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What to give a girl for 4 years?

It is sev­er­al times more dif­fi­cult for a small child to choose a gift than for an adult, because chil­dren always look for­ward to their birth­day, plac­ing great hopes on gifts, and still do not know how to hide their dis­ap­point­ment. Not a sin­gle ade­quate adult wants to spoil the hol­i­day for the lit­tle one, there­fore it is impor­tant to guess with a gift. To do this, con­sid­er how to please a girl on the day when she turns 4 years old.


In order for the gift to hit the tar­get, you must have good knowl­edge of what a birth­day girl is. Con­trary to the opin­ion wide­spread among peo­ple who do not have their own chil­dren, a four-year-old girl is not as sim­ple as it might seem at first glance — she has already formed a cer­tain psy­chotype. With age, of course, it can change more than once, but already now she is capa­ble of being a beau­ti­ful princess or a lit­tle prankster, a real actress or a dili­gent host­ess.

The child him­self, of course, will not for­mu­late all this about him­self, but par­ents and oth­er close rel­a­tives cer­tain­ly see what the girl is fond of, what she is inter­est­ed in. It is nec­es­sary to aim at the cir­cle of her inter­ests, while attempts to inter­est her in some­thing else, “more cor­rect”, at this stage risk fail­ing — the baby may not appre­ci­ate that the only oppor­tu­ni­ty in the year to receive gifts was spent on things com­plete­ly unin­ter­est­ing to her.

The “gen­der” of gifts is not so crit­i­cal yet; if a girl has cer­tain hob­bies, a typ­i­cal boy’s toy will do. Anoth­er thing is that it is nec­es­sary to approach the choice of a gift accord­ing to the age cat­e­go­ry very respon­si­bly. The child at this stage devel­ops rapid­ly, but the present should be clear and inter­est­ing right now, after all, a four-year-old girl does not think in the future and craves the imme­di­ate effect of her birth­day.

At the same time, 4 years is the age when the child already out­grows cer­tain toys, they become too prim­i­tive for him by this moment or risk becom­ing so just about, and then there is no point in such a gift either.

What useful gifts can be given to a four-year-old daughter?

Dolls are an eter­nal and most obvi­ous gift, but in order to make such a deci­sion, one could not read all these para­graphs above. Many par­ents today already under­stand that all toys and games are just a way to make the devel­op­ment of the child more inter­est­ing, to teach him some things in a play­ful way, there­fore they strive to give some­thing that will bring a pro­nounced devel­op­men­tal effect.

The same dolls, by the way, are also ben­e­fi­cial — they teach you to take care of oth­ers, being a kind of “demo ver­sion” of a pet. Some baby dolls are made so nat­u­ral­ly that they can not only cry, but also go to the pot — then the toy is prac­ti­cal­ly no dif­fer­ent from a real child, which teach­es care and respon­si­bil­i­ty. There are also spe­cial dolls for comb­ing, help­ing to learn the basics of style, and paper ones — for dress­ing them in the same paper clothes, and even just soft toys for sleep­ing — they are use­ful at least because they pro­vide the child with a good rest.

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Four-year-old girls real­ly want to be like adult women and per­form some impor­tant func­tions, because they are val­ued var­i­ous sets to sim­u­late the activ­i­ties of adults. If the baby has a med­ical or kitchen play set, “Hair­dress­er” or “Shop” sets, she will no longer have to fan­ta­size about uten­sils dur­ing the game — she will have every­thing she needs. With the help of such toys, the child devel­ops imag­i­na­tion, and when inter­act­ing with oth­er chil­dren in the game process, com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills can increase.

It is pos­si­ble that in the future the girl will real­ly become inter­est­ed in a cer­tain pro­fes­sion and even con­nect her life with it, but for now, the same med­ical kit will allow the baby to stop being afraid of peo­ple in white coats.

Con­struc­tors for a long time they re con­sid­ered a pure­ly boy­ish gift, hov­er, mod­ern man­u­fac­tur­ers sim­ply can­not refuse such a large num­ber of poten­tial con­sumers, there­fore they have released themed sets in the form of the same col­lapsi­ble doll­hous­es.

Nat­u­ral­ly, this is a huge field for the devel­op­ment of fan­ta­sy, but anoth­er impor­tant skill is also trained in this way. The fact is that preschool­ers are unable to con­cen­trate on any­thing for a long time, even if it is inter­est­ing, because their edu­ca­tion before the first trip to school is episod­ic. Such design­ers just help the girl to train her per­se­ver­ance and abil­i­ty to con­cen­trate.

Interesting gifts for goddaughter

Par­ents give most expen­sive gifts to a child, but god­par­ents also usu­al­ly do not deprive chil­dren of atten­tion. Of course, they will save most of the mon­ey for the birth­day of their own child, but this does not mean that you can­not give the baby any­thing worth­while.

If a girl already at the age of four shows all the signs of a future good house­wife, you can give her some a good acces­so­ry for her room. Your lit­tle one will sure­ly love bed­ding or a floor mat with their favorite car­toon char­ac­ters. For a roman­tic nature, a night lamp or a beau­ti­ful floor lamp would be a good option. Some­times they also give com­fort­able high­chairs or arm­chairs, but this is a bit risky — the child may not per­ceive this as a suit­able gift for the hol­i­day.

An edu­ca­tion­al game is a good gift for any age, as long as the age cat­e­go­ry is appro­pri­ate. A very pop­u­lar solu­tion is ordi­nary puz­zles, which allow you to assem­ble a com­plete pic­ture from indi­vid­ual parts depict­ing the plots of your favorite car­toons or oth­er pic­tures close to the girl. Even such a sim­ple solu­tion is use­ful not only for intel­li­gence and log­ic, but also for fine motor skills. But you can also give a slight­ly more com­plex board game in the style of loto or domi­noes. These games can be played with the whole fam­i­ly, and a lit­tle lat­er — with friends.

Such a gift helps to improve com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, the main thing is to explain to the child in time that it is not a shame to lose games, where the result depends on the case.

Even at the age of four, sport can already be an inte­gral part of the life of a birth­day girl — fig­ure skat­ing or rhyth­mic gym­nas­tics is taught even at that age. You can give the child some acces­sories for class­es, but only on con­di­tion that there is con­fi­dence that the baby real­ly likes her hob­by, it is not imposed by par­ents who regret that they them­selves did not do this in child­hood.

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You can, of course, go the sim­pler way by giv­ing a scoot­er or even a bicy­cle. It is quite dif­fi­cult to find a child who would fun­da­men­tal­ly refuse such a gift, so you just need to care­ful­ly approach the choice of things in terms of design and con­ve­nience for the future host­ess.

note that the gift should be suit­able for imme­di­ate use: if it is win­ter, it would be smarter to give a sled after all. Of the sim­pler sports goods, you can pay atten­tion to large inflat­able balls of the appro­pri­ate col­or­ing, as ll as hoops.

What can please a fashionista?

Babies try to imi­tate adult women in every­thing — not only in their pro­fes­sion­al activ­i­ties, but also in their desire to look beau­ti­ful. For each child, this desire is expressed to vary­ing degrees: some­times it is prac­ti­cal­ly not observed, but there are times when a girl is ready to sit for hours in front of a mir­ror, wield­ing her moth­er’s lip­stick and shad­ows.

Here is the most rea­son­able way — not to pro­hib­it, but to give the birth­day girl her own set of chil­dren’s cos­met­ics. This solu­tion is com­plete­ly safe, even if the child pulls the ingre­di­ents into his mouth. And most impor­tant­ly, in the future, the acquired skills will still come in handy, so there will be no harm from this.

If such a gift has already been tried before and has been suc­cess­ful, the theme can be devel­oped in var­i­ous direc­tions. You can encour­age “draw­ing” by donat­ing body paint, or you can move from cos­met­ics to acces­sories like jel­ry and wigs. Crowns and masks are also locat­ed in the same area for cre­at­ing an unusu­al image. If a girl shows a seri­ous approach to her own appear­ance beyond her years, you can even give a quite prac­ti­cal thing — a set of hair­pins or rub­ber bands.

