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What to give a girl for 16 years?

The tra­di­tion to please each oth­er with gifts has devel­oped among peo­ple since ancient times, when priests made offer­ings to gods or spir­its in order to enlist their favor and patron­age. Over time, ordi­nary peo­ple began to give gifts to each oth­er — this was done for some rea­son or in hon­or of the hol­i­day. In our time, a gift has acquired a cer­tain mean­ing — with this ges­ture, the donor express­es his warmth, atten­tion, good dis­po­si­tion and care.

A gift is asso­ci­at­ed with the per­son who gave it, with the emo­tions expe­ri­enced at that moment, and, of course, in this case it is dear, like a mem­o­ry. The per­son who is giv­en a gift feels and under­stands that he is remem­bered and loved, he is impor­tant to oth­er peo­ple.


All peo­ple love to receive gifts — both adults and kids, but today ‘ll talk about what you can give a girl for 16 years. It is pos­si­ble that this is your girl­friend, or maybe you are think­ing about how to please your daugh­ter, sis­ter or niece. Any­way, but the gift should cause delight and joy, which means it should be nec­es­sary and desir­able for the one to whom it will be pre­sent­ed.

Before decid­ing what this gift will be, you need to find out what the per­son is inter­est­ed in or inter­est­ed in, what are his tastes and ideas about the desired gift, or maybe the girl has her own wish­es and their embod­i­ment will be the best gift for her.

A mod­ern girl at the age of 16 can have var­i­ous hob­bies, hov­er, the most impor­tant thing for her now is still study­ing and deter­min­ing her future pro­fes­sion. There­fore, the choice of a gift can be sought in this direc­tion. These can be books, films, com­put­er pro­grams or train­ing sem­i­nars rel­e­vant to the edu­ca­tion­al top­ic.

In addi­tion to study­ing, a girl may have some favorite hob­by and you prob­a­bly know about it. Think or ask direct­ly from her her­self — what she would like to receive as a gift. Almost all peo­ple who are pas­sion­ate about some­thing always have desires and needs for some kind of acqui­si­tions. It is pos­si­ble that it will be some rare and unique thing and you will have to try to find it. But on the oth­er hand, the joy from such a gift will be enor­mous, because the per­son will receive exact­ly what he real­ly needs, and this will be joy­ful for both the giv­er and the recip­i­ent.

At the age of 16, the vast major­i­ty of girls want to empha­size their nat­ur­al beau­ty and active­ly use var­i­ous cos­met­ics for this. It can be dec­o­ra­tive cos­met­ics, face and body skin care prod­ucts, styling and hair care prod­ucts — in oth­er words, in this direc­tion you have a fair­ly wide range of dif­fer­ent options for choos­ing a gift.

The main thing is not to make a mis­take with the col­or scheme, the type of skin or hair, and sim­ply the pref­er­ences of the girl. Although the choice is wide, there are many nuances that need to be con­sid­ered in order to guess with a gift.

Anoth­er option as a gift would be choice of clothes or acces­sories. Teenagers are very fond of new clothes, but there are nuances here too — it is impor­tant not only to know the size, but also to under­stand teenage fash­ion, and this is not always easy. But there is a way out — you can give some­thing uni­ver­sal — for exam­ple, it can be gloves, a beau­ti­ful scarf or hat, belt, hand­bag. From acces­sories, you can choose hair clips or a unique comb, or maybe you will find some beau­ti­ful brooch or bracelet.

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What can you give a friend?

The ques­tion of what to give a girl for 16 years is not only faced by adults. So, teenagers often have a sit­u­a­tion when they need to choose a gift for their girl­friend for her birth­day. In this case, the task is sim­pli­fied even if only by the fact that young peo­ple are bet­ter aware of mod­ern fash­ion trends, and friends’ hob­bies are often sim­i­lar.

As a rule, when get­ting togeth­er, young peo­ple like to lis­ten to music, dis­cuss new mod­ern gad­gets, they vis­it cin­e­mas or con­certs togeth­er, go in for sports or a joint hob­by, and, in gen­er­al, they tend to have an active and fun pas­time.

There­fore, the most desir­able gifts in this case may be the fol­low­ing.

  • Sport­ing goods - girls like to keep track of their fig­ure, so it would be appro­pri­ate in the form of a gift a fit­ness mat, glass­es or a swim­ming cap, a gym­nas­tic ball, fit­ness dumb­bells. In this case, it is also appro­pri­ate to give a book with instruc­tions for con­duct­ing fit­ness, yoga or Pilates class­es.
  • Spec­ta­cle events - it can be a tick­et to a new movie, con­cert or show that is inter­est­ing for a girl. You can give a tick­et to the the­ater for the pre­miere of a play or a tick­et to an exhi­bi­tion of art paint­ings. The theme of the enter­tain­ment event depends on the tastes and pref­er­ences of the birth­day girl, and it is best to study them in advance in order to guess with a gift.
  • Acces­sories - as a gift, a case for a phone or tablet, head­phones or a self­ie device would be appro­pri­ate. Often, girls like to play com­put­er games, and then the so-called gam­ing mouse or a spe­cial com­put­er key­board will be an excel­lent solu­tion when choos­ing a gift. A good option would be a jel­ry hold­er, jel­ry box, make­up orga­niz­er, make­up bag or wal­let.
  • Dec­o­ra­tions - most girls are very fond of var­i­ous styl­ish jel­ry and then you can choose a sil­ver ring, pen­dant or chain as a gift. The main thing in this case is to choose jel­ry that match­es the young age of the girl, so the prod­ucts should not be bulky and com­bine stones that are more suit­able for mature ladies (amber, pearls, mala­chite, and the like). In the youth envi­ron­ment, bracelets with remov­able charm beads are now very pop­u­lar. Giv­ing such a charm would be a great solu­tion if your friend has a sim­i­lar bracelet.
  • Cer­tifi­cate or sub­scrip­tion - often such a gift allows the girl to choose the ser­vice or prod­uct her­self in the insti­tu­tion where it was pur­chased. Cer­tifi­cates are now sold in beau­ty salons, per­fume and cos­met­ics stores, sport­ing goods stores, flors, lin­gerie and the like. A sub­scrip­tion is most often pur­chased for a cer­tain num­ber of vis­its — it can be a mas­sage ther­a­pist or beau­ti­cian, fit­ness class­es, yoga, danc­ing, swim­ming.

Young peo­ple are also quite often faced with the task of what to give their girl­friend on a hol­i­day. It should be not­ed that in this case, the gift has a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent con­text and its main mean­ing is romance. The girl expects from the young man not some prac­ti­cal things, but pleas­ant emo­tions. In this case, appro­pri­ate gifts can be called the fol­low­ing.

  • Stuffed Toys - such a gift will not leave indif­fer­ent any girl’s heart. Ted­dy bears, hares and oth­er cute crea­tures can eas­i­ly cre­ate a roman­tic mood, espe­cial­ly if pre­sent­ed with a bou­quet of flors.
  • Pho­to — girls love to cap­ture their image and take pho­tos, so a pho­to frame or pho­to album will be good options for a gift. And it is pos­si­ble that you can make a selec­tion of inter­est­ing pho­tos your­self and cre­ate some inter­est­ing pho­to col­lage from them — then your sur­prise will be unique and mem­o­rable.
  • liv­ing plant - this gift will live for a long time and remind you of the giv­er. You can give any beau­ti­ful indoor plant — orchids, a lemon tree, a rose, a ficus, a she­fler, a palm tree are con­sid­ered espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar. There are many options and it is not nec­es­sary to choose large spec­i­mens at the same time — let the plant you donate be small and grow at the girl’s house, keep­ing the mem­o­ry of the donor.
  • Choco­late - such an option is con­sid­ered a win-win. Now the pos­si­bil­i­ties to give a beau­ti­ful choco­late set are end­less. It can be a box of choco­lates or design­er fig­ured choco­late or a cake made to your order. Design options can also be var­ied — rang­ing from fan­cy paper to com­plex designs that include flors, small toys, rib­bons, and the like.
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When choos­ing a gift, the main thing is to make a per­son pleas­ant, leave a good mem­o­ry of the hol­i­day and show your friend­ship or love.

List of the best gifts from parents

On the birth­day of their daugh­ter, many par­ents want to make some kind of pleas­ant sur­prise. To make the gift use­ful and pleas­ant, par­ents can ask in advance what exact­ly the birth­day girl would like to receive on this day. And yet, at the same time, it is worth remem­ber­ing that the essence of a gift should not be prac­ti­cal­i­ty, it is bet­ter if this gift evokes a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions and mem­o­ries.

Six­teen years is a spe­cial age, the girl has already turned into a set girl, and there­fore she needs to choose a gift, focus­ing on her girl­ish taste. Good options for a gift made by par­ents, in this case, may be such solu­tions.

