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What to give a girl 14 years old?

Girls at the age of 14 are very con­tra­dic­to­ry: they rarely know what they want and prac­ti­cal­ly do not have unshak­able atti­tudes about their own place in this world. These are no longer chil­dren, but not yet adults, and there­fore choos­ing a gift for such a per­son is a trou­ble­some and respon­si­ble busi­ness.

Age Features

14 years is ado­les­cence with all the ensu­ing con­se­quences. And in each case, the puber­tal peri­od pro­ceeds with indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter­is­tics. But almost all girls at this age tend to dra­mat­i­cal­ly, some­times rapid­ly change their own views, beliefs, hob­bies. The young lady begins to pay more atten­tion to her appear­ance, she wants to please the oppo­site sex and this is a com­plete­ly nor­mal sit­u­a­tion. So the girl grows up psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly, turns into a girl.

Girls at this age are eas­i­ly offend­ed, they can be offend­ed even by a word thrown care­less­ly, by a look and an inap­pro­pri­ate gift too. They are sus­pi­cious, crit­i­cal of their own appear­ance and at the same time they are great roman­tics in their souls, dream­ers and dream­ers.

All this must be tak­en into account when choos­ing a gift for a young lady of 14 years old.

It should also be remem­bered that the girl is still look­ing for her­self, every day she men­tal­ly tries on dif­fer­ent images, pro­fes­sions, life path, beliefs She does­n’t have her own formed ones yet. But she may have very spe­cif­ic wish­es, for exam­ple, often at this age, girls dream of a big tat­too in their entire arm or back, of pink hair, like an ani­me hero­ine. That’s why it’s worth ask­ing the opin­ion of a teenag­er about a pos­si­ble gift, but you def­i­nite­ly don’t need to rush to ful­fill all the wish­es of a four­teen-year-old beau­ty.

When choos­ing a gift from adults, a share of pru­dence will be required, but you should not give a child some­thing that you like and obvi­ous­ly do not like the hero of the occa­sion. Look for com­pro­mise options.

For a young per­son at a spec­i­fied age, it prac­ti­cal­ly does not mat­ter from whom she receives the desired gift, since ideas about what is decent and what is not have not yet set­tled in a beau­ti­ful young head. This fac­tor must be tak­en into account by the donor him­self.

Give a girl a present which will exact­ly match the degree of inti­ma­cy of your rela­tion­ship. A strange gift would be beau­ti­ful panties from a dis­tant rel­a­tive who last saw the girl at a tod­dler age, but the same panties as a gift from her moth­er would be quite appro­pri­ate and pleas­ant for the girl.

To get off with an on-duty book with fash­ion tips for teenagers or a soft toy is the lot of the ak and indif­fer­ent. If the hero of the occa­sion is dear to you, approach the choice of a gift for her based on her char­ac­ter, inter­ests, hob­bies, wish­es, but sub­ject to the prin­ci­ples of rea­son­able­ness and decen­cy.

And before you start choos­ing, check out the list of what you don’t need to donate.

  • Slip­pers, paja­mas, bathrobes — are talk­ing about the most com­mon prod­ucts of this kind, but the kig­u­ru­mi cos­tumes that are fash­ion­able today, which teenage girls use both as home clothes and as warm win­ter paja­mas, may be quite appro­pri­ate if a girl dreams of such an image.
  • Any present, which are called upon in one way or anoth­er to cor­rect the short­com­ings in the appear­ance of a young per­son (girls at the age of 14 are already painful­ly sen­si­tive to their short­com­ings). There­fore, a book on how to lose ight in three days, how to turn from an ugly duck­ling into a swan in a ek, as ll as sets of cos­met­ics to fight acne will only offend the girl. The excep­tion is anti-acne cos­met­ics and skin care prod­ucts, pre­sent­ed, for exam­ple, by mom or grand­moth­er.
  • Gifts designed to cor­rect the char­ac­ter and incli­na­tions of the child. We are talk­ing about ency­clo­pe­dic and sci­en­tif­ic pub­li­ca­tions that some par­ents present to their chil­dren who do not want to study ll in the hope that books, sta­tionery and oth­er attrib­ut­es of excel­lent stu­dents “will make a real per­son out of their daugh­ter.” They won’t, but will only cause con­fu­sion and dis­ap­point­ment.
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The excep­tion is when a girl is real­ly inter­est­ed in sci­ence and wants to receive a ref­er­ence book or an ency­clo­pe­dia as a gift.

