing orig­i­nal and com­ic, but you should fol­low the mea­sure in every­thing, because this is still an adult man who is suit­able for your father. A great option would be a T‑shirt with the inscrip­tion “best father-in-law” or “father-in-law of the year.” It can be ordered from many online stores.

A set of check­ers with glass­es instead of fig­urines or a globe bar, where it is rec­om­mend­ed to put expen­sive cognac or whiskey before donat­ing, will also be a fun gift.

  • Seri­ous per­son. If your father-in-law is an adult, respect­ed and seri­ous per­son, it is bet­ter to present him with a clas­sic gift that will always come in handy. Such behav­ior is typ­i­cal for the father of the bride, who has not yet ful­ly looked at his son-in-law and has not decid­ed for him­self whether he is wor­thy of the hand of his beloved daugh­ter or not.

  • Elite alco­hol — a win-win option that is always in place. It is advis­able to give a bot­tle in a beau­ti­ful pack­age with a cer­tifi­cate of qual­i­ty. You will earn dou­ble approval if the drink is ll aged, and even bet­ter, the same year of birth as the recip­i­ent. Com­plete the alco­hol with a glass with a per­son­al­ized engrav­ing, and you can safe­ly present it.

  • Sou­venir apon — A great men’s gift. You can give not only a gun with wood­en inserts and carv­ings, but also a beau­ti­ful dag­ger.

If the bride’s father smokes, present him with a sil­ver cig­a­rette case con­tain­ing his favorite cig­ars and a small guil­lo­tine. A per­son­al­ized lighter, a beau­ti­ful ash­tray and a snuff­box will also be appre­ci­at­ed.

Choosing a joint gift

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It is not nec­es­sary to give the wife’s par­ents sep­a­rate gifts, you can give one for two, from which both par­ents will be delight­ed.

  • Tick­et to the sana­to­ri­um. The health of old­er peo­ple is ensured by peace and good rest. Give mom and dad a tick­et to a sana­to­ri­um, where they will eat right and be able to under­go llness treat­ments. An excel­lent option would be a trip to a hol­i­day home. Walks in the fresh air, meet­ings with peers and oth­er enter­tain­ment will allow you to gain strength and have fun.
  • Bas­ket with del­i­ca­cies. A great gift option from a young son-in-law who wants to impress new rel­a­tives. Put expen­sive alco­hol, a cou­ple of cans of caviar, pack­ages of salmon and oth­er gas­tro­nom­ic prod­ucts into a large bas­ket, which will always come in handy on the New Year’s table. Wrap in the pack­age and dec­o­rate with a bow. Anoth­er option for a bas­ket is fruit or choco­late: with fruits, sets, small sou­venirs and a bot­tle of wine. Enter­ing the house with such a present, you will imme­di­ate­ly make a good impres­sion.

By the way, such bas­kets are usu­al­ly ordered via the Inter­net, so even if you live in dif­fer­ent cities, you can just please adults and send them such a gift.

  • Big TV. Mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy is always lcome in any home. A home the­ater with a wide vari­ety of func­tions and the abil­i­ty to access the Inter­net will be a won­der­ful gift for the wife’s par­ents.

Selection Guide

When buy­ing gifts for your wife’s par­ents, you should remem­ber one very impor­tant thing: mom and dad are peo­ple who love your soul­mate more than life and are ready to do any­thing for her, they entrust­ed you with the most pre­cious thing. So appre­ci­ate and respect them. Fam­i­ly is the main thing in the life of every per­son, remem­ber this and approach the choice of a gift with soul and love.

Any gift needs to look fes­tive, so wrap it in gift paper and dec­o­rate with a big bow. Any present can be sup­ple­ment­ed with a sou­venir sym­bol­iz­ing the upcom­ing New Year. It can be an ani­mal — a sym­bol of the com­ing year, a small Christ­mas tree or dec­o­ra­tions for the house. Try to focus on the hob­bies and hob­bies of the recip­i­ent so that he is pleased.

If you have any doubts about a gift for your wife’s par­ents, give her gift Cer­tifi­cate. When hand­ing it over, say that you want to make some­thing pleas­ant for your best father-in-law and moth­er-in-law, so you give them the oppor­tu­ni­ty to choose on their own.

Con­sid­er­a­tion should also be giv­en to the lev­el of close­ness with par­ents. If you are a future son-in-law in the sta­tus of a young man, present a large bas­ket of fruit or sets, a bot­tle of good wine, or any neu­tral gift.