  • New mod­ern gad­get - phone, lap­top, tablet, cam­era, mp3 play­er.
  • Beau­ty prod­ucts — a good fash­ion­able youth per­fume, a set of dec­o­ra­tive or skin care cos­met­ics, a hair dry­er, or maybe it will be a cer­tifi­cate for vis­it­ing a styl­ist or a set of cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures in a famous beau­ty salon in your city.
  • Trav­el — it is pos­si­ble that as a gift you will orga­nize a small tour for her to where your daugh­ter would most like to vis­it.
  • Sport — A bicy­cle, skates, skis, a skate­board can be a good gift. It all depends on the pref­er­ences of the girl her­self. An annu­al gym mem­ber­ship would also be a good gift if the birth­day girl loves to play sports.
  • Dec­o­ra­tions — as a mem­o­rable gift, par­ents often give their daugh­ters small jel­ry made of gold or sil­ver. It can be a chain, ear­rings, a ring or a bracelet.

In addi­tion to the gift, the birth­day girl, of course, expects from her par­ents and the orga­ni­za­tion of the hol­i­day itself. The attrib­ut­es of the cel­e­bra­tion are tra­di­tion­al­ly a beau­ti­ful cake, can­dles, bal­loons, a fes­tive table with treats, flors, and, of course, smiles and con­grat­u­la­tions from lov­ing loved ones.

What can make your sister happy?

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If you have a sis­ter at the age of 16, then you can please her with a wide vari­ety of gifts. Close peo­ple usu­al­ly know each oth­er’s tastes and pref­er­ences ll, so the mis­take in choos­ing the right sou­venir is min­i­mal. More­over, in this case it is quite appro­pri­ate to ask the sis­ter a ques­tion about what she would like to receive as a gift and receive some spe­cif­ic wish from her.

Close peo­ple can give each oth­er more spe­cif­ic gifts that would be unre­al­is­tic to receive from friends. For exam­ple, your sis­ter dreams of a portable elec­tric tooth­brush, or she would like to receive an elec­tric epi­la­tor as a gift.

Psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly, rel­a­tives are clos­er, so gifts can be more prac­ti­cal.

  • Books. The sub­ject mat­ter of the books is the most diverse, it all depends on the pur­pose for which it is acquired. These can be edu­ca­tion­al books, or books that pro­mote inter­nal self-improve­ment or are relat­ed to some kind of hob­by of your sis­ter.
  • Per­fume. The choice of a fra­grant per­fume is a dif­fi­cult under­tak­ing, since the tastes of even peo­ple close to each oth­er can be com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. Hov­er, in this case, you can go with your sis­ter to the store and choose the per­fume that she likes. And let it not be a sur­prise, but a con­scious pur­chase, but it will be desir­able and pleas­ant for the birth­day girl.
  • Cloth­ing. Your sis­ter would prob­a­bly like to buy some kind of new thing, but you are not sure what you will guess with the style. Then you can give her a cozy cute blan­ket or even paja­mas for sleep­ing with a fun­ny pat­tern.
  • Music. Sure­ly you know the musi­cal pref­er­ences of the birth­day girl, then it will not be dif­fi­cult for you to find a disc with her favorite per­form­ers and give it to your sis­ter.
  • Pho­to­shoot. An orig­i­nal gift for a 16-year-old girl will be a pho­to ses­sion. Order it for your sis­ter, and she will be very hap­py with this oppor­tu­ni­ty. After all, at first she will pre­pare for it for a long time, and then for a very long time to study ready-made pho­tographs with her friends.

Guess­ing the desires and pref­er­ences of a teenag­er is very dif­fi­cult, so feel free to ask direct­ly about what your sis­ter’s dreams are and try to ful­fill them in the form of a gift.

Original gifts for a teenager

The choice of a gift for a god­daugh­ter or grand­daugh­ter for her six­teenth birth­day can be approached with humor. Now almost every shop­ping cen­ter has spe­cial­ized stores with unusu­al gifts. Exam­ples of such gifts include:

  • a sat­shirt with a hood or a T‑shirt with any image applied (pho­to, com­i­cal draw­ing, inscrip­tion);
  • a mug with an image;
  • a diary of an unusu­al shape or design;
  • order a por­trait from a pho­to­graph of the work of a street artist in the form of a car­toon;
  • col­lect an unusu­al pack­age from some fic­tion­al rel­a­tive from Brazil and fill it with all sorts of good­ies that teenagers love;
  • pur­chase socks and a cap of unusu­al col­ors and designs;
  • order some unusu­al quest, play paint­ball, swim for sev­er­al peo­ple in the water park.

Teenagers are very cheer­ful and active peo­ple, so any mobile enter­tain­ment or gifts with ele­ments of humor will be received by the birth­day girl with joy.

And, most impor­tant­ly, after the hol­i­day, all par­tic­i­pants will have vivid and unfor­get­table impres­sions. This is what a real birth­day should be like!

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