Gifts for the New Year

What to give a boy for the New Year?

The smell of tan­ger­ines, a dec­o­rat­ed Christ­mas tree, sparklers are signs of the most mag­i­cal hol­i­day. Chil­dren espe­cial­ly love the New Year, because on the night of Decem­ber 31 to Jan­u­ary 1, the most cher­ished dreams come true, which adults embody in gifts. How to choose the right present for a boy, will con­sid­er lat­er in the arti­cle.

Selection rules

There is a 100% option on how to choose a gift for a child for the New Year. To find out the desires of the boy, you need to offer him write a let­ter to San­ta Claus. Let him write down all his wish­es and dreams and give them to his par­ents who will send the let­ter to the North Pole. The North Pole will be the hands of the par­ents. After read­ing the chil­dren’s let­ter, it will be pos­si­ble to know exact­ly what toys the child wants.

The gift should be inter­est­ing to the child. No mat­ter how prac­ti­cal and use­ful it may be, first of all, it is giv­en to a boy who wants to play and have fun.

An exam­ple of what not to do. On New Year’s Eve, the child was giv­en a big gift, which was wrapped in col­or­ful wrap­ping paper. When the boy opened the pack­age in antic­i­pa­tion and saw the pil­low, he was sad­dened. A pil­low is a great gift and very use­ful, but for the New Year, chil­dren are wait­ing for mag­ic and fairy tales, so prac­ti­cal gifts like a set of pens for school or new bed linen are bet­ter giv­en anoth­er time.

After buy­ing a gift, you need to pack it in gift paper.

A gift wrapped in New Year’s craft paper will please the boy more than a gift with­out pack­ag­ing.

It is impor­tant in the New Year not to give smart­phones, lap­tops or oth­er equip­ment that has a screen. Chil­dren in our time quick­ly join the world of the Inter­net, although they used to pre­fer play­ing out­side. Keep your child hap­py with books, toys and use­ful acces­sories for as long as pos­si­ble.

Ideas for toddlers

On New Year’s Eve, as usu­al, San­ta Claus brings toys.

It is impor­tant for a small child to main­tain faith in mag­ic for as long as pos­si­ble, so it is strict­ly for­bid­den to say that there is no San­ta Claus. Instead, on New Year’s Eve, it is advis­able to dis­creet­ly put a gift under the Christ­mas tree — this will be a sur­prise from San­ta Claus.

The fol­low­ing list con­tains 11 gift ideas, which guar­an­teed to delight the boy.

  • Vol­ume con­struc­tor. The design­er with small details is unlike­ly to be of inter­est to the baby, hov­er, a bag of plush or plas­tic cubes would be an appro­pri­ate gift. Such con­struc­tion sets can be used to build large cas­tles, fortress­es and fences — for a child there is room for games. Large parts will take up a lot of space, so you should ini­tial­ly think about where the cubes will be stored.

  • Inter­ac­tive pet. Any child at least once dreamed of such a friend as a cat or a dog. With the devel­op­ment of tech­nol­o­gy, mech­a­nized pets appeared on the toy mar­ket. A par­rot, a dog, a cat or a rab­bit — any ani­mal robot will please the baby, and such toys do not need care.
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If a child has been beg­ging for a cat or dog all year, you can give such a robot and offer the fol­low­ing: if the boy plays with the robot every day for the next year and does not get bored, then you can think about a real ani­mal.

  • Set of tools. For the small­est men, a set of toy tools can be pur­chased as a New Year’s gift. Hel­met, ham­mers, wrench­es, screw­drivers — there are many con­fig­u­ra­tion options. The child will love the game in which you can pre­tend to be an adult and fix the fur­ni­ture in the house.
  • Police set. Hand­cuffs, a gun, a sher­if­f’s badge — all these things the child will be hap­py to have with him and play with them, feel­ing like an adult. Ban­dit-cop role-play­ing games are pop­u­lar with boys when they play togeth­er.