Top Useful Gifts

When think­ing about a gift for a young four­teen-year-old per­son who is some­one to you, for exam­ple, a daugh­ter, girl­friend, sis­ter, you can go into such impen­e­tra­ble jun­gle that it will be dif­fi­cult to fig­ure out what a teenag­er needs and what you want to present to him. The gift should be pleas­ant, desired and in demand, use­ful for the girl. We present some of the most com­mon options that are cho­sen on the four­teenth anniver­sary (birth­day), on the New Year and Wom­en’s Day for per­sons of the indi­cat­ed age.

  • Gad­gets. Gifts that fall into this cat­e­go­ry are con­sid­ered the most desir­able among teenagers. If you spec­i­fy the names, then most often teenage girls want to get a new smart­phone, tablet com­put­er, lap­top or net­book, e‑book, smart watch with a built-in calo­rie counter, steps, as ll as the abil­i­ty to access the Inter­net and send mes­sages. What­ev­er the old­er gen­er­a­tion’s atti­tude to gad­gets in the fam­i­ly, this is a win-win gift option. In addi­tion, the ben­e­fits of gad­gets with their mod­er­ate use can­not be denied: they can store and use elec­tron­ic text­books, pro­grams for prepar­ing for exams.
  • Acces­sories for gad­gets. It is quite appro­pri­ate to accept such gifts from both friends and class­mates, espe­cial­ly since they are not so expen­sive and you can find quite bud­getary and afford­able options for any spe­cial occa­sion. Such pre­sen­ta­tions include a self­ie stick, a fash­ion­able case for a phone or tablet, a stand for gad­gets, head­phones (wire­less devices are espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar today).
  • Cash. A great gift option if by the day of the cel­e­bra­tion there was not a sin­gle worth­while present idea or the girl is not your close rel­a­tive. Girls at this age are very fond of buy­ing some­thing them­selves, usu­al­ly sav­ing up for some­thing, and the donat­ed mon­ey will be very use­ful to them. It is only impor­tant to under­stand that putting a fold­ed bill into a fist with words of con­grat­u­la­tions to a birth­day girl or the hero of anoth­er cel­e­bra­tion is a bad form. Present a pig­gy bank with a down pay­ment in it, or put the ban­knotes in a beau­ti­ful enve­lope or make a bou­quet out of them, inflate a bal­loon, inside of which I will keep the donat­ed ban­knotes neat­ly fold­ed and tied with thin rib­bons.
  • Inte­ri­or things - odd­ly enough, but girls at the age of 14, and women at the age of 50 are very fond of things for dec­o­rat­ing the inte­ri­or. A gift will come in handy espe­cial­ly if the girl has her own sep­a­rate room. You can present, hav­ing pre­vi­ous­ly asked what style the room is fur­nished in, a styl­ish suit­able table lamp, sep­a­rate com­fort­able sofa cush­ions, a fluffy and soft blan­ket, high-qual­i­ty large posters depict­ing her favorite artist, musi­cian, ath­lete. For any inte­ri­or, a styl­ish and use­ful night light is suit­able, which projects the star­ry sky onto the walls and ceil­ing, as ll as an unusu­al alarm clock, which, for exam­ple, needs to be caught or shot with a laser gun to silence it at the appoint­ed time.
  • Toys - the girl has grown up and the Winx dolls will no longer suit her, although they used to cause wild delight. Now toys should be com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. Usu­al­ly, at the age of 14, girls real­ly appre­ci­ate anti-stress toys, for exam­ple, a soft toy warmer in bed, a spin­ner, an inter­ac­tive ball of mag­ic pre­dic­tions, a per­plexus ball, and oth­er puz­zles. At leisure, many girls take great plea­sure in col­lect­ing puz­zles and this is not unusu­al. Among board games, give pref­er­ence to Mafia and Monop­oly, and among games for a large com­pa­ny, you should pay atten­tion to Twister.
  • Book It’s bet­ter if it’s elec­tron­ic. Her girl­friend will be able to fill with works of her own taste. But if a girl prefers paper books, then it is best to give her a cer­tifi­cate to a large book retail chain, in which she her­self, with­in the frame­work of a paid cer­tifi­cate, will be able to choose those books that she is real­ly inter­est­ed in.
  • Gift cer­tifi­cates - this is, in gen­er­al, a vari­ant of a cash gift, but with a deferred per­spec­tive and pur­pose. If a girl dreams of going to a beau­ty salon, why not give her a cer­tifi­cate there — let her feel like an adult by doing a man­i­cure and hair­do in a real beau­ty salon. A pet lover can present a cer­tifi­cate to a pet store, and a lover of sports and an active lifestyle — to a sport­ing goods store.
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Set sets also belong to use­ful and uni­ver­sal gifts. Today it is pos­si­ble to order a per­son­al­ized choco­late set with per­son­al wish­es on each can­dy.

