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What to give your wife for the birth of a child?

Preg­nan­cy and child­birth are, first of all, joy and hap­pi­ness, a new lev­el in the rela­tion­ship of spous­es. At the same time, for a woman, this is a dif­fi­cult test, dif­fi­cul­ties, wor­ries. That is why it is so impor­tant to sup­port and thank your spouse. Includ­ing mate­r­i­al gifts.

Standard Presents

The future or new­ly-made father must under­stand that con­grat­u­la­tions and signs of atten­tion to the spouse should not only be on the day of dis­charge, but also imme­di­ate­ly after the birth of the baby. Con­grat­u­late your beloved with a bou­quet that can be passed through a nurse. Choose a small and not too tall bou­quet, flors should not have a sharp or strong smell. Togeth­er with the bou­quet, you can send fruits (spec­i­fy which ones do not cause aller­gies) and a note or let­ter with words of love and grat­i­tude.

Since the birth of a child and the sub­se­quent meet­ing of the wife with a pre­cious bun­dle from the mater­ni­ty hos­pi­tal is a solemn and mem­o­rable event, then a gift can be cho­sen “for years”. As a rule, these are jel­ry — gold, pre­cious stones.

Chains with pen­dants in the form of chil­dren’s legs or a baby are quite pop­u­lar. You can make an engrav­ing on the pen­dant — a mem­o­rable date. Hov­er, you can sim­ply present your wife with the jel­ry she dreamed of — ear­rings, a ring, a bracelet. It is not nec­es­sary that it be out­ward­ly con­nect­ed with the theme of moth­er­hood.

A plush toy is also con­sid­ered stan­dard. Hov­er, roman­tic and gen­tle young ladies will appre­ci­ate such a present. Choose a maxi-sized toy that can be hugged. You can even buy a soft gift in full growth. The most pop­u­lar are ted­dy bears.

Hov­er, if the spouse has a tal­is­man ani­mal or just a favorite ani­mal, or per­haps an affec­tion­ate nick­name, you can look for a toy asso­ci­at­ed with these ani­mals.

By the way, a good option is an ele­phant with its trunk up. Such a toy sym­bol­izes joy, pros­per­i­ty in the house, and a raised trunk sym­bol­izes pro­cre­ation. If a girl is born, the ele­phant may be pink, if a boy — blue, blue.

Anoth­er gift that is often referred to as “ordi­nary” is per­fume. Hov­er, he, like the above gifts, is stan­dard only for­mal­ly. If a woman dreams about these gifts, then they will be pleas­ant and mem­o­rable. As a rule, the hus­band knows about the taste pref­er­ences of his wife, so he can choose the right fla­vor. If there are dif­fi­cul­ties with this, you can always pur­chase a gift cer­tifi­cate to an elite cos­met­ics and per­fumery store.

Under­ar is anoth­er gift that will delight most women. Hov­er, there are nuances here — most like­ly, the wife’s breasts will increase in size after child­birth (you can mis­cal­cu­late with the lat­ter). In addi­tion, you will need a spe­cial one for feed­ing. At the same time, if you know that your wife is not indif­fer­ent to beau­ti­ful lin­gerie, you can buy a peignoir with a dress­ing gown or present a cer­tifi­cate to a lin­gerie bou­tique. The cer­tifi­cate is good because it is usu­al­ly valid for 6–12 months. The wife may not “spend” it imme­di­ate­ly after giv­ing birth, but do it lat­er — the baby will grow up, and she will again be able to afford her favorite lace sets.

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Will please the new­ly mint­ed moth­er and tech­nol­o­gy. It is bet­ter to choose what she needs. That is, a phone or tablet is a good choice. But it is bet­ter to buy equip­ment for a baby (video baby mon­i­tor) or house­hold equip­ment (dish­wash­er) just at home, and not present it as a gift.

A sym­bol­ic, but pleas­ant gift — a pho­to album. It’s bet­ter if it’s cus­tom made. Although store options today please with an attrac­tive and orig­i­nal appear­ance. On the first page, the spouse can paste joint pho­tos from the time of preg­nan­cy, stick a post­card or sim­ply write a con­grat­u­la­tion for the spouse, describe their thoughts and feel­ings. If, on the con­trary, are talk­ing about more expen­sive gifts, then present your wife with a fur coat. The present will be espe­cial­ly sym­bol­ic and in demand if the baby was born in win­ter.

If finances allow, donate a car. The rhythm of moth­ers (espe­cial­ly if the child is not the first) is very intense, it is impor­tant for her to be mobile. In this case, the car from a “lux­u­ry” gift also becomes a “prac­ti­cal” one. Don’t for­get about the beau­ti­ful bow on the hood. The col­or of the rib­bons may indi­cate whether you have a son or a daugh­ter.. Per­haps the most “stan­dard”, but such a nec­es­sary gift for women are flors. They should def­i­nite­ly be giv­en to the wife for dis­charge. At the same time, do not lim­it your­self to mod­est bou­quets. Let it be a great com­po­si­tion, and not only on dis­charge, but also at home.

Gifts for the birth of a son

Many hus­bands dream of a first-born son, if you are one of them, and your wife gave birth to a boy, thank her in a spe­cial way. For exam­ple, hav­ing made a tat­too with the name of the child. Such a ges­ture can­not be called a gift, but it will evoke pleas­ant emo­tions in a woman, will allow her to show her how dear a fam­i­ly is to a man.

