Gifts for the New Year

Gifts for a boy 13 years old for the New Year


  1. New Year’s sur­prise from par­ents
  2. Presents from peers

On New Year’s Eve, the fuss begins asso­ci­at­ed with the pur­chase of gifts for rel­a­tives and friends. When they include teenagers, the task becomes more dif­fi­cult. It’s eas­i­er to decide on a present for a girl. It is more dif­fi­cult to make it for a boy, and if he is 13 years old, then the choice is even more prob­lem­at­ic. A thir­teen-year-old boy, due to psy­cho­log­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics, remains the same imme­di­ate child, but at the same time he expects to be treat­ed like an adult. His hob­bies quick­ly replace each oth­er, and it seems that, apart from mobile and com­put­er games, he is gen­er­al­ly not inter­est­ed in any­thing. To under­stand what will bring him true joy is indeed dif­fi­cult, but still pos­si­ble.

New Year’s surprise from parents

Of course, the main com­po­nents in the selec­tion of a gift for the son will be his hob­bies and the finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties of the fam­i­ly.

Electronic devices

The most pop­u­lar among chil­dren, of course, are all kinds of gad­gets.

  • Smart­phone. Most like­ly, this pur­chase will be planned, and pre­sent­ing it as a gift for the New Year will cer­tain­ly cause a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions! The mobile device mar­ket offers a huge range for every taste and bud­get. In an unob­tru­sive con­ver­sa­tion, you can learn from the child him­self about the brands pre­ferred by the teenage envi­ron­ment, their char­ac­ter­is­tics, and decide which mod­el is bet­ter to buy.

  • Wire­less head­phones. Suit­able for dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es: lis­ten to music, audio­book, watch movies, videos, play games.

  • Fit­ness bracelet. Such a gift will be appre­ci­at­ed by boys who are not indif­fer­ent to sports. From all the vari­ety you can choose quite inex­pen­sive options. The best would be one that counts steps and calo­ries. With it, you can con­trol sports achieve­ments.

  • Com­put­er acces­sories. With­out it, it is already com­plete­ly impos­si­ble to imag­ine the life of a mod­ern teenag­er. You can please a thir­teen-year-old teenag­er by sim­ply giv­ing him an orig­i­nal key­board or com­put­er mouse in an inter­est­ing design.

  • Exter­nal bat­tery. Per­haps one of the most ratio­nal gifts. Teenagers spend a lot of time play­ing games or lis­ten­ing to music, so their smart­phones tend to run out quick­ly, and the abil­i­ty to con­nect to a por source is not always avail­able. A portable charg­er will be a life­saver. In addi­tion, if trips are planned some­where, no mat­ter with par­ents, rel­a­tives or even with a class, then it will def­i­nite­ly come in handy.
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  • USB flash dri­ve. This is also from the cat­e­go­ry of use­ful pre­sen­ta­tions. The stu­dent will need it when prepar­ing and doing home­work, because often they need to be pro­vid­ed in elec­tron­ic form. A flash dri­ve in an inter­est­ing and fash­ion­able design will delight any teenag­er!

Considering hobbies

No one knows their child bet­ter than par­ents. And gifts cho­sen on the basis of the son’s hob­bies will be the most desir­able.

Ideas for boys who are pas­sion­ate about sports:

  • skis, snow­board, skates — a great option for a son who loves win­ter activ­i­ties;
  • sneak­ers or sneak­ers — they cer­tain­ly won’t be super­flu­ous for an ath­lete, the main thing is not to make a mis­take with the size;
  • sub­scrip­tion to the pool — will please a lover of swim­ming, give a charge of vivac­i­ty and ener­gy;
  • Sports Equip­ment (exer­cise bike, tread­mill) — will allow you to exer­cise at home;
  • tick­ets for two to the game of your favorite team - a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to watch the game of idols with a friend, broth­er or dad;
  • punch­ing bag and gloves — will help in emo­tion­al release, which some­times is sim­ply nec­es­sary for a teenag­er, and will help to improve the accu­ra­cy and speed of strikes.

For cre­ative indi­vid­u­als, there are many options.

  • Mod­el­ing kits. If a child likes to make some­thing with his hands, then you can give pre­fab­ri­cat­ed mod­els of ships, tanks, air­craft. Their arse­nal for sale is quite large, it is impor­tant to know which of them the son shows the great­est inter­est in.

  • Wood burn­ing kits. Pro­mote the dis­clo­sure of cre­ativ­i­ty, imag­i­na­tion and artis­tic skills. In addi­tion, they devel­op per­se­ver­ance and accus­tom to painstak­ing work.

