Gifts for chil­dren

What to give a one and a half year old child?

A gift to a child at any age is not an easy task, espe­cial­ly if the baby does not yet speak and can­not express his wish. If a boy or girl is one and a half years old, this is one of the most dif­fi­cult peri­ods, since the child is already big and has his own desires, but is not very good at voic­ing them. It’s good when par­ents or rel­a­tives know the pref­er­ences of a lit­tle per­son, but it hap­pens that you are invit­ed to vis­it where there is a com­plete­ly unfa­mil­iar boy and girl. In this case, giv­ing a present to a child is as dif­fi­cult as com­plet­ing a quest.

General recommendations

Of course, it is very impor­tant to focus on the age, inter­ests of the baby at 1.5 years old. Thanks to this, there are gen­er­al tips for choos­ing a gift for a one and a half year old boy or girl.

  • Do not put off the pur­chase of a present indef­i­nite­ly. Believe me, if you think over this issue in advance, save your­self from buy­ing the first non­sense that comes across.
  • Ask the par­ents or the child if pos­si­ble. Old­er chil­dren write let­ters to San­ta Claus and order gifts, but at one and a half — this is from the realm of dreams.
  • Be aware of age and do not buy toys “for growth.” Believe me, the baby will only scat­ter the details of a com­plex design­er or puz­zles.
  • Gen­der at this age already mat­ters, but unprin­ci­pled. You can give a girl a doll, a boy a car, and vice ver­sa.
  • Pas­sion is more impor­tant, books, edu­ca­tion­al games, pyra­mids, mosaics, a naughty ball are suit­able for an assid­u­ous kid.
  • Before buy­ing sets, check if the child has any aller­gies and what sets he is allod to eat at home.
  • At this age, the child does not yet ful­ly under­stand the mean­ing of the hol­i­day; for him, the good mood of his par­ents and the peo­ple around him is more impor­tant.
  • Musi­cal toys are a great choice at this age.
  • Remem­ber that curios­i­ty is the main fea­ture of babies, they are inter­est­ed in every­thing that is new!
  • Safe­ty is also of utmost impor­tance — do not give some­thing con­tain­ing small parts that you can put in your mouth and choke on.
  • Good idea — impres­sions. Take your kid to a play for the lit­tle ones, ride a pony, take a walk in the park — this will be remem­bered more than any toy.
  • The most prac­ti­cal and safe gift option at this age is a soft toy.
  • When choos­ing clothes, be sure to ask your mom for advice!
  • You can already start draw­ing — chil­dren real­ly like fin­ger paints, albums, pen­cils and felt-tip pens.
  • Dec­o­rate your Christ­mas tree for New Years! Just pick toys that don’t break.
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The feel­ing of a hol­i­day is much more impor­tant than gifts, but a gift found under the tree is a hun­dred times more valu­able.

Psychologist’s advice

Child psy­chol­o­gists advise you to fol­low cer­tain rules that will save you from mak­ing mis­takes when choos­ing a gift for your baby.

  • Adults often judge like adults. And this makes them make the main adult mis­take — to buy prac­ti­cal, instead of joy­ful. Of course, autumn boots are very impor­tant, but they are not giv­en for a birth­day or New Year. It should be some­thing that makes the baby hap­py. Mag­ic and fairy tales are very impor­tant for chil­dren, do not deprive them of this hap­pi­ness with the prac­ti­cal­i­ty of an adult.
  • Edu­ca­tion­al toys. This is a stum­bling block for many adults, hov­er, if the toy is select­ed accord­ing to age, even if the baby has not grown up to it yet, it is always rel­e­vant and good. It does­n’t have to be a com­plex con­struc­tor. A sorter, a mosa­ic, wood­en puz­zles, a house for dolls, a set for draw­ing or mod­el­ing — all these are edu­ca­tion­al toys, and they must be giv­en as a gift.
  • Expen­sive gift is not bad at allif the par­ents have the oppor­tu­ni­ty, and the baby dreams of an expen­sive toy.
  • Dis­ap­point­ment. No par­ent or adult can be insured against this, there is no need to make a tragedy if the child did not like the gift.
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Unpleas­ant emo­tions are just as impor­tant in life as pos­i­tive ones.

Gift Ideas

When par­ents think about a gift for a baby, they often think from a prac­ti­cal point of view and con­sid­er clothes and shoes in this capac­i­ty. If are talk­ing about par­ents, then every­thing is sim­ple, oth­er­wise there is a very high risk of miss­ing the size. There is no way around this with­out parental advice. If mom agrees to this devel­op­ment, give her a cer­tifi­cate to a chil­dren’s super­mar­ket, or go shop­ping with them. Be sure to come to the court such prac­ti­cal gifts as:

  • bed sheets;
  • a set of chil­dren’s tols;
  • dish­es for chil­dren;
  • engraved sil­ver cut­lery.

These gifts are appro­pri­ate for almost any age from birth to ado­les­cence.

Anoth­er win-win option is a cer­tifi­cate for a pho­to ses­sion with a chil­dren’s pho­tog­ra­ph­er.. Par­ents will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate this gift option. More­over, not every fam­i­ly can allo­cate a fair­ly seri­ous amount from the bud­get for this item of expen­di­ture.

If you want to present a gift to the child him­self, a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent approach is need­ed. At this age, the baby is already ll aware that around him is an amaz­ing world full of sur­pris­es. There­fore, emo­tions from a gift are quite a fea­si­ble task. This is a good age peri­od for learn­ing social skills, so the fol­low­ing options are great:

  • doll uten­sils;
  • a bas­ket with a vari­ety of items — veg­eta­bles, fruits, goods like a super­mar­ket;
  • a toy knife and objects that they can cut;
  • pro­fes­sion­al kits for a doc­tor, hair­dress­er, plumber, cook.
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If the baby does not yet show inter­est in them, choose uni­ver­sal ones:

  • bathing books;
  • pyra­mids;
  • sorters;
  • toys that wind up;
  • musi­cal instru­ments — gui­tars and bal­alaikas, pipes, drums;
  • sim­ple puz­zles;
  • con­struc­tors for kids;
  • cubes;
  • Rail­way;
  • dolls;
  • cars;
  • mosa­ic;
  • lac­ing games.

Remem­ber that chil­dren are indi­vid­ual, each of them devel­ops accord­ing to its own sce­nario. When choos­ing a gift, you need to take this into account. On the oth­er hand, even if you rushed a lit­tle with the present, the baby will def­i­nite­ly grow up to it soon and will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate it. The main thing is to pay atten­tion to the qual­i­ty of the toy — the mate­ri­als must be safe.

List of optimal presentations

We bring to your atten­tion a list of gifts that will appeal to a baby over a year old and up to about two years of age:

  • soft toys, strollers and dolls for girls;
  • doll fur­ni­ture, clothes, uten­sils;
  • cars — dif­fer­ent sizes and mod­els, air­planes, heli­copters, water trans­port for boys;
  • garages, park­ing lots, gas sta­tions;
  • bicy­cle with 3 wheels;
  • edu­ca­tion­al toys;
  • large cubes;
  • sta­diome­ters;
  • wheel­chairs in the form of ani­mals;
  • kinet­ic sand;
  • mod­el­ing kits;
  • books accord­ing to age;
  • inflat­able pool with balls;
  • sand­box kits;
  • table and chair for chil­dren;
  • draw­ing sets;
  • inter­ac­tive toys;
  • Fin­ger paint;
  • sets of domes­tic, wild ani­mals, birds.

About what a child plays at 1.5 years old, see the next video.