Party in the style of the 90s

A 90s style par­ty is a pret­ty inter­est­ing thing to do. It is very impor­tant to study retro birth­day sce­nar­ios, con­tests, clothes and attrib­ut­es. No less sig­nif­i­cant nuances are the invi­ta­tion to the par­ty and the dec­o­ra­tion of the hall.

Room decoration

Asso­ci­a­tions with that era are not very pleas­ant for most peo­ple. But still, a 90s themed par­ty can be a very good idea.

Dec­o­rat­ing a house in this vein will be most effec­tive if you repro­duce the atmos­phere of a dis­co hall.

This is achieved with:

  • light and music instal­la­tions;

  • mir­ror balls;

  • allo­ca­tion of a large dance space;

  • posters of famous artists and bands;

  • col­ored balls;

  • wall car­pets;

  • apon lay­outs.

Addi­tion­al col­or can be obtained with:

  • cas­sette recorders;

  • game con­soles;

  • Rubik’s cubes.


It is log­i­cal to assume that the first step to a par­ty is invi­ta­tions. Most often they choose their design in the spir­it of vouch­ers and coupons. But this is only one option — you can offer many more ideas. For exam­ple, make invi­ta­tions in the form of bright pic­tures from chew­ing gum. A tape case or an imi­ta­tion of band posters would also be a good idea.

Alter­na­tive solu­tions:

  • themed post­cards;

  • announce­ment of the hold­ing of the retro-par­ty itself;

  • a tick­et of the usu­al kind, but in bright col­ors and with the addi­tion of suit­able images.

Scenarios depending on the occasion


For a birth­day or oth­er occa­sionzdnik it is quite pos­si­ble to hold such com­pe­ti­tions as:

  • on knowl­edge of the names of chew­ing gum or oth­er attrib­ut­es of the era;

  • bro­ken phone;

  • blow­ing large bub­bles from chew­ing gum (those with a larg­er bub­ble win);

  • the game “rub­ber band” (with jump­ing out of the cir­cle);

  • blind man’s buff;

  • guess­ing the melody;

  • fast rewind­ing of cas­settes with pens, felt-tip pens or pen­cils;

  • shoot­ing from a sling­shot with a paper ball at bal­loons (accu­ra­cy com­pe­ti­tion);

  • remem­ber­ing the prices of a par­tic­u­lar year or dif­fer­ent years.

The game “for­feits” is appro­pri­ate both at a reg­u­lar dis­co and at a solemn anniver­sary. Tasks are cho­sen at their own dis­cre­tion or they are assigned by the leader of the fes­ti­val. Hov­er, you need to think over for­feits so that they do not offend any­one. A good choice could also be a Rubik’s cube speed tour­na­ment or a game on retro con­soles; in order not to buy the lat­ter on pur­pose, you can run retro games on a PC. A karaoke con­test would also be quite appro­pri­ate.


Attrac­tive cat­e­go­ry quest. All you need is paper and pens or pen­cils. Write down cat­e­gories: movies and celebri­ties, TV shows and choco­late, radio and TV shows, cars and oth­er top­ics that your imag­i­na­tion has enough of. Then the par­tic­i­pants write what they asso­ciate with a par­tic­u­lar top­ic. Those ansrs that every­one remem­bered in gen­er­al do not count, but the most unique options win.

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Team quests can take place for a while or “until the end”. It is not nec­es­sary to focus only on the­mat­ic quests — you can also use those relat­ed to birth­days and oth­er cel­e­bra­tions. And this great­ly expands the bound­aries. Pos­si­ble ideas:

  • sim­u­lat­ed kid­nap­ping and “hav­ing to get out by fol­low­ing clues”;

  • search for some­thing using cards and the same tips (bet­ter if the item you are look­ing for is some­how con­nect­ed with the 90s);

  • ref­er­ences to favorite books and films, musi­cal per­form­ers and com­put­er games;

  • repul­sion from the hob­bies of spe­cif­ic peo­ple, pri­mar­i­ly “heroes of the occa­sion.”


