Gifts for the New Year

The best gifts for the New Year from paper

Days fol­low each oth­er, and now it’s already Decem­ber out­side the win­dow. Unno­ticed, hous­es are filled with New Year’s mood, which means that you urgent­ly need to start prepar­ing gifts for rel­a­tives and friends. There­fore, have pre­pared sev­er­al afford­able ideas for dec­o­rat­ing gifts for the New Year with our own hands. It is easy to cre­ate orig­i­nal presents your­self from ordi­nary paper, card­board and glue to please your fam­i­ly and friends. Gifts can be made using quilling, scrap­book­ing or mod­u­lar origa­mi tech­niques.

Set package with a bow

It’s so nice to do some­thing with your own hands, espe­cial­ly when chil­dren help you. Many of them sim­ply adore sets, lol­lipops, choco­lates and oth­er sets. There­fore, a set pack­age with a bow will be a great gift idea, and adults in their hearts will prob­a­bly remain chil­dren who love sets. To make such a deli­cious sur­prise, you will need:

  • A4 paper, unusu­al and bright looks espe­cial­ly good;
  • one sheet of red paper, prefer­ably flex­i­ble;
  • some white, yel­low and black paper;
  • glue.

We fold the first paper sheet in half, but leave a small gap, also bend it, and only after that apply glue, con­nect­ing the ends of the paper. But this is just the begin­ning, still need to form the bot­tom, so now select one of the per­pen­dic­u­lar sides and again bend it 4–6 cen­time­ters, spread­ing it on the sides to make tri­an­gles. Let’s take both petals to the cen­ter, let go, go through the glue — the bot­tom is ready. It remains only to care­ful­ly, along the ruler, bend along the glued edges, then straight­en the result­ing shape. It turned out to be a reg­u­lar paper bag.

But this is only half the work, because now a bow is still need­ed. We cut out all the nec­es­sary ele­ments from paper, prefer­ably red (after all, are mak­ing San­ta Claus), imi­tat­ing a reg­u­lar rib­bon bow.

Glue white ovals to the ends of the hang­ing rib­bons, fol­lod by pre-cut black paper boots, cre­at­ing the legs of a San­ta bow. The last dec­o­ra­tion is a black stripe in the mid­dle of the bow, and a yel­low “buck­le” is attached to it, strength­en­ing the design.

Now fill our pack­age with set gifts, seal it on top, after wrap­ping it, and glue the bow as a dec­o­ra­tion.

Sets with Santa’s New Year’s Reindeer

In this gift, you first need to make a deer. Yes, the same one that is in the San­ta Claus team. It is also a ll-known and char­ac­ter­is­tic sym­bol of Christ­mas and New Year, which means it is per­fect­ly rec­og­niz­able and appro­pri­ate in a gift. You can find a blank, or you can draw it your­self.

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We again need a sheet of paper to form a bag. We glue the deer on the paper blank, which will be a bag in the future. At this stage, advise you to make deer antlers out of card­board and stick them out a lit­tle beyond the sheet of paper, mak­ing the whole struc­ture more inter­est­ing. Next, cut out the bel­ly of the deer, and on the reverse side glue the film so that have a win­dow inside.

We form the pack­age accord­ing to the scheme described above, in a “bag with a bow”, get a new inter­est­ing gift pack­age. Inside it you need to put sets or a gift, which can now be seen through the bel­ly of our deer. This time do not seal the bag, but dec­o­rate it with han­dles made of rib­bons, laces or the same strips of paper.

To top it off, you can dec­o­rate the pack­age with var­i­ous lit­tle things, stick­ers, carved Christ­mas trees or snowflakes, putting every­thing on glue. This will make your gift more per­son­al and mem­o­rable for the per­son you have pre­pared it for.

Volumetric snowflakes

Snow and snowflakes are what need so much in the New Year. Sure­ly every­one remem­bers what huge snowflakes made back in school and kinder­garten. For their man­u­fac­ture need:

  • a lot of paper;
  • scis­sors;
  • thread.

Every­one knows the progress of work, first form the petals of our snowflake. A square is cut out of paper and fold­ed in half, fol­lod by a small­er square, and fold it again. You need to repeat sev­er­al times for the snowflake to appear volu­mi­nous. It is advis­able to process the edges of such a snowflake again with scis­sors to add pat­terns, and with them the unusu­al­ness of your craft. Now fas­ten 6 petals into one snowflake and get a three-dimen­sion­al ver­sion, which is not a shame to give to a child.

Trees with wishes

The origa­mi tech­nique and appliqués har­mo­nize very ll with each oth­er, so with the help of them you can make extreme­ly sim­ple, but heart-pleas­ing gifts. For such crafts you need:

  • red and green paper;
  • glue;
  • scis­sors;
  • some kind words and wish­es.