  • Sledges or tub­ing for ski­ing. Win­ter in child­hood is a lot of snow and count­less slides. There­fore, you can put a sled or a “cheese­cake” under the Christ­mas tree so that the next day you can go up the hill and spend time active­ly. In stores today there is a wide range of acces­sories of var­i­ous designs — you can buy a mod­el with snowflakes or with the image of San­ta Claus.
  • Big soft toy. Killer whale, lion or bear — it does­n’t mat­ter, the main thing is that the plush ani­mal is big and soft. A child can become attached to such a gift and fall asleep with him in an embrace, talk­ing about his secrets. The size of the toy should be cho­sen accord­ing to the height of the child.
  • Set gift. New Year’s tra­di­tion — to give a box of good­ies. In the store you can find a vari­ety of sets of sets in beau­ti­ful pack­ages. But the per­fect set gift would be to cre­ate your own bag of sets. You just need to buy a New Year’s box and pur­chase those sets that your child loves.

It is impor­tant not to over­do it with fill­ing, because sets, when con­sumed exces­sive­ly, harm the body.

  • Kick scoot­er. A small vehi­cle will teach the boy coor­di­na­tion. A scoot­er, as a New Year’s gift, is suit­able for boys who often spend time on the street.

  • Sol­dier sets. Build two large armies in ranks oppo­site each oth­er, equip bases, build fortress­es and attack! Sol­diers for play­ing war are very much appre­ci­at­ed by fans of mil­i­tary bat­tles. It is enough to buy sev­er­al sets with sol­diers of dif­fer­ent col­ors, and the child will play with them for a long time.

  • Rail­way. Many boys dream of a rail­way on which a train will trav­el. You can make your dream come true on New Year’s Eve by giv­ing your child a big rail­way with a tun­nel.

  • ​​​​Two radios for com­mu­ni­ca­tion. To make the boy feel like a spy or agent 007, you can give him two walkie-talkies. He will keep one of them for him­self, and he will give the sec­ond to a friend for the dura­tion of the game. They will be able to talk using a radio sig­nal.
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Walkie-talkies last a long time and require only a few bat­ter­ies to oper­ate.

What can you give a student?

A school­boy is a more adult per­son, and absolute­ly chil­dren’s toys will not work. You need to buy some inter­est­ing and use­ful gift. The fol­low­ing list will help you choose a gift.

  • Sports wall. It is impor­tant to devel­op the flex­i­bil­i­ty and strength of the body from a young age. There­fore, for the New Year, a child can pur­chase a sports equip­ment that is attached to the wall. The device will allow you to do sports exer­cis­es at home.
  • Col­lectible car mod­el. In order to cap­ti­vate a child with a hob­by, you can give sev­er­al cars for the New Year that can be col­lect­ed.
  • Radio con­trol toy. A tank, a heli­copter, a robot, a rac­ing car, a boat — all these radio-con­trolled toys will be of inter­est to the boy, because they can be remote­ly con­trolled. Many chil­dren dream of get­ting a robot for the New Year that can do many dif­fer­ent things: dance, walk and even shoot from toy guns — so why not make a guy’s dream come true?

  • Gyroscoot­er. And although the fash­ion for such devices has passed, today a hov­er­board can be pur­chased for fun. For the New Year, get­ting a cool, mod­ern hov­er­board is the dream of any boy.
  • Bacweack. A fash­ion­able roomy bacweack will be very use­ful if the child is already going to school. If you choose a bacweack on which the boy’s favorite char­ac­ters from films or games will be drawn, delight is guar­an­teed.
  • Design­er with small details. Large sets of con­struc­tors with com­plex instruc­tions are what a stu­dent needs. It is not an easy task to assem­ble a struc­ture from 500 parts, but what a sat­is­fac­tion a child feels when he looks at the assem­bled design­er! There are a vari­ety of options in stores: race tracks, pris­ons, police sta­tions.

  • Christ­mas edu­ca­tion­al book. Every­one loves New Year and Christ­mas, but no one knows exact­ly the his­to­ry of these hol­i­days. If you give a book about the his­to­ry of the New Year to a boy, he will be able to learn more about the hol­i­day and tell oth­ers.

