Is it possible to donate knives

Per­haps there are so many super­sti­tions asso­ci­at­ed with noth­ing as with var­i­ous sharp objects. We will tell you whether it is pos­si­ble to give knives, what to avoid and how to make such a present mem­o­rable and enjoy­able.
Is it possible to donate knives
Can you donate knives? Pho­to: Jason Briscoe,

It so hap­pened that peo­ple tend to trust a vari­ety of beliefs, para­bles, rumors. Per­haps are dri­ven by an ele­men­tary fear for our own safe­ty and the ll-being of the fam­i­ly, which is passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion.

Since child­hood, it has been known that giv­ing knives is bad, sup­pos­ed­ly this can lead to a quar­rel. In order for the trou­ble to pass by, you need to hand the donor a coin, no mat­ter what denom­i­na­tion. This tra­di­tion was born in old Eng­land: if some­one received such a gift, he had to give the giv­er half a pen­ny. There are oth­er signs regard­ing sharp objects. We tell you to whom and for what rea­son you can give knives.

What does a gift in the form of knives mean?

The atti­tude to knives as a present dif­fers in dif­fer­ent coun­tries. In Rus­sia and the coun­tries of the post-Sovi­et space, it is con­sid­ered that pre­sent­ing pierc­ing and cut­ting objects is a bad form. The Chi­nese, res­i­dents of some Euro­pean, Latin Amer­i­can and Arab states think the same way. In Mon­go­lia, it has been strict­ly for­bid­den to give sharp objects as gifts since the reign of Genghis Khan.

And in Cen­tral Asia and the Cau­ca­sus, on the con­trary, the hand­ing over of a knife is nev­er per­ceived as the end of friend­ship. The peo­ples liv­ing here are sure that this is a pres­ti­gious and expen­sive gift that has the por of an amulet that can ward off mis­for­tunes and ill­ness­es. Hunt­ing and com­bat knives are espe­cial­ly val­ued. They are dec­o­rat­ed with skill­ful­ly made han­dles, semi-pre­cious and pre­cious stones, images of deer, eagles and oth­er ani­mals are placed on the base. Beau­ti­ful pat­terns and inscrip­tions are applied to the knife blade. Pre­vi­ous­ly, the high­landers spe­cial­ly put a knife under the baby’s pil­low in order to pre­serve his health. And an ill adult was brought back to life with a knife: he was placed on his fore­head instead of a com­press.

Signs about knives as a gift

The knife is the only apon that has sur­vived to this day, with which you can pro­tect your life if some­thing threat­ens it, and cut bread. Both of these are the pur­pose of an instru­ment as ancient as the world. On what occa­sions is it appro­pri­ate to give knives and what do signs say about this?

For a birthday

Is it possible to donate knives
Pho­to: Chris­t­ian Esco­bar,

Some signs say that such a present will bring a lot of unpleas­ant trou­bles to the birth­day man asso­ci­at­ed with evil gos­sip, and pos­si­bly even ill­ness. But there is anoth­er sym­bol­ism, accord­ing to which the knife is a spe­cial gift with a deep mean­ing.

If some­one gave you such a sur­prise for your birth­day, and even in a beau­ti­ful wood­en or leather sheath, you should be grate­ful for such a sign of atten­tion. You are con­sid­ered a real man (or a real woman) and are giv­en an ancient sym­bol of por that can be used for the ben­e­fit of your­self and your loved ones. It is a good idea to present a card with wish­es or poems along with a knife.

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For a dding

A knife giv­en on the day of mar­riage has sev­er­al hid­den mean­ings. On a solemn day, the bride is usu­al­ly pre­sent­ed with a beau­ti­ful and handy table knife with a hint of the skills of a young house­wife. The groom is giv­en a hunt­ing knife — a sign of the mas­culin­i­ty of the new­ly-made spouse. Such gifts can be much more inter­est­ing than bor­ing envelopes with mon­ey.

But you should not give a knife if the heroes of the occa­sion or their loved ones are super­sti­tious peo­ple. Some signs say that the knife is for quar­rels and quar­rels. There­fore, even if the bride and groom do not believe in such things, a casu­al con­ver­sa­tion of oth­er guests can ruin their mood.

