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What to give a guy?

For many of us, the hol­i­days are our favorite days of the year. Hov­er, for some, they can become a real stress. The thing is that in the process of pre-hol­i­day fuss it can be quite dif­fi­cult to decide on the most impor­tant thing — the choice of gifts. More­over, if for a moth­er, girl­friend or sis­ter can eas­i­ly deter­mine the right thing, then in the process of choos­ing a present for a guy, great dif­fi­cul­ties can arise.

What to give a young man for his birth­day, New Year or Feb­ru­ary 23, how to approach the choice of a present, what to buy if you need to meet the bud­get — all this in our arti­cle.

What should be taken into account?

In the process of choos­ing a gift for a young man, a large num­ber of dif­fi­cul­ties and ques­tions can arise. To avoid such dif­fi­cul­ties, you should think in advance and take into account all impor­tant fac­tors.

Of par­tic­u­lar impor­tance is the occa­sion on the occa­sion of which you present a present. For exam­ple, warm acces­sories and wardrobe items (hat, scarf, warm socks) can become rel­e­vant gifts for the New Year, on Feb­ru­ary 23 it is appro­pri­ate to give a shav­ing kit. Hov­er, some­times for­get that it is not nec­es­sary to wait for the red day of the cal­en­dar — a young man can be pre­sent­ed with a present with­out any rea­son. In this case, there are no restric­tions at all.

The sec­ond impor­tant fac­tor to con­sid­er is your prox­im­i­ty. So, if the rela­tion­ship is just begin­ning, then you should give more tra­di­tion­al and uni­ver­sal, but at the same time roman­tic gifts. On the oth­er hand, if your love has already been test­ed by time, then you can present more orig­i­nal gifts, as ll as prac­ti­cal items or even things with inti­mate over­tones.

It’s also impor­tant to remem­ber what your boyfriend is into and what his hob­bies are. A favorite pas­time can be a great start­ing point when choos­ing a present for any occa­sion. Such a thing will be prac­ti­cal and will be used, and not gath­er dust on a shelf or in a clos­et. And the young man will be touched by the atten­tion and care shown.

If you are prepar­ing a gift on the occa­sion of a hol­i­day (New Year, birth­day, etc.), on which it is cus­tom­ary to give gifts (that is, not your per­son­al hol­i­day, for exam­ple, an anniver­sary), then you should dis­cuss your plans in advance with friends and rel­a­tives of your loved one. The fact is that a sit­u­a­tion may arise when you pur­chase the same thing that anoth­er per­son plans to buy. As a result, the guy will receive 2 iden­ti­cal items (most often this hap­pens if the young man needs some­thing, or wants some­thing for a long time). To avoid such embar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions, you should make sure in advance that your gift will be exclu­sive and one of a kind.

You also need to con­sid­er your bud­get. Real feel­ings and sin­cere rela­tion­ships do not require expen­sive gifts or large finan­cial invest­ments. If your young man tru­ly loves you, then he will be hap­py with any lit­tle thing received from your hands.

There­fore, do not wor­ry if you do not have enough mon­ey to buy an expen­sive and sta­tus gift. The main thing is the feel­ings you have shown and the mean­ing that you put into your present.

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Among oth­er things, you should pay atten­tion and think in advance not only the gift itself, but also its pack­ag­ing. You also need to care­ful­ly plan the moment of deliv­ery. Remem­ber that even the sim­plest and most pure­ly sym­bol­ic gift can turn into a chic sur­prise if pre­sent­ed cor­rect­ly. Do not be too lazy to buy gift paper, dec­o­rate the box with dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments and pre­pare a con­grat­u­la­to­ry speech. Turn the gift giv­ing into a bright and mem­o­rable event — it will be a real sur­prise, and sub­se­quent­ly turn into a sto­ry that you will remem­ber for many years to come.

Original presents

A mem­o­rable gift is such a thing that will bring plea­sure and joy to your young man for quite a long peri­od. There­fore, try to come up with an unusu­al, inter­est­ing and cool present.

The orig­i­nal idea is a pre­fab­ri­cat­ed or so-called com­plete gift. This option is suit­able pri­mar­i­ly for those who can­not decide on one spe­cif­ic thing due to the pres­ence of a huge num­ber of ideas. Usu­al­ly such gifts are placed in gift bas­kets and beau­ti­ful­ly pack­aged. They can be ordered in spe­cial ser­vices or made inde­pen­dent­ly.