It is boys who do not like new clothes as a gift, but a girl can be real­ly delight­ed with such a present, espe­cial­ly if the out­fit makes her a real princess and allows her to go out to peo­ple on hol­i­days. Nat­u­ral­ly, dress­es come first, because what kind of princess is with­out this detail of cloth­ing, hov­er, do not for­get about oth­er indis­pens­able attrib­ut­es: match­ing shoes or hand­bags.

The lat­ter, by the way, are often used even for their intend­ed pur­pose — the baby will not nec­es­sar­i­ly ar the acces­so­ry in the same way as an adult woman would, but it can be con­ve­nient for her to store and car­ry her favorite toys or the same cos­met­ics in it.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, a real gift from a grand­moth­er to her grand­daugh­ter could be con­sid­ered a good gift. jel­ry that pass­es from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion. Today, such a gift is already a lit­tle more typ­i­cal, and can be pre­sent­ed by any­one if finan­cial oppor­tu­ni­ties allow for a grand ges­ture. At the same time, it is impor­tant to be able to describe this gift as a sym­bol, and not a prac­ti­cal thing, because the baby will prob­a­bly want to ar a jel on her hand, and the fam­i­ly is unlike­ly to be hap­py if the child los­es a fam­i­ly (or sim­ply expen­sive) trea­sure.

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If a girl loves fairy tales and under­stands them, you can draw a par­al­lel to her with a princess when she has a real gold­en ring, but she can get it in her own hands only in the future, when she grows up.

best birthday gifts for sister

If a four-year-old girl has an old­er broth­er or sis­ter, then the dif­fer­ence is unlike­ly to be so sig­nif­i­cant that such a rel­a­tive is already com­plete­ly inde­pen­dent and has his own earned mon­ey. For this rea­son, such a giv­er is usu­al­ly lim­it­ed in his options for choos­ing a gift, but this does not mean that there is noth­ing to give the child.

Girls are often inclined to engage in cre­ativ­i­ty — so you can encour­age it. The sim­plest option is even a draw­ing album with your favorite char­ac­ter on the cov­er, as ll as pen­cils or felt-tip pens for it. Mod­el­ing is also very pop­u­lar among babies, so you can give a new plas­ticine, ide­al­ly with molds for sim­ple and believ­able mold­ing of ll-rec­og­nized fig­ures. There are also bead aving kits and many oth­er sim­i­lar prod­ucts that cost a pen­ny, but may be inter­est­ing for a birth­day girl.

When choos­ing, it is impor­tant not to for­get to check the age cat­e­go­ry, and to be sure that the child is real­ly inter­est­ed in this.

At the age of 4, only a few can read, but this does not mean that a book is an inap­pro­pri­ate gift. If you choose an inter­est­ing chil­dren’s book with an abun­dance of illus­tra­tions, the baby will be hap­py to spend time flip­ping through the pages, or even become inter­est­ed in learn­ing to read. If the donor is also not opposed to reg­u­lar­ly read­ing aloud to the child from a new book, such a gift can be a good basis for fur­ther rap­proche­ment in the fam­i­ly cir­cle.

At the same time, the book may not be lim­it­ed to pure­ly text and pic­tures — chil­dren’s pub­li­ca­tions may also con­tain sim­ple devel­op­men­tal tasks. Chil­dren also real­ly like books where the kids them­selves can take a min­i­mal part in the sto­ry — for this you need to paint the illus­tra­tion your­self or fill in the spe­cial­ly marked places with the stick­ers sup­plied in the kit.

Some­times it is not so much the gift itself that is impor­tant, but the mag­i­cal atmos­phere of the hol­i­day itself. A baby can love old­er chil­dren very much, the same sis­ter can be almost the same role mod­el for her as her moth­er, then sim­ple atten­tion to the child can work won­ders. It is enough to cre­ative­ly lay out a fig­ure of a cute toy from sets — and the set tooth will be hap­py.

You can just have a great time togeth­er — for this you should take the birth­day girl to a chil­dren’s cafe or an amuse­ment park, to a skat­ing rink or to a zoo.

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