Gifts for chil­dren

Gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten: interesting and original ideas

Grad­u­a­tion in kinder­garten is an impor­tant stage in the life of any child. At this moment, care­free child­hood ends to some extent, and grad­ual mat­u­ra­tion begins, which implies the first man­i­fes­ta­tions of respon­si­bil­i­ty. There­fore, it is impor­tant to make this hol­i­day bright and mem­o­rable, and choose gifts that not only please, but also ben­e­fit.

Selection rules

Even if it is planned to arrange an enchant­i­ng show with ani­ma­tors, soap bub­bles and a magi­cian at the grad­u­a­tion in kinder­garten, there should still be at least a small gift for chil­dren from their par­ents. In any case, a grad­u­ate will be pleased to receive at least some mem­o­rable sym­bol that allows him to remem­ber this day in a few years. When choos­ing a gift for a future first grad­er, you should still focus on the wish­es of the baby, and not his par­ent. Of course, adults would pre­fer smart and seri­ous presents, for exam­ple, an umbrel­la, but this is unlike­ly to please chil­dren.

At the end of kinder­garten, you should give some­thing both spec­tac­u­lar and prac­ti­cal. Even if the choice is for a “first grad­er set,” it should be designed in an inter­est­ing style, with unusu­al details and acces­sories, such as erasers in the form of slices of piz­za or ice cream, and some sets of mod­ern stick­ers. By the way, you can choose an indi­vid­ual design for each child so that every­one enjoys a per­son­al approach, but at the same time does not wor­ry about the fact that anoth­er child’s gift turned out to be bet­ter and more inter­est­ing.

Nev­er­the­less, the release should not be accom­pa­nied by some expen­sive and lux­u­ri­ous present. After all, not for all par­ents, a large amount will be lift­ing, and an expen­sive gift is not nec­es­sar­i­ly pleas­ing and mem­o­rable. An expen­sive foun­tain pen will cer­tain­ly be need­ed for first grade, but it is unlike­ly to please any child. Grad­u­ates are also not rec­om­mend­ed to give some­thing from clothes or hygiene items.

Both vari­eties are not per­ceived by chil­dren as some­thing fes­tive, and there­fore will not please chil­dren at all.

Original gifts

To give the guys a good and orig­i­nal gift, you will have to be cre­ative and first study the var­i­ous ideas avail­able in var­i­ous sources. For exam­ple, grad­u­ates should form a set to study the world around them. It may include a flash­light, binoc­u­lars or a mag­ni­fy­ing glass, a handy orga­niz­er for nature finds, as ll as a handy con­tain­er to take snacks with you, and a water bot­tle. A won­der­ful present will be a night light pro­ject­ing a pic­ture of the night sky onto the ceil­ing. It will not only trans­form the child’s bed­room for the bet­ter, but also help him fall asleep faster.

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Quite sim­ple, but at the same time, an orig­i­nal gift will be a cer­tifi­cate for a joint event or a tick­et to some inter­est­ing place. The list of pos­si­bil­i­ties is huge: a water park, an amuse­ment park, a cin­e­ma, a cir­cus, a the­ater, a zoo, a culi­nary mas­ter class, a draw­ing les­son and oth­ers. Unusu­al toys are also suit­able, for exam­ple, a pup­pet the­ater, robots, favorite char­ac­ters from films and TV shows. Book­stores sell a large num­ber of inter­est­ing col­lec­tions with stick­ers, puz­zles and puz­zles that will keep any child busy for a long time.

Sure­ly the chil­dren will like those gifts that will allow them to spend time with their par­ents. For exam­ple, it can be a design­er-house, all the fur­ni­ture inside of which is cre­at­ed inde­pen­dent­ly. The whole fam­i­ly will spend long hours care­ful­ly glu­ing lad­ders, chairs and cab­i­nets togeth­er. It’s great to get an unusu­al col­or­ing book, suit­able even for adults, and a set of mul­ti-col­ored pen­cils as a gift. A thick book with illus­tra­tions from “Har­ry Pot­ter” that you can fill in with col­ors togeth­er, both chil­dren and their par­ents will like it. Design­ers made of plas­tic tubes “Tykon” are pop­u­lar. Indi­vid­ual parts can twist, shrink, buck­le and change in size, allow­ing you to cre­ate three-dimen­sion­al vol­u­met­ric images.

Do not for­get about the oppor­tu­ni­ty to present gifts to chil­dren that will remind them of the kinder­garten through­out their lives. These can be cups engraved with the names of the guys and pleas­ant words, for exam­ple, “the most obe­di­ent”, “the most active”, “the most artis­tic”, “the most eco­nom­ic”. It’s nice to get a puz­zle with a pho­to of all the guys in the group, and a pho­to album with all the bright moments of kinder­garten life for grad­u­a­tion. Solu­tions such as a T‑shirt with the band’s logo, a note­book and a sketch­book with it, or the same bag for chang­ing shoes are also suit­able. Be sure to pre­pare a large cake with fig­urines of chil­dren or their names placed in such a way that each child receives a per­son­al piece.

Of course, the pos­si­ble choice of gifts increas­es if you buy them by gen­der — sep­a­rate­ly for boys, and sep­a­rate­ly for girls. In this case, chil­dren’s cos­met­ics sets, small dolls with out­fits, mag­a­zines for girls, fur­ni­ture for princess­es or DIY jel­ry mak­ing kits are suit­able for young princess­es.

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In this case, it is cus­tom­ary for boys to buy robots, cars, pre­fab­ri­cat­ed mod­els of equip­ment, comics with super­heroes or oth­er para­pher­na­lia of pop­u­lar char­ac­ters.

Useful Options

Per­haps one of the most use­ful options is a book, both fic­tion and an ency­clo­pe­dia. You need to choose a book of high qual­i­ty and inter­est­ing, with a fair­ly large font and attrac­tive illus­tra­tions. If the choice is made in favor of the ency­clo­pe­dia, then it is worth choos­ing a top­ic that will be use­ful in the first years of study. For exam­ple, it can be ded­i­cat­ed to the ani­mal world, some nat­ur­al phe­nom­e­na or the his­to­ry of your native coun­try. When fic­tion is pur­chased as a gift, you should make sure that none of the chil­dren have such a book yet.

Board games and edu­ca­tion­al con­struc­tors or puz­zles are a good gift. Since the stores offer a large selec­tion of such goods, from chess to huge puz­zles, it is worth focus­ing on the age of the chil­dren. In any case, such a gift will appeal to both kinder­garten stu­dents and their par­ents. Anoth­er great solu­tion is to pur­chase a kit for cre­ativ­i­ty or sci­ence. In the first case, the chil­dren will learn how to sew, make soap or col­lect dec­o­ra­tive items, sculpt and draw, cre­ate appliqués or even burn pat­terns, as ll as paint pic­tures by num­bers. In the sec­ond, chil­dren can be pre­sent­ed with kits for chem­i­cal exper­i­ments, assem­bling mod­els or phys­i­cal exper­i­ments. The guys will obvi­ous­ly be delight­ed if they are offered to cre­ate a mini-vol­cano or grow crys­tals.

In prin­ci­ple, before school, a set for study will be a very use­ful gift. It is bet­ter to form it depend­ing on the finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties of the par­ents. Alter­na­tive­ly, the gift includes sta­tionery, a pen­cil case, note­books and notepads, fold­ers, a set for labor lessons, or even a diary. The same gifts include a styl­ish alarm clock with car­toon char­ac­ters, as ll as an unusu­al globe. An inter­est­ing solu­tion would be a large map, on which, with the help of a coin, those coun­tries that a per­son has vis­it­ed should be marked. On the one hand, such a gift will allow you to study geog­ra­phy, and, on the oth­er hand, it con­tains an ele­ment of the game that chil­dren need.

In prin­ci­ple, 6–7 years is still the time when sets for games in var­i­ous pro­fes­sions will appeal to you. Boys will sure­ly appre­ci­ate a set of tools like dad has, and girls will love their own set of dish­es. It is impor­tant for a child to devel­op not only the mind, but also the body, so buy­ing gifts for sports and out­door activ­i­ties is a good idea.

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Prob­a­bly, roller skates or a scoot­er will turn out to be too expen­sive gifts, but bad­minton rack­ets, a ball, a fris­bee or a swim­ming set will be appro­pri­ate.

What can be done with your own hands?

If there are skilled fathers in the group, and even moth­ers, then they can make each child a cool slate board on which to draw with crayons. It is very easy to use: chil­dren will be able to draw var­i­ous pic­tures, quick­ly erase what they have drawn and cre­ate a new mas­ter­piece. Hav­ing tried, you can also make a mag­net­ic board on which you draw with mark­ers. Such an item will help a lot with your stud­ies, because on the sur­face you can write, cre­ate pic­tures, and hang pic­tures with work cards.

Moms who know how to cook can work togeth­er to bake per­son­al­ized cook­ies or cup­cakes for the kids.

Good­ies can be dec­o­rat­ed with some sym­bol of the kinder­garten, as ll as the name of the child.

An unusu­al gift can be a piece of decor cre­at­ed by your­self. It can be a per­son­al­ized paint­ing, a mur­al, a mobile, a pen­cil hold­er or a pho­to frame. In prin­ci­ple, today’s hand-made allows you to cre­ate very beau­ti­ful and sin­cere toys. As an option, for boys it may turn out to be some kind of home-made wood­en con­struc­tor, and for girls — cozy soft ani­mals. A cool idea would be hand­made pil­lows dec­o­rat­ed with images of pop­u­lar movie and car­toon char­ac­ters.

Active par­ents, instead of buy­ing a gift that not every­one will like, can orga­nize a fun out­door par­ty — a full-fledged pic­nic with bar­be­cue and games. Let some adults be respon­si­ble for the enter­tain­ment pro­gram and quests, some for a plen­ti­ful table, and some for trans­port­ing the entire fun com­pa­ny. Of course, there should be no alco­hol at the event.

If you have funds, mon­ey and a great desire, then you can inde­pen­dent­ly cre­ate an unusu­al board game, the char­ac­ters of which are kinder­garten stu­dents and teach­ers, and arrange every­thing in a box with a pho­to of the whole group.

By the way, an impor­tant com­po­nent of the gift should be a film made from videos from var­i­ous mati­nees, sports com­pe­ti­tions and events, or just a disk with a pho­to archive and all these videos.

Inter­est­ing gift ideas for chil­dren at grad­u­a­tion — see the next video.