Gifts for the New Year

How to make a gift for the New Year to your grandmother with your own hands?


  1. Inter­est­ing ideas for crafts from the lit­tle ones
  2. Hand­made from adult grand­chil­dren

New Year is a fam­i­ly hol­i­day, wrapped in mag­ic, the glow of the New Year tree and the clos­est peo­ple near­by. I espe­cial­ly want to express my feel­ings to my beloved grand­moth­er and great-grand­moth­er, giv­ing her such a present that will not only pleas­ant­ly sur­prise, but also become a warm reminder of the grand­chil­dren’s sin­cere love.

Of course, the abun­dance in stores allows you to pur­chase any gift, tak­ing into account dif­fer­ent finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties. But it is bet­ter to make a gift for the New Year to your grand­moth­er with your own hands, invest­ing a piece of your soul and end­less grat­i­tude to your loved one.

Get inspired by orig­i­nal ideas and start prepar­ing an unfor­get­table New Year’s sur­prise for your beloved granny today!

Interesting ideas for crafts from the little ones

When choos­ing a cre­ative idea for a gift, first of all, start from the age of the giv­er. If you have already become par­ents your­self and are think­ing about how to please your grand­moth­er with your child, invite your baby to cre­ate New Year’s appli­ca­tion, an inter­est­ing post­card. From the small­est it is incred­i­bly touch­ing and pleas­ant to receive as a gift. draw­ing in any tech­nique: paints, pen­cils, fin­gers, palms and even legs. Post­cards look incred­i­bly gen­tle, where there are prints of the arms or legs of babies indi­cat­ing their age.

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Anoth­er unusu­al gift option, where direct­ly hand­made is used — in the truest sense of the word - This is a Christ­mas tree made of paper, shaped like palms. You your­self will get a lot of plea­sure from joint cre­ativ­i­ty and for a moment return to child­hood!

With old­er chil­dren, you can per­form var­i­ous small mas­ter­pieces.

  • Paper cake with good wish­es or sets inside.
  • Post­cards 3D from paper.
  • Snow­men from threads or socks.
  • From pas­ta, you can cre­ate real works of art from sim­ple fig­ures to entire sets.
  • Think over the text and print out “A let­ter to my beloved grand­moth­er” or “An hon­orary diplo­ma to the most won­der­ful great-grand­moth­er.”
  • Draw a wall news­pa­per with fun­ny com­ments, draw­ings and pho­tos of all fam­i­ly mem­bers.
  • All grand­moth­ers, by virtue of their posi­tion, are excel­lent cooks and exper­i­menters in the kitchen. To make edi­ble mas­ter­pieces even more deli­cious, give your chef a spe­cial out­fit: sew a white apron and dec­o­rate it with the chil­dren. These can be draw­ings with water­proof paint or decor with lace, beau­ti­ful but­tons.
  • The­mat­ic crafts from plas­ticine, salt dough, clay.
  • If you live far away and your grand­moth­er rarely sees her grand­chil­dren and great-grand­chil­dren, record a New Year’s audio or video greet­ing for her. If your baby is just start­ing to talk, write down his cute bab­ble, first tale or rhyme by heart. For a grand­moth­er, this will be a won­der­ful gift that will delight her every day.
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There is an expres­sion that chil­dren can be dif­fer­ent, but grand­chil­dren are always per­fect! There­fore, any present from a baby will please a lov­ing grand­moth­er.

Handmade from adult grandchildren

With age, each of us real­izes how dear our grand­moth­er is to us, how much she has done for us. I want to give her the whole world and show my grat­i­tude. If you are into scrap­book­ing, then a fam­i­ly album or a fam­i­ly tree will be a great gift. Embo­di the sto­ry of your fam­i­ly in an exclu­sive scrap­book, lov­ing­ly pick­ing up pho­tos, post­cards, news­pa­per clip­pings, let­ters.

For those who knit, a wide field for activ­i­ty opens up. If the grand­moth­er is young, active, attends exhi­bi­tions, the­aters, lace stole, open­work bac­tus or a pop­u­lar set with snood will be most lcome. Warm socks with win­ter pat­terns, goat down shawl will warm you on cold evenings and will always remind you of your beloved grand­daugh­ter. If you have enough time and yarn, a lux­u­ri­ous gift will be set of bed­spreads with dec­o­ra­tive pil­lows.

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You can embroi­der warm words on the pil­low or order pho­to print­ing on fab­ric. And if you like to embroi­der with beads or threads, cre­ate a beau­ti­ful pic­ture accord­ing to the pref­er­ences of your beloved grand­moth­er, and order a decent frame in the fram­ing work­shop. For those who are engaged in home cos­met­ics or can­dle mak­ing, you can cre­ate aro­mat­ic com­po­si­tion, bath bombs, cream with a pleas­ant smell.

In the trend now curly gin­ger­bread cov­ered with icing and hand paint­ed. From gin­ger­bread, you can cre­ate an edi­ble Christ­mas tree or a beau­ti­ful house. If there is no time and inspi­ra­tion, gin­ger­bread can be ordered from the mas­ter, after hav­ing thought through a unique design. Con­tin­u­ing the theme of man-made sets, one can­not fail to men­tion cakes. You can inde­pen­dent­ly mas­ter the basics of cre­at­ing mas­tic and cream cakes, there would be a desire.

When choos­ing a gift for your beloved granny for the New Year, remem­ber that the main thing is to hur­ry to please her not only for the hol­i­day, say­ing the main words, giv­ing atten­tion every day!

How to make a fun­ny card with a secret for the New Year with your own hands, see the next video.