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What to give a girl to celebrate the date of the relationship?

Roman­tic rela­tion­ships beten a man and a woman, a girl and a young man, deserve the most rev­er­ent atten­tion. When feel­ings are rag­ing, and but­ter­flies flut­ter in the stom­ach, you want to make sur­pris­es every day. So why not give a mem­o­rable gift in hon­or of the first ek of meet­ings or life togeth­er? But decid­ing what to give a girl to mark the date of a rela­tion­ship can be quite dif­fi­cult.

How not to offend a loved one with a pre­sent­ed present? What is use­ful to give a girl at the begin­ning of a rela­tion­ship, for six months and for a year? First of all, when buy­ing a sur­prise, you need to focus on the tastes and inter­ests of the cho­sen one, take into account her pref­er­ences. A prac­ti­cal young lady is unlike­ly to be hap­py with roman­tic non­sense, and a ten­der and vul­ner­a­ble girl will not appre­ci­ate the pur­chase of an iron­ing board or pan as a present.

It is also nec­es­sary to cor­rect­ly assess the degree of close­ness of the rela­tion­ship. If the romance is just get­ting start­ed, buy­ing dia­monds or invit­ing you on a trip may seem like an unnec­es­sar­i­ly hasty deci­sion. Tact and mutu­al respect will help to avoid mis­un­der­stand­ings. If the lovers are young, free and full of plans, it is quite pos­si­ble to afford the most dizzy­ing ideas.

Gift for the first date

If the meet­ings last only a ek, and sets and bou­quets have already had time to get bored, you should not waste time in vain. You can switch to more orig­i­nal gifts by giv­ing your loved one:

  • bunch of bal­loons;
  • a box with bright but­ter­flies (you should first make sure that there is no insec­to­pho­bia — fear of insects);
  • soft toy or flor fig­urine;
  • set present in the form of an exclu­sive cake.

The first eks pass, and a new prob­lem aris­es: what to give a girl for a month of rela­tion­ship? It is easy to pick up an inter­est­ing present: you can mark the first month as a cou­ple by print­ing orig­i­nal T‑shirts or T‑shirts. In addi­tion, in win­ter you can show care and give your beloved a warm scarf or a set of a fun­ny hat and mit­tens.

Hand­made jel­ry is also suit­able — it can be in eth­nic or Goth­ic style, main­tain ten­der­ness and roman­tic mood. Don’t hand over the ring. A more appro­pri­ate solu­tion would be a bracelet, brooch or pen­dant. If the bud­get is lim­it­ed, you can present a roman­tic mug with an orig­i­nal image.

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For thrill-seek­ers, a flight in a hot air bal­loon or a date on the roof with warm blan­kets and a tele­scope is suit­able.

If the relationship is six months old

It is believed that half a year of rela­tion­ship is already an indi­ca­tor that feel­ings in a cou­ple are strong enough. The first roman­tic pas­sion pass­es, trust appears, young peo­ple know more about each oth­er’s tastes and habits. Dur­ing this peri­od, mak­ing a gift, even with a small bud­get, is not dif­fi­cult. More­over, 6 months is still not a year, and you can do with­out very grandiose achieve­ments.

For a six-month anniver­sary, you can present:

  • a set of per­son­al­ized hand­made sets;
  • cer­tifi­cate in the SPA for a day with girl­friends;
  • a short trip — a ekend trip will help make the date unfor­get­table;
  • pho­to shoot — the first offi­cial shoot­ing as a cou­ple requires a cer­tain degree of trust;
  • a gift card to a cos­met­ics store;
  • orig­i­nal gad­get for home, study, enter­tain­ment;
  • a joint vis­it to a mas­ter class in one of the types of crafts — the cre­at­ed mas­ter­pieces can be tak­en with you;
  • a huge soft toy — not the most prac­ti­cal, but a mem­o­rable gift;
  • pay­ing for cours­es that your beloved dreams of;
  • a pil­low with pho­to prints in the form of your most vivid mem­o­ries togeth­er.

In gen­er­al, a gift can be quite tra­di­tion­al — the main thing is not to for­get about the upcom­ing date at all.

Gifts for every date

True roman­tics do not for­get about dates that oth­ers can eas­i­ly ignore. For those who count the days until each meet­ing, it will be use­ful to know that each date requires a dif­fer­ent approach:

  • 2 months — you can give a cute trin­ket like a pen­dant on your phone or trendy head­phones;
  • 3 months — it is worth hav­ing a roman­tic pic­nic in nature or a ekend trip to a water park, plan­e­tar­i­um, to a con­cert;
  • 4 months - in many cas­es, the cou­ple has moved in and lives togeth­er by this time, you can give a use­ful present for the house or just keys, a bathrobe, paja­mas and slip­pers for your beloved;
  • 5 months — not a round date, but you can present an orig­i­nal flash dri­ve to it or present a cer­tifi­cate for a man­i­cure;
  • Sev­en months - rela­tion­ships are mov­ing into a per­ma­nent phase, a joint vis­it to the SPA or buy­ing orig­i­nal games in an inti­mate store will help bring romance to them;
  • 10 months - an anniver­sary is com­ing soon, to show that feel­ings are still hot, a large bou­quet of flors, a soft warm blan­ket or an invi­ta­tion to a date in an expen­sive restau­rant will help (in this case, you should be pre­pared to buy the appro­pri­ate dress and match­ing shoes).
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What to give for an anniversary?

The first anniver­sary is a major mile­stone in the life of every cou­ple. From roman­tic lovers, they turn into “almost mar­ried.” In order not to lose feel­ings, it is worth pay­ing spe­cial atten­tion to the choice of a gift. If funds allow, it can be a car or a fur coat. Among the more bud­getary solu­tions are jel­ry sets or trips abroad.

For two years of rela­tion­ship, you can also come up with an orig­i­nal present. If you want to do some­thing with your own hands, you can trans­form the inte­ri­or or arrange an unusu­al flash mob with friends, bal­loons and ban­ners. For cou­ples with a sense of humor, a com­ic dding cer­e­mo­ny with sym­bol­ic rings and quite real guests is suit­able.

Such a rehearsal often helps to over­come the fear of a real mar­riage pro­pos­al.

If the cou­ple are stu­dents, stud­ies often take place in dif­fer­ent cities or even coun­tries. Mod­ern means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion will help over­come time and dis­tance on the eve of an impor­tant date. You can order a large plush toy, flors and sets online. And start the morn­ing with a touch­ing video greet­ing post­ed on the page of your beloved on the social net­work.

Whether to give something for a year and a half?

For a rela­tion­ship beten a man and a woman, a year and a half is a pret­ty sol­id peri­od. If the cou­ple does not live togeth­er, you can mark the date by book­ing a coun­try hotel or recre­ation cen­ter. A two-day or ekly vaca­tion will help you immerse your­self in the roman­tic atmos­phere of being togeth­er 24 hours a day.

For those who have already tast­ed the joys of liv­ing togeth­er, you can offer role-play­ing games or inti­mate gifts like beau­ti­ful lin­gerie, a peignoir, an unusu­al pho­to shoot in new images.

If you don’t want to arrange a roman­tic extrav­a­gan­za, you can get by with min­i­mal funds. Offer your beloved a roman­tic din­ner for two, order food from a restau­rant or go to the cin­e­ma, the­ater, bal­let per­for­mance.

Going out will give the cel­e­bra­tion a spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance. And the girl will have anoth­er rea­son to appre­ci­ate the gen­tle­man’s con­cern for her leisure.

Five years of relationship: what to give?

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If a cou­ple has been dat­ing for 5 years, talk­ing about mat­ri­mo­ni­al plans is def­i­nite­ly not a nov­el­ty for her. Such a seri­ous date is an occa­sion to recon­sid­er your views on life. If feel­ings are still burn­ing, and thoughts about mar­riage do not cause too neg­a­tive emo­tions, you can safe­ly present the ring. But be care­ful: if the sec­ond half has oth­er plans in this regard, you can eas­i­ly be left with­out a pair.

A win-win option is the pre­sen­ta­tion of jel­ry. It can be expen­sive design­er items or prac­ti­cal solu­tions for every day. A trendy gad­get, a new car, or the keys to an apart­ment are all good ways to express feel­ings when paired with an above-aver­age income.

If your loved one has not had a vaca­tion for a long time, you should plan a trip to the sul­try islands, give her a cer­tifi­cate for learn­ing to dive in the Sey­chelles, or go to Paris for the ekend.

Hav­ing chil­dren in a cou­ple ties hands some­what in regards to anniver­sary plans. But you can always please a woman with a spa vis­it for the whole day, fash­ion shop­ping with­out finan­cial restric­tions, a fun par­ty with friends.

How not to make a mistake with the choice?

Choos­ing a gift for a girl is always a slight­ly provoca­tive moment, a mis­take in which can become a rea­son for a quar­rel. In the rat­ing of anti-presents, any hints of imper­fec­tions tra­di­tion­al­ly lead: reme­dies for wrin­kles and acne, cook­books for those who do not know how to cook, a gym mem­ber­ship. It is bet­ter to leave such gifts for girl­friends of the beloved.

It’s great if the girl has a hob­by or hob­bies — here you can safe­ly study her inter­ests and make presents based on the per­son­al pref­er­ences of your beloved. Some­times a cer­tifi­cate to a book­store or a motor­cy­cle hel­met can make the fair sex much hap­pi­er than a ring or a new smart­phone.

You should also avoid giv­ing live gifts, whether it be a flor in a pot, a kit­ten or a pup­py. First­ly, it is not cus­tom­ary to make such pre­sen­ta­tions with­out the knowl­edge of the poten­tial own­er. Sec­ond­ly, the risk of aller­gies is not exclud­ed. Then you can imme­di­ate­ly for­get about the pos­i­tive emo­tions asso­ci­at­ed with the date.

For infor­ma­tion on what to give a girl, see the next video.