Your wife’s anniver­sary is approach­ing, and you’re rack­ing your brains on how to please your beloved woman? Choos­ing a birth­day present for your soul­mate is not the eas­i­est task for a man. Often, inter­est­ing and unusu­al ideas are sim­ply exhaust­ed over the years of liv­ing togeth­er. To make things eas­i­er for you, We will tell you what to give your wife for 30 years: the arti­cle con­tains a lot of options for every taste and bud­get.

Top 25 best original gifts for wife for 30 years

The choice of a present for your wife for an anniver­sary depends both on the inter­ests of the birth­day girl her­self and on your finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties. We have com­piled a selec­tion of ideas that you can imple­ment to please your soul mate on such a sig­nif­i­cant day for her.

1. E‑book

Electronic book

Mod­ern tech­nolo­gies allow you to read e‑books with­out eye strain. We are talk­ing about read­ers, the basis of the dis­play of which is E‑ink elec­tron­ic paper.

When choos­ing a book, you should pay atten­tion to the res­o­lu­tion and screen size: the high­er the res­o­lu­tion, the clear­er the let­ters. The pres­ence of a built-in back­light in the read­er is its undoubt­ed advan­tage: in this case, you can read even in com­plete dark­ness. Hov­er, e‑books with this fea­ture are an order of mag­ni­tude high­er than gad­gets with­out back­light.

2. Jelry

Silver decoration

Today, jel­ry stores present a wide range of dif­fer­ent jel­ry: ear­rings, rings, chains, pen­dants, brooches, wrist, shoul­der or ankle bracelets. Prod­ucts made of cop­per, yel­low or white gold, sil­ver, with or with­out stones.

It is not dif­fi­cult to choose a gift for your wife, you just have to take a clos­er look at her, ll, or look into her jel­ry box to under­stand what kind of jel­ry your spouse prefers.

3. Smartphone


The lat­est phone with a mul­ti-pix­el cam­era and a vari­ety of options, no woman will refuse. Espe­cial­ly the gift will be rel­e­vant if your wife’s smart­phone needs to be replaced. When choos­ing a gift, you should first decide on the bud­get, since the prices for phones start from a few thou­sand and end with a hun­dred dol­lars, or even more. Think about what your wife appre­ci­ates most in gad­gets: bright pho­tos, high proces­sor speed or unusu­al design — and start choos­ing the right smart­phone mod­el.

4. Wristwatch

Pho­to: Samot,

One of the most use­ful and at the same time beau­ti­ful gifts is a wrist watch. When choos­ing a present, you should pay atten­tion to all the char­ac­ter­is­tics: mate­r­i­al, col­or, shape, size, style and mech­a­nism. Quartz watch­es are bat­tery-pored, more accu­rate than mechan­i­cal watch­es, and often less expen­sive. But if your spouse is not averse to show­ing off her new clothes in front of friends and col­leagues, choose mechan­ics. It so hap­pened that mechan­ics is con­sid­ered more pres­ti­gious and, as a rule, more beau­ti­ful than quartz. And if you buy a watch from a ll-known brand, then it will become an excel­lent image dec­o­ra­tion for your beloved.

5. Coffee machine with cappuccinatore

coffee machine

A cof­fee lover will appre­ci­ate such a gift, because at the touch of a but­ton you can pre­pare, in addi­tion to the clas­sic espres­so, an Amer­i­cano, a cap­puc­ci­no with a dense foam, and a lat­te, and a mac­chi­a­to. Mod­ern mod­els of smart cof­fee machines receive infor­ma­tion from the Inter­net via wi-fi and, depend­ing on the ather, offer to change the tem­per­a­ture and strength of the drink.

In order not to bur­den your beloved woman with the com­pli­cat­ed care of appli­ances, rec­om­mend pay­ing atten­tion to self-clean­ing mod­els that auto­mat­i­cal­ly remove scale and milk residues.

6. Electric toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

Elec­tric tooth­brush­es clean bet­ter than con­ven­tion­al tooth­brush­es with­out destroy­ing fill­ings and restored teeth. There­fore, such a gift will be an excel­lent man­i­fes­ta­tion of con­cern for the health of your wife.

Accord­ing to the prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion, they are divid­ed into mechan­i­cal, son­ic and ultra­son­ic. Elec­tric tooth­brush­es also dif­fer in the type of por sup­ply: from the mains, from a recharge­able bat­tery or from bat­ter­ies. The most con­ve­nient option would be a brush with a bat­tery — and the mains cable does not inter­fere, and the bat­ter­ies do not need to be changed, and it will not be dif­fi­cult to take it with you on a trip.

The cost of the gift is affect­ed by the modes of oper­a­tion. In bud­get options, as a rule, there is only one mode. In a high­er price cat­e­go­ry, you can choose a brush with 2–5 modes of oper­a­tion: clas­sic, for sen­si­tive teeth, with a whiten­ing func­tion.

7. Organizer for jelry

Pho­to: STELLA,

Thanks to him, your wife’s watch­es and jel­ry will be kept care­ful­ly, and your beloved will for­get how it is to unrav­el chains and ear­rings. The mate­r­i­al of the box can be any: wood, gen­uine leather, velor. An orga­niz­er made from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als can also become a styl­ish piece of fur­ni­ture.

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8. Certificate in the spa-salon

Certificate in the spa-salon

Time in the spa is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to escape from the rou­tine of life and prob­lems at work. Not every woman can afford to spend a day full of relax­ing treat­ments and car­ing only for her beloved. A cer­tifi­cate for a spa pro­gram will be a great gift for your wife for 30 years. And if you your­self are ready to plunge into the atmos­phere of relax­ation, the present can acquire a roman­tic char­ac­ter. In spa salons, pro­grams for two are wide­spread.

9. Mirror with LED light

Vanity mirror with light
Pho­to: @sasha-kim,

A place of hon­or in your wife’s dress­ing room will be occu­pied by a sta­tion­ary large mir­ror with illu­mi­na­tion. It will allow a woman to see her­self in full growth dur­ing the train­ing camp and, of course, take great pho­tos. The com­pact mod­el of such a mir­ror will not take up much space on your wife’s dress­ing table, and at the same time it will help to make a per­fect make-up even in poor main light­ing.

10. Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner

Fash­ion­able, con­ve­nient, mak­ing life eas­i­er gad­get. It works almost silent­ly, you can set the clean­ing perime­ter, indi­cat­ing where you need to clean the floor from dust and debris, or you can sim­ply close it in the room for a full cleanup. The time saved by such an assis­tant can be spent by a beloved woman on self-care, hob­bies or spend­ing it with you. Con­trary to pop­u­lar belief, the price range for this cat­e­go­ry of goods is quite wide.

11. Perfumes

Children's perfume

Per­fume can hard­ly be called a uni­ver­sal gift — they are always select­ed indi­vid­u­al­ly. But a lov­ing and atten­tive hus­band is so famil­iar with the pref­er­ences of his wife that it will not be dif­fi­cult for him to choose per­fumes.

Hov­er, if this ques­tion puts you in a stu­por, you can pur­chase a gift card to a per­fume shop, where the birth­day girl her­self will choose a new fra­grance for her­self.

12. Set of underar

Pho­to: Man­fred Bail,

Beau­ti­ful under­ar will not only update your wardrobe, but will also become a real dec­o­ra­tion for your wife. Hov­er, you should care­ful­ly con­sid­er the choice of size. Before you go to the store for a gift, strong­ly rec­om­mend that you study the tags on your wife’s under­ar and write down the cor­rect size. So you can avoid fail­ure when choos­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion.

13. Smart watch or fitness bracelet

Smart watch

A smart watch is an actu­al gift for a wife for 30 years. With such a watch, your beloved will def­i­nite­ly not miss your mes­sages and calls. More­over, you can ansr the incom­ing with­out tak­ing your smart­phone out of your bag. It’s easy to con­trol music and com­mu­ni­cate with the voice assis­tant — also right from the watch.

A sports lover will also appre­ci­ate such a gift. The gad­get will cal­cu­late how many steps have been tak­en or how many kilo­me­ters have been run. Cal­cu­late calo­ries burned and even give rec­om­men­da­tions for improv­ing phys­i­cal activ­i­ty — all this is with­in the por of a smart watch.

14. Multistyler for hair

Pho­to: Oleg Gek­man,

This is a mul­ti­func­tion­al gad­get with dif­fer­ent attach­ments for styling, curl­ing or straight­en­ing hair. When there is a cat­a­stroph­ic lack of time in the morn­ing, this use­ful device allows a woman to put her hair in order as quick­ly as pos­si­ble.

When choos­ing such a gift, you should pay atten­tion to its por and func­tion­al­i­ty. The more attach­ments and combs in the kit, the bet­ter.

15. Dishwasher


Put the dirty dish­es in the sink, press the but­ton and go do what you love — isn’t it great? And the man­i­cure will remain intact. Choos­ing a dish­wash­er should be, first of all, based on the para­me­ters of your kitchen. They are nar­row and full-sized, free­stand­ing and built-in. In addi­tion, there are com­pact dish­wash­ers with a height of only 45 cen­time­ters.

16. Facial massager


Such a present will appeal to a woman who takes care of her appear­ance, but there is no time or oth­er resources for reg­u­lar trips to a beau­ti­cian. The brush gen­tly mas­sages the face, improves micro­cir­cu­la­tion, due to which the skin will look fresh. Man­u­fac­tur­ers claim that a face mas­sager can remove slling and bruis­ing under the eyes. In addi­tion, the device helps to get rid of the rem­nants of make­up, as ll as excess sebum.

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17. DVR with a camera built into the rearview mirror


For a car enthu­si­ast, the DVR will be a great birth­day sur­prise. The direct func­tion of such a device is to record video and sound. There­fore, when choos­ing a mod­el, you should pay atten­tion to the qual­i­ty of the pic­ture record­ing: HD and Full­HD for­mats are the most prefer­able. Also, DVR mod­els dif­fer in the length of the video frag­ment, sup­port for mem­o­ry cards, type of attach­ment, size, pres­ence or absence of back­light. A DVR with a cam­era built into the rear-view mir­ror will allow you to fix the posi­tion of oth­er road users not only in front, but also behind the car.

18. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones
Pho­to: Tirachard Kum­tanom,

If your wife still has wired head­phones, then a new thing will be a great birth­day present — a mod­ern device with a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion. And if your wife already has wire­less head­phones, you can give a ner mod­el as a gift. For exam­ple, a mod­ern min­i­mal­ist design or with a more por­ful bat­tery.

19. Air ionizer


Such a device is designed to puri­fy the air in urban apart­ments. It pro­duces neg­a­tive ions, and the built-in ger­mi­ci­dal lamp destroys harm­ful microor­gan­isms that are deposit­ed on the dust col­lec­tor plate as a result of the fan action. This plate is easy to remove and clean. The air ion­iz­er can also destroy unpleas­ant odors. Clean and fresh air in the apart­ment is a won­der­ful gift from a car­ing hus­band.

20. Cosmetics set

Pho­to: ander­songuer­ra,

You can give your wife a ready-made cos­met­ic set for her anniver­sary. In such kits, care prod­ucts that are com­pat­i­ble with each oth­er are select­ed. In addi­tion, you don’t have to puz­zle over the design: cos­met­ics are already styl­ish­ly pack­aged. As a rule, all ll-known brands in the beau­ty world pro­duce such beau­ty box­es. You just have to find out which brand your loved one prefers, and you can go for a gift.

21. Orthopedic pillow with memory effect

Orthopedic pillow

Ortho­pe­dic pil­low is an excel­lent option for tak­ing care of the health of your loved one. It dif­fers from the usu­al ergonom­ic shape, which ensures the cor­rect posi­tion of the neck and head dur­ing sleep. The mem­o­ry foam pil­low takes the shape of the human body. When you change the posi­tion, the sur­face returns to its orig­i­nal posi­tion. These pil­lows are made from hypoal­ler­genic mate­ri­als and pro­vide the most com­fort­able sleep con­di­tions.

