Gifts for chil­dren

What to give a child 5-6 years old?

If you re invit­ed to a birth­day par­ty, you need to try to make sure that the hero of the occa­sion is sat­is­fied. Be pre­pared for the fact that if the birth­day boy is only 5–6 years old, he will not even think about hid­ing his dis­ap­point­ment if it comes to this. This some­what com­pli­cates the task of choos­ing a good gift, but if you have imag­i­na­tion and min­i­mal ini­tial knowl­edge, the task will no longer seem so dif­fi­cult.

What should be considered when choosing?

From about the age of five, par­ents grad­u­al­ly begin to pre­pare the child for school, so they are increas­ing­ly pay­ing atten­tion to var­i­ous toys and games with edu­ca­tion­al over­tones. A birth­day guest can and should even help them. In doing so, it must be tak­en into account that by this point, the baby already has cer­tain hob­bies, and although you can inter­est the birth­day boy with some­thing newwhere the prob­a­bil­i­ty of hit­ting the tar­get will be much high­er if you decide to donate some­thing in which inter­est has already been shown repeat­ed­ly.

For exam­ple, board games are con­sid­ered a good gift at this age: they involve the whole fam­i­ly in the process. Anoth­er great option is a vari­ety of prod­ucts for active pas­time, unless the baby is one of those rare chil­dren who are com­plete­ly calm and do not real­ly like move­ment.

Final­ly, ordi­nary toys remain an eter­nal val­ue, just remem­ber that at this age, sex­u­al inter­ests are already very dif­fer­ent, so give boys strict­ly boy­ish toys, and girls — girl­ish ones, with­out any dubi­ous options.

Giv­en all the above cri­te­ria, it would be nice to also know what oth­er guests are plan­ning to give. It is desir­able that the gifts not only not be repeat­ed, but also be diverse, because only board games, albeit inter­est­ing ones, will cer­tain­ly raise the ques­tion of where are the toys, and the toys them­selves will no longer pro­vide either intel­lec­tu­al or phys­i­cal devel­op­ment.

There is also the so-called stop-list of gifts — those things that would be a mis­take to give. Here include the fol­low­ing options:

  • clothes and shoes are too casu­al for the hol­i­day, unless you give a chic dress to a real lit­tle princess who is crazy about them;
  • sim­pli­fied imi­ta­tions — no beach balls if a foot­ball was promised (or ordered);
  • hygiene items — except for spe­cial cos­met­ics for a girl who likes to spin for hours in front of a mir­ror;
  • school sup­plies — this will not please the child even at school, and now it’s just too ear­ly to give it;
  • what you want­ed as a child - do not put oth­ers in their place, every­one has their own inter­ests, espe­cial­ly since times have changed a lot.

Useful gifts

You can guess to give a toy with­out this arti­cle, so let’s imme­di­ate­ly move on to things that are both inter­est­ing and use­ful. If you want your child to devel­op men­tal­ly, hone log­ic and abstract think­ing, devel­op per­se­ver­ance and patience, give edu­ca­tion­al gifts, espe­cial­ly since they can be for every taste and bud­get.

A strik­ing exam­ple is all kinds of puz­zles, mosaics and con­struc­tors for every taste. What makes this choice the best is that today the vari­ety of the assort­ment allows you to ful­ly meet the tastes of the child — the plot can mean knights or princess­es, heroes of your favorite fairy tales, ani­mals, equip­ment, in a word, every­thing that can inter­est a six-year-old child. Truth, it is bet­ter to make sure in advance that the child is inter­est­ed in such a con­cept of pas­time in prin­ci­ple.

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We have already talked about board games — they are good because they allow the fam­i­ly to get togeth­er, devel­op com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, and even just teach you how to play with dig­ni­ty.

Depend­ing on the rules of the game, the devel­op­men­tal effect can be dif­fer­ent — even prim­i­tive “walk­ers” help to speed up men­tal count­ing, and even more com­plex exam­ples some­times even teach you to set goals and come up with strate­gies to achieve them.

Among the toys, will sin­gle out sets that imi­tate the activ­i­ties of some adult pro­fes­sion — the same doc­tor or mechan­ic, magi­cian or hair­dress­er. Thanks to this, the child not only devel­ops imag­i­na­tion, but also begins to under­stand how soci­ety inter­acts and how mon­ey is made. In the future, this will help him under­stand what he would like to do in life, and the med­ical kit is also good because it dis­pels fear of doc­tors.

