Gifts for the New Year

What to give a boy 10 years old for the New Year?

Mod­ern chil­dren know a lot about gifts, and there­fore it is some­times dif­fi­cult to sur­prise them with some­thing. And if the sit­u­a­tion is sim­pler with girls, giv­ing a present to boys, for exam­ple, for the New Year hol­i­day, is much more dif­fi­cult. Far from every­thing that seems like a good adult, they per­ceive as a good gift. The mate­r­i­al in this arti­cle will help the read­er choose a gift for a 10-year-old boy for the New Year.

The nuances of presents

Mod­ern boys con­sid­er all kinds of gad­gets and gifts for vir­tu­al games to be the best gifts. But as prac­tice shows, they are so cap­ti­vat­ing chil­dren that tear them out of real­i­ty. Such gifts can be cat­a­lysts for chil­dren’s uncon­trol­la­bil­i­ty. This can be giv­en if the prod­uct is aimed at devel­op­ing the abil­i­ties of an emerg­ing per­son­al­i­ty. Oth­er­wise, a few moments of hap­pi­ness from the gift will turn the boy into a com­put­er mon­ster.

Boys at this age do not under­stand such gifts as clothes or sports uni­forms. For them, these are every­day things that you won’t sur­prise, but you won’t be inter­est­ed in. They are more inter­est­ed in things equipped with unusu­al func­tion­al­i­ty. At the same time, it is not at all nec­es­sary that the present be expen­sive: it is impor­tant to choose some­thing that will cap­ti­vate the child.

In addi­tion, when buy­ing, you have to take into account the pos­si­bil­i­ties of the bud­get. For exam­ple, if althy par­ents can give their son a lap­top, then it is quite enough for a peer to give a friend a styl­ish smart­phone case. Even this present will be bet­ter received than a post­card or a hand­made gift. And the rea­son for every­thing is the age fea­ture, because the boys at this age do not under­stand how much work and time can be invest­ed in mak­ing a gift.


Gone are the days when it was cus­tom­ary to give away use­less trin­kets and sou­venirs. Today you need to present to the boys some­thing that they will def­i­nite­ly use. For exam­ple, if a son or grand­son has a crav­ing for draw­ing in any of the many pro­grams, you can give him Graph­ics tablet. This will devel­op draw­ing skills.

Some­one gives a child sports sec­tion, sup­ply­ing it with var­i­ous ele­ments, includ­ing a punch­ing bag with gloves. In addi­tion to the fact that the child will be able to get rid of neg­a­tive emo­tions, the cor­ner will con­tribute to the devel­op­ment of coor­di­na­tion, strength and endurance. This is a great gift for a child who loves sports, as ll as a way to dis­tract his son from his con­stant pas­time in social net­works.

An orig­i­nal present for an addict­ed child can be tele­scope. Hov­er, it is not nec­es­sary to pur­chase expen­sive equip­ment. Even a lacon­ic mod­el will allow the boy to observe the move­ment of celes­tial bod­ies. Some­one may also be inter­est­ed in a micro­scope, thanks to which the child will be able to devel­op and learn a lot of new things, increas­ing the lev­el of knowl­edge.

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If a child wants to become a div­er, you can give him div­ing equip­ment. In addi­tion, you can give a sports son or rel­a­tive spe­cial fit­ness watch. This present will not only be cool in the under­stand­ing of the child: the boy will be able to choose a set of train­ings and devel­op his phys­i­cal form, fix­ing the results. A lot of options are built into the prod­uct, rang­ing from a watch, a pedome­ter and end­ing with sleep mon­i­tor­ing.

Depend­ing on the pos­si­bil­i­ties of the bud­get for the pur­chase of a gift, a present can be:

  • inex­pen­sive cam­era;
  • ring for the per­fect self­ie;
  • case or pro­tec­tive glass for a smart­phone;
  • a set for burn­ing along with planks;
  • an inex­pen­sive flash­light or key­chain lamp;
  • head­phones that match the design of the smart­phone.

An orig­i­nal gift from par­ents, grand­par­ents can be a devel­op­ing gad­get, whether it’s a tablet or an e‑book. As for the book, it can be a great alter­na­tive to text­books: text­books can be loaded into it to reduce the heav­i­ness of the port­fo­lio.

For games and outdoor activities

Boys of the age of ten still play with toys, but these are, as a rule, mod­els on the board. Can be giv­en to a child a machine that will ride on the walls or trans­form into a robot. The basis of a radio-con­trolled mod­el can be not only a car, but also, for exam­ple, an air­plane, heli­copter, ship. If finances allow, you can buy quadro­copter with built-in video cam­era.

A good gift that devel­ops a 10-year-old child can be a board game. For exam­ple, accord­ing to inter­ests it can be:

  • “Jen­ga” (a game that devel­ops atten­tion);
  • “Monop­oly” (busi­ness option for becom­ing a monop­o­list);
  • Scrab­ble or Scrab­ble (com­pos­ing words from let­ters on a spe­cial markup).

When a child is inter­est­ed in music, you can give him gui­tar. Per­haps this will devel­op his skills, and after some time he will devote him­self to music. Can be a good gift snow apon or kart (car for fast move­ment on a spe­cial track).

Oth­er gifts that a 10-year-old son or grand­son will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate include:

  • skate­board, long­board or cruis­er;
  • table or street ten­nis;
  • twister, air hock­ey, table foot­ball;
  • foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, and dumb­bells.