For the New Year

Is it possible to donate knives
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New Year’s presents should be beau­ti­ful and accom­pa­nied by sin­cere and good wish­es. A good solu­tion is to give a unique gift in bright fes­tive pack­ag­ing for the main win­ter hol­i­day, for exam­ple, a knife of an unusu­al design or brought from a long jour­ney. In addi­tion, there are no sep­a­rate signs pro­hibit­ing giv­ing knives for the New Year.

for housewarming

New hous­ing is always house­hold chores, so you can give new­com­ers a spec­tac­u­lar set of cut­lery for 6 or 12 peo­ple. Knives, forks and spoons will be sure to be used by the hosts for receiv­ing guests and dur­ing friend­ly par­ties. And not a sin­gle super­sti­tious per­son will find fault with such a present.

But giv­ing a knife as the main present (in the solo ver­sion) is not worth it if the new­com­ers believe in all sorts of signs. These beliefs put any sharp things in a neg­a­tive light, even the most ordi­nary and use­ful in the house­hold.


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For other holidays

If you want to please a rel­a­tive, a loved one, a work col­league and a good friend, you should not wait for your birth­day or the New Year. There are many dates in the cal­en­dar, which can be timed with a beau­ti­ful and prac­ti­cal gift. It is espe­cial­ly nice to give handy fold­ing knives. They are safe and will always come in handy when fish­ing, hunt­ing, dacha, camp­ing and mush­room pick­ing. You can engrave a good wish on a gift, there­by remov­ing any super­sti­tious sus­pi­cions from your­self.

As a gift to a man

The atti­tude towards knives in Rus­sia is not as unam­bigu­ous as it might seem at first glance. Accord­ing to a long-stand­ing mar­itime tra­di­tion, spe­cial knives — dag­gers re award­ed to those who dis­tin­guished them­selves in the fleet, and the offi­cers re very proud of them. A uni­ver­sal gift for a man is one of the world’s most pop­u­lar Swiss fold­ing knives. It has a pair of blades, a screw­driv­er, a fork, a tooth­pick, a file, an awl and oth­er use­ful tools. It looks styl­ish, does not take up much space and lasts for many years. The ben­e­fit in this case clear­ly exceeds the argu­ments of the eso­teri­cists about giv­ing a knife to a quar­rel.

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As a gift to a woman

Is it possible to donate knives
Pho­to: Alyson McPhee,

Many of the fair sex will also be hap­py with high-qual­i­ty knives as a gift. Espe­cial­ly if a woman loves to cook or she has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to feed all the house­hold mem­bers. A great option is a large chef’s knife with a per­fect­ly sharp­ened blade and a com­fort­able han­dle, or a set of light and stain­less ceram­ic knives. It is appro­pri­ate for a woman of age to present a set of ele­gant cupron­ick­el or sil­ver-plat­ed knives. But, no mat­ter how much you like the idea of ​​​​such a present, think first about how the recip­i­ent of the gift treats super­sti­tions.

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As a gift to a loved one

When in Fin­land a young man want­ed to pro­pose to a girl he liked, he sheathed the girl with his knife. If she did not take it out, a dding was sched­uled. If you are afraid of offend­ing a loved one with such a gift as a knife (sud­den­ly he believes that this is a sym­bol of quar­rel and sep­a­ra­tion), then a knife sharp­en­er can be an excel­lent sym­bol­ic present for you. She hints that mutu­al feel­ings will remain bright and sharp if you con­stant­ly work on them.

As a gift to friends

No one knows us bet­ter and does not know how to appre­ci­ate our akness­es and virtues as friends. As a gift to a good friend, prac­ti­cal pic­nic sets with knives of dif­fer­ent sizes are suit­able. And if a friend’s hob­by is con­nect­ed with hunt­ing or some kind of craft, then here all signs lose their por. You can choose a suit­able knife for a loved one: if he is fond of artis­tic cre­ativ­i­ty, a pen­cil sharp­en­er, a mock-up scalpel or a mod­ern sta­tionery knife will do. For a gar­den­ing lover — a mul­ti­func­tion­al knife for a sum­mer res­i­dent. There are spe­cial knives for scrap­book­ing, leather work, wood­carv­ing, met­al and engrav­ing.

