What to ar for a birthday?

Men rarely both­er with their own suit, but for a girl, a hol­i­day is anoth­er rea­son to look per­fect. Hov­er, in pur­suit of beau­ty, one should not for­get about ele­men­tary prac­ti­cal­i­ty. If you like to be late every­where because you can’t decide on an out­fit for a long time, read our rec­om­men­da­tions in advance — per­haps this will help you solve the prob­lem faster.

We take into account the season

If you are plan­ning to go to a birth­day par­ty, and not to receive guests at home, then cloth­ing must be cho­sen tak­ing into account the ather out­side the win­dow. Even if you cel­e­brate indoors, keep in mind that you will have to get to it through the street, which means that ather con­di­tions will not be the last thing. In any case, try to find a beau­ti­ful out­fit that goes beyond a sat­shirt with jeans — the lat­ter com­bi­na­tion is appro­pri­ate only in nature, and in oth­er cas­es it is lit­tle asso­ci­at­ed with the hol­i­day and shows that you did not try to empha­size the solem­ni­ty of the moment.


Sum­mer ather, in prin­ci­ple, does not imply a large num­ber of clothes, but this, para­dox­i­cal­ly, only expands the choice of out­fits. We don’t know what exact­ly is in your wardrobe, but here are a few ideas that will help reveal your per­son­al­i­ty:

  • light, but at the same time long and flut­ter­ing dress­es per­fect­ly com­ple­ment an exquis­ite roman­tic look, so if you are not afraid to out­shine the birth­day girl or are the hero of the occa­sion your­self, this option will be very use­ful;
  • a light dress made of cot­ton or linen is not only beau­ti­ful, but also com­fort­able, because such mate­r­i­al allows the body to breathe, and light col­ors do not attract sun­light;
  • in the pres­ence of a clear­ly vis­i­ble tan, a snow-white dress will be a beau­ti­ful back­ground for him;
  • flounces and ruf­fles on the dress are not just fash­ion­able now — they also help to cor­rect the visu­al per­cep­tion of the fig­ure, as if adding what is miss­ing and tak­ing away what you want to hide;
  • any sum­mer suit should be com­fort­able, allow­ing you to dance and gen­er­al­ly enjoy life, because when to do all this, if not in the sum­mer?


The win­ter hol­i­day, due to the cool ather, impos­es restric­tions on the choice of suit­able out­fits. It is clear that now you will def­i­nite­ly be cel­e­brat­ing indoors, but you still have to get to it. The most rea­son­able advice in this sit­u­a­tion is not to choose beten warm and beau­ti­ful, but to give pref­er­ence to some­thing that equal­ly sat­is­fies both require­ments.

Here are some more help­ful tips:

  • it is not nec­es­sary to refuse dress­es even in win­ter, they just need to be sewn from denser fab­rics: jacquard, satin, guipure, kni­tar, and so on;
  • if the choice fell on a dress, then just a cold win­ter is the time for styles that involve a hem to the floor;
  • in fact, the skirt can even be rel­a­tive­ly short, but if so, then at least let it be fluffy — it’s def­i­nite­ly warmer;
  • sequins on a dress of any style in win­ter con­di­tions will most like­ly be ful­ly dis­closed, because you will inevitably have to cel­e­brate in a room lit by arti­fi­cial light, where they can shim­mer.
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Spring and autumn

The ather in spring and autumn is approx­i­mate­ly the same — these are inter­me­di­ate sea­sons, which usu­al­ly do not dif­fer in either severe frosts or unbear­able heat. Where­in It is impor­tant to under­stand that in Novem­ber or March it is often wise to look for advice on win­ter out­fits, while in May and espe­cial­ly in Sep­tem­ber, what was appro­pri­ate in the sum­mer may also be rel­e­vant.

From the point of view of style, the prin­ci­ples of choice in both sea­sons are approx­i­mate­ly the same, but sea­son­al It is bet­ter to com­ply with col­or require­ments. In autumn, when it grad­u­al­ly gets cold out­side, warm tones become espe­cial­ly cozy, espe­cial­ly since they are intense­ly dupli­cat­ed right in the crowns of trees — choose red, orange and gold out­fits that will ful­ly reveal the charm of the sea­son.

In spring, there is no strict ori­en­ta­tion to either warm or cold shades, the most impor­tant thing there is ten­der­ness, so lilac, pink and blue are con­sid­ered rel­e­vant.

Dress you can choose almost any style, but with a pre­req­ui­site — it must be com­bined with a jack­et or cardi­gan. Please note that ide­al­ly you take such an addi­tion with you just in case, giv­en the fact that it will prob­a­bly get cold­er in the evening. If you under­stand that with­out a cardi­gan or jack­et you will freeze dur­ing the day, on the way to the hol­i­day, then it will be log­i­cal to con­tin­ue the picky selec­tion to find a warmer out­fit.

How to dress in different situations?

The choice of out­fit large­ly depends not only on the sea­son, but also on the envi­ron­ment in which the hol­i­day will take place, and what you have to do there. Again, you can only build on your wardrobe, but at least will try warn you against com­mon mis­takes.

On nature

Agree, going to nature in an evening dress is a pri­ori a bad idea. In fact, when choos­ing an out­fit for such a loca­tion, you should focus pri­mar­i­ly on con­ve­nience. In the for­est, for exam­ple, ticks can show spe­cial inter­est in guests, and you can also scratch your legs on branch­es or burn them with net­tles.

Hence the obvi­ous truth: in such places, the legs should be pro­tect­ed by tight jeans. From above you need to put on a T‑shirt or shirt, but it is bet­ter to choose some­thing unusu­al, fes­tive — if oth­ers see you in the same out­fit reg­u­lar­ly, then the feel­ing of a hol­i­day will not work. Be sure to pro­vide warm­ing in the form of a jack­et or cardi­gan — it can get cold­er in the evening.

While track­suits seem like the obvi­ous leader in terms of com­fort, they should be avoