Usu­al­ly, it is eas­i­er for a loved one to pick up a good gift — some­thing that will not gath­er dust with­out work lat­er than, say, a cousin. It is easy to find out what your moth­er loves, what her hob­bies are, what is miss­ing “for com­plete hap­pi­ness”, espe­cial­ly if you are real­ly close and com­mu­ni­cate often.

But what if every­thing that is pos­si­ble has already been giv­en, but there seem to be no new ideas? It’s embar­rass­ing to ask direct­ly, and mom will most like­ly ansr that she doesn’t need any­thing or ask for some­thing com­plete­ly “orig­i­nal” — a grand­son, for exam­ple.

Let’s show you how to solve this prob­lem. We has col­lect­ed 200+ ideas of what you can give your mom for an anniver­sary, and our expert shared pro­fes­sion­al advice.

Top 50 best original birthday gifts for mom from son and daughter

On a round date, it is cus­tom­ary to give some­thing more spe­cial than on an annu­al birth­day. But it doesn’t have to be some­thing expen­sive. The main thing is to try to sur­prise and guess with the desires of a loved one.

Gifts for 35 years

It doesn’t mat­ter how much you man­aged to save up for a gift, what mat­ters is atten­tion. Mom will be espe­cial­ly pleased if the gift is some­thing that she has long want­ed to buy, but she con­stant­ly for­gets to buy it for her­self.

1. Paint by numbers

Antistress coloring book

A young moth­er often does not have enough time for her own hob­bies: work, house­hold chores, and lessons must also be checked. Tak­ing on some of the house­hold chores and free­ing up a cou­ple of evenings for mom for med­i­ta­tive draw­ing is a great gift.

With paint­ing by num­bers, you can feel like an artist, not know­ing how to draw from the word at all. On sale you can find can­vas­es of dif­fer­ent sizes, with draw­ings of any sub­ject — choose your favorite col­or scheme for the birth­day girl and style for the inte­ri­or of an apart­ment, office or cot­tage.

2. USB stick

Flash drive

A flash dri­ve can be use­ful for mom in the office, in addi­tion, you can down­load music there to lis­ten to in the car, movies, as ll as old pho­tos to free up space on your lap­top or smart­phone. Choose the size and design you need: a clas­sic sil­ver flash dri­ve, a dri­ve in a rhine­stone-stud­ded case, or a car­toon pup­py.

You can com­plete a use­ful gift by down­load­ing to your mom a movie that she has long want­ed to watch, her favorite music or your old fam­i­ly pho­tos on a flash dri­ve.

If funds per­mit, you can pur­chase an exter­nal hard dri­ve — it is more expen­sive than any flash dri­ve, but also more prac­ti­cal.

3. Stand for smartphone and tablet

Wooden wireless phone charger

An indis­pens­able thing for women who often com­bine two things at once: for exam­ple, they cook din­ner while watch­ing lec­tures or their favorite series on their phone or tablet. With a stand or hold­er, you can set a com­fort­able view­ing angle, the gad­get will not peri­od­i­cal­ly fall and get dirty.

On sale there are met­al, plas­tic, wood­en coast­ers. If mom has sev­er­al gad­gets, choose a uni­ver­sal hold­er that is suit­able for both a smart­phone and a wide tablet.

4. Terry tol

Moss tol

You can show care by giv­ing mom some­thing prac­ti­cal and at the same time cozy. It is nice to wrap your­self in a large ter­ry tol 70×140 after a shor, a small­er ver­sion is suit­able for a moth­er who often wash­es her hair, you can also pur­chase a set.

Pay atten­tion to the mate­r­i­al: cot­ton and bam­boo absorb water bet­ter than syn­thet­ics. When choos­ing a tol made of cot­ton, study the eti­quette: it should say «100% cot­ton» with­out addi­tion­al let­ter­ing — they may indi­cate the addi­tion of syn­thet­ic fiber.

5. Photo frame

Pho­to: @karolina-grabowska,

A gift that can diver­si­fy and enrich the inte­ri­or of your home or add mood to mom in the office.

Pho­to frames are plas­tic, met­al, made of wood and sim­i­lar mate­ri­als. You can pur­chase a frame of the right size, a set of pho­to frames of the same style, or a col­lage frame.

Before giv­ing a present, do not for­get to insert a pho­to into the win­dows — it is dou­bly pleas­ant to give.

Gifts for 40 years

A birth­day present can be a man­i­fes­ta­tion of care, or it can open new hori­zons for mom.

1. Electric Turk

Geyser coffee maker

Such a gift will be appre­ci­at­ed by cof­fee lovers who do not have time to stand at the stove, guard­ing the drink. An elec­tric Turk works on the prin­ci­ple of a con­ven­tion­al elec­tric ket­tle. Only the result is not just boil­ing water, but deli­cious and aro­mat­ic cof­fee.

For a com­pact mod­el, there is a place at work, you can take it with you on busi­ness trips, trav­el and to the coun­try. The price range of mod­ern elec­tric Turks is quite wide.