These com­pe­ti­tions may be more diverse than it seems. For exam­ple, one might sug­gest nam­ing alter­na­tives to con­tem­po­rary items that re avail­able beten 1990 and 2000. There are oth­er options such as:

  • remem­ber what the orig­i­nal par­tic­i­pants them­selves or peo­ple they know did in the 90s;

  • remem­ber what was where in the city at that moment;

  • name the main hits in dif­fer­ent gen­res of art;

  • name who per­formed which songs, who played in which films, and so on;

  • joke ques­tions;

  • game in the “field of mir­a­cles”;

  • repro­duc­tion of scenes from films.


For girl

A com­mon mis­take is to try to just dress in retro style, as it is described in var­i­ous sources.

It is very impor­tant to fol­low the authen­tic fash­ion of the time, and not mod­ern ideas about what it was.

Many peo­ple still have orig­i­nal house­hold items and wardrobe. Extreme­ly rel­e­vant option — the use of den­im cloth­ing. These are not only trousers or shorts, but even shirts, dress­es and vests.

Riv­ets and beads, as ll as beads re used to dec­o­rate clothes. It is impor­tant not only to ar jeans, but also to take into account the then fash­ion­able styles:

  • straight;

  • pipe;

  • flare;

  • banana.

Hov­er, the dress code in the spir­it of the 90s is not lim­it­ed to this. An extreme­ly rel­e­vant fea­ture of the era was leather cloth­ing. Along with it, leg­gings or leg­gings are appro­pri­ate. Of course, must not for­get about skirts. Most often at that moment they bought satin and velor mod­i­fi­ca­tions.

Plain blous­es and shirts can be as much in demand as den­im ver­sions. Wide shoul­ders and puffy sleeves re con­sid­ered good form. Evening dress­es, again, should not be for­got­ten. Very often they re made of iri­des­cent bro­cade.

Skirts, includ­ing pleat­ed ones, are select­ed accord­ing to a sim­ple prin­ci­ple: the short­er, the bet­ter. It is also use­ful to use high boots. Knit­ted stock­ing dress­es are ll com­bined with the already men­tioned leg­gings.

Cloth­ing should be light and prac­ti­cal. It is unac­cept­able that she fet­tered move­ment; on the feet can be san­dals or sneak­ers.

For a man

Pick­ing up an adult cos­tume is not too easy. Hov­er, there are sev­er­al options that are suit­able for any 90s style par­ty. The image of an “ordi­nary” young man from the city’s out­skirts can be achieved with:

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If the choice is made in favor of imi­ta­tion of an “author­i­ta­tive fig­ure”, you will need:

  • crim­son jack­ets or black leather jack­ets;
  • imi­ta­tion of gold chains;

  • mas­sive rings;

  • mod­els of pis­tols and knives.

But the vari­ety of 90s style items does not end with these options. The same ordi­nary den­im clothes can be more inter­est­ing thanks to the orig­i­nal stick­ers. It is quite jus­ti­fied to ar sneak­ers made of der­man­tine.

Saters and base­ball caps will also help to empha­size the fla­vor of the era.

Anoth­er facet of the old wardrobe is a ref­er­ence to musi­cal sub­cul­tures.

Grunge style is ripped jeans and stretched wool saters. Washed-out T‑shirts and plain sneak­ers are lcome. You can look at rock­er jack­ets with studs, leather vests and leather jack­ets. Heavy durable boots are quite rel­e­vant. Anoth­er detail of the wardrobe is long cardi­gans.

The cloth­ing of the 1990s, what­ev­er it was, was designed in very bright col­ors. These “acid” col­ors are rich­er than in any oth­er era. The bound­aries beten male and female things are extreme­ly small. Also worth tak­ing a look at:

  • ango­ra saters, dec­o­rat­ed with beads or beads;

  • “Puffy” jack­ets made of bologna fab­ric;

  • the same “inflat­ed” boots.

Hairstyle and accessories

You don’t have to lim­it your­self to just one piece of cloth­ing. Wom­en’s look for a par­ty in the style of the 90s implies an empha­sis on col­ored mas­caras and eye­lin­ers. Lip­sticks and shad­ows are cho­sen as catchy as pos­si­ble in appear­ance. A fea­ture of the late 1990s was the use of con­tour “smoky” make­up. Some­where since 1997, bright col­ors have ceased to be so rel­e­vant.

It is worth pay­ing atten­tion to themed dec­o­ra­tions. The clothes are com­ple­ment­ed by large bracelets and ear­rings. They can be made from plas­tic or met­al.