Such a set, in its essence, can con­tain any­thing: it can be a guy’s favorite prod­ucts and good­ies, pleas­ant house­hold tri­fles, or selec­tions for a themed evening (for exam­ple, a movie night). In this case, you are lim­it­ed only by your imag­i­na­tion and finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties.

Anoth­er good idea is to give a guy any of the tech­nol­o­gy. These can be the now fash­ion­able so-called “smart watch­es” or more famil­iar devices (smart­phones, tablets, lap­tops, and so on). A fan of com­put­er games can be pre­sent­ed with a new gen­er­a­tion game con­sole with sev­er­al game discs, and a young per­son who is fond of music can be pre­sent­ed with high-qual­i­ty speak­ers.

Remem­ber that the main thing in choos­ing a gift is an indi­vid­ual approach.

Sports acces­sories are always a good choice. Depend­ing on the spe­cif­ic sport your boyfriend plays, these gifts can be var­ied and per­son­al­ized. So, a run­ner will need a new pair of sneak­ers, and a body­builder will need gloves for lift­ing the bar­bell. A more ver­sa­tile gift is a set of sport­sar or a gym mem­ber­ship.

Pleas­ant lit­tle things for the car — this is what will always please a man. As such a gift, you can choose a com­fort­able pil­low under your back, a ther­mo mug for a car or an air fresh­en­er in the cab­in. If you are the kind of per­son who is inti­mate­ly famil­iar with the insides of a car, then you can offer some­thing more spe­cif­ic (such as new rims).

Unusual romantic gifts

If your part­ner is a roman­tic and sen­su­al nature, then he will like gifts that reflect your feel­ings. Such presents can be rel­e­vant not only on hol­i­days, but also when leav­ing and forced rela­tion­ships at a dis­tance (for exam­ple, if a young man leaves to serve in the army or goes to study in anoth­er city).

The best roman­tic gift is one that reflects your feel­ings in some way. The tra­di­tion­al ver­sion of such a keep­sake is your shared pho­to. You can put it in a beau­ti­ful frame or give it your­self. On the reverse side, it is appro­pri­ate to write words of love or a cute joke.

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A more cre­ative option is a love card. Get a post­card that allows you to write your own wish­es. Do not skimp on warm words, remem­ber roman­tic sto­ries, the first kiss, the first date or acquain­tance. Attach a small wild flor to the card to scent it, or use your own per­fume. At that moment, when a young man will get your present, his aro­ma will remind him of you.

An edi­ble gift would be more prac­ti­cal. Gath­er your boyfriend a set set of choco­lates, sets and fruits. In turn, a lover of salty snacks can col­lect a box of crack­ers, chips and crack­ers. This kit is very use­ful on a long jour­ney.

If the guy is not going any­where, but you still want to give him an unusu­al roman­tic gift, then arrange for him orig­i­nal date. It can take place on the beach, in the for­est, or even in the cen­ter of your city. Have him a pic­nic and bring home­made treats.

Anoth­er option is a quest with rid­dles and tasks. Such a gift will become an unfor­get­table pas­time and will be remem­bered by you for a long time. It will be espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant on a hol­i­day that takes place in the warm sea­son, or on your anniver­sary (in this case, you can walk around the places of your dates).

cool ideas

A cool gift option for an anniver­sary of a rela­tion­ship or Valen­tine’s Day — house­hold items with your gen­er­al pho­to. Today there are a huge num­ber of ser­vices that offer ser­vices of this kind. Make sure both of you turn out ll in the pho­to you’ll be using, and opt for high-res­o­lu­tion images as ll. Your com­mon pho­to can be print­ed on a pil­low or a mug. And you can also make a pho­to puz­zle, which then you will have fun putting togeth­er.

Anoth­er unusu­al idea is gift Cer­tifi­cate. Its con­tent should depend on the per­son­al­i­ty of your guy, his char­ac­ter and hob­bies. So, some­one will like a cer­tifi­cate for a mas­ter class in ora­to­ry, while anoth­er will be impressed by a cer­tifi­cate that does not pro­vide free ser­vices to the spa. If you want to make a gift more roman­tic, then get a sim­i­lar tick­et for two.

Vaca­tion tick­ets are anoth­er oppor­tu­ni­ty to sur­prise your loved one. Depend­ing on your finan­cial sit­u­a­tion, as ll as the amount of free time, you can donate tick­ets for a ek-long vaca­tion in warm coun­tries, a ekend in Paris or a ekend in nature.