2. Board game

Board game

That’s where it’s easy to get lost in the selec­tion process! It could be a clas­sic monop­oly or some­thing themed like a Star Wars strat­e­gy game.

If your mom is a pro at board games, you can ask for advice from those with whom she often plays (for exam­ple, dad or best friends). And if she’s a begin­ner, some­thing as sim­ple as a jen­ga or an Uno card is a safe bet.

Hav­ing an inter­est­ing desk­top at home, you can spend more time with the whole fam­i­ly.

3. Whirlpool foot bath

Foot massager

At the end of a day spent on your feet, it’s nice to relax with your feet in the water. And if this is sup­ple­ment­ed with a mas­sage, it’s gen­er­al­ly excel­lent.

A hot tub is essen­tial­ly a basin with mas­sage rollers installed at the bot­tom, con­nect­ed to elec­tric­i­ty, due to which you can orga­nize a mini-jacuzzi. Usu­al­ly there are sev­er­al modes, water heat­ing, some mod­els are equipped with a dis­play. You need to under­stand: the more options, the high­er the price.

There are sim­pler options, with­out hydro­mas­sage — the price, respec­tive­ly, is an order of mag­ni­tude lor. And if the apart­ment where mom lives is com­pact, pay atten­tion to fold­ing sil­i­cone baths.

4. Anatomical pillow

Orthopedic pillow

If it is bet­ter to choose an ortho­pe­dic pil­low per­son­al­ly, with the help of a spe­cial­ist, then an anatom­i­cal pil­low can be eas­i­ly bought as a gift. It dif­fers in that it does not set the sleep­ing posi­tion itself, but adapts to the nat­ur­al curves of the spine, allow­ing you to relax and get enough sleep.

You can choose an anatom­i­cal pil­low for the head or one that is placed beten the legs so that the lor back is com­fort­able.

5. Smart speaker

Portable speaker

A portable styl­ish sta­tion with a voice assis­tant that com­bines the use­ful func­tions of an alarm clock, a media play­er, can tell you about the ather out­side the win­dow, order plane tick­ets or din­ner at home, con­trol the smart home sys­tem. Does not ask for food, takes up lit­tle space. Com­fort­able, what­ev­er you say!

Before buy­ing, study the options for a par­tic­u­lar speak­er, which lan­guages ​​u200bu200bthe voice assis­tant works with and which devices it can be com­pat­i­ble with (some, for exam­ple, do not inter­act with Android).

Gifts for 45 years

By this date, your moth­er, most like­ly, already has a lot of expe­ri­ence, she has tak­en place in the pro­fes­sion, has a lot of hob­bies and is open to new things. Choose gifts, focus­ing on the fea­tures of her char­ac­ter, habits and hob­bies.

1. Sapboard

SUP board

You can real­ly surf in Rus­sia only in some regions, but you can ride SUPs any­where. No spe­cial skills are required: you just need to have a suit­able SUP board, a pad­dle, com­fort­able clothes, a pond and com­fort­able ather.

On Sapa you can raft down the riv­er, or you can just sun­bathe lying on it in the lake. Anoth­er life hack: if mom has a pool near the house or in the coun­try, the sap can be used as a float­ing table for treats.

Unlike a surf­board, a SUP board can be deflat­ed and fold­ed flat for stor­age or trav­el.

2. Blender

Pho­to: Chait Goli,

An indis­pens­able item in the kitchen. It will appeal to those who spend hours con­jur­ing up new dish­es, and those who do not real­ly like to cook.

You can choose a sta­tion­ary blender that will quick­ly pre­pare a smooth­ie or a healthy cock­tail, a sub­mersible blender for a quick puree. And a more ver­sa­tile option is a com­bined one, with var­i­ous noz­zles. These can be whisks, dic­ing knives, a grater attach­ment and oth­er options.

Before buy­ing, pay atten­tion to the por, the num­ber of options — take what your moth­er will def­i­nite­ly use.

3. Scooter

Kick scooter

This once exclu­sive­ly children’s thing was adapt­ed by adults to fit their needs. On a scoot­er, you can quick­ly and com­fort­ably get to the right place, you can have a good time in the park or on the embank­ment, or learn a cou­ple of tricks in the skate park.

Depend­ing on the needs and inter­ests of your mom, choose what to take: a clas­sic urban option, a sports scoot­er or an elec­tric one — for a breeze and has­sle-free ride.

4. Pulse face massager

Facial apparatus

Mod­ern gad­gets can replace reg­u­lar trips to the beau­ti­cian. Prac­ti­cal: you paid mon­ey once, but you can use it end­less­ly and at any time, with­out record­ing.

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The impulse device can be used not only for a pleas­ant mas­sage — it will pro­vide a lift­ing effect, improve blood cir­cu­la­tion, and enhance the effect of cos­met­ics.

Such mas­sagers are used in terms of anti-age care, to com­bat cel­lulite and skin imper­fec­tions.

5. DVR


If your moth­er dri­ves a car, but for some rea­son she doesn’t have a DVR, you need to fix it. You can pur­chase a device that will not only take a high-qual­i­ty pic­ture, but also ori­ent the moth­er in the direc­tion of trav­el and warn about cam­eras on the road.

