Gifts for the New Year

How to give a gift for the New Year in an original way?

Choos­ing and wrap­ping a gift for any hol­i­day is a famil­iar and inter­est­ing thing. Hov­er, do not always know how to prop­er­ly present a present, and there­fore even an expen­sive thing may seem ordi­nary to the addressee. Let’s look at what are the nuances of the orig­i­nal gift giv­ing for the New Year.

How can you give to children?

No mat­ter what any­one says, there is no sin­gle instruc­tion for the orig­i­nal pre­sen­ta­tion of gifts. And the mat­ter may lie in dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions, the age group of a per­son and his sense of humor. And because the approach to the same gift is the most diverse. For exam­ple, it can be a devel­oped “rit­u­al” or impro­vi­sa­tion.

If this is a present for a small child, you can add notes of mag­ic to the gift. For exam­ple, you can hang Christ­mas socks over the fire­place or in oth­er places in the liv­ing room so that on New Year’s Eve a good wiz­ard fills them with fun­ny or use­ful gifts. Chil­dren will be fas­ci­nat­ed by this idea, it has every chance to turn into an annu­al rit­u­al. And even as adults, they will pass this tra­di­tion on to their chil­dren.

If the child believes in mir­a­cles, you can ask the neigh­bors to put a gift under the door and call. Thus, it turns out that San­ta Claus came in, but could not stay, because he has a lot of work, and all the chil­dren in the world are wait­ing for gifts. If par­ents have the oppor­tu­ni­ty you can order San­ta Claus at home, who will hold a con­grat­u­la­tion and give the baby a gift.

Chil­dren love the sur­pris­es that can be found dur­ing the fes­tive event by invit­ing the child’s friends to it. You can come up with a small game with tasks and prizes. When pass­ing the game, you can increase inter­est with sym­bol­ic gifts, and leave the main prize as a win.

Tasks and prizes can be hid­den in some places in the liv­ing room, for exam­ple, in bal­loons, Christ­mas socks, Christ­mas tree dec­o­ra­tions.

Small items can be wrapped in gold foil and hung on the Christ­mas tree instead of toys. More­over, if there are sev­er­al chil­dren in the fam­i­ly, it is advis­able to sign which present is intend­ed for whom. To make the child find it faster, you can beat it with a rid­dle or a note of the plan “I am your gift, find me.” In this case, the note can be put in a reg­u­lar enve­lope, signed and thrown into the mail­box. You can just give the child an enve­lope with a note.

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How to surprise adults?

Noth­ing will be more mem­o­rable at the cel­e­bra­tion of the New Year’s cel­e­bra­tion than a lit­tle magi­cian pre­sent­ing gifts to adults. Agree, for many of us it will bring a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions. To do this, you can dress up a child in San­ta Claus or a mag­i­cal elf, a char­ac­ter from a win­ter fairy tale. A girl can become a Snow Maid­en or a lit­tle fairy bring­ing gifts to obe­di­ent adults.

The sit­u­a­tion in which the child will ask if the adults behaved ll all year has a pos­i­tive mes­sage. With­out know­ing it, they will think about their behav­ior, per­haps remem­ber cer­tain moments of their child­hood. And if you add an entourage in the form of a “list of obe­di­ent boys and girls”, this will com­plete­ly allow you to immerse your­self in a fes­tive atmos­phere in which you can play along with the chil­dren, which will strength­en their act­ing skills.

If adults are far from this, you will have to look for oth­er options for pre­sent­ing a New Year’s gift. Depend­ing on this, the method of pre­sent­ing the gift will also change. For exam­ple, a cor­po­rate event with col­leagues will be more inter­est­ing if you take the ini­tia­tive to hold it.

You can come up with a whole pro­gram with a draw, per­form var­i­ous for­feits, or stop at a small com­ic pre­sen­ta­tion in verse.

Fes­tive con­grat­u­la­tions on the pre­sen­ta­tion of the present can be beat­en with con­tests for each guest. This will allow you to cre­ative­ly dis­trib­ute gifts to every­one, in addi­tion, the method of pre­sen­ta­tion will be dif­fer­ent from oth­ers. For exam­ple, some­one can be asked to impro­vise a qua­train about the New Year’s hol­i­day, anoth­er guest can be giv­en the task of read­ing a New Year’s rap. The third friend is to sing a hit song, and the fourth one is to dance to it, imag­in­ing him­self as an advanced San­ta Claus.