What knives can and cannot be given according to signs

Even if you reject the signs, there are cas­es when giv­ing knives is not a very good idea. This applies to inex­pen­sive kitchen knives and spe­cial hunt­ing knives.


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Kitchen knives

If the knife looks sim­ple, has a plas­tic han­dle and costs a pen­ny, this can­not be called a good gift. The thing, most like­ly, with a short ser­vice life. And just in this case, the recip­i­ent may think that you are giv­ing a knife with unkind thoughts.

But pre­sent­ing some­thing from mod­ern kitchen appli­ances of an out­landish shape is an orig­i­nal idea. The choice in stores is huge: a knife for slic­ing a spi­ral, a pota­to peel­er, a knife for cut­ting avo­ca­dos, kitchen scis­sors for chop­ping greens, a pineap­ple slicer, a peel­er, a slicer for bananas and sausages, a piz­za cut­ter, a corn peel­er. And note that in the signs about such con­ve­nient devices — not a word!

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Hunter knives

About “seri­ous” knives, a spe­cial con­ver­sa­tion. Before donat­ing a hunt­ing knife, make sure that it is allod for free cir­cu­la­tion, and its new own­er will not have prob­lems with the author­i­ties. Per­mit­ted knives in Rus­sia are reg­u­lat­ed by GOSTs. All mod­els that are sold in spe­cial­ized stores offline and on the Inter­net must have cer­tifi­cates. Doc­u­ments con­firm their legal­i­ty and clas­si­fi­ca­tion, that is, they deter­mine what kind of knives they are — for sur­vival, sports, house­hold, etc. Such cer­tifi­cates are issued by accred­it­ed lab­o­ra­to­ries after test­ing.

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Popular questions and ansrs

In one arti­cle it is dif­fi­cult to tell about every­thing relat­ed to signs and donat­ing knives. We will ansr the most pop­u­lar ques­tions.

Can I buy my own knives?

Of course, after all, mak­ing gifts to your­self is no less pleas­ant than receiv­ing from some­one. In addi­tion, signs of knives do not apply to one­self. Of par­tic­u­lar val­ue are mod­els made in small batch­es and in pri­vate work­shops. Do not spare mon­ey for an orig­i­nal sou­venir knife that will remind you of an inter­est­ing jour­ney. Final­ly, you should please your­self with a mod­ern device for the house­hold or your favorite hob­by.

What to do if you re given knives?

The per­son who chose the gift most like­ly want­ed to do some­thing nice, so the nat­ur­al reac­tion is a feel­ing of grat­i­tude. If you believe in omens, “pay off” with a coin, and if super­sti­tion is not your forte, accept the knife with sin­cere grat­i­tude and use it with plea­sure.

What other signs about knives exist?

The Japan­ese have a spe­cial atti­tude towards knives and scis­sors. In the Land of the Ris­ing Sun, they are sure that such gifts scare away evil spir­its and bring good luck. The knife pro­tects from trou­bles, there­fore it is cus­tom­ary to hand over cut­ting objects to spe­cial dates. Accord­ing to Japan­ese beliefs, knives are giv­en when the unfor­tu­nate age of the yaku­doshi comes. For men it is 25, 42 and 61 years, and for women it is 19, 33 and 37 years.

Although mod­ern Japan­ese are not over­ly super­sti­tious, the tra­di­tion of gift­ing knives upon reach­ing a cri­sis age is alive today. Res­i­dents of Japan are the stan­dard of polite­ness. In order not to embar­rass the per­son they want to give the knife to, they put a coin in the gift box. Who­ev­er receives a sharp present can return it as “pay­ment”.

Can I donate knives and forks?

Some peo­ple believe that forks, nee­dles, and knives can attract “evil spir­its.” In order not to offend, do not give them sharp objects. You can safe­ly give any knives to non-super­sti­tious peo­ple, and not only adults. Knives are giv­en even to chil­dren. To do this, there are safe tools with a spe­cial design, with them a teenag­er will not acci­den­tal­ly cut him­self, but he will feel more mature and skilled.