There are many vari­a­tions of this gift. There are DVRs with two cam­eras in the kit at once, devices in the form of a rear-view mir­ror and very tiny devices. Choose accord­ing to your needs: video qual­i­ty, night shoot­ing, GPS or resis­tance to bad roads — what is impor­tant for a birth­day girl?

Gifts for 50 years

If mom’s gold­en anniver­sary is approach­ing, I want to give some­thing spe­cial, ll, or just very pleas­ant, some­thing that she did not expect to receive.

1. Certificate for the tour

Tour certificate

If you want to yawn from the word “excur­sion”, then you have not been on excur­sions for a long time. Today it is a great way not only to learn new things, but also to get a lot of impres­sions, and maybe even over­come your old fear.

What attracts your moth­er: his­to­ry, secrets of nature, eso­teri­cism? You can choose a tour of the roofs of St. Peters­burg or the palaces of Peter­hof, go to Veliky Nov­gorod or Kare­lian places of por. Not nec­es­sar­i­ly it will be a tourist bus or a boat. You can choose a non-triv­ial option: a tour by boat or even by plane.

Mom lives far from the venue and did not plan to go there? Give in addi­tion plane or train tick­ets. Or take her there per­son­al­ly — she will not for­get such a gift.

2. Irrigator


A pop­u­lar device that is high­ly desir­able to have in addi­tion to a reg­u­lar tooth­brush. This tech­nique will replace a num­ber of pro­fes­sion­al den­tal pro­ce­dures and keep your teeth in order for as long as pos­si­ble.

You can choose a sta­tion­ary irri­ga­tor or a portable one if your mom is often on the road. Pay atten­tion to the noz­zles: the set can be ortho­don­tic, peri­odon­tal, for the care of implants and for clean­ing the tongue.


There are a num­ber of con­traindi­ca­tions that you should study before buy­ing a device as a gift for your moth­er.

3. Compact smart garden with lighting


Mom miss­es the gar­den in win­ter? Or maybe she is a sup­port­er of a healthy lifestyle and she needs fresh veg­eta­bles and herbs every day? With the help of such a gift, you can grow any plants: flors, berries, use­ful herbs, veg­eta­bles and fruits all year round right at home.

A lot of plus­es: you can choose any place to grow thanks to the back­light, no need for soil (using hydro­pon­ics), no need to con­stant­ly check your mini-beds — the device will give a sig­nal if you need to add water.

4. Smart-TV set-top box

TV set-top box

If your mom doesn’t have the lat­est TV, you can upgrade it with a media play­er. A smart-TV set-top box will allow you to con­nect a TV to the net­work, so that mom can watch any movies, series and pro­grams — not only those that are on the air, but also, for exam­ple, archived ones or start watch­ing from an online cin­e­ma.

The main thing is to first study the char­ac­ter­is­tics of your mother’s TV and the set-top box you intend to buy — it must work with SD, HD, 4K for­mats and play any files: from MP3 to M2TS.

5. Portable video projector

Smartphone projector

Your moth­er prob­a­bly remem­bers how in child­hood, hav­ing gath­ered with oth­er chil­dren, they watched film­strips in a dark room. Today, its more mod­ern ver­sion is a video pro­jec­tor. You can buy a pock­et or ultra­portable, they are small, light, but the pic­ture qual­i­ty may suf­fer.

The best ver­sion is a portable video pro­jec­tor. It can be tak­en to the coun­try, on a vis­it or to nature to arrange your own home the­ater. It remains only to choose the sur­face that will become the screen.

Gifts for 55 years

Per­haps mom already has every­thing she needs for a com­fort­able life. But if you think about it, you can prob­a­bly find some­thing that will make her even a lit­tle hap­pi­er.

1. Hanging chair

hanging chair
Pho­to: Mar­tin Schutt,

A cocoon chair is a cross beten a swing and a clas­sic chair. You can sit in it to read a book or watch a movie, chat with friends, or just take a break from wor­ries and take a nap. In sum­mer, the struc­ture can be installed in the coun­try, and in the cold sea­son, put in the apart­ment, of course, if space per­mits.

Pay atten­tion to the qual­i­ty of the braid, the tai­lor­ing of the pil­lows, how many peo­ple can accom­mo­date at the same time, and the max­i­mum allow­able ight that the chair can with­stand.

2. Tracksuit

Sport suit
Pho­to: Nathan Cow­ley,

Such clothes should be in any wardrobe. In a track­suit, you can vis­it a fit­ness club, it is con­ve­nient to go for walks, go shop­ping, go to the coun­try, trav­el.

Which one to choose depends on your mom’s hob­by. If she’s a fit­ness junkie, likes gym equip­ment, run­ning or yoga, opt for a light­ight polyamide t‑shirt and leg­gings set. And if he prefers Nordic walk­ing or leisure­ly walks in the parks, you can choose a more ver­sa­tile ver­sion of a track­suit.

