Gift for a lit­tle girl – tasks are not easy, espe­cial­ly when your bud­get is lim­it­ed. Our team decid­ed to help in this dif­fi­cult choice and picked up gifts for girls of dif­fer­ent ages with a “low” bud­get.

Top bud­get gifts
There are thou­sands of gift options, but it’s worth keep­ing your bud­get in mind. Below are col­lect­ed pop­u­lar and afford­able “presents” for girls of dif­fer­ent ages:

- dolls or rat­tles;
— chil­dren’s toys (dish­es, plush ani­mals, edu­ca­tion­al games);
— sports equip­ment, depend­ing on hob­bies (rollers, skates, balls, etc.);
— cre­ator’s Kit;
— sym­bol­ic gifts by age (for exam­ple, an orig­i­nal pass­port cov­er for a 14th birth­day);
— shoes or clothes (per­fect choice for a young fash­ion­ista)
— acces­sories for smart­phones, PCs, lap­tops, cam­eras and oth­er equip­ment;
— Appli­ances;
— hair/body acces­sories, etc.;
— inte­ri­or items.
— Uni­ver­sal Gifts

There are times when you have an amount of 500–10$. It is dif­fi­cult to buy a cool gift for such mon­ey, giv­en the age cat­e­go­ry. But what to do when you want to make a sur­prise that will delight the birth­day girl for a long time? There is an exit!

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Hair­pins and hair bands
Hair­pins and elas­tic bands are a uni­ver­sal gift that can be picked up for girls with any hair­style and style. They can be:

- bright — the per­fect choice for lit­tle princess­es;
— clas­sic — suit­able for old­er girls;
— restrained or sea­soned in a cer­tain col­or scheme, which is ide­al for teenagers who have already decid­ed on their style and ar ll-estab­lished bows in their wardrobe.

Anoth­er win-win option for a bud­get gift is key chains. As in the pre­vi­ous case, they can be of dif­fer­ent shapes, con­fig­u­ra­tions, col­ors and pur­pos­es.

Such a gift can be used as an acces­so­ry for a bag, bacweack. phone, keys and much more.

By choos­ing such acces­sories, you will fit into a lim­it­ed bud­get and present a uni­ver­sal gift that will not “gath­er dust on the shelf”, but will be able to empha­size the beau­ty, unique­ness and dig­ni­ty of the birth­day girl! And most impor­tant­ly, out­ward­ly such a “present” will look expen­sive and rel­e­vant at any time.

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