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How to make a gift for your sister with your own hands?

On the eve of the wom­en’s hol­i­day, I want to please with atten­tion all my loved ones — moth­er, grand­moth­er, sis­ter. And if are talk­ing about a birth­day, the gift is pre­pared in advance, with spe­cial trep­i­da­tion and care. You can make a gift for your sis­ter with your own hands, even if you don’t have any spe­cial artis­tic tal­ents. All you need is desire, free time and cre­ativ­i­ty.

paper cake

An orig­i­nal and com­plete­ly low-calo­rie cake will sure­ly impress the sis­ter: giv­en that each piece is filled with warm wish­es, such food for the soul will not leave the birth­day girl indif­fer­ent

Paper Cake — this is by and large a pack­age, not an inde­pen­dent gift. In neat, “appe­tiz­ing for the eyes” pieces, you can hide any­thing — from sets (if asso­ci­a­tions with sets are inevitable) to jel­ry.

With the help of a paper cake, you can present to your beloved sis­ter sev­er­al gifts at once (up to 12). By the way, very often this idea is picked up by young peo­ple who intend to call a girl to mar­ry on her birth­day. The sis­ter of the birth­day girl can help the guy with this: you make a cake out of paper, and in one of its pieces there will be a ring.

Mak­ing tips:

  • in the prepa­ra­tion of such a cake, the guide­line goes to one col­or scheme, if you use sev­er­al col­ors, they should not be res­o­nant;
  • if the cake is too bright and col­or­ful, it is prob­a­bly a gift for a lit­tle sis­ter; girls and women will like cakes dec­o­rat­ed in calmer col­ors;
  • all pieces of the cake are tied with a satin rib­bon in col­or — fas­tens imper­cep­ti­bly, but quite firm­ly;
  • try to dec­o­rate a piece of cake both out­side and inside — rhine­stones, beads, design­er paper, sequins, but­tons, and so on.

To cre­ate a paper cake, draw a tem­plate. But it’s eas­i­er to take it ready by print­ing it on a print­er. So you will be con­vinced that all the pieces are the same, there will be no mis­match­es.

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By the way, mod­ern print­ers can han­dle col­or sta­tionery quite ll. This great­ly sim­pli­fies the whole job. You can buy such print­er paper indi­vid­u­al­ly or in a whole pack­age. It comes either with a fin­ished pat­tern, or embossed, or plain.

The nuances of making a cake

You need to think about the col­or: just pink or just pis­ta­chio is a lit­tle bor­ing. If already have the theme of desserts, then you can give a paper cake with the max­i­mum imi­ta­tion of the real one. Using rich choco­late-col­ored dec­o­ra­tive paper, you will depict a choco­late cake. You can beat straw­ber­ry dessert, ice cream cake and even Napoleon.

After the tem­plate is print­ed and cut out:

  • bend the paper in the areas with a dot­ted line (they are called so — the places of bend­ing), press with scis­sors, the paper will become even;
  • there are places on the tem­plate that are left for glu­ing — do not go beyond these bound­aries, use a glue stick, the most accu­rate and easy to use;
  • the last square part, which actu­al­ly clos­es the cake, does not need to be sealed, this is done only at the moment when a gift (or wish) is placed inside.

After all the pieces are cut and glued, it’s time to dec­o­rate. And there are a lot of options here: audit the pos­si­ble jel­ry that you already have, if nec­es­sary, buy the rest.

How to decorate?

If, for exam­ple, you already know how to work with crepe paper, you can dec­o­rate the cake with flors made from it. The most nat­ur­al ros­es and peonies, daf­fodils, corn­flors and so on are obtained from crepe paper. And if you are imi­tat­ing a Sovi­et cake lav­ish­ly dec­o­rat­ed with ros­es, such dec­o­ra­tive paper will help out a lot.

And also the cake can be dec­o­rat­ed:

  • ruf­fles made of bright ser­pen­tine;
  • a rain­bow of col­ored felt;
  • small beads;
  • rhine­stones of dif­fer­ent sizes and tex­tures;
  • bows (paper or rib­bon);
  • vol­u­met­ric images of every­thing set — mar­malade, marsh­mal­lows, dragees, cup­cakes and so on.
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A cake dec­o­rat­ed using quilling tech­nique acquires a chic decor.