3. Steam cleaner

Steam cleaner

A device designed to make life eas­i­er for those who do not want to spend a lot of time clean­ing the house. Out­ward­ly, the device resem­bles a vac­u­um clean­er and a mop at the same time, it is equipped with a water tank and deliv­ers steam like an iron. Thanks to him, you can clean the rooms, the kitchen and the bath­room. Hot steam quick­ly and effec­tive­ly removes grease and limescale, and at the same time destroys germs. At the same time, spe­cial chem­i­cals are not even need­ed for such clean­ing.

But you need to under­stand whether your moth­er will be hap­py with a prac­ti­cal birth­day present. Or is it still bet­ter to give some­thing for the soul?

4. Orthopedic mattress


There are sus­pi­cions that the princess from the famous fairy tale did not sleep ll because of the pea, but because of the downy feath­er beds. In order for the body to rest dur­ing the night, the spine must get the cor­rect posi­tion. And this will help ortho­pe­dic mat­tress.

Out­ward­ly, they are all sim­i­lar, but the fill­ing is dif­fer­ent: it can be inde­pen­dent spring blocks or high­ly elas­tic mem­o­ry foam. Mat­tress­es also vary in firm­ness.

5. Fitness bracelet

Fitness bracelet

The minia­ture gad­get allows you to track activ­i­ty indi­ca­tors, con­trol changes in ll-being, and also looks styl­ish on your hand. The small screen of the bracelet will show how many steps mom has tak­en, how many calo­ries she has burned (espe­cial­ly true for women who go to the gym), blood pres­sure and much more. Plus, it’s more con­ve­nient to be in touch with him: almost all mod­els sig­nal mes­sages and calls com­ing to the phone.

The cost of the device may vary depend­ing on the func­tion­al­i­ty and brand.

Gifts for 60 years

In adult­hood, women espe­cial­ly appre­ci­ate cozi­ness and com­fort, but at the same time, many con­tin­ue to work, attend fit­ness clubs and spend time active­ly.

1. Karaoke system

What to give mom for 60 years
Pho­to: Suvan Chowd­hury,

A thing that can turn an ordi­nary gath­er­ing with a friend over a cup of tea into a real hol­i­day. The karaoke sys­tem can be con­nect­ed to a TV or smart­phone, as a rule, there are two micro­phones in the kit. And on the Inter­net today you can find any song that your moth­er wants to per­form with her guests.

After you give the gift, don’t for­get to help your mom with the set­tings and deal with the instruc­tions.

2. Inflatable spa pool

inflatable spa pool
Pho­to: Lara,

In fact, this is a reg­u­lar PVC pool, but equipped with a spa sys­tem with air jets, a water heat­ing func­tion and a fil­ter. Many mod­els have addi­tion­al options, for exam­ple, spe­cial instal­la­tions for water dis­in­fec­tion or an on timer.

Before buy­ing, you should decide what vol­ume and func­tion­al­i­ty will be of inter­est to your moth­er. The price of the pool also depends on this.

3. Massage chair

massage cape
Pho­to: @mart-production,

Such equip­ment will help the moth­er to relax and reju­ve­nate, relieve stress and get rid of insom­nia.

The mar­ket offers a wide range of mas­sage chairs in a wide price range. It all depends on the num­ber of modes and the scope of func­tions, types of mas­sage that are includ­ed in the pro­gram. You can buy a clas­sic design chair (these are still avail­able in shop­ping cen­ters) or a mas­sage rock­ing chair.

4. Vitamins

Vitamin complex
Pho­to: Anna Shvets,

An unusu­al and, at the same time, a use­ful gift. In addi­tion, if you select a com­plex of vit­a­mins indi­vid­u­al­ly for your moth­er, tak­ing into account her needs and after con­sult­ing with a spe­cial­ist, it will be espe­cial­ly valu­able for her. Such a gift is care in its purest form.

You can pur­chase com­plex vit­a­min sup­ple­ments, or you can assem­ble a set of nutri­ents that your moth­er needs. In this case, check with your doc­tor how and in what order to take them, since some vit­a­mins and min­er­als, when tak­en at the same time, wors­en the effect of each oth­er.

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5. Tablet


It can become a com­pact and mod­ern alter­na­tive to a lap­top, phone and TV. With such a gad­get, a moth­er will be able to watch her favorite movies and TV shows, call up rel­a­tives and friends, includ­ing via video calls, and get ele­men­tary access to sim­ple com­put­er games.

If the birth­day girl is not a sophis­ti­cat­ed user of dig­i­tal prod­ucts, she should choose an easy-to-use tablet of good qual­i­ty and basic func­tions.

Gifts for 65 years

Mom at this age should be helped to spend her free time pleas­ant­ly and with health ben­e­fits. But it’s time to release a dear per­son from every­day affairs as much as pos­si­ble.

1. Tricycle

What to give mom for 60 years

Such a vehi­cle is more sta­ble than a clas­sic two-wheel­er, while it looks styl­ish, and, as a rule, is equipped with one or even two capa­cious bas­kets.

Mom can not only ride in the park or city side­walks, enjoy­ing the views, but also go shop­ping in com­fort. The bas­ket will also fit a pet, if there is such a need.