A more bud­getary ver­sion of the pre­vi­ous gift - tick­ets to go to the cin­e­ma or muse­um. Per­haps a new expo­si­tion of paint­ings by the guy’s favorite artist was brought to your city, or the pre­miere film that your loved one has been wait­ing for so long has been released on the screens of the cin­e­ma.

Anoth­er cool gift sub­scrip­tion to the young man’s favorite resource. Per­haps he likes to lis­ten to audio books or learns Eng­lish on the Inter­net. A sub­scrip­tion to the cor­re­spond­ing resource will def­i­nite­ly come in handy for him.

Budget options

If you want to give a guy a gift for no rea­son, or for some rea­son in your life you have finan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties, then you should pay atten­tion to our list of inex­pen­sive gifts. In addi­tion, a small and sym­bol­ic item can be a great addi­tion to the main, larg­er and more sig­nif­i­cant gift.

  • Diary and pen. This gift is suit­able for every­one. It will be espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant on New Year’s Eve, when every­one begins to make plans and set goals for the com­ing year. But it is also suit­able for busi­ness men or stu­dents. In gen­er­al, such a sim­ple and bud­get present is an excel­lent option for a sym­bol­ic gift.
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  • Key hold­er or busi­ness card hold­er. Such acces­sories will become nec­es­sary and indis­pens­able things for those men who need orga­ni­za­tion and con­stant­ly lose their things.
  • Cup. A mug is always a good gift. For more cre­ativ­i­ty, put a few cof­fee or tea bags in it, as ll as some set treats.

  • Sham­poo or shor gel. Sham­poo, shor gel, shav­ing lotion and sim­i­lar hygiene and care prod­ucts are prac­ti­cal and afford­able gifts. Despite the fact that it is cus­tom­ary in soci­ety to be biased towards such gifts, many men accept them with plea­sure and joy, because there are not many such things, and they cer­tain­ly will not be super­flu­ous.

  • Bot­tle for water. If your guy is an ath­lete or a sup­port­er of a healthy lifestyle, then he prob­a­bly mon­i­tors his water bal­ance. Such a sim­ple but pleas­ant gift as a bot­tle of water will help him to observe the drink­ing reg­i­men. It can be found both in a spe­cial­ized sports store and in a reg­u­lar super­mar­ket.

What else can you give?

If your ideas have com­plete­ly dried up, and fan­ta­sy and cre­ativ­i­ty refuse to work, then you can resort to sim­ple, clas­sic and win-win gift options.

Such a gift in the first place can be book. Pick up some rare copy or a new edi­tion of a guy’s favorite work. You can also choose a col­lec­tion of short sto­ries by your favorite author. Depend­ing on the field of pro­fes­sion­al activ­i­ty of a young per­son, buy a book about busi­ness or a med­ical guide. If your loved one is fond of fish­ing, present the angler’s ency­clo­pe­dia, if self-devel­op­ment, then find a col­lec­tion of use­ful tips.

Thus, even such a tra­di­tion­al and seem­ing­ly bor­ing gift as a book can become an indi­vid­u­al­ized and per­son­al­ized gift that will delight your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er.

Anoth­er win-win option is wardrobe item. More­over, it is not nec­es­sary to give some large and sig­nif­i­cant thing, just choose a cool T‑shirt with a fun­ny inscrip­tion or a hat. It is impor­tant to con­sid­er the sea­son in which you present such a gift — choose things that match the ather. And also in this cat­e­go­ry can be attrib­uted bacweacks, brief­cas­es, men’s bags, diplo­mats and so on.

Thus, re able to make sure that the choice of gifts for a guy is prac­ti­cal­ly unlim­it­ed: you can give pref­er­ence to both more clas­sic and tra­di­tion­al things, or show your cre­ativ­i­ty and imag­i­na­tion by pre­sent­ing an orig­i­nal present. In addi­tion, do not pay spe­cial atten­tion to the bud­get you have and focus on those things that you can­not pur­chase for finan­cial rea­sons. With a lit­tle cre­ativ­i­ty, even the sim­plest sou­venir can be turned into a chic gift.

Do not for­get also that you can always do some­thing with your own hands — such gifts are most val­ued, as a part of your soul is invest­ed in them.

How to make a gift for a guy with your own hands, see the next video.