Gifts for the New Year

Gift ideas for a 7 year old boy for the New Year

Child­hood is the most beau­ti­ful time of human life. Too bad it does­n’t last for­ev­er. Thanks to par­ents, chil­dren remem­ber their won­der­ful child­hood for a life­time.

Ask­ing a child of 7 years old what he wants to see under the tree on New Year’s Eve, in response you can hear the name of his favorite toy, a com­put­er game; at this age, almost all chil­dren have smart­phones, ll, or this will be one of the desires. Maybe your kid loves to draw or sing, then cre­ative kits will suit him. In any case, you need to build on the boy’s hob­bies.

Where to start choosing a gift?

Chat with the baby, try to find out what the baby dreams about, what will make him shine and rejoice at the sight of a dream gift.

  • Don’t Ask Direct­lyveil and present it in such a way that the child does not guess.
  • Offer to write a let­ter to San­ta Claus, Elf or oth­er New Year’s fairy tale char­ac­ters. Try to make the baby believe in a fairy tale, he will remem­ber it for a long time. Write a let­ter with him, dec­o­rate it with sparkles, dec­o­ra­tive snow — it will be won­der­ful if the fairy tale begins from this moment.
  • One of the main cri­te­ria for choos­ing a gift - con­sid­er the age of the child. There is no need to give a 7‑year-old boy puz­zles for one-year-old chil­dren, or, con­verse­ly, some­thing that it will be dif­fi­cult for a sev­en-year-old boy to fig­ure out.
  • Of course, should not for­get about gen­der dif­fer­ences. Still, boys pre­fer cars, robots, and girls like dolls, cos­met­ics, braid­ing kits, etc. But there are things that do not depend on gen­der. For exam­ple, chil­dren at the age of 7 already go or are just going to school, so a draw­ing set (paints, pen­cils, felt-tip pens, gouache, mul­ti-col­ored pens), mod­el­ing kits from plas­ticine or dec­o­ra­tive clay, mul­ti-col­ored sand, etc. d.
  • 7 years is an active age for learn­ing every­thing new. If your child col­lects a col­lec­tion of minia­ture cars, or, per­haps, col­lects heroes of his favorite car­toon, then please the baby with the com­ple­tion of his mag­i­cal col­lec­tion. If he is not inter­est­ed in this kind of activ­i­ty, help him in this — who knows, maybe he will become a famous col­lec­tor.
  • It will be great if you invite San­ta Claus and the Snow Maid­en to your home — then the child will be dou­bly hap­py with the New Year’s gift, he will believe in a fairy tale for a long time.
  • Sets. Well, where with­out them in the New Year? A 7‑year-old boy will be very hap­py to see a bag with his favorite sets, mar­malades, cook­ies.
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Gift Ideas

Still, 7 years is already such an age when not all chil­dren believe in San­ta Claus. But even if you give a gift to your son, it will be great and excit­ing. In any case, the gift and the atmos­phere of the hol­i­day should bring joy, good mood, hap­pi­ness to the baby, so try to remem­ber. Maybe dur­ing the year he asked you for some­thing very impor­tant and nec­es­sary for him, and now you have the per­fect chance to make his dream come true.

  • Radio-con­trolled car, plane or ship. A man of any age dreams of such a toy. Thus, you will also please your hus­band with this won­der­ful toy.
  • Dig­i­tal Watch. A use­ful gift for an active child. It will be very good if they are syn­chro­nized with the phone, and your son will always be in touch.
  • Cre­ator’s Kit. This gift will not leave any­one indif­fer­ent. Usu­al­ly, by the age of 7, chil­dren are already good at draw­ing and love to do it. The boy will be hap­py if you please him, for exam­ple, with wash­able felt-tip pens or paints with var­i­ous pleas­ant smells. Neon pen­cils will be an unusu­al gift. A set of col­ored clay is also suit­able. Show your child how to make clay crafts and save the result­ing prod­uct.
  • Com­put­er game. A use­ful gift for a sev­en-year-old boy for the New Year. Your choice includes devel­op­ing games, all kinds of races, adven­tures, arcades, puz­zles. Con­sid­er your son’s tastes.
  • vir­tu­al glass­es. An orig­i­nal gift for a mod­ern child.
  • Com­pass. With such a toy your boy will be insep­a­ra­ble. It is inter­est­ing and use­ful for the devel­op­ment of intel­li­gence.
  • A device for burn­ing. The child will remem­ber this gift dou­bly if you burn the pic­ture with him and hang it in a con­spic­u­ous place.
  • skiing/skating. Win­ter, New Year, snow are the ide­al com­po­nents of a good time. If you are not famil­iar with these sports, it’s time to get acquaint­ed. Every­one will be hap­py, and the skill will remain for life.
  • Board game. Not only your son will be hap­py, but also the par­ents. The choice of board games is great. The most com­mon: Monop­oly, Jen­ga, Eki­wo­ki, etc.
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This gift will last more than one year and bring joy to more than one gen­er­a­tion.

Original gifts

It is not dif­fi­cult to sur­prise a child — it is much more dif­fi­cult to cap­ti­vate him, to inter­est him. Con­sid­er an unusu­al toy as a New Year’s present — a robot made in the form of an ani­mal or some inan­i­mate object that talks, sings, walks, can tell sto­ries or bring and car­ry some­thing. To devel­op the boy’s cre­ative skills, you can give toy musi­cal instru­ments. For exam­ple, a syn­the­siz­er that has the func­tions of record­ing voice and music. Maybe it is with such an instru­ment that your baby’s singing career will begin!

Speak­ing of orig­i­nal­i­ty, tem­po­rary tat­toos can­not be ignored. But are choos­ing an orig­i­nal gift, so it would be nice if the boy draws them him­self using the ele­ments of the set. Don’t wor­ry, it’s not dan­ger­ous for your baby. The set includes brush­es, sequins, paints, sten­cils, a spe­cial glue that is harm­less to the skin, but helps to cre­ate a real­is­tic design.

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For win­ter fun, an inflat­able “cheese­cake” for a slide will be a good gift. They come in var­i­ous shapes and sizes, and also have an orig­i­nal design. Choose the right one for your son and spend time with him over the New Year hol­i­days.

Chil­dren love enter­tain­ment. It would be a good idea to go to the cir­cus with the whole fam­i­ly, and there you can pam­per the baby with sets, cir­cus flash­ing toys, no one can­celed the pho­to with the clown and ani­mals. From enter­tain­ment, a water park is also suit­able.

Your baby will be hap­py to expe­ri­ence a piece of sum­mer in win­ter, because almost every­one will like to swim and ride the slides, unless, of course, the child likes to do this in the sum­mer.

Useful gifts

Sport is life, our health and a strong spir­it. So why not please your son on New Year’s Eve with an entry for box­ing or judo? Sev­en years is just such an age when the body releas­es a lot of ener­gy; it remains only to direct it in the right direc­tion, and the sports sec­tion in this case is an excel­lent option.

Books have always been the best gift ever. Not all chil­dren at 7 years old like to read books, but this is just the rea­son for the begin­ning of book love. Give the young read­er some­thing themed relat­ed to his inter­ests. It will be inter­est­ing for any boy to look at pic­tures of cars and read short sto­ries about them, the same can be said about ani­mals, dinosaurs.

At this age, ency­clo­pe­dias are ide­al for gen­er­al devel­op­ment.

In the next video, you will find addi­tion­al gift ideas for a 7‑year-old boy for the New Year.