But if the birth­day girl is friends with sports, such a bike may be too sim­ple for her — find out if mom needs to update her per­son­al bike park?

2. Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner

Mod­ern mod­els can car­ry out dry and t clean­ing, help main­tain clean­li­ness in the house around the clock. Such a unit will remove dust and lit­ter from under the bed and table in a mat­ter of sec­onds — mom no longer needs to bend down to put things in order there.

Choose easy-to-man­age mod­els. And if you plan to install a Smart Home sys­tem in your mother’s home, you should get one that can con­trol the robot vac­u­um clean­er remote­ly.

3. Artificial pond

artificial pond
Pho­to: Jur­gen & Chris­tine Sohns/FLPA,

An unusu­al gift for a woman who lives out­side the city or spends a lot of time in the coun­try.

Of course, giv­ing a plas­tic bath dur­ing a ban­quet in a restau­rant is at least strange. But you can plan every­thing in advance: dig a hole, install a plas­tic pond, add light­ing, decor in the form of stones, green­ery and flors, and a pump for flow (if you have not just a pond, but an arti­fi­cial stream) — and present to your moth­er in a ready-made form.

4. Jelry


Age does not pre­vent a woman from being and feel­ing beau­ti­ful. A brooch or chain will help to empha­size this. You can choose a dec­o­ra­tion that match­es the style of mom. Pay atten­tion to what mate­ri­als and col­ors she prefers. Per­haps it will not be gold and sil­ver, but, for exam­ple, amber, agate or pearls.

If the birth­day girl is fond of astrol­o­gy, you can choose a stone that match­es her zodi­ac sign.

5. A set of containers for the kitchen

Set of containers for the kitchen

Have you noticed how all these con­tain­ers for cere­als, tea and sets, assem­bled in a sin­gle style, set the mood for the kitchen? If your moth­er stores food in bags or in assort­ed pack­ages, a set of beau­ti­ful con­tain­ers, along with a bread box, will be a good pur­chase.

Glass and met­al prod­ucts look the most spec­tac­u­lar, the lat­ter being the most reli­able option. But you can also con­sid­er plas­tic sets: among them there are wor­thy spec­i­mens that will look beau­ti­ful and are cheap­er than a num­ber of ana­logues.

Gifts for 70 years

Even years after retire­ment, many women are still active. More­over, there is final­ly enough free time that you can spend with plea­sure.

1. Biofireplace

What to give mom for 60 years
Pho­to: Alex Qian,

If you do not intend to make changes to the design of your mother’s home, but you want to add com­fort, you can take a clos­er look at the floor and desk­top biofire­places. They are usu­al­ly made of met­al or wood and glass, dec­o­rat­ed with stones, and run on eco-friend­ly ethanol-based bio­fu­els. Fire­wood and elec­tric­i­ty are not need­ed, there is no need to equip the hood. When burn­ing, harm­ful sub­stances are not formed, and there­fore such a fire­place is safe to use even in a small apart­ment.

2. Equipment for Nordic walking

Equipment for Nordic walking
Pho­to: Karl-Josef Hilden­brand,

Can you guess why Nordic walk­ing has become so pop­u­lar in Rus­sia? This sport does not require spe­cial skills and premis­es, it can be prac­ticed all year round, and equip­ment can be select­ed with­in any bud­get.

Sticks should be cho­sen from a strong and durable, but light­ight mate­r­i­al. The size of the equip­ment is select­ed accord­ing to the for­mu­la: mul­ti­ply the height of a per­son by 0.68. If you doubt whether mom will be com­fort­able, or do not know her height, buy tele­scop­ic sticks. But it’s bet­ter not to save here: there is a high risk that cheap tele­scop­ic poles will quick­ly break or fold in the process. You also need to check with the sell­er for which sea­son the equip­ment is suit­able.

If your mom hasn’t tried Nordic walk­ing yet, you can start by join­ing in per­son.

3. Bed

Heated massage cushion
Pho­to: @ketut-subiyanto,

A gift that sym­bol­izes care and wish­es for longevi­ty. To buy a com­fort­able bed, you should con­sult with experts. And choose your options. Keep in mind that a bed with legs requires fre­quent clean­ing, as dust and debris accu­mu­late below, and a bed with drars, for exam­ple, allows you to opti­mize space.

It would be nice to get an ortho­pe­dic mat­tress for the bed — choose the rigid­i­ty accord­ing to the ight of the moth­er: the greater the body ight, the hard­er the mat­tress should be.

4. Garden swing

Garden swing
Pho­to: Katha­ri­na Hild,

Gar­den swings will dec­o­rate any sub­ur­ban area, here you can take a nap on a hot after­noon, read a book or chat with a friend. And the swing is a place of attrac­tion for grand­chil­dren, so if your moth­er likes to mess around with chil­dren, she will be hap­py with such an acqui­si­tion.

When buy­ing, check all the mech­a­nisms so that they are with­out mar­riage, some­thing may have to be imme­di­ate­ly lubri­cat­ed with oil. All fab­ric com­po­nents also look at the qual­i­ty of the seams and the absence of defects.