22. Wine table

Pho­to: CHROMORANGE / Bilder­box,

If your wife is into wine­mak­ing, she likes wine tast­ings, or she just loves to spend the evening with a glass of tart drink and her favorite TV series, then giv­ing a wine table will hit the spot. This is not only a beau­ti­ful, but also a func­tion­al gift. A bot­tle of wine on such a table will def­i­nite­ly not turn over and will not spoil the uphol­stery of the sofa. You can for­get about the con­stant search for a sta­ble place for a glass, as ll as numer­ous plates of snacks — every­thing is pro­vid­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er.

23. Audio system for smartphone

smart speaker

If your wife is a music lover, choose a portable audio sys­tem as a gift. They con­nect to a smart­phone via Blue­tooth, pro­duce such a por­ful sound that they can eas­i­ly become the cen­ter of a hol­i­day. The water­proof case will allow you to take the col­umn to the beach or set­tle down with it by the pool and orga­nize an incen­di­ary par­ty there.

24. Paint by numbers

painting by numbers

Draw­ing pic­tures by num­bers is con­sid­ered a great way to relieve stress and dis­tract from rou­tine mat­ters. Even if your wife has nev­er picked up a brush, she can def­i­nite­ly han­dle paint­ing by num­bers. After all, in essence it is just col­or­ing. At the same time, such a present will make you feel like a real artist and become involved in the won­der­ful art of paint­ing.

25. SUP board

Pho­to: Ange­li­ka War­muth,

SUP surf­ing is sim­i­lar to reg­u­lar surf­ing, only you need to ride an inflat­able board not on the waves, but on calm water with the help of a pad­dle. Ide­al for ski­ing in calm ather on a lake or riv­er. No spe­cial pri­or skills are required to get start­ed. On such boards you can not only swim, but also med­i­tate and relax, or just sun­bathe. Sapas are just made for reboot­ing.

Original gift ideas for wife for 30 years

There seemed few ideas, or do you already have all this good­ness? Or maybe you want to give your loved one some­thing «such»? We offer a few dozen more great options — take your pick!

  1. Resort tick­et
  2. Ukulele
  3. Auto­mo­bile
  4. Por­bank
  5. Pro­jec­tor star­ry sky
  6. Biofire­place
  7. Fit­ness set
  8. Bath­room table
  9. Plaid
  10. Bike
  11. Trav­el suit­case
  12. Cov­ers for car
  13. Karaoke
  14. Per­son­al­ized wine glass­es
  15. Scratch map of the world
  16. Quad­copter
  17. Por­trait on can­vas
  18. The­ater tick­ets
  19. Heat­ing blan­ket
  20. Online cin­e­ma sub­scrip­tion
  21. fon­due set
  22. Hot air bal­loon flight
  23. Mas­ter class cer­tifi­cate
  24. Name robe
  25. Wish check­book
  26. Ther­mo mug
  27. Break­fast table in bed
  28. elec­tric grill
  29. Salute of trop­i­cal but­ter­flies
  30. elec­tric scoot­er
  31. Flo­rar­i­um with orchids
  32. Home pet
  33. Song of own com­po­si­tion
  34. Din­ner at the restau­rant
  35. Note­book
  36. Umbrel­la
  37. pho­to ses­sion cer­tifi­cate
  38. Smart scales
  39. Bill­board with con­grat­u­la­tions
  40. Body Mas­sager
  41. Juicer
  42. Fash­ion track­suit
  43. Reflex cam­era
  44. Fit­ness set
  45. Com­fort­able arm­chair
  46. Leather bag
  47. silk robe
  48. Sneak­ers
  49. Sub­scrip­tion to the fit­ness club
  50. Fire­works
  51. Horse rid­ing
  52. Sea cruise
  53. Fur coat
  54. Neon 3D night light
  55. Man­i­cure set with lamp
  56. Tea or cof­fee ser­vice
  57. Diary in leather cov­er
  58. Home train­er
  59. Annu­al astro­log­i­cal fore­cast
  60. Pho­topil­low
  61. Smart alarm clock
  62. Bar­be­cue set
  63. Heat­ed lunch box
  64. Annu­al sub­scrip­tion to your favorite mag­a­zine
  65. Ses­sion with a tat­too artist
  66. Video clip about wife
  67. A plot on the moon or a nom­i­nal star
  68. Lamp with pho­tos
  69. Flor vase
  70. Dress
  71. Sun­glass­es
  72. Styl­ish wal­let
  73. Tablet
  74. smart speak­er
  75. Cer­tifi­cate for beau­ty salon ser­vices
  76. Heli­copter train­ing flight
  77. Mulled wine set
  78. Board game
  79. Name pen with engrav­ing
  80. Float­ing
  81. Sky­div­ing
  82. Aro­ma can­dles
  83. Blan­ket with sleeves
  84. Beau­ti­ful hand­made felt boots
  85. Vir­tu­al real­i­ty glass­es
  86. yogurt mak­er
  87. Cocoon chair
  88. Sen­so­ry gloves
  89. Win­dow clean­ing robot
  90. Dig­i­tal pho­to frame
  91. Wine cab­i­net
  92. Roll mak­ing set
  93. Beau­ty advent cal­en­dar
  94. Record­ing stu­dio trip
  95. Swim­ming pool
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How to choose a gift for your wife for 30 years

