Chil­dren’s birth­day

Birthday script for a girl

For any child, a birth­day is a spe­cial occa­sion. There­fore, lov­ing par­ents always try to make a mem­o­rable event out of it. For­tu­nate­ly, now there are many oppor­tu­ni­ties to give a child the hol­i­day of his dreams.

Topic selection

Child­hood is a time for mag­ic. There­fore, it is worth try­ing to make the main hol­i­day of the year fab­u­lous and unfor­get­table for the child, so that it is remem­bered and gives pleas­ant emo­tions for a long time. Most often, birth­days are made themed. Stick­ing to one theme makes it eas­i­er to choose decor, enter­tain­ment, and out­fits. The theme of the hol­i­day depends on what the child is fond of.

For exam­ple, if a girl loves car­toons from Dis­ney, then her birth­day should be arranged in the style of a princess. You can col­lect all the heroes of your favorite car­toons, or you can stop at your favorite sto­ry. So, if a girl loves Aladdin, then she should play the role of the beau­ti­ful Jas­mine, and spend the hol­i­day in the style of the Ara­bi­an Night, with exot­ic snacks and unusu­al enter­tain­ment. This par­ty will appeal to chil­dren from 5 to 8 years old. The same applies to oth­er famous Dis­ney car­toons and their hero­ines.

Princess­es such as Sofia, Elsa, Ariel, Moana are pop­u­lar among girls of dif­fer­ent ages.

If a child likes fairy tales, then the cel­e­bra­tion can be arranged in the style of one of their favorite sto­ries. This option is great for cel­e­brat­ing the first birth­day, which the child spends in the com­pa­ny of his friends. The cel­e­bra­tion will appeal to chil­dren 3 or 4 years old.

Anoth­er pop­u­lar option for a chil­dren’s hol­i­day is a pirate par­ty. It is per­fect for active girls who do not go to sit still. You can hold such a chil­dren’s hol­i­day for a child from 6 to 12 years old. The main role is played by dec­o­ra­tion, orig­i­nal pirate cos­tumes and themed con­tests. “Sum­mer” birth­day girls should give such a par­ty in nature. You can also orga­nize a cel­e­bra­tion in one col­or, a “fash­ion show” or a super­hero evening. The main thing is to make the hol­i­day with love and take into account the inter­ests of the child.

Games and contests

An inte­gral part of the chil­dren’s hol­i­day — all kinds of games, quizzes and con­tests.

For home

At home, of course, there are more oppor­tu­ni­ties for an inter­est­ing hol­i­day. At home, you can enter­tain chil­dren with a game of Twister, fold­ing small speed puz­zles or home karaoke with a choice of win­ners. Young fash­ion­istas will def­i­nite­ly enjoy the com­pe­ti­tion, which is called “The Best Make­up Artist”. To do this, you need to buy high-qual­i­ty chil­dren’s cos­met­ics in advance.

Girls should be divid­ed into pairs and each pair should be giv­en a set of cos­met­ics. So that no one is offend­ed, the kits must be the same. One of the girls will have to make up the oth­er. As a result, the guests of the hol­i­day will deter­mine the win­ner or even sev­er­al.

As a prize, you can use some­thing from cos­met­ics, such as lip­stick, mas­cara or a set of shad­ows.

For the next com­pe­ti­tion, you need to buy bright col­ored bal­loons and inflate them. Each child will receive 1 bal­loon and 1 mark­er. Par­tic­i­pants need to blind­fold with a dense dark tape. The task of all par­tic­i­pants in the com­pe­ti­tion is to paint the ball, depict­ing on it the muz­zle of a fun­ny ani­mal or one of Sme­shari­ki. You can adapt this com­pe­ti­tion to the theme of the hol­i­day. For exam­ple, if the par­ty is held in the style of Dis­ney princess­es, then each ball should be paint­ed under one of the car­toon char­ac­ters. Win­ners must also be cho­sen by every­one togeth­er.

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Lit­tle set tooth will also appre­ci­ate the Can­dy Rain game. To con­duct it, guests, as in the pre­vi­ous case, need to be blind­fold­ed. At this time, one of the par­ents scat­ters sets on the floor, say­ing that it has recent­ly rained can­dy, and now the chil­dren have to har­vest. Each child is giv­en a bag to fill with their eyes closed.