5. Air ionizer / ozonizer


This device looks like a room humid­i­fi­er, but it works in a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent way. The ion­iz­er sat­u­rates the air in the room with neg­a­tive ions, arti­fi­cial­ly cre­at­ing an effect, like in the moun­tains or at the sea: it becomes eas­i­er to breathe. It is also believed that ion­ized air has a ben­e­fi­cial effect on ll-being and health.

Some mod­els are equipped with an air purifi­ca­tion func­tion (essen­tial­ly a reg­u­lar HEPA fil­ter) and an ozona­tion func­tion. Con­sid­er the num­ber of modes, the capa­bil­i­ties of the device and pay atten­tion to the method of attach­ment.

Gifts for 75 years

With age, peo­ple do not lose their tastes and hob­bies, the accents just shift a lit­tle. On the 75th anniver­sary, you can give mom some­thing for cozi­ness and com­fort, prac­ti­cal gifts will also come in handy.

1. A set of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture set

A pair of arm­chairs and a tea table made of rat­tan or wick­er is an indi­ca­tor of sta­tus. Not a sin­gle avid sum­mer res­i­dent or even just a lover of liv­ing out­side the city can resist such a present. Small mod­els can be installed even in res­i­den­tial con­di­tions, for exam­ple, on a bal­cony.

You can choose an expen­sive design kit made from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als or a more bud­get option — for exam­ple, arti­fi­cial rat­tan fur­ni­ture often looks just as good. Pil­lows are often includ­ed in the kit, you can buy fur­ni­ture with­out them and sew to order.

2. Electric blanket

Soft blanket

An ide­al gift for peo­ple who are always freez­ing or for the cold sea­son — a blan­ket that heats up itself. It is enough to plug it into the out­let for a few min­utes, say, while you undress from the street and feed the cat, and then you can wrap your­self in an already warm cozy blan­ket.


It is for­bid­den to sleep with a blan­ket plugged into the out­let — you should def­i­nite­ly warn your moth­er about this when you explain the instruc­tions to her.

3. Multicooker


In adult­hood, there is often no strength and desire to both­er in the kitchen. Often, there­fore, old­er peo­ple who live alone eat mod­est­ly. This can be cor­rect­ed with the help of an elec­tric assis­tant — a mul­ti­cook­er.

You only need to set up the equip­ment and put the nec­es­sary ingre­di­ents inside: she cooks lunch­es and din­ners her­self, warms up food on time, and the menu can be very diverse: from borscht to pas­tries.

4. Carpet

Pho­to:, @ron-lach

A beau­ti­ful soft car­pet made of nat­ur­al wool is a gift mom will appre­ci­ate. With the help of a car­pet, you can enno­ble any ren­o­va­tion at the click of your fin­gers, make your home more com­fort­able and force your moth­er to invite guests — to show off, of course.

It is impor­tant to under­stand that a car­pet with a long pile requires more fre­quent and thor­ough clean­ing. And wool (if talk about nat­ur­al car­pets) can cause an aller­gic reac­tion. Make sure that such a gift does not harm mom and does not cause her unnec­es­sary wor­ries.
As an alter­na­tive — a beau­ti­ful design­er mat for the kitchen.

See also
Gifts with health care

5. Weekend at the hotel

massage certificate

Remem­ber, how long ago did you send your moth­er to rest or took with you on a trip? A cou­ple of days in a com­fort­able hotel away from the bus­tle of the city, in the bosom of nature, with lunch­es, swim­ming pools and spa treat­ments includ­ed — mom will be grate­ful.

You can issue a cer­tifi­cate for two, and togeth­er with the birth­day girl send dad, her girl­friend to rest or keep her com­pa­ny per­son­al­ly.

Gifts for 80 years

To show care and respect is the best thing an adult son and daugh­ter can do for their moth­er.

1. Home clothes


It can be silk paja­mas, a pleas­ant cot­ton set or a warm suit made of wool or fleece. You need to focus on the styl­is­tic pref­er­ences of your moth­er, the sea­son and the range of her wardrobe.
It is impor­tant to con­sid­er whether mom has aller­gies or buy a gift from hypoal­ler­genic fab­ric. To find out the right size, check the tags from her clothes. And it is bet­ter to opt for a free-cut suit or take a lit­tle more — sizes may vary from man­u­fac­tur­er to man­u­fac­tur­er.

2. Rocking chair

Rocking chair

Today, the fur­ni­ture mar­ket is replete with var­i­ous options. You can choose a clas­sic rock­ing chair made of wood, rat­tan or wick­er, or a lux­u­ri­ous ver­sion with leather trim. There are sim­ple rock­ing chairs, and there are chairs on a pen­du­lum mech­a­nism — when rock­ing, the legs remain motion­less, so it is safer.
The chair will be based on wood or met­al, and the style and uphol­stery can be matched to the inte­ri­or of my mother’s home.

