What to give an ex for the New Year 2023

Are you on good terms with your ex-boyfriend? Or maybe you want to hint about the final­i­ty of your inten­tions to leave? A New Year’s gift to an ex-lover can tell a lot. We share a selec­tion of presents that will help you hint about your feel­ings — what­ev­er they may be
What to give an ex for the New Year 2023
What to give your ex for Christ­mas. Pho­to: @nicole-michalou, pesele.com

“Peo­ple meet, peo­ple fall in love,” is how one famous song goes. Hov­er, some­times rela­tion­ships end. Sep­a­ra­tion is not always accom­pa­nied by hatred. On the con­trary, it hap­pens that ex-lovers con­tin­ue to com­mu­ni­cate in a friend­ly man­ner and exchange gifts and con­grat­u­la­tions for the hol­i­days. We picked up the best ideas of what to give your ex for the New Year in 2023.

Top 25 Best New Year Gift Ideas for Your Ex

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1. Mug with the symbol of the year

Christmas mug
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A good option if you want to give a mod­est, non-bind­ing present. Per­haps, drink­ing from a cup, the guy will remem­ber you with warmth. You can pick up a glass with a sym­bol­ic inscrip­tion for the two of you.

2. Perfume

Favorite Perfume
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If you know what per­fume your ex likes, gift it. You can also buy a smell that is unusu­al for a guy, but you should be care­ful here: not every­one will like some­thing new. Be care­ful, because per­fume is a rather inti­mate gift. You can buy what you like, but for the for­mer, the smell will be unpleas­ant. There­fore, it is bet­ter to choose such a present know­ing exact­ly the pref­er­ences of the young man.

3. Warm scarf

Heated smart scarf
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Such a gift will warm you in severe win­ter frosts and show your care. It can have sym­bol­ic embroi­dery or inter­est­ing knit­ting. Con­sid­er what col­ors the guy likes and prefers in the wardrobe. A busi­ness per­son, for exam­ple, is unlike­ly to fit a red scarf with deer.

4. Diary

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Was your ex always late for appoint­ments? Give him a diary where he can record impor­tant events. Such a gift is also suit­able for a busi­ness­man guy, because he will be able to plan his affairs, while remem­ber­ing you with grat­i­tude.

5. Antistress toy

Antistress toy
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There are many stress­ful sit­u­a­tions in the mod­ern world. Such a present will help to throw out emo­tions and stay in a good mood. A vari­ety of shapes and sizes will allow you to choose what suits this par­tic­u­lar per­son.

6. Smartphone case

Set of cases and bags
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If the ex-lover does not let go of the phone, give him a beau­ti­ful case with a New Year’s print. It will help keep your gad­get safe longer. If the for­mer con­stant­ly broke the device, get a shocweroof pad. He will cer­tain­ly appre­ci­ate the present, which allows him to avoid unnec­es­sary repairs.

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7. Electric shaver

electric shaver
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Do you think that facial hair does not suit an ex-boyfriend at all, but do not dare to say so? Give him an elec­tric razor. Now you can choose any mod­el: with noz­zles and with­out, pored by mains or bat­ter­ies. In addi­tion, thanks to an elec­tric shaver, a man will avoid cuts and save time on shav­ing.

8. Book

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It has always been con­sid­ered the best gift. But keep in mind: if the guy is not a big fan of read­ing, he is unlike­ly to like such a present. It is also worth choos­ing the right genre. A neu­tral, but a good option would be an adven­ture nov­el. And if you know that the for­mer is a fan of fan­ta­sy or sci­ence fic­tion, give a book of this genre.


1. Piggy bank

Vacation piggy bank
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The ex-hus­band does not know how to man­age mon­ey at all, and maybe this prob­lem caused your sep­a­ra­tion? Give him a nice pig­gy bank. Per­haps it will help you to approach the finan­cial issue more com­pe­tent­ly. In hon­or of the New Year, you can buy a pig­gy bank in the form of an ani­mal sym­bol­iz­ing it.

2. Belt

Genuine leather belt
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A styl­ish acces­so­ry that should be in every man’s wardrobe. For a busi­ness per­son, choose neu­tral col­ors: black or brown. A lover of extrav­a­gant style will like bright belts, the choice of which is huge. Keep in mind that giv­ing a yel­low acces­so­ry, for exam­ple, is not worth a seri­ous man. He sim­ply will not under­stand such a present, and may be offend­ed for your igno­rance of his tastes.

3. Tool kit

Set of tools
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It will be use­ful for those who like to do some­thing with their own hands. Also, with such a present, you can hint that it is time to learn how to repair and fix some­thing. In the sec­ond case, keep in mind that your ex may not like your hint. But, if you want to final­ly break off rela­tions, the gift is quite suit­able. More­over, in any case, soon­er or lat­er it will come in handy.

4. Spinning

Pho­to: pixabay.com

If the ex-hus­band is an avid fish­er­man, spin­ning will be a great gift. Just spec­i­fy the mod­els that he likes. If desired, you can addi­tion­al­ly pur­chase a whole fish­ing set: hooks, floats and every­thing else.

5. Board game

Board game
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It will help you relax and have fun with friends. And if you want to get back togeth­er with your ex-hus­band, the game is a great rea­son to get clos­er. The gift should be cho­sen based on the pref­er­ences of the for­mer. A card lover, for exam­ple, will like a pok­er set, while a thought­ful and seri­ous man will like chess. If you are unsure of the choice, get a neu­tral game like for­feits or monop­oly.

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6. Clock

Pho­to: pixabay.com

If your ex is always late for some­thing and does­n’t keep track of time at all, give him a watch. You can engrave them with a good wish. It is bet­ter not to give such a gift to a super­sti­tious per­son, since this is a bad omen. But, if you do not plan to get clos­er and main­tain a rela­tion­ship, then why not?

7. Fitness bracelet

Fitness bracelet
Pho­to: pixabay.ru

With this gift, you will show that you care about the health of your ex-spouse. Thanks to the bracelet, he will be able to con­trol the pulse, the num­ber of steps tak­en and mon­i­tor calo­ries. Espe­cial­ly such a gift will be appre­ci­at­ed by fans of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

8. Slippers

Heated slippers
Pho­to: @shvets-production, pexels.com

A non-bind­ing gift that shows you care. You can choose sim­ple warm slip­pers or made in the form of fun­ny ani­mals. If your ex’s feet are con­stant­ly cold, choose heat­ed options.

9. Runaway alarm clock

Runaway alarm clock
Pho­to: pixabay.com

For many peo­ple, get­ting up in the morn­ing is a dif­fi­cult task. A run­ning alarm clock will help you final­ly wake up. While the for­mer will run after him to turn it off, the dream will take off as if by mag­ic. In addi­tion, run­ning in the morn­ing is very good for health.

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1. Smartphone projector

Smartphone projector
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A small device will be appre­ci­at­ed by a movie lover. It allows you to project an image from your phone onto any sur­face. A man can watch his favorite movies or car­toons any­where. In addi­tion, eye strain will be reduced. After all, it’s one thing to view on a small screen of a smart­phone, and it’s quite anoth­er thing to watch it on a large sur­face.

2. Laptop bag

laptop sleeve
Pho­to: pixabay.com

The gift will be pleas­ant if the ex often trav­els and he needs to take a lap­top with him. The bag will help keep the device safe and sound. You can choose an acces­so­ry with a fun­ny themed pic­ture or inscrip­tion. Before pur­chas­ing a gift, check the size of the com­put­er.

3. Flash drive

personalized flash drive
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Helps to keep mem­o­rable moments. You can make a sim­ple gift more orig­i­nal by down­load­ing your favorite songs of a for­mer young man. And to hint that you do not mind get­ting togeth­er, your joint pho­tos will help. You can choose a com­pact mod­el or one made in the orig­i­nal form, for exam­ple, a sym­bol of the com­ing year.

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4. Cookbook

Pho­to: @readymade, pexels.com

A rel­e­vant gift, because after part­ing, a man prob­a­bly has to cook on his own more often. By pre­sent­ing such a present, you will help him in this dif­fi­cult mat­ter. You can choose a prod­uct for “dum­mies” or a book with com­plex gas­tro­nom­ic delights, if the man is “friends” with the stove.

5. Bacweack

Digital bacweack
Pho­to: pixabay.com

A gift will appeal to a tourist, hunter or fish­er­man. You can choose mod­els with a large num­ber of com­part­ments for long hikes or a com­pact urban bacweack. Con­sid­er sizes too. If the for­mer goes out­doors for a short time, choose small mod­els; for lovers of long overnight stays, it is bet­ter to pur­chase a larg­er option.

6. Car vacuum cleaner

Portable vacuum cleaner for car
Pho­to: shutterstock.com

If the ex-man is a motorist, give him such a use­ful acces­so­ry. It will help to keep the car clean and the trips will become more com­fort­able.

7. Portable charger

External battery for charging gadgets
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The ex’s smart­phone is often dis­charged and is it con­stant­ly “out of reach”? Give him such a use­ful acces­so­ry. It will help you stay con­nect­ed, no mat­ter where you are.

8. Kitchen apron

kitchen apron
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Lover of cook­ing will love it. A gift can be styl­ish and seri­ous or play­ful, for exam­ple, with a fun­ny inscrip­tion. Such a present can be a hint of a final sep­a­ra­tion.

How to choose a gift for your ex for the New Year

The choice of a gift depends on the pur­pose for which you plan to give it. If you want to renew old feel­ings, give some­thing with a ref­er­ence to the joint past. For exam­ple, pho­tographs or mem­o­ra­bil­ia for the two of you.

Get­ting ready for the hol­i­day

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Just to please the for­mer and indi­cate your respect for him, non-bind­ing presents will help: slip­pers, a scarf or a New Year’s sou­venir. The final break in a rela­tion­ship can also be marked with a gift. For exam­ple, a cook­book will hint that now he will have to cook on his own, because you will no longer be in his life.

Please note that every sit­u­a­tion is unique. A gift to your ex for the New Year can both bring you clos­er and final­ly alien­ate you from each oth­er. It is impor­tant not only to choose the right gift, but also to accom­pa­ny it with the right words.