The boy’s moth­er can be pre­sent­ed with jel­ry. A pen­dant or a ring, which will remind you of a pleas­ant event and date, will please, per­haps, every woman. On the birth of a son, it is cus­tom­ary to give a “jel­ry” with an emer­ald. He will endow a new­born man with strength and courage, and he will become a tal­is­man for his moth­er.

Accord­ing to leg­end, an emer­ald ring should cer­tain­ly be worn on the left hand. Tell your spouse about this when you present the present. She is touched by your care and such a rev­er­ent atti­tude to the choice of a gift.

What to give if a daughter is born?

One of the old Slav­ic tra­di­tions is to give a wife a fam­i­ly heir­loom for the birth of a daugh­ter. That is, some­thing valu­able, passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion through the female line. First of all, such a gift car­ries a strong emo­tion­al load. He demon­strates the respect and grat­i­tude not only of her hus­band, but of his entire kind of fam­i­ly. And yet such a rel­ic, as a rule, has con­sid­er­able mate­r­i­al val­ue. AT antique jel­ry, icons, folios, inte­ri­or items are cho­sen as it.

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Hov­er, if the spouse’s fam­i­ly does not have such a tra­di­tion, noth­ing pre­vents her from lay­ing it down. It is enough to choose a valu­able and sym­bol­ic thing and hand it to your wife, accom­pa­nied by an appro­pri­ate speech. This will bring the spous­es togeth­er, become a sym­bol of a new round in their rela­tion­ship.

How to meet a spouse with a surprise?

In addi­tion to the main gift, you can order an Oscar fig­urine or a medal. It will turn out a com­ic, but at the same time a very sin­cere and mem­o­rable sur­prise. It is impor­tant to engrave “spe­cial” words on a medal or fig­urine, to thank your spouse.

Most women get tired of the last months of preg­nan­cy (the state of health wors­ens, their own reflec­tion in the mir­ror does not please them much), child­birth is also a test. After the birth of the baby, you can sup­port your spouse and give her a cer­tifi­cate to the spa. Again, choose one that has at least six months of valid­i­ty. Not every new moth­er can afford to leave her new­born for a few hours.

A sim­i­lar option is a cer­tifi­cate for a pro­fes­sion­al pho­to ses­sion. By the way, you can go to it with the whole fam­i­ly.. Make sure that the cer­tifi­cate also includes the ser­vices of a pro­fes­sion­al make­up artist.

If a woman was fond of fit­ness before giv­ing birth, then you can present an annu­al sub­scrip­tion. And at the same time a cer­tifi­cate to the sport­sar store. Hov­er, if the wife did not attend the hall or group pro­grams before the birth, then such a gift may offend. A woman may ll per­ceive it as your hint of kilo­grams that have appeared or a swollen fig­ure.

Instead of a fit­ness sub­scrip­tion, then it is bet­ter to present a sub­scrip­tion to the pool or yoga. In a word, where mom can relax and improve her health.

Every moth­er knows how fast chil­dren grow. The more valu­able it is to pre­serve the moments of grow­ing up the baby. A fam­i­ly pho­to ses­sion can be sup­ple­ment­ed by a vis­it to the mas­ter, who makes casts of the baby’s arms and legs. This is a safe, pain­less and time-con­sum­ing pro­ce­dure, so you can come to the mas­ter from the first eks of the crumbs. And after dis­charge, present the spouse with a cer­tifi­cate for his vis­it.

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Rock­ing chair can be attrib­uted to orig­i­nal gifts. At first glance, it does not suit mom at all. Hov­er, a woman will be able to relax and unwind while rock­ing in a chair. At the same time, you can rock the baby, he will fall asleep faster.

Find­ing and hir­ing an au pair is anoth­er unusu­al but use­ful “gift”. A new moth­er in the first months of a baby’s life is often dif­fi­cult. Car­ing for the house and the new­born, fatigue and the need to restore your own body — it is very impor­tant to sup­port and help a woman dur­ing this peri­od. If the spouse can­not take on some of the house­hold chores, the best option is to hire an au pair.

A “long-play­ing” gift is a night light. The wife will have to get up more than once at night to the child. AndSave her the trou­ble of fum­bling around the wall in the dark look­ing for a light switch, buy a nice night light. It will help you quick­ly nav­i­gate in the dark, and dim light will not wake the child. If you pur­chase a qual­i­ty mod­el, then it will serve you for sev­er­al years and will def­i­nite­ly come in handy when the child becomes old­er.

It is impor­tant not only to choose a sin­cere gift, but also to present it cor­rect­ly. Arrange a sur­prise for your wife — make repairs (if nec­es­sary), tidy up the house. Dec­o­rate the whole room with bal­loons and flors, hang a rib­bon.

If rel­a­tives plan to vis­it your fam­i­ly on the day of dis­charge, take care of the guests as ll. Order or cook food, arrange a meet­ing for them. After the hol­i­day, when the guests leave, free your spouse from clean­ing the table and wash­ing dish­es.

After see­ing off rel­a­tives and friends, do not rush to return to “gray every­day life.” Arrange a roman­tic evening for the two of you. New­borns tend to sleep a lot, so you will have time for your­self. Do not for­get about the oblig­a­tory attrib­ut­es — a light din­ner, can­dles, pleas­ant music.

Ideas for an unusu­al gift can also be asso­ci­at­ed with a wom­an’s old dreams. Every­one has a “list” of dreams, the real­iza­tion of which she has always put off for var­i­ous rea­sons. In grat­i­tude for the birth of an heir or princess, one of the wife’s cher­ished desires can be real­ized.

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