Interesting ideas

There can be a lot of options. You can con­grat­u­late your friends in an orig­i­nal way by arrang­ing a spon­ta­neous per­for­mance in poet­ic form. You can involve sev­er­al peo­ple in the pre­sen­ta­tion by com­ing up with a cor­po­rate or friend­ly skit on a com­ic top­ic. To do this, you can write a small script in advance with the pre­sen­ta­tion of gifts, for exam­ple, about a fun fly, a beau­ty fox.

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Give­aways are also lcome. Hov­er, they must be appro­pri­ate, because not a sin­gle hol­i­day in which rude and stress­ful jokes are allod will leave good mem­o­ries in your mem­o­ry. Write a let­ter from child­hood telling about the time cap­sule. Arrange a quest with the whole com­pa­ny in search of a cap­sule (box­es with gifts for guests, friends or fam­i­ly mem­bers).

A few tasks are enough, but believe me: they will cap­ti­vate every­one, and the gifts them­selves will be remem­bered for a long time, even if they are pure­ly sym­bol­ic.

To have fun, don’t wait for the guests to get tired. It is nec­es­sary to con­duct such games at the begin­ning of the fes­tive event. So that the guests are not bored, you can beat the pre­sen­ta­tion of gifts with a quest with notes in the form of qua­trains of Nos­tradamus. Solv­ing fun­ny puz­zles will espe­cial­ly appeal to those who love this.

For greater immer­sion in the right atmos­phere, you can add entourage in the form of liv­ing room design ele­ments.

If you want to cre­ative­ly give a present to a teenage rel­a­tive, con­sid­er his inter­ests. For exam­ple, you can sub­scribe to his idol in advance and ask the star to say a few words to the addressee (or write in the feed). Of course, not all stars respond to requests from fans, but there are those who will­ing­ly com­mu­ni­cate with their sub­scribers. Shoot a cool video-con­grat­u­la­tion in the form of a cov­er for a teenager’s favorite song. Believe me, today’s youth will respond to this bet­ter than tra­di­tion­al gift giv­ing.

You can play a friend with an unusu­al lot­tery, say­ing that the per­son has won untold alth and a sub­scrip­tion to attend a fes­tive event in a friend­ly cir­cle. It is nec­es­sary to pre­pare props in advance in the form of a huge check, hand­ing it to the addressee along with your gift.

By the way, a small gift can be issued at the loca­tion of the seal of a huge check. Show your imag­i­na­tion by sign­ing it (for exam­ple, with fun­ny poems or a com­ic con­grat­u­la­tion).

What to consider?

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Cre­ative­ly hand­ing out gifts for the New Year does not mean hand­ing them over with the words “this is for you.” Nei­ther prac­ti­cal jokes nor jokes will be under­stood by those who are far from it. But if you want the gift to be spe­cial, it is bet­ter to give it your­self, which is espe­cial­ly impor­tant for loved ones. You should not shift it to oth­ers, because the more care and thoughts you put in, the more inter­est­ing the con­grat­u­la­tions will turn out.

You should not use ready-made hack­neyed tem­plates: they are often bor­ing and of the same type. Be indi­vid­ual, cre­ate some­thing of your own. Pay atten­tion to pack­ag­ing: it can be cre­ative, which allows you to increase the sta­tus of the sim­plest thing at times. Chil­dren and con­nois­seurs of orig­i­nal­i­ty can present a gift in a box past­ed over with tiny LED flash­lights. It will be espe­cial­ly mag­i­cal to look at such a present against the back­ground of oth­ers if you dim the light at the time of deliv­ery.

If the sce­nario with the search for gifts is tak­en as the basis for giv­ing, do not write too many notes with tips and tasks: guests will quick­ly get tired of this. The game is remem­bered when it is short. To increase inter­est in the search, cut a sheet with a map of the con­di­tion­al loca­tion of the trea­sure into sev­er­al parts or puz­zles and hide the frag­ments in a spe­cif­ic room.

Dur­ing the invi­ta­tion process, ask guests to remem­ber to bring a pos­i­tive vibe with them.

Some­times the idea of ​​giv­ing is sug­gest­ed by the gift itself. For exam­ple, an unusu­al pil­low in the form of a man’s shoul­der and arm can be pre­sent­ed to your beloved with the words: “this thing will make your sleep eas­i­er while I’m not around.” New Year’s hol­i­day gives a lot of ideas for imple­men­ta­tion. You can:

  • give sur­prise gifts by orga­niz­ing a fun­ny lot­tery;

  • arrange themed team games, where gifts will be prizes for every­one;

  • orga­nize a New Year’s auc­tion, in which the price for gifts will be the guests’ jokes;

  • send let­ters to guests with the con­tent “your gift is with me, see your­self ll and come to this address at such and such a time.”