Even chil­dren from 7 to 8 years old can do such work, although it requires per­se­ver­ance. But twist­ed paper pat­terns on the cake look very gen­tle, del­i­cate, nat­ur­al.

Box from the box

Anoth­er not very com­pli­cat­ed and very inex­pen­sive gift option (both intend­ed for the younger sis­ter and made by the hands of the younger one). The box is an essen­tial attribute of a girl’s dress­ing table, the room as a whole. And very often, not store-bought, typ­i­cal prod­ucts, but amaz­ing alter­ations of old box­es become favorite box­es. With your own hands, an ordi­nary box can actu­al­ly be turned into a design­er thing!

Con­sid­er how to arrange a box.

  • Tex­tile. This option is the most effec­tive and most afford­able. Your task is to find a fab­ric that will look per­fect inside the box, and in addi­tion to it, choose a mate­r­i­al that advan­ta­geous­ly dec­o­rates the box on the out­side. Very often, an ordi­nary chintz does an excel­lent job with this task, and a box in the style of Provence or coun­try turns out to be just authen­tic. Braid, lace rib­bons, but­tons are active­ly used in this design.
  • Self-adhe­sive paper under the skin. This is not just a PVC film, but a dense mate­r­i­al that real­ly resem­bles gen­uine leather. It is sold in dif­fer­ent shades and degrees of den­si­ty. It cuts per­fect­ly, sticks ll, and the box will look quite nat­ur­al. Inside the box can be glued with a cloth. For exam­ple, a box made of thick white leather with a red lin­ing inside looks sim­ply incom­pa­ra­ble.
  • Paint­ing. If the box is made of thick card­board that lends itself ll to paint­ing, you can take, for exam­ple, acrylic paint for wood, and prime the box ll. And then you can paint it or dec­o­rate it using decoupage tech­nique. But do not for­get about the inside of the prod­uct, it should not leave any hint that the box was pre­vi­ous­ly an ordi­nary box.
  • Lace. You can com­plete­ly dec­o­rate the box with lace. Lin­ing fab­ric is suit­able for inte­ri­or dec­o­ra­tion. In the cen­ter of the lid, you can fix a beau­ti­ful but­ton, or make some­thing like a brooch, any pret­ty ele­ment that will be the final touch.
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The box is a self-suf­fi­cient gift, but if you fill it to the top with wish­es writ­ten on bright pieces of paper, the gift will only become rich­er.

Give an impression

Very often, a gift in the form of an impres­sion is remem­bered much more than some­thing mate­ri­al­ly sig­nif­i­cant. If you want to please your sis­ter, bring her back to her child­hood. For exam­ple, orga­nize a pic­nic in nature. Take with you every­thing that you adored as a child (even if it is not very use­ful) — choco­late dragees, set soda, chips, and so on. Take with you the rub­ber bands that you loved to jump into in your child­hood: you will be sur­prised to learn that you remem­ber almost all the move­ments.

If you still have the mag­a­zines you col­lect­ed as a child, great! Con­sid­er child­hood idols, read the news of those times — it’s very atmos­pher­ic. For a pic­nic, be sure to down­load music that was pop­u­lar in those years — for exam­ple, “Ivanush­ki” or “Hands Up” into your phone. Even if your sis­ter is already over thir­ty, this does not mean that she will nev­er want to return to her child­hood.

In such an envi­ron­ment, you can present the same paper cake or box, the hol­i­day will def­i­nite­ly be unusu­al, because from start to fin­ish you orga­nized it your­self, did every­thing with your own hands. Some­times it’s worth get­ting away from restau­rant or stan­dard home gath­er­ings, replac­ing them with some­thing more orig­i­nal and unex­pect­ed.

Gifts often take time and desire, rather than a large amount of mon­ey. What is remem­bered is what comes from the heart, and where you feel your desire to please a loved one.

How to make a gift to your sis­ter with your own hands, see the next video.