On green sheets it is nec­es­sary to cut out 5 iden­ti­cal Christ­mas trees. They will form the main stand­ing tree. Now glue all these details and get a three-dimen­sion­al toy. At the very end of this Christ­mas tree glue an aster­isk cut out of paper.

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The main thing remains: fill the sides of this Christ­mas tree with wish­es and warm words of con­grat­u­la­tions. This is such a sim­ple and warm gift for the soul that can be made in a mat­ter of min­utes.

Candy box

An extreme­ly easy-to-imple­ment idea is a post­card in the form of a jar. On half the sheet, you need to draw the out­line of the jar or print it. In the mid­dle of the jar cut out a win­dow, and from the inside glue it with a piece of trans­par­ent poly­eth­yl­ene. Then fold the sheet in half with a col­lar and fix it with glue, as did with the bags ear­li­er. From below, also sim­ply tuck the paper and glue it.

That’s it, it’s done it remains to fill such a sim­ple bag with sets, and then seal it on top as ll as from below, form­ing a sim­ple but orig­i­nal enve­lope with sets. You can cook a lot of such set envelopes and give them to all your friends, class­mates and col­leagues. This will please them, and you your­self will spend lit­tle effort for this, but put your soul into the gift.

Volumetric postcard

Any­one can make this post­card: both a child and an adult — because it com­bines sim­ple origa­mi tech­niques and appli­ca­tions. We will need:

  • col­ored mark­ers;
  • glue;
  • white sheet of paper;
  • col­ored paper.

We take a sheet of paper and fold it with an uneven accor­dion, then cut­ting off the cor­ner along the oblique line. After that, glue our blank to a strip of blue or blue paper. Next, take green paper and cut out our Christ­mas trees with sim­ple but var­ied tri­an­gles. We glue them all over the post­card, not for­get­ting to fill in the white frag­ment, do not wor­ry about get­ting out of the bor­ders.

After that, take felt-tip pens and dec­o­rate the card in every pos­si­ble way: draw snowflakes, draw Christ­mas trees, out­line snow­drifts. So got a fair­ly sim­ple ver­sion of the post­card, the main thing is to approach its cre­ation with soul and warmth. It can be pre­sent­ed to any­one: a teacher or teacher, friends or acquain­tances.

Christmas trees from paper accordions

The sim­plest and most orig­i­nal home­made prod­ucts are made from paper accor­dions. Both a child and an adult can put these togeth­er. A col­ored Christ­mas tree made from sev­er­al lay­ers of paper is a vivid exam­ple. Each har­mon­i­ca in it is sim­ply neat­ly fold­ed, and then glued with a lap. If you want to fur­ther dec­o­rate your green accor­dion Christ­mas tree, then care­ful­ly treat it with hair­spray, and while the lat­ter is not dry, sprin­kle the struc­ture with con­fet­ti and sparkles. So you add to her a fes­tive mood and ele­gance, which will delight your loved ones.

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You can also make cute and love­ly New Year and Christ­mas angels. Start­ing with the blank, you need to out­line the out­lines of the head, cloth­ing and char­ac­ter­is­tic angel wings.

By fold­ing white paper fig­ures, you will cut out an angel that will be a gift filled with your love. Give it to every­one you want to make hap­py in the New Year.

Christmas candlesticks-snowmen

You can not wor­ry about fire safe­ty vio­la­tions, because the flame in such can­dle­sticks will be exclu­sive­ly made of paper, and not real. Such can­dle­sticks can be dis­played open­ly, like a post­card, on a reg­u­lar work table or on a sou­venir shelf. Love­ly can­dle­sticks depict­ing snow­men are suit­able for gifts for both adults and chil­dren. So, how to make such gifts?

  • On thin, translu­cent paper, draw a pat­tern or print inside to dec­o­rate the bel­ly of our snow­man can­dle­stick.
  • Make a base out of thick paper.
  • Cut out the snow­man and line up the draft with your pat­tern already on it.
  • Place the blank on a ter­ry tol so that the draft with the pat­tern is on top.
  • Now you can pierce the pat­tern using a thin nee­dle. Make sure that both the draft and the snow­man are pierced and poked into the tol. So work through the whole pat­tern.
  • After cut­ting out the arms and head of the snow­man, then make every­thing else out of paper: a hat and scarf, nose and mouth. They can be dec­o­rat­ed with col­ored pen­cils.
  • Putting it all togeth­er, you get a beau­ti­ful can­dle­stick.

Mak­ing it glow is sim­ple — glue yel­low paper on the back. Here is such a top of cute and sim­ple New Year’s gifts made of paper that can make your life much eas­i­er, and will also sur­prise all your friends and acquain­tances with cre­ativ­i­ty and, most impor­tant­ly, sin­cer­i­ty. This will espe­cial­ly bright­en up the hol­i­day. Remem­ber that home­made sou­venirs please much more than pur­chased ones.

A mas­ter class on cre­at­ing a paper snow­man, see below.