Any oth­er book will also be an ide­al gift under the Christ­mas tree if par­ents want to intro­duce their child to lit­er­a­ture and read­ing good books.

  • Qual­i­ty soc­cer ball. Such a gift for the New Year is suit­able not only for a foot­ball play­er or hock­ey play­er. Even not at a pro­fes­sion­al lev­el, all the boys like to kick the ball with friends from time to time, so a soc­cer ball will be a great gift. And you can also pur­chase an addi­tion­al bas­ket­ball: it is advis­able to start from the child’s hob­by.

  • Fig­ures that can be paint­ed. Sol­diers, ancient Greek war­riors or drag­ons — any fig­urines that can be col­lect­ed will be to the lik­ing of a grow­ing man. Thanks to the col­or­ing of such toys, the child will devel­op imag­i­na­tion and fine motor skills of the hands, so the fig­urines are a use­ful gift under the Christ­mas tree.

  • From a girl, a school­boy will be pleased to receive new head­phones or a speak­er for lis­ten­ing to music for the New Year. And also as a gift you can buy a device for cre­at­ing snow­balls — the design is sim­i­lar to scis­sors and can com­pact snow into a snow­ball. The Snow­ball will be a joke gift, but it can come in handy in fierce street bat­tles when snow­balls fly in all direc­tions.
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  • Check­ers, chess, backgam­mon or domi­noes. Sets for play­ing chess or check­ers are a good gift for a stu­dent on New Year’s Eve. If a child likes to solve com­plex prob­lems, chess can cap­ti­vate him very much. Such games have a ben­e­fi­cial effect on intel­lec­tu­al abil­i­ties.

  • Gloves for box­ing with a pear. If the guy does not have any hob­bies, a punch­ing bag will be an ide­al New Year’s gift. Ama­teur box­ing allows you to throw out end­less ener­gy in the right direc­tion: the stu­dent will learn how to strike cor­rect­ly.

  • Wrist watch. A water­proof, pro­tect­ed wrist watch is a use­ful gift for a grow­ing man. The clock box can be dec­o­rat­ed with Christ­mas wrap to keep the ele­ment of sur­prise.

  • Darts or bas­ket­ball hoop with a mini ball. Darts is a great game for train­ing your marks­man­ship. The mini ver­sion of the bas­ket­ball bas­ket is a small­er ver­sion of the real one, and the mini ball also has a reduced size. This will allow you to install such a bas­ket any­where.

How to make a New Year’s gift with your own hands?

Needle­work lovers can make an orig­i­nal gift for a boy for the New Year with their own hands, with­out resort­ing to buy­ing toys. Many items can be made at home, and they will def­i­nite­ly make the boy hap­py for the New Year.

  • Card. A post­card that you made with your own hands is sev­er­al times bet­ter than a store-bought one. On the card, you can place a New Year’s draw­ing and per­son­al con­grat­u­la­tions.
  • Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions. For a boy, you can make some cool toys in the form of tanks or cars. You can make them from any impro­vised mate­ri­als.
  • Hand­made soap. It doesn’t take much to make soap, and mak­ing soap with the smell of spruce or tan­ger­ines is a great solu­tion for a Christ­mas present. There are many molds for soap — you can find the shapes of Christ­mas trees, snow­men and even San­ta Claus.
  • Rag toy key­chain. With the help of fab­ric and fluff, you can sew a small ani­mal, which can then be hung on a bunch of keys. Such key rings look cute and in the New Year it is very pleas­ant to receive such a present. To match the hol­i­day, you can sew San­ta Claus, a squir­rel or a mini snow­man. Such an unusu­al key­chain can be pre­sent­ed to a class­mate.
  • Mit­tens, socks, scarf or hat. Knit­ting skills can be use­ful in cre­at­ing a New Year’s hat or mit­tens. Warm, soft clothes are sure to come in handy for a child in a cold win­ter. By the New Year, you can also knit a mobile phone case with an image of a Christ­mas tree or snow.

You can find out more ideas for New Year’s gifts by watch­ing the fol­low­ing video.