Girls love flors, jel­ry, per­fume (if you know exact­ly what fra­grance a young fash­ion­ista prefers).

We take into account interests

If the sphere of inter­ests of the young princess is known, it is bet­ter to choose a themed gift that she can use in her favorite busi­ness. A the­mat­ic gift accord­ing to inter­ests should not be too expen­sive, because the inter­ests them­selves at this age change often, but it must be nec­es­sary. Here are some gift ideas by inter­est.

  • A girl who is fond of cook­ing, cook­ing — a cook­book with bright illus­tra­tions and step-by-step recipes, an orig­i­nal kitchen apron with an unusu­al pat­tern, a set of sil­i­cone molds for bak­ing muffins, cup­cakes or curly lol­lipops, a set of food col­ors and decor for cook­ies and cakes that the girl will bake with her own hands.
  • To a young lady who loves needle­work, kits for cre­ativ­i­ty are suit­able, for exam­ple, paint­ings with a set of threads for cross-stitch­ing and satin stitch, silk, sequins; kits for knit­ting, kits for self-sewing soft toys, kits for aving from beads, cre­at­ing stained glass win­dows, mak­ing fridge mag­nets, soaps and so on — there are a great many options.
  • A girl with musi­cal abil­i­ties and a desire to sing, play musi­cal instru­ments, you can present a karaoke micro­phone, a syn­the­siz­er (includ­ing a mini ver­sion), a musi­cal instru­ment (vio­lin, flute, gui­tar, etc.). Teenagers attend­ing music schools will be pleased if you present a set of music books, as ll as a cer­tifi­cate to a music store, where the child will choose exact­ly what he needs, for exam­ple, the required size of a replace­ment sax­o­phone reed.
  • A girl who loves to dance, a pair of shoes that she can dance in or a cer­tifi­cate to a sport­ing goods store where you can choose such shoes will ben­e­fit. You can present a track­suit or T‑shirts, tops, and a young dancer will be hap­py with a com­fort­able and reli­able hair clip, which, as you know, inter­fere with train­ing and per­for­mances. You can give a tick­et to the per­for­mance of your favorite dance group, as ll as an inter­ac­tive dance mat that will help the girl to have fun warm­ing up at home and hav­ing dance bat­tles with friends and girl­friends, since some mod­els of dance mats have the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a com­pe­ti­tion beten two dancers.
  • A girl who is fond of draw­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy, you can give every­thing that is nec­es­sary for a young artist. A real cam­era is an expen­sive gift, but some­times par­ents and rel­a­tives join togeth­er finan­cial efforts to ful­fill their daugh­ter’s cher­ished dream.
  • Col­lec­tor Girl She will def­i­nite­ly be hap­py with a new exhib­it in her col­lec­tion, whether it be porce­lain ele­phants, plush croc­o­diles or post­cards with views of Paris.
  • Girls who like fit­ness and sports they will be hap­py if they receive some­thing as a gift that will ben­e­fit them in this mat­ter — run­ning shoes, a new track­suit, dumb­bells, skis, skates, or even a home exer­cise bike. You can present the girl with a cer­tifi­cate for vis­it­ing the gym, swim­ming pool, fit­ness group for teenagers. Most like­ly, the girl will be hap­py with the new bike, skate­board, gyro scoot­er, roller skates and a set of pro­tec­tion for rid­ing them.
  • Girls who love nat­ur­al sci­ences, exper­i­ments, you can present an elec­tron micro­scope with a set of biosam­ples and the pos­si­bil­i­ty of prepar­ing your own, a tele­scope for study­ing celes­tial bod­ies, a set of “Young Chemist” or “Young Physi­cist”.
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Ideas for fashionistas

