One of the most ten­der hol­i­days of the year is, of course, March 8th. On this day, it is cus­tom­ary to con­grat­u­late and give gifts to all women, thus mak­ing it clear that the world would be incom­plete with­out them. If you have a prob­lem with choos­ing a present for a girl, then in this col­lec­tion have col­lect­ed sev­er­al options that may help you with choos­ing a gift.

Top 6 gifts for a girl on March 8

1. Useful gift

Fitness bracelet

For sev­er­al years now, both in Rus­sia and in the world, sports and every­thing con­nect­ed with it has become pop­u­lar. The gyms are crowd­ed every evening, many mas­ter win­ter and sum­mer sports, run­ning and marathons have become pop­u­lar. In order to prop­er­ly engage in sports, spe­cial clothes and shoes are need­ed, and in order not to harm your­self, it is best to start active­ly exer­cis­ing with a train­er.

What do you recommend to donate?

If you notice that a girl has an inter­est in sports, then you can make a gift based on this hob­by. One of the use­ful mod­ern devices for lovers of an active lifestyle is a fit­ness bracelet. Top mod­els will not only help you under­stand how much you ran dur­ing a work­out, but also ana­lyze your diet or mon­i­tor your sleep.

2. Gift for mood


Every ekday are faced with stress at school, work, and just in pub­lic trans­port or in the store. At such moments, it seems that the world is hos­tile and hur­ry home, where all the sur­round­ing objects cre­ate the very atmos­phere that helps to for­get the prob­lems that encoun­tered dur­ing the day. Our whole inte­ri­or helps us in this, every­thing that sur­rounds us and gives a feel­ing of peace.

What is recommendedatI eat to give

Aro­ma is that mag­i­cal por that helps us both relax and tune in the right way. That is why an aro­mat­ic can­dle will always be a rel­e­vant gift, because it will cre­ate a cozy and roman­tic atmos­phere in any home. In addi­tion to fill­ing the space around a per­son with pleas­ant smells, it also gives some seda­tive effect due to the flame.

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3. Cozy gift

Pho­to: @sora-shimazaki,

Every day at work or school, face anx­i­ety and stress. And so, return­ing home, I want to get peace and qui­et first of all. A cozy atmos­phere, com­fort­able clothes and favorite series are all those com­po­nents of peace of mind that are impor­tant to every girl.

What do you recommend to donate?

A soft bathrobe is an ide­al way to relax not only after a shor, but also just for home com­fort. Take a clos­er look at your girlfriend’s favorite col­or scheme — it will be eas­i­er to choose the right option. You should also think about the length and avail­abil­i­ty of the hood, every woman has dif­fer­ent tastes in this regard.

4. Practical gift

cosmetic bag

If you want to guess and please the girl for sure, then it is best to think about a prac­ti­cal gift that will come in handy in any case. It can be an item from her con­stant use or some­thing that can sim­pli­fy or improve her life.

What do you recommend to donate?

Sure­ly your girl friend has a cer­tain set of cos­met­ics that she always car­ries with her. To make it eas­i­er to find her favorite lip­stick, rec­om­mend giv­ing her a cos­met­ic bag in which she can com­plete every­thing that she can­not imag­ine her day with­out.

5. Gift for home

Makeup mirror

If you want to please a girl on March 8, then one of the options is to make a gift for the house. Try to dis­creet­ly find out what exact­ly might come in handy, and if it doesn’t work out, then use our advice.

What do you recommend to donate?

A table mir­ror, espe­cial­ly with spe­cial light­ing, is a very use­ful item for any girl. With it, you can put your face in order, make a beau­ti­ful make-up. There are many options depend­ing on the char­ac­ter­is­tics, for exam­ple, with an increase or a trans­former mir­ror, start­ing from the para­me­ters, you will sure­ly be able to choose the right option.

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6. Gift for beauty

Hair straightener comb
Pho­to: @nataliya-vaitkevich,

If you want to make a uni­ver­sal gift for a girl that will always be use­ful, then think about the options that the beau­ty indus­try offers. After all, any girl or woman always wants to look her best. For­tu­nate­ly, the mar­ket is now filled with so many dif­fer­ent prod­ucts that it will not be dif­fi­cult to find some­thing suit­able.

What do you recommend to donate?

The best gift is a hair dry­er, it is bet­ter to entrust the choice of oth­er styling acces­sories to the girl her­self. There are many options with dif­fer­ent func­tion­al­i­ty and por and, of course, price. We rec­om­mend pay­ing atten­tion to the rat­ing and brand aware­ness.