  • Musi­cal instru­ment. A good choice if the boy has musi­cal abil­i­ty. At the age of 13, there is often an inter­est in the gui­tar, the syn­the­siz­er. In addi­tion, almost every­one can learn to play them. Learn­ing cours­es on play­ing a par­tic­u­lar instru­ment can be a great gift for a cre­ative teenag­er.
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Home pet

If the son con­stant­ly talks about the desire to have a par­tic­u­lar pet and is ready, indeed, not only to play with him, but also to take care of him, then the New Year is an excel­lent occa­sion to ful­fill his dream!

Tak­ing care of your beloved pet will devel­op respon­si­bil­i­ty in it and dis­tract from com­put­er pas­time.

Practical gifts

Of course, par­ents always try to choose the present that is sure to come in handy. in future.

  • cloth­ing. At this age, there is a desire to look no worse than oth­ers, and to impress peers. Fash­ion­able jeans, a bright sat­shirt, a styl­ish shirt, a print­ed T‑shirt will come in handy.
  • Trav­el acces­sories. A ther­mos, a ther­mal mug, a com­pass, a bacweack, a tent will delight a teenag­er who is fond of out­door activ­i­ties and tourism.

  • Items for the inte­ri­or of the room. A wall clock with a child’s name, a dec­o­ra­tive lamp, an orig­i­nal pig­gy bank, themed bed linen reflect­ing teenage pref­er­ences will also give plea­sure.

  • Gift Cer­tifi­cate. If par­ents find it dif­fi­cult to choose a spe­cif­ic gift or are afraid to make a mis­take with the choice of any mod­el, then giv­ing a cer­tifi­cate would be the best option. In addi­tion, such a gift saves time. In search of a gift that will not dis­ap­point, it may take more than one ek, but only its area will be deter­mined. The child him­self will choose what he per­son­al­ly wants, and will be sat­is­fied.

Presents from peers

Not only par­ents and close rel­a­tives are think­ing about what kind of sur­prise to present to a 13-year-old boy, friends are also pon­der­ing ideas.

From friends

Teenage friend­ship is strong, and you want to please your best friend with a sign of atten­tion. At the same time, it should be under­stood that a New Year’s gift is not a birth­day present when friends are invit­ed to a cel­e­bra­tion, there­fore it is much cheap­er and is sym­bol­ic in nature to make it clear that friend­ships are impor­tant and pleas­ant.

Friends can exchange pleas­ant lit­tle things, such as:

  • note­book and pen – will always be need­ed in school life;
  • flash­light — there will always be sit­u­a­tions when it will be nec­es­sary, espe­cial­ly use­ful if a friend returns from train­ing or extra class­es in the dark;
  • trin­ket - a fair­ly bud­get option, but you can choose one that will reflect the hob­bies or dreams of a friend;
  • mag­net­ic book­marks — thanks to them, a friend will always quick­ly open the desired page of a text­book or a book being read;
  • choco­late - a won­der­ful gift for any hol­i­day, and even more so for the New Year;
  • desk­top orga­niz­er — help a friend main­tain order on the desk­top;
  • board game - will allow you to have fun and use­ful­ly spend your free time, includ­ing in the com­pa­ny of friends;
  • puz­zle toy — will give an oppor­tu­ni­ty to prac­tice in quick wits and non-stan­dard think­ing;
  • book – will be a great gift if a friend loves to read.
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From a friend

At the age of thir­teen, sym­pa­thy for the oppo­site sex is already begin­ning to appear. Girls also have desires in pre­sent­ing a gift to a guy they like. The prin­ci­ple of its selec­tion is the same as a gift for a friend, but with a slight hint of romance:

  • cal­en­dar for the com­ing year with a joint pho­to or with a pho­to of the entire friend­ly com­pa­ny — it will dec­o­rate the inte­ri­or, help plan time and give warm mem­o­ries of the cap­tured moment;
  • Cup with a print — a uni­ver­sal gift, and the inscrip­tion or draw­ing on it will help empha­size the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the per­son being pre­sent­ed, his plans or inter­ests;
  • anti­stress toy in the New Year theme — will help relieve the accu­mu­lat­ed ten­sion;
  • sou­venir the sym­bol of the year is a nice lit­tle thing that sim­ply express­es atten­tion;
  • pre­dic­tor ball toy - will not let you get bored and will help you exper­i­ment in a com­ic form of for­tune-telling;
  • Frame - a clas­sic, sought-after gift;
  • sou­venir can­dle — Adds the per­fect fin­ish­ing touch to a room, fill­ing it with fra­grance and light.

It turns out that there are a lot of options for choos­ing use­ful and orig­i­nal gifts for a thir­teen-year-old teenag­er. You just need to under­stand his inter­ests, tastes and desires.

And it doesn’t mat­ter at all how expen­sive or cheap the New Year’s gift will be, the main thing is that it be pre­sent­ed with love and warmth.

For infor­ma­tion on what to give for the new year to chil­dren, see the next video.