3. Photo album

Photo album
Pho­to: @punchbrandstock,

Many peo­ple like to nos­tal­gic, espe­cial­ly in adult­hood, there is usu­al­ly enough time for this. A great sur­prise for mom on her 80th birth­day will be a beau­ti­ful new pho­to album where you put pic­tures of your fam­i­ly, as ll as shots from her youth.

An alter­na­tive to the clas­sic ver­sion can be a dig­i­tal pho­to frame: before you give a present, load pho­tos into mem­o­ry and explain to your moth­er how to use it.

4. TV


Eval­u­ate the capa­bil­i­ties of your mother’s TV — per­haps it is already out­dat­ed and needs to be replaced. You can buy a copy with a wide diag­o­nal, or you can buy a small one, but cer­tain­ly with high res­o­lu­tion qual­i­ty.

A num­ber of mod­ern TVs are equipped with the Smart TV func­tion — for a larg­er selec­tion of pro­grams and films. But such a pre­fix can be bought sep­a­rate­ly.

5. Massage mattress

Orthopedic pillow

Such a mat­tress is dif­fer­ent from those on which sleep: it is small­er in size, usu­al­ly made of poly­ester, and spe­cial mas­sage heads are placed inside. The thing is pored by elec­tric­i­ty, there is a remote con­trol to switch modes, as a rule, there are sev­er­al speeds and a heat­ing func­tion.

Such a gift will be use­ful for a per­son with prob­lems of the spine and joints, will help main­tain vital­i­ty and improve mood.

Original gift ideas for mom for an anniversary

we has pre­pared a list of 150 options that will help in choos­ing the best gift for mom for an anniver­sary.

  1. Smart watch
  2. Float­ing Cer­tifi­cate
  3. Tele­scope
  4. Mobile bath
  5. Home/cottage repair
  6. portable fan
  7. Choco­late mak­ing set
  8. Ham­mock
  9. Sofa
  10. Over­sized sat­shirt
  11. Kayak
  12. For­eign lan­guage cours­es
  13. Rain­coat
  14. Appa­ra­tus for man­i­cure and pedi­cure
  15. Run­ning shoes
  16. Tent
  17. Tick­et to the sana­to­ri­um
  18. Fridge
  19. Satel­lite TV pack­age
  20. Sad­hu boards (for stand­ing on nails)
  21. Toast­er
  22. Vir­tu­al real­i­ty glass­es
  23. Spin­ning
  24. Floor lamp
  25. Trav­el
  26. Tent to the cot­tage
  27. Bed­ding set
  28. Cur­tains
  29. Check-up of the body in the clin­ic
  30. Tick­et to the sana­to­ri­um
  31. Appa­ra­tus Dar­son­val
  32. Wine cab­i­net
  33. Design­er boots
  34. Fan
  35. Puz­zles (can be ordered with a pho­to)
  36. Vis­it­ing a make­up artist
  37. Vase
  38. Pho­to­shoot
  39. Sky­div­ing or bungee jump­ing
  40. Boat trip
  41. Iron
  42. Elec­tric meat grinder
  43. Indoor plant
  44. wool socks
  45. Plaid
  46. Set of cush­ions for chairs
  47. Com­put­er chair
  48. Acupunc­ture mas­sager
  49. Shop­ping with a pro­fes­sion­al styl­ist
  50. Turk
  51. Turk­ish cof­fee or cof­fee machine
  52. Movie about mom
  53. Hire a house­keep­er
  54. Rollers/skates
  55. Book­shop Cer­tifi­cate
  56. Sewing machine
  57. car vac­u­um clean­er
  58. Annu­al sub­scrip­tion to your favorite magazine/newspaper/app
  59. Tun­ing for cars
  60. design­er bag
  61. Trav­el suit­case
  62. Fur set: hat and mit­tens
  63. Binoc­u­lars
  64. Skis
  65. Sil­ver plate
  66. Note­book
  67. Cer­tifi­cate for teach­ing vocals or play­ing a musi­cal instru­ment
  68. Smart scales
  69. Steam­er
  70. Collector’s book edi­tion
  71. Musi­cal instru­ment or case for exist­ing
  72. New kitchen set
  73. Glu­come­ter with test strip kit
  74. Rare wine (or oth­er drink)
  75. Pic­nic in an unusu­al place
  76. Wire­less charg­er for smart­phone
  77. Smart watch
  78. Dec­o­ra­tive foun­tain for home
  79. New chan­de­lier
  80. juicer
  81. Barom­e­ter
  82. home ather sta­tion
  83. Aquar­i­um with fish
  84. Cos­met­ics store cer­tifi­cate
  85. Bacweack
  86. A trip to the tram­po­line cen­ter
  87. Hour­glass
  88. Torch
  89. Per­fume or cer­tifi­cate
  90. A set of dec­o­ra­tive fig­urines for a sum­mer res­i­dence or a coun­try house
  91. arti­fi­cial turf
  92. Mom’s por­trait
  93. Illu­mi­nat­ed mir­ror
  94. Dress­ing table
  95. Set of col­or­ful socks
  96. Dish­wash­er with a set of tablets
  97. per­son­al­ized spoon
  98. mag­ni­fy­ing glass
  99. Paint­ing
  100. Gel socks and gloves
  101. jel­ry box
  102. Design­er drar
  103. Grill for home
  104. Pedi­gree book
  105. Mara­cas
  106. Vinyl play­er
  107. Records for a vinyl play­er
  108. Den­tal ser­vice (implan­ta­tion, pro­fes­sion­al clean­ing, etc.)
  109. Potter’s wheel
  110. Inter­est class
  111. Bath table
  112. land­scape design­er con­sul­ta­tion
  113. Tea or cof­fee ser­vice
  114. Rare recipe book
  115. Dia­mond embroi­dery kit
  116. Spe­cial equip­ment (for sports, moto, etc.)
  117. Fes­tive table­cloth
  118. Rub­ber boots
  119. Elec­tron­ic book
  120. yoga mat
  121. Kart­ing vis­it
  122. A day at the amuse­ment park
  123. Wall mur­al
  124. New win­dows
  125. craft cake
  126. Cin­e­ma or the­ater tick­ets
  127. Sub­scrip­tion to the fit­ness club
  128. horse tour
  129. Zoo trip
  130. Water heater for the cot­tage
  131. Con­cert tick­ets
  132. Elec­tric Tooth­brush
  133. Trip to the fes­ti­val
  134. Vide­cam
  135. Chess or backgam­mon
  136. Cer­tifi­cate for a tat­too par­lor
  137. Con­sum­ables for needle­women
  138. Trip to the plan­e­tar­i­um
  139. Fur coat
  140. Vis­it to a beau­ti­cian
  141. brand pen
  142. Scoot­er
  143. air hock­ey
  144. Bil­liards
  145. Vis­it to the water park
  146. Week­end in the nature park
  147. Sea or riv­er cruise
  148. Pareo or beach dress
  149. glass­es case
  150. mas­sage col­lar