Beads made in the spir­it of a chain of large rings cor­re­spond ll to the col­or of the era. You can’t do at a themed par­ty with­out leatherette belts.

Large bags resem­bling a bag will also fit into the cor­re­spond­ing image. It is impor­tant to empha­size the specifics of hair­styles of the 90s. At the peak of fash­ion then there re hair bouf­fants. To cre­ate the effect of splen­dor, they made short hair. But even men then tend­ed to ar their hair to their shoul­ders, because too short a hair­cut could be asso­ci­at­ed with pris­on­ers or recruits (and the pres­tige of the army was then extreme­ly low).

When cut­ting their hair, they espe­cial­ly thought a lot about bangs. It was made volu­mi­nous and dec­o­rat­ed in the man­ner of a “house”. Could prac­tice comb­ing to the side or back. Her hair was heav­i­ly lac­quered. Hair­styles of that era, espe­cial­ly wom­en’s, re made with “chem­istry”.

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Curls re formed on hair of dif­fer­ent lengths. In the ear­ly 1990s, blonde hair came into vogue. If you imi­tate the very end of the cen­tu­ry, it is bet­ter to focus on nat­ur­al col­ors and high­lights. The youth of that peri­od liked to ar “high tails”, gath­ered at the top or side, which re held in place by bright large elas­tic bands. In some cas­es, scarves re used to fas­ten the “tails”, which cre­at­ed the effect of the “Lean­ing Tor of Pisa”.

Vol­u­met­ric bangs and hedge­hogs again cor­re­spond to the spir­it of the 90s. Many men shaved their whiskey. Oth­ers copied the styling of pop­u­lar pop singers. Hair­style “hat” is also very pop­u­lar. In some cas­es, even perm or biowave is jus­ti­fied in men.

To com­plete the male image are also rec­om­mend­ed:

  • beads made of wood or glass;

  • gild­ed chains;

  • rings and bracelets;

  • hair­pins;

  • rim­less or horn-framed glass­es;

  • volu­mi­nous rub­ber bands;

  • thick bacweacks.


For a par­ty in the style of the 90s, you can resort to a vari­ety of design solu­tions. Expres­sive attrib­ut­es are, for exam­ple, Wag­on Wheels cook­ies. It can also be used for its intend­ed pur­pose. It is use­ful to use lin­ers for chew­ing gum. Many peo­ple, hov­er, con­sid­er set pow­ders dilut­ed in water to be the opti­mal “car­ri­er” of the spir­it of the late tnti­eth cen­tu­ry.

Some­times PEZ can­dies are also used. It was dif­fi­cult then to find more orig­i­nal sets. In the­mat­ic stores and even in the usu­al gro­cery store, you can still buy ketchup with Uncle Ben, sot­ki (they are also chips or caps). Also attrac­tive in terms of col­or is the pre­fix “Dandy”, as ll as its less­er-known coun­ter­parts. You can also take a clos­er look at the Tam­agotchi, the Rain­bow toy or the Slinky.

But no enter­tain­ment can­cels the fact that treats are also very impor­tant at the par­ty. The attrib­ut­es of the 90s on the table are:

  • chick­en;

  • mashed pota­toes;

  • the vinai­grette;

  • Olivi­er sal­ad, “mimosa” or “her­ring under a fur coat”;

  • duck with apples;

  • her­ring with onions;

  • meat cut­ting;

  • mar­i­nat­ed mush­rooms;

  • com­pote;

  • Coca Cola;

  • cream soda;

  • Napoleon cake”;

  • choco­late bars.

The table is served as sim­ply and eas­i­ly as pos­si­ble. Dish­es with sim­ple pat­terns or with­out them per­fect­ly match the style of the 90s. Crys­tal sal­ad bowls and white nap­kins look good. Table­cloths should not be too elab­o­rate either. If the dish­es pre­sent­ed above seem not enough, then you can also look at options such as:

  • meat in French;

  • cut­lets;

  • sand­wich­es with sprats;

  • pick­led cucum­bers and toma­toes;

  • sauer­kraut;

  • wafer rolls;

  • nuts or tubes with con­densed milk;

  • piece cakes;

  • whiskey;

  • orig­i­nal instant drinks;

  • corn sticks.