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How to give money to a man in an original way?

Birth­day is the most impor­tant hol­i­day for every per­son. On this day, the birth­day boy is sur­round­ed by atten­tion and gifts. Rel­a­tives and friends are try­ing to present an inter­est­ing present that would be tru­ly remem­bered, and not gath­er­ing dust on the shelf. But if there are no ideas at all, and you don’t want to lose face, then there is always a proven gift that will sure­ly appeal to both men and women. This is mon­ey. But in order for this gift to look infor­mal, but fes­tive, mon­ey should be pre­sent­ed in an inter­est­ing way. This arti­cle will dis­cuss how to give mon­ey to a man in an orig­i­nal way.

How not to present?

Mon­ey is a nec­es­sary gift, but there are still some rules to con­sid­er. pre­sen­ta­tions, with­out observ­ing which you can even offend the birth­day man.

  • The amount must be pre­pared in advanceso that it is in some kind of enve­lope or oth­er more orig­i­nal pack­ag­ing. In no case should you take mon­ey out of your wal­let, count­ing bills and trans­fer them to the birth­day per­son from hand to hand.
  • It is con­sid­ered bad form to voice the amount of the gift to the birth­day man and guests. But this does not mean that you need to be silent, pre­sent­ing the enve­lope. It is bet­ter to pre­pare a con­grat­u­la­to­ry speech in advance.
  • You need to take care of the appear­ance of the gift. Ban­knotes should not be old or torn. It is bet­ter that each ban­knote is new, but if not, then at least it looks pre­sentable. It is unde­sir­able to put a tri­fle, unless the script pro­vides for it.
  • Some­times two peo­ple cel­e­brate their birth­day at the same time. (for exam­ple, broth­er and sis­ter), while arrang­ing a gen­er­al par­ty. Then each birth­day per­son should give envelopes with mon­ey. One gift for two with the sub­se­quent divi­sion of the amount will look inap­pro­pri­ate and even insult­ing.

By fol­low­ing these sim­ple rules, you can present mon­ey as a real­ly nec­es­sary and good gift.

Original methods of delivery

So that a cash gift does not look bor­ing, you can show your imag­i­na­tion and arrange a real hol­i­day for the birth­day man. The pro­posed options are suit­able for pre­sent­ing a present to a young guy.

  • Quest game. It is much more inter­est­ing to look for a gift than to receive it imme­di­ate­ly. You can hide a pack of ban­knotes in advance in a safe place in the birth­day man’s apart­ment, spread­ing out notes with clues. Or the hero of the occa­sion can find one bill each, per­form­ing cer­tain tasks. The quest does not have to be lim­it­ed to one apart­ment. It all depends on the imag­i­na­tion of the guests.
  • Bal­loon mon­ey. This way will look real­ly fes­tive and the birth­day boy will like it. You should put ban­knotes in bal­loons in advance, inflate them and dec­o­rate the room. Then, in the mid­dle of the cel­e­bra­tion, invite the birth­day man to burst each bal­loon. And what will be his sur­prise when he dis­cov­ers a mon­e­tary sur­prise.
  • Rain of ban­knotes. Here, guests need to show mir­a­cles of inge­nu­ity and tie ban­knotes that should be in the pack­age, for exam­ple, to a chan­de­lier. Then ask the birth­day boy to pull the string — and the mon­ey rain will sure­ly cause a sea of ​​​​pos­i­tive emo­tions.
  • It’s cool to give mon­ey to a guy by tying ban­knotes to a radio-con­trolled car. It would be appro­pri­ate to play the hero of the occa­sion. When he reach­es for the mon­ey, the guests must force the machine to leave using the con­trol pan­el, thus the guy will have to run for the desired gift. Instead of a car, you can use a toy train that will deliv­er mon­ey to a hap­py birth­day per­son by rail.
  • Piz­za deliv­ery. This way to beat a cash gift is sure to please the birth­day boy. In the mid­dle of the cel­e­bra­tion, guests will order piz­za (or sushi, rolls), the deliv­ery per­son will be one of their friends or rel­a­tives. The guy will def­i­nite­ly be delight­ed when he opens the box and sees ban­knotes there.
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How to make a cash gift?

A gift in the form of ban­knotes requires a cre­ative approach. How to make a mon­e­tary gift to your beloved man, boss, dad or grand­fa­ther for an anniver­sary in order to evoke vivid emo­tions and gen­uine joy in the birth­day man. It is worth pay­ing atten­tion to the list of ideas.

