Christ­mas presents

What to give a girl for Christmas?

New Year is not the only win­ter hol­i­day that gives a lot of pos­i­tive impres­sions. It is fol­lod by Christ­mas, a much brighter day on the cal­en­dar. So, a gift for your beloved, cho­sen wise­ly, will bring joy and strength­en warm rela­tion­ships.

What to give a girl for Christmas?

The pur­pose of the gift is not to please the high cost or prac­ti­cal­i­ty, but joy and pos­i­tive emo­tions. At the stage of falling in love, when the girl is your favorite and the per­son you are ready to meet, a pure­ly sym­bol­ic sur­prise will do, easy to choose or per­form on your own.

Care products and incense

For exam­ple, an unusu­al can­dle or scent­ed lamp in every sense will make the rela­tion­ship hot­ter. Man has loved to look at fire at all times.

If a gift for a girl for Christ­mas was an aro­mat­ic soap with a spe­cial smell, the main thing is not only to choose a fra­grance that you will sure­ly like, but also to pack­age it beau­ti­ful­ly and in an orig­i­nal way.

The same applies to per­fumes and cos­met­ics: a set of care prod­ucts should not only be orig­i­nal and var­ied, but also have fra­grances that are the best fit for your girl­friend; here you can’t do with­out her help.

Themed Surprise

Christ­mas is a day on which almost any per­son will be vis­it­ed by thoughts of good and bright. A good solu­tion would be a themed fig­urine or fig­urine in the form of a winged angel, a sou­venir in the form of a heart, for exam­ple, a medal­lion, or a chain with a cross, a brooch or an inex­pen­sive, but very pret­ty and ele­gant ring or jel­ry. Such a present can not only cheer up your beloved, but also give rea­son to think about how dear you are to each oth­er.

“Computer” and “gadget” surprises

If you and your girl­friend are peo­ple who are prac­ti­cal to the core, a flash dri­ve, a com­put­er mouse or a flex­i­ble key­board in an unusu­al design, new wire­less head­phones for her smart­phone or tablet, a portable speak­er or oth­er acces­so­ry can become a present.

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Online gamers may pre­fer a ded­i­cat­ed gam­ing key­board or a wire­less joy­stick — the lat­ter is now rapid­ly gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty, as many games in pop­u­lar series do not nec­es­sar­i­ly need a gam­ing lap­top. Aux­il­iary acces­sories, such as a cool­ing pad for a lap­top, are also suit­able.

If a com­put­er, lap­top or tablet breaks down, you can pay for the restora­tion at the ser­vice cen­ter of this device.

Haberdashery supplies and accessories

A sur­prise from the field of hab­er­dash­ery, for exam­ple, an orig­i­nal wal­let or a fash­ion­able scarf, will fit if your girl­friend has a akness for beau­ti­ful things. Scarves, belts, mit­tens, umbrel­las, hats, etc. fall into the same cat­e­go­ry.

Soft toy

A soft and fluffy toy is suit­able for a roman­tic nature who loves to dream. It is a mis­take in our time to think that such sur­pris­es are the lot of lit­tle girls. Every woman, tru­ly fem­i­nine, feels frag­ile and defense­less, and occa­sion­al­ly — a baby. Hav­ing guessed the moment, you will raise her mood with a present in the form of a small soft toy.

Just do not abuse it — once or twice you can, but it is unlike­ly that the girl will col­lect them.


But when your com­mu­ni­ca­tion with her, hav­ing passed the test of months and years of strong and healthy rela­tion­ships, goes far, do not skimp and give her a gold or sil­ver ring or chain, a dia­mond or pearl bracelet or ear­rings. Make sure that you are aware of her pref­er­ences, and that your finances allow you to present such an expen­sive gift to her. In addi­tion, gold, pearls or dia­monds charge with pos­i­tive ener­gy and give dri­ve to life, while sil­ver heals and restores strength.

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But be pre­pared for the fact that your “soul­mate” after giv­ing a gold or dia­mond jel­ry can also plan a dding.

What should not be given?

In no case is it rec­om­mend­ed to present under­ar at Christ­mas, no mat­ter how exclu­sive, beau­ti­ful and sexy it may be. Even if this is, in fact, a cos­tume for the image of one of the hero­ines of your favorite top online game, in which you both com­pete on the Web for long win­ter evenings — for exam­ple, “cos­play” as Kitana or Jade from Mor­tal Kom­bat …

Christ­mas is not the hol­i­day on the eve of which such sur­pris­es are pre­sent­ed, be mod­est.

Save an over­ly provoca­tive gift for Valen­tine’s Day, March 8, your girl­friend’s birth­day or New Year’s.

What to give a friend for Christmas?

Wrong are those who believe that a man and a woman will not be friends. It hap­pens that you don’t let her near you — or she you, but the warm rela­tion­ship beten you has been going on for more than a year, and you per­ceive each oth­er as broth­er and sis­ter. Busi­ness ladies, who are con­stant­ly spin­ning in busi­ness, will like a sur­prise from the world of home com­fort. For exam­ple, she is fond of fine teas and is not averse to updat­ing the cups and teapot for him. But she will receive all sorts of sta­tionery tri­fles from her oth­er col­leagues.

Going out to an event

If you start­ed a rela­tion­ship not just with a girl, but with a young moth­er, she would appre­ci­ate going to an exhi­bi­tion or to a cin­e­ma — but not on a hol­i­day, but before or after it.

Fashion and tone solution

No won­der they say: “Pre­pare the sleigh in the sum­mer” — give her new trendy sun­glass­es. An excel­lent option is a paid sub­scrip­tion to a solar­i­um course or mas­sage and fit­ness treat­ments. But do not over­do it — she is unlike­ly to appre­ci­ate your offer, which hints at being overight.

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A uni­ver­sal gift here is an order paid for by you for any fash­ion­able hair­cut in the near­est beau­ty salon, which your girl­friend has long dreamed of.

Examples of extraordinary solutions

An orig­i­nal note­book, a themed fig­urine, an orig­i­nal pho­to frame, a pen with a laser point­er, etc. can be suit­able as uni­ver­sal sur­pris­es.


But lovers of sur­pris­ing their girls can be advised to make some­thing of their own, but so that it fits in the inte­ri­or of her room in an orig­i­nal way and looks beau­ti­ful. And there is no need to mas­ter inge­nious tech­nolo­gies to make, for exam­ple, a fra­grant can­dle or some spe­cial soap. A ready-made tol is also suit­able, on which you can embroi­der, for exam­ple, the girl’s name or ini­tials against the back­ground of the image of the orig­i­nal flor.

culinary ideas

Let’s say she’s a pas­sion­ate culi­nary spe­cial­ist — so why, for exam­ple, not update her old ser­vice or don’t present a set of exquis­ite spices?

Are you a good cook your­self? Bake a Christ­mas cake or East­er cake or cook­ies, make ice cream at home — and treat your set­heart girl.

Or maybe you are a chef from an elite restau­rant? God Him­self com­mand­ed to invite her there. Treat her to some­thing deli­cious at the expense of your estab­lish­ment — she will nev­er for­get such a roman­tic din­ner.

But if nei­ther you nor her soul lies in cook­ing, do not be philo­soph­ic and present her with some­thing tasty and set, which she def­i­nite­ly will not refuse, for exam­ple, grapes or a cock­tail, a set of deli­cious sets. Sug­gest her going to a tea shop to taste spe­cial Chi­nese teas.

See inter­est­ing gift ideas for a girl for Christ­mas in the next video.