The book does not yet pro­vide the max­i­mum devel­op­men­tal effect, but already now you need to start accus­tom­ing your child to lit­er­a­ture. He prob­a­bly doesn’t know how to read yet, so par­ents will have to voice the text, but if the pub­li­ca­tion is with bright pic­tures, the child will like it too. Hav­ing become inter­est­ed, the birth­day boy will be much more will­ing to try to learn to read.

One tablet could replace all the gifts described above, but you should be care­ful with such a gift. The gad­get allows for var­i­ous uses, but not all of them are use­ful, and some are even down­right harm­ful. Since at this age the baby def­i­nite­ly does not have a sense of pro­por­tion, parental restric­tions on the use of a gift can cause resent­ment.

Presents for creative children

Cre­ativ­i­ty itself has many pos­i­tive aspects — it increas­es the same per­se­ver­ance, devel­ops imag­i­na­tion and even sim­ply improves mood and helps main­tain self-esteem at the prop­er lev­el. In the future, such a child­hood hob­by can devel­op to the lev­el of pro­fes­sion­al­ism, and then a grown child can become very rich and famous, so it’s still a ques­tion whether such a gift would be more use­ful than the gen­er­al edu­ca­tion­al gifts from the pre­vi­ous sec­tion.

At 5 years old, the aver­age child is still open to all kinds of art — he has a lot of free time, and adults usu­al­ly only con­tribute to the active search for him­self. Some chil­dren even already have cer­tain pref­er­ences in terms of the type of cre­ativ­i­ty, but in gen­er­al, at 5–6 years old, they still give not pro­fes­sion­al, but chil­dren’s goods. Poten­tial artist you can donate albums, paints and brush­es, the same easel. Musi­cian you may be inter­est­ed in a chil­dren’s gui­tar or a sim­ple syn­the­siz­er with a built-in tuto­r­i­al. If inter­est does not dis­ap­pear, in the future you can think about tak­ing your hob­by to a new lev­el.

You can, of course, not approach the task so lit­er­al­ly, but give a sim­ple plas­ticine, because mod­el­ing is also cre­ativ­i­ty. Var­i­ous origa­mi or aving kits can also find a response in the baby shor.

What to choose for active children?

Adults keep in shape in order to be healthy and look good, but chil­dren with­out excep­tion do this with­out any addi­tion­al incen­tive — they just like this lifestyle. In fact, this is not only a pleas­ant, but also a very use­ful way to spend time, after all, health is real­ly strength­ened, and the coher­ence of move­ments is also honed.

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One of the most pre­dictable gifts for a child is, of course, a bicy­cle. Many chil­dren already at this age dream of such a gift, so it’s time to make the dream come true, because a sense of bal­ance in life does not hurt, and this trans­port can be used at any age. Oth­er means of trans­porta­tion can be a good solu­tion - scoot­er, rollers or skate­board.

Keep in mind that the gift should be avail­able for use imme­di­ate­ly, so if the hol­i­day falls in the win­ter, it is wis­er to give sleds or skates, or skis as an option.

Most types of balls will also come in handy. Best for a boy soc­cer ball, as ll as any oth­er foot­ball prod­ucts, for exam­ple, a set of the form of your favorite foot­ball play­er. Girls love foot­ball less, so either beau­ti­ful beach ball large size, or light vol­ley­ball ball. Do not rush with bas­ket­balls yet — they are too heavy for a preschool­er and can even knock him down.

Many par­ents today con­sid­er it nec­es­sary to orga­nize a small play­ground right at home, if the neigh­bors do not mind. Hous­es can be installed Sdish wall with prim­i­tive hor­i­zon­tal bars like hand walk­ers, and swings, and a tram­po­line for jump­ing. If you have a sub­ur­ban area, you can take the entire site out­side — so the child will breathe fresh air on a walk, with­out com­pet­ing with oth­er chil­dren for their favorite swing, and always remain­ing under super­vi­sion.

Some out­door games or equip­ment for them may also come in handy — speech, for exam­ple, about bad­minton or even twister. The lat­ter, con­trary to the opin­ion of its exclu­sive­ly enter­tain­ing nature, trains stretch­ing very ll.

Unusual ideas

All of the above ideas are pret­ty triv­ial — I’m sure most par­ents have at least once scrolled through all these options in their heads. By itself, a child of 5–6 years old is hard­ly chas­ing real­ly orig­i­nal options, but in some fam­i­lies, chil­dren have every­thing in such a broad sense that you can run into the indif­fer­ence of the birth­day man, even hand­ing him some­thing that any oth­er child would be fab­u­lous hap­py.

Con­trary to pop­u­lar belief, inter­est­ing and cool gifts can also be inex­pen­sive. — you just need to turn on your imag­i­na­tion and think about what could be inter­est­ing for a child. In fact, it is not always nec­es­sary to give mate­r­i­al things — some­times vivid emo­tions and the atmos­phere of a real hol­i­day are remem­bered much bet­ter than anoth­er car.

Some par­ents focus on the orga­ni­za­tion of the cel­e­bra­tion — they hire spe­cial ani­ma­tors who enter­tain the birth­day boy and his friends, hold­ing, so to speak, a mati­nee for the elite.

If the child, in prin­ci­ple, is not spoiled by var­i­ous spec­ta­cles, you can try to go from this side. The kid loves ani­mals, so you need to take him to zoo, even if you have to trav­el to anoth­er city for this. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly, a good solu­tion might be going to the cir­cus or water park. Some­times a good solu­tion is even trip to a spe­cial chil­dren’s cafe — in the end, they specif­i­cal­ly try to make the chil­dren want to return there again and again, so the kid should like it.

When choos­ing an intan­gi­ble gift, you need to under­stand that For the vast major­i­ty of chil­dren, birth­days are asso­ci­at­ed with gifts in the form of beau­ti­ful box­es with some­thing valu­able. For this rea­son, an intan­gi­ble present is good when there are also mate­r­i­al ones and there are enough of them, oth­er­wise it’s not a fact that the hero of the occa­sion will appre­ci­ate what is hap­pen­ing — he doesn’t under­stand the full sig­nif­i­cance of mon­ey, for him even a large amount spent on a hol­i­day is noth­ing if the result can­not be held in hand.

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A rather unusu­al gift for a child of this age is a pet. Such a gift is not giv­en so often, if only because it requires some care and good treat­ment, and the new own­er him­self is not always able to pro­vide all this for a liv­ing being, and then the cares fall on the shoul­ders of the par­ents. The child him­self, most like­ly, will be hap­py with the cute ani­mal, but adults may not appre­ci­ate such a gift. Hov­er, if the baby has been ask­ing for a long time, and he has a cer­tain respon­si­bil­i­ty (at least in rela­tion to the same toys), you can, after receiv­ing the approval of the par­ents, give such a gift. He is good in that he brings up respon­si­bil­i­ty for oth­ers and a sense of duty.

A dog or a cat is the most com­mon live gift, but it’s not a fact that it’s for a birth­day, because such a pet often becomes a full-fledged mem­ber of the fam­i­ly and is equal­ly impor­tant for every­one. The advan­tage of this choice will be that the ani­mal will become a friend for the child for many years. Hov­er, they often give small­er ani­mals — rab­bits and guinea pigs, ham­sters and rats, in the pres­ence of an appro­pri­ate hob­by — an aquar­i­um with fish.

There is anoth­er option with par­rots and oth­er birds, but they are usu­al­ly quite noisy and can inter­fere with a child’s nor­mal sleep, so it’s worth con­sid­er­ing whether there is a sep­a­rate place for them in the apart­ment.

What can be done with your own hands?

Sou­venir prod­ucts are usu­al­ly made with their own hands, at the age of 5, the birth­day per­son is not yet able to ful­ly appre­ci­ate it, but after 10–15 years, such cre­ativ­i­ty can touch a grown child to the core. As in the case of mate­r­i­al gifts, such a deci­sion is sim­ply addi­tion to the main pre­sen­ta­tions, it should not com­plete­ly replace them, oth­er­wise the hero of the occa­sion will sim­ply not under­stand you.

The sim­plest solu­tion is cre­at­ing a pho­to col­lage in the form of a wall news­pa­per - it can be done both by the old method of appli­ca­tion, and with the help of mod­ern com­put­ers.

If you have nor­mal equip­ment and video pro­cess­ing skills, you can even go fur­ther and mount a short film about the life of the hero of the occa­sion — in the future these shots will become unique and price­less.

Clothes and shoes are usu­al­ly on the baby gift stop list, but you can make this gift unique. To do this, you need to find out what the child is fond of and sim­ply put the image of your favorite char­ac­ter on a gift — today such a ser­vice is avail­able in any city. True, first you should make sure that you are not deprived of taste, and the gift will not pro­voke oth­er chil­dren to jokes and caus­tic com­ments about the own­er of the donat­ed items.

In some cas­es, you can even get by with hand-made crafts, but be pre­pared that the child will be more inter­est­ed in toys.

For infor­ma­tion on what to give a child of 5–6 years old, see the next video.