Treasures in the chest

Every man will love this look. In the pur­chased chest, in addi­tion to mon­ey, you can put some jel­ry, choco­late coins in gold wrap­pers — every­thing that will resem­ble a pre­cious trea­sure.

money bag

Anoth­er orig­i­nal way. You can buy a bag or sew it your­self, dec­o­rat­ing it beau­ti­ful­ly. To dec­o­rate the bag your­self, you will need to stock up on threads, scis­sors, sets, rib­bon, and a fab­ric bag. In this case, sets need to be fold­ed down the bag, after which you add ban­knotes and a post­card with a con­grat­u­la­to­ry inscrip­tion, for exam­ple, “for your beloved dad.”

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Gift in the form of matryoshka

You need to pur­chase box­es of dif­fer­ent sizes, large and small. Then put them one inside the oth­er in the form of nest­ing dolls — from large to small. At the same time, bills do not have to be hid­den in the last small box. For the effect of sur­prise, it is bet­ter to put a note there with some fun­ny inscrip­tion, for exam­ple, “box­es are need­ed in the house­hold.” And the bills them­selves can be hid­den at the bot­tom of the box on the oth­er side. Let the birth­day man be con­fused, but then there will be no lim­it to his sur­prise and delight.

At the same time, the search for a gift itself will become a fun adven­ture not only for the hero of the occa­sion, but also for each guest.

Bank account

This method involves a play on words. Instead of a bank as a finan­cial insti­tu­tion, a real bank (of any size) will be used. You can fill it with both paper bills and small change. It is also not for­bid­den to add a cou­ple of com­ic ones to real mon­ey. You can dec­o­rate the jar with a fan­cy inscrip­tion, from “blanks for the win­ter” to “green cab­bage.” Such an orig­i­nal approach is sure to be appre­ci­at­ed by a man of any age.

Frame with money

You can buy a ready-made frame in the store or make it your­self. This will require an A5 frame and one ban­knote (for exam­ple, 5 thou­sand). Before putting a bill under the glass, it is bet­ter to add a sheet of col­ored paper in a con­trast­ing shade. Then it is bet­ter to stick a con­grat­u­la­to­ry fun­ny inscrip­tion there, put a bill and close the frame with glass.

The gift is also best wrapped beau­ti­ful­ly.

money tree

Such a gift will look unusu­al and orig­i­nal. Such a tree is easy to pur­chase in a store, and ban­knotes can already be attached to its branch­es. Or you can roll them into tubes and make a tree entire­ly out of mon­ey. But mak­ing such a gift your­self from scratch will require seri­ous skills, so it will be eas­i­er to pur­chase a tree in a gift shop.

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magic umbrella

We can say that these are two gifts. A man is giv­en not only a good umbrel­la, but also mon­ey, which is fas­tened in advance on the inside with a fish­ing line or mul­ti-col­ored rib­bons. What will be the sur­prise of the birth­day boy when open­ing the umbrel­la.

Surprise socks

A gift in the form of socks can seri­ous­ly upset a man, but if you put an inscrip­tion on the pack­age that socks are mag­i­cal, the gift will imme­di­ate­ly sparkle with oth­er col­ors. And while the hero of the occa­sion is think­ing about what the mag­ic is, you can tell him to put his hands inside his socks.

There he will expect a real present in the form of mon­ey.


If you show imag­i­na­tion, you can make real sculp­tures from ban­knotes in the form of a house, a ship or some kind of ani­mal.

As for small origa­mi from a bill, you can make them your­self, but it should be under­stood that not every man will like to receive crum­pled mon­ey as a gift. For exam­ple, to make an origa­mi box sculp­ture, you need to fol­low these steps:

  1. fold the ban­knote in half, then fold each part in half again, so you get 4 parts;
  2. then the ban­knote must be unrolled;
  3. the right and left sides are then fold­ed to the crease in the cen­ter;
  4. after that, it is nec­es­sary to fold each cor­ner to get a tri­an­gle (equal to one quar­ter of a ban­knote);
  5. fur­ther, each inner edge is fold­ed twice, at the first fold­ing the edge should meet the edge of the tri­an­gle, and at the sec­ond it should lie on the tri­an­gle;
  6. fur­ther, each fold must be lift­ed, while care­ful­ly hold­ing them with your fin­gers;
  7. after the edges rise at the top and bot­tom;
  8. the cor­ners at the tips are com­pressed to a square shape;
  9. box is ready.

Impor­tant! You can make anoth­er one that will serve as a cov­er for the pre­vi­ous one. Can­dies can be placed inside the box.

To make a cash gift sparkle with new unusu­al col­ors, you just need to apply a cre­ative approach and dec­o­rate the present in an orig­i­nal way. The birth­day boy will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate the efforts and be sat­is­fied.

How to orig­i­nal­ly present mon­ey as a gift, see below.