Choos­ing clothes or acces­sories for a teenag­er is a very dif­fi­cult task, because fash­ion does not stand still, more­over, a par­tic­u­lar girl may have indi­vid­ual pref­er­ences. We can say with con­fi­dence that a girl will not refuse a fash­ion item, as ll as an amus­ing acces­so­ry, for exam­ple, an umbrel­la with a print, a hand­bag or a bacweack, a scarf or sun­glass­es, but she still has to choose such things her­self. There­fore, it would be bet­ter to give her a shop­ping trip to the store with a pre­de­ter­mined amount, with­in which she can choose the things she likes.

With jel­ry, every­thing is some­what sim­pler — it is dif­fi­cult to find a girl who would not be hap­py with beau­ti­ful ear­rings or a ring, but you should not give too expen­sive jel­ry, because at this age chil­dren are very mobile and absent-mind­ed, expen­sive jel­ry can break, get lost. It is bet­ter to choose jel­ry that will exact­ly match the style of the fash­ion­ista.

It is impor­tant to remem­ber that mas­sive, heavy jel­ry is not suit­able for a teenag­er; it is bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to thin, ele­gant bracelets, chains and ear­rings.

Cos­met­ics are also one of the gifts desired by teenagers. Many girls at the age of 14 are already start­ing to use dec­o­ra­tive cos­met­ics, but with­out an accu­rate knowl­edge of the pref­er­ences of a young beau­ty, you should not choose her shad­ows, lip­stick and mas­cara. It is bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to cos­met­ics for ado­les­cents, avoid­ing a direct hint of acne and oth­er “charms” of puber­ty.

Almost any girl will be hap­py with the pre­sent­ed hair dry­er, curl­ing iron, iron­ing. But such gifts are best pre­sent­ed in a set with ther­mal pro­tec­tion prod­ucts for hair, as ll as with clear rec­om­men­da­tions that fre­quent ther­mal expo­sure destroys hair.

Also, a teenag­er at the age of 14 can be pre­sent­ed with his own man­i­cure set.

If the budget is limited

If your gift bud­get is tight, don’t worry—even inex­pen­sive gifts can be amaz­ing, espe­cial­ly if they’re hand­made. You can bake a girl a box of for­tune cook­ies, sew or knit a very inter­est­ing phone case, you can give a hand-made box for var­i­ous girl­ish secrets and lit­tle things. Bou­quets made of choco­lates and wrap­ping paper, home­made hair­pins made of beads, leather look very inter­est­ing and solemn; bracelets, head­bands, lov­ing­ly dec­o­rat­ed with your skill­ful hands.

Of the inex­pen­sive gifts, you should pay atten­tion to a per­son­al­ized mug from which a girl can drink tea or cocoa in the morn­ing, as ll as a “smart” key­chain that responds with a whis­tle to a pre­arranged sig­nal and allows its host­ess to quick­ly find a bunch of keys where this key­chain is attached.

In the next video you will find exam­ples of gifts for a girl for 14 years.