What else can you give a girl on March 8

  1. Jel­ry.
  2. Set of dec­o­ra­tive cos­met­ics.
  3. Per­fume.
  4. Smart­phone.
  5. Book.
  6. Elec­tric comb.
  7. Wrist watch.
  8. Hand­bag.
  9. Mul­ti­styler.
  10. Jel­ry box.
  11. Wal­let.
  12. Tablet.
  13. Play­er.
  14. Flash dri­ve.
  15. Por bank styl­ized as a pow­der box.
  16. Orig­i­nal jel­ry.
  17. House­keep­er.
  18. Bright umbrel­la.
  19. Cos­met­ic bag.
  20. Case for smart­phone.
  21. Tree of hap­pi­ness.
  22. Dec­o­ra­tive fig­urines.
  23. A set of fig­ured sets.
  24. For­tune cook­ies.
  25. Resort tick­et.
  26. A set for cre­at­ing a pic­ture.
  27. Choco­late bou­quet.
  28. Flight in a wind tun­nel.
  29. Pho­to­book with joint pic­tures.
  30. Rid­ing course.
  31. Pass­ing the quest.
  32. Roman­tic din­ner.
  33. Pho­to­shoot cer­tifi­cate.
  34. Div­ing.
  35. Wire­less ear­phones with orig­i­nal design.
  36. Man­i­cure set.
  37. Pil­low-anti­stress.
  38. T‑shirt with print.
  39. Glass with engrav­ing.
  40. Self­ie flash.
  41. Illu­mi­nat­ed mir­ror.
  42. Smart­phone stick­er.
  43. Water­proof col­umn.
  44. Orga­niz­er.
  45. Phone stand.
  46. Fruit bas­ket.
  47. Dream Catch­er.
  48. Soft toy.
  49. Room­box.
  50. Fen.
  51. Yoga mat.
  52. Ortho­pe­dic pil­low.
  53. Sen­sor dis­penser.
  54. Waf­fle iron.
  55. Mul­ti­cook­er.
  56. Robot vac­u­um clean­er.
  57. Door mat.
  58. Note­book.
  59. Vac­u­um prod­uct seal­er.
  60. Elec­tric scoot­er.
  61. Steam­er.
  62. Video pro­jec­tor.
  63. Water­ing can for flors.
  64. Ham­mock.
  65. Poly­mer clay.
  66. Hour­glass
  67. Bon­sai.
  68. Self­ie stick.
  69. Stick­ers on the car.
  70. Elec­tric brush.
  71. Pock­et pho­to print­er.
  72. Make­up brush­es.
  73. Tack set.
  74. Cof­fee grinder.
  75. Kitchen scales.
  76. Lev­i­tat­ing lamp.
  77. Dream Catch­er.
  78. Pho­to album.
  79. Chalk board for notes.
  80. Freez­er.
  81. Per­fume mak­ing kit.
  82. Set for dye­ing clothes.
  83. Sky lat­tern.
  84. Knives for curly cut­ting veg­eta­bles.
  85. Warm socks.
  86. Heat­ing blan­ket.
  87. Gloves.
  88. Kig­u­ru­mi.
  89. Umbrel­la.
  90. Tray for break­fast in bed.
  91. Pil­low on the sofa.
  92. Poster with your favorite char­ac­ter.
  93. Sachet for fra­grance linen.
  94. LED lights.
  95. Siphon for car­bon­at­ed drinks.
  96. Key­board for smart­phone.
  97. Slicer for cut­ting prod­ucts.
  98. Sun­glass­es.
  99. Tread­mill.
  100. Bake­ware.
  101. Instant cam­era.
  102. Elec­tric brush for facial cleans­ing.
  103. Rose in a flask.
  104. The­mat­ic balls.
  105. The­ater tick­ets.
  106. Bed sheets.
  107. Peignoir.
  108. Belt.
  109. Tea or cof­fee set.
  110. Edi­ble bou­quet.
  111. Bath set.
  112. Sand paint­ing.
  113. Smart­phone.
  114. Mini radio for shor.
  115. Hon­ey set.
  116. Fur prod­ucts.
  117. Music Box.
  118. Light­box.
  119. Trin­ket.
  120. Bath bomb.
  121. Book safe.
  122. Paint­ing with rhine­stones.
  123. Cin­e­ma sub­scrip­tion.
  124. Skip­ping rope with elec­tron­ic counter.
  125. Trav­el suit­case.
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How to choose a gift for a girl on March 8

  • The choice of a gift for a girl on March 8 large­ly depends on how long you have been in a rela­tion­ship. If you have just start­ed dat­ing and still do not know your girl­friend, her inter­ests very ll, choose a uni­ver­sal gift. But try to make it spe­cial by empha­siz­ing your atti­tude towards the lady. For exam­ple, order an author’s pho­to frame with engrav­ing.
  • To find out more about the girl’s inter­ests, talk to her friends, per­haps they will give valu­able advice on choos­ing a gift. You can look at the girl’s page on the social net­work. Often users fill out «wish lists» there — this will be a good hint for you.
  • Do not give a girl dish­es and oth­er kitchen acces­sories, shor gels and oth­er hygiene items

A manda­to­ry addi­tion to a gift for March 8 for a girl should be a bou­quet of flors. Its size depends on your finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties, but, of course, it should not be too mod­est and cheap.