There is also a spe­cial cat­e­go­ry of presents that may be of inter­est to a 10-year-old boy. These are sur­prise gifts that a child of this age will remem­ber for a long time.. For exam­ple, they include the­mat­ic quest, tak­ing into account age. In such a game, you can show your abil­i­ties, find a way out, using log­ic and knowl­edge. This is an inter­est­ing game, but you need to order some­thing like this know­ing what exact­ly will be offered to a com­pa­ny of chil­dren in order to pre­vent the authors from being cre­ative.

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You can give a boy 10 years old for the New Year foot­ball tick­ets, if he’s inter­est­ed. At the same time, the sec­ond tick­et will be for the father, so that the boy and he have more com­mon top­ics for com­mu­ni­ca­tion. If the boy is pas­sion­ate about hock­ey, you can pur­chase hock­ey tick­ets. You can go paint­ballwhere dur­ing the des­ig­nat­ed time the child, togeth­er with their peers, will be able to play shoot­ing games with spe­cial paints.

Peers who do not have enough mon­ey to buy an expen­sive gift can give a friend (class­mate, broth­er) a set for research exper­i­ments. Hov­er, this present will be under­stood only if the boy is fond of some­thing like that. If this is not the case, the present will lie idle.

You can donate the fol­low­ing items:

  • a pig­gy bank of an unusu­al shape (for exam­ple, in the form of a face­less per­son eat­ing mon­ey);
  • sig­nal­ing on the door or walkie-talkie for nego­ti­a­tions with “allies”;
  • a set of puz­zles with the image of your favorite play­er or movie char­ac­ter;
  • devel­op­ing design­er, if the child likes to cre­ate var­i­ous fig­ures and things from a num­ber of small details;
  • durable soap bub­bles that you can play with, giv­ing them dif­fer­ent shapes;
  • glow­ing LED boomerang with three blades;
  • cryp­tex (portable mini-safe) with a com­bi­na­tion lock;
  • rock­et skates, LED Rubik’s Cube;
  • a robot dog that per­forms var­i­ous func­tions;
  • mug in the form of a cam­era lens;
  • ther­mos, designed to look like a can of Coca-Cola;
  • drone con­trolled by phone;
  • mag­net­ic cube or neocube;
  • pen with ink removal option;
  • light pan­el with a set of Eng­lish let­ters;
  • large ten­nis ball for active out­door games;
  • a robot­ic fish that behaves like a liv­ing being in the water;
  • ring that replaces the phone.

As for the design­er, today it can be the most diverse. For exam­ple, you can present a 10-year-old boy with a vari­ant of a dynam­ic type or with a mag­net­ic, elec­tron­ic con­nec­tion.

Oth­er unusu­al ideas include a pro­jec­tor with an imi­ta­tion of the star­ry sky or the so-called home plan­e­tar­i­um. As a rule, such prod­ucts are addi­tion­al­ly equipped with timer, cal­en­dar and ther­mome­ter func­tions. They can be used as an alarm clock.

Interesting ideas

Pre­sen­ta­tion ideas can be very dif­fer­ent. Depend­ing on the inter­ests, the boy will not remain indif­fer­ent to the present:

  • smart­phone with a panoram­ic cam­era;
  • smart alarm clock with imi­ta­tion of dawn;
  • a type­writer that you need to assem­ble your­self from a mass of small parts;
  • opti­cal mouse or wire­less key­board;
  • flash dri­ve with suf­fi­cient mem­o­ry
  • a robot pet that per­forms a cer­tain set of options.
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In addi­tion, you can please your son, broth­er, grand­son portable charg­er called Por Bank. And also you can please a ten-year-old boy mark­er to cre­ate 3D fig­ures. An orig­i­nal gift for a boy of 10 years old can be bas­ket­ball cup.

If desired, sug­ar for tea, marsh­mal­lows for cocoa, or even M&M’s for ice cream can be thrown into her ring.

New Year’s gifts for a 10-year-old grand­son or broth­er do not have to be expen­sive at all. This may also be 3D puz­zles that devel­op hand motor skills and log­i­cal think­ing.

If funds are avail­able, race tracks with a rac­ing car can also be pur­chased. And you can also present the boy with a speak­er with a Blue­tooth-enabled speak­er sys­tem.

What should not be given?

Some­times adults give things that do not inter­est boys at all. For exam­ple, if it seems to you that he will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate the bed­ding set, then this is not so. The boy will think that this is a gift from his moth­er, like an update of linen, noth­ing more.

No need to give a child per­son­al­ized gifts that adults believe will raise his self-esteem. No per­son­al­ized mugs, no por­traits, no plates or cal­en­dars with a pho­to of a boy will be under­stood. At the age of ten, the child does not attach much impor­tance to them. For him, the gift that he will use is much more impor­tant.

No need to tie the boy with unusu­al clothes, as some grand­moth­ers do. If, say, tank slip­pers look adorable at tod­dler age, a ten-year-old boy is unlike­ly to ar them. For him, this is like part of a mas­quer­ade in which he is giv­en the lead­ing role. At this age, con­ceit is vul­ner­a­ble, and hard­ly any adult man has put on some­thing like that.

No need to give a ten-year-old boy and a spin­ner, pro­mot­ed as a devel­op­ing anti-stress toy. It has been sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly proven that spin­ner does not teach any­thing, does not devel­op any abil­i­ties. In fact, this is the same chew­ing gum toy for hands, a use­less thing that is teased because there is noth­ing to do.

It is bet­ter to spend your free time on some­thing use­ful than to adapt to the erro­neous opin­ion and adver­tis­ing about the ben­e­fits imposed by man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Top 10 gifts for a child for the New Year, see the next video.