How to choose a birthday gift for mom

In order for your present to be remem­bered with grat­i­tude for a long time, you need to do a lot, but inter­est­ing work.

First­ly, you should lis­ten to your moth­er: maybe she will com­plain about how she lacks a food proces­sor or share her dream of a seclud­ed vaca­tion in the moun­tains. Sec­ond­ly, con­nect your eyes: if a moth­er walks with an old phone or takes an old set of clothes to her favorite fit­ness club, in which there is also a flight of beds, then this is a sig­nal for action.

In any case, before buy­ing a gift or orga­niz­ing a sur­prise, ask your­self a lot of ques­tions: does mom have free time, are there any pho­bias, con­traindi­ca­tions, does she real­ly need this thing? You can even make a small ques­tion­naire-ques­tion­naire and go through rel­a­tives and mutu­al acquain­tances with it.

If you set out to please your moth­er, and not just buy a great gift, you will suc­ceed.

Popular questions and ansrs

Our expert ansrs impor­tant ques­tions that may arise in prepa­ra­tion for the hol­i­day, Jahangir Gari­bov, host, show­man, orga­niz­er of adult and children’s events, hol­i­days.

What can not be given to mom for an anniversary?

In addi­tion to the inter­ests and hob­bies of the moth­er, it is imper­a­tive to take into account the age and health of the birth­day girl. When choos­ing a gift, remem­ber that you are buy­ing it not for your­self, but for your moth­er.

For exam­ple, if the 80th anniver­sary is approach­ing, sky­div­ing will prob­a­bly be out of place.

And you also need to take into account that not only the present itself is impor­tant, but also how you con­grat­u­late your moth­er, what kind of par­tic­i­pa­tion you will take in orga­niz­ing a ban­quet. If you invite peo­ple whom she might not want to see with­out her ask­ing, if you are late for the hol­i­day or if you crit­i­cize the treats or dec­o­ra­tions of the hall, this will def­i­nite­ly not please the birth­day girl.

What flors to choose in addition to a gift for mom for an anniversary?

Of course, it is bet­ter to find out what flors mom likes and buy them. But if she doesn’t have any spe­cial pref­er­ences or it’s dif­fi­cult to find out for sure, you can present scar­let ros­es, prefer­ably with thorns — it’s more orig­i­nal.

You def­i­nite­ly can’t give arti­fi­cial flors that mim­ic real, poi­so­nous plants and flors that mom is aller­gic to. By the way, there are women who do not like live bou­quets — in this case, in addi­tion to the gift, you can present, for exam­ple, edi­ble flors or a bou­quet of bal­loons.

What a surprise to give mom for her birthday?

It all depends on your imag­i­na­tion. You can orga­nize a per­for­mance by your mother’s favorite group or sing a song of your own com­po­si­tion, order a magi­cian or a bel­ly dance for a hol­i­day, for exam­ple.

Or you can announce good news to your moth­er (for exam­ple, that she will become a grand­moth­er), but only if you know for sure that this will please her and will not cause unnec­es­sary unrest.

Hov­er, you can do with­out a sur­prise at all — the main thing is to sur­round your moth­er with love and atten­tion on this day. As in all oth­ers.