Where to start and what is espe­cial­ly impor­tant to pay atten­tion to when choos­ing a gift for your beloved woman, says event orga­niz­er Ani­ta Zhdanovskaya.

  • To begin with, lis­ten to your wife: per­haps she will hint what she would like to receive as a gift or even say open­ly. And also ask her close friends: per­haps she has repeat­ed­ly told them what she wants or what she likes, where she would like to go.
  • It’s nice to take a break from every­day and rou­tine affairs, to change the sit­u­a­tion. There­fore, a good gift would be to arrange a roman­tic evening for your wife, which will be filled with var­i­ous com­po­nents. For exam­ple, a joint trip to the spa-com­plex. And then you can arrange some­thing active: fly­ing on an air­plane, go-kart­ing, a quest. A beau­ti­ful end will be a night at the hotel, where a can­dlelit din­ner will be pre­pared for the birth­day girl.
  • A birth­day present for a woman should be cho­sen based on her hob­bies. He likes to spend a cozy evening read­ing a book — give an e‑book or a biofire­place. If you like loud music, give a portable speak­er. Prefers an active lifestyle — a new bike or SUP.
  • Do not despair if you do not have enough mon­ey for a brand new BMW for your wife. After all, the high cost of a gift is not deter­mined by the num­ber of zeros in the check. Pre­sent­ed with all love, a sin­cere present will def­i­nite­ly be remem­bered by your wife.

Popular questions and ansrs

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you pre­pare for your anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion.

What can not be given to a wife for 30 years?

Kitchen­ware, hint­ing that the place of the hero of the occa­sion is the kitchen. This includes a set of pots, a bread machine and so on. With the excep­tion of gifts that make your wife’s life much eas­i­er and pro­vid­ed that she men­tioned that it would be nice to have them.

You should not give your beloved wife items that indi­cate her age or fig­ure flaws. Women often react to such gifts very painful­ly.

What colors to complement a gift to his wife on her 30th birthday?

If over the years of liv­ing togeth­er you have not had time to find out what your wife’s favorite flors are, buy a uni­ver­sal option — ros­es of bright and deep shades. Such a bou­quet sym­bol­izes love and high feel­ings.

What a surprise to arrange for your wife on her 30th birthday?

You can orga­nize a sur­prise par­ty with her friends so that the birth­day girl does not know about it. Anniver­sary birth­day is wor­thy of being cheer­ful­ly cel­e­brat­ed in a noisy com­pa­ny, espe­cial­ly some­where out­side the city.

Anoth­er option is to arrange an excit­ing quest to find a gift. Or you can hire a cov­er band to per­form your wife’s favorite song.