The win­ner will be the one with the most can­dies. He receives a set gift: a choco­late bar or a box of choco­lates. All par­tic­i­pants keep the col­lect­ed sets.

In the cafe

It is much eas­i­er to spend a hol­i­day in a cafe, but you have to be slight­ly lim­it­ed in the choice of enter­tain­ment. The eas­i­est option is to “screen” your favorite fairy tale or car­toon. For this, some pop­u­lar sto­ry is tak­en. Each per­son is giv­en a spe­cif­ic role. Then the impro­vi­sa­tion begins. The host voic­es the main plot twists, and the chil­dren play their role as they please. It turns out fun and some­times very unex­pect­ed.

Anoth­er sim­ple com­pe­ti­tion is eat­ing some­thing tasty for speed. It is best to choose some­thing light and healthy, such as fruit. They need to be cut into slices and put in front of each child a plate with them. You can eat them at speed with­out hands, blind­fold­ed or sim­ply with­out appli­ances. The win­ner gets a tasty prize.

If chil­dren are over 6 years old, you can arrange intel­lec­tu­al games and quizzes. Ques­tions should be made appro­pri­ate to the theme of the hol­i­day.

How to diversify the holiday?

Like adult hol­i­days, chil­dren’s hol­i­days can be sup­ple­ment­ed with var­i­ous shows and per­for­mances.

original show

There are many show options that can be ordered for a chil­dren’s par­ty. Depend­ing on the theme, you can invite peo­ple to put on a good sci­ence show or give guests a lit­tle mag­ic. In addi­tion, you can arrange a pup­pet show. Chil­dren at some point may even become par­tic­i­pants in the process.

Party with a piñata

The piña­ta is part of tra­di­tion­al Mex­i­can hol­i­days. Usu­al­ly this is a fig­ure of an ani­mal made of cor­ru­gat­ed paper and cov­ered with fringe. Inside the piña­ta there are always deli­cious sets and coins. The piña­ta is hung from a tree branch and lit­er­al­ly destroyed by chil­dren. The pur­pose of the guests of the hol­i­day is to beat the piña­ta with sticks until it falls apart and its con­tents fall out of it.

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This piña­ta can now be bought in a store or ordered online. If you wish, you can cre­ate it your­self. It will take more time, but it will be pos­si­ble to make the con­tents of the gift more inter­est­ing.

Creative master class

The hol­i­day can be spent with ben­e­fit. For exam­ple, orga­nize a mas­ter class. You can do it your­self, or you can invite pro­fes­sion­als to vis­it. There are sev­er­al ideas for such a pas­time.

  • Body art. Chil­dren love to draw on all avail­able sur­faces. And this kind of cre­ativ­i­ty will allow you to dec­o­rate the face of your best friend. Before con­duct­ing such a mas­ter class, you need to buy spe­cial paints that do not harm the skin. You can depict the faces of ani­mals, flors, fairy-tale char­ac­ters on your face.
  • Cook­ing. For adults, this activ­i­ty already seems bor­ing, but for chil­dren, the process may seem quite excit­ing. Cook­ing, of course, is worth sets. You can make orig­i­nal lol­lipops, rain­bow cakes, paint gin­ger­bread or bake for­tune cook­ies.
  • Draw­ing. You can paint dish­es, peb­bles or even T‑shirts. Guests of the hol­i­day will be able to keep the results of such a mas­ter class as a keep­sake.

And also there is an option to learn ani­ma­tion with sand, dif­fer­ent types of mod­el­ing or mak­ing jel­ry.

Script Ideas

Hav­ing decid­ed on the theme of the hol­i­day and choos­ing a cou­ple of inter­est­ing games that will def­i­nite­ly cap­ti­vate chil­dren, you can pro­ceed to com­pil­ing an approx­i­mate sce­nario. It is impor­tant that there is a lot of room for impro­vi­sa­tion in it so that the chil­dren do not get bored. For inspi­ra­tion, you can use dif­fer­ent options for activ­i­ties.

Children’s coven

Both young chil­dren and teenagers love sto­ries about mag­ic. There­fore, a chil­dren’s hol­i­day can be held in the style of a par­ty for young witch­es. For a girl’s birth­day, you can rent sev­er­al beau­ti­ful cos­tumes. These can be images of dark and light witch­es, Baba Yaga.

To cre­ate the right atmos­phere, it is also impor­tant to dec­o­rate the room prop­er­ly. Dec­o­ra­tions can be used those that are sold on the eve of Hal­loen. Some of them are easy to do by hand. The child will like to par­tic­i­pate in the prepa­ra­tion of his birth­day on an equal basis with adults.

An excel­lent addi­tion to the hol­i­day for the birth­day witch will be an orig­i­nal­ly dec­o­rat­ed table. There are so many ideas for such a spe­cif­ic feast. Young witch­es can be served com­pote “Love potion”, cakes with mag­i­cal flors, sand­wich­es of the orig­i­nal form and oth­er “mag­ic” snacks.

The main thing is to present each dish beau­ti­ful­ly. In this case, it is best to set the table with guests for greater immer­sion in this mag­i­cal atmos­phere.

Com­pe­ti­tions and enter­tain­ment should also fit the theme. Games and relay races are suit­able for the hol­i­day.

  • “Witch Rac­ing” The relay race, in which 2 teams par­tic­i­pate, is easy to make part of a mag­i­cal hol­i­day, sim­ply by trans­fer­ring all the guests to brooms. As a “broom” you can use ordi­nary brooms or mops.
  • “Mum­my”. This is one of the eas­i­est con­tests. Chil­dren are divid­ed into pairs, and each pair is giv­en a roll of toi­let paper. One child must wrap the oth­er with toi­let paper. A cer­tain amount of time is allot­ted for this. As a result, every­one togeth­er eval­u­ates whose mum­my turned out to be of the high­est qual­i­ty. The win­ner gets a themed gift.
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Anoth­er fun way to make a small coven more inter­est­ing is to act out a scene from your favorite fairy tale car­toon or movie. For exam­ple, from “Har­ry Pot­ter” or “The Chron­i­cles of Nar­nia”,

“Cold heart”

If the car­toon about Elsa and Anna is one of the favorites of the birth­day girl, you can make a hol­i­day for her in the style of this fairy tale. Prepa­ra­tion for such an event will not take much time. To begin with, it is impor­tant to cre­ate beau­ti­ful scenery.

Togeth­er with the chil­dren, you can cut out snowflakes from paper, make white and blue gar­lands, or come up with some oth­er unusu­al hand­made dec­o­ra­tions.

Treats for young princess­es can also be picked up in the same style: air cakes, a cake with a lot of white cream, marsh­mal­lows, grapes and, of course, ice cream. If pos­si­ble, you can also order a themed cake with the image of your favorite char­ac­ters.

If the birth­day falls in the win­ter, the guests of the hol­i­day have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to have fun on the street: play snow­balls, make snow­men and go sled­ding. At home, you can hold sev­er­al active con­tests and games, and when every­one is tired, turn on the car­toon for the chil­dren, the main char­ac­ters of which they felt like all day.

Holiday in Wonderland

A lover of an unusu­al fairy tale about Alice, who got into Won­der­land, can orga­nize an orig­i­nal hol­i­day with a tea par­ty, a Hat­ter and fun con­tests. To have a fun birth­day par­ty, you need to make cos­tumes or masks that will help chil­dren get used to the role of Alice, the Hat­ter, Sonya the mouse and oth­er heroes of the sto­ry. For table decor, you can buy nap­kins with unusu­al pat­terns and make tags with the inscrip­tions “eat me” and “drink me” with your own hands.

The room in which the hol­i­day will take place is dec­o­rat­ed with red bal­loons and var­i­ous orig­i­nal details that are found in the film and car­toon about Alice.

There are many com­pe­ti­tions you can think of. For exam­ple, you can arrange a “crazy tea par­ty” by blind­fold­ing each child and offer­ing sev­er­al types of juice to choose from. The child must deter­mine which drink is which. If there is a lot of space, it is easy to arrange a quest to find a gift for the birth­day girl. In dif­fer­ent rooms there will be guests dressed as char­ac­ters from a mag­i­cal sto­ry. Their task is to give the girl a rid­dle or give some sim­ple task. For a cor­rect ansr or a com­plet­ed task, the birth­day girl receives anoth­er hint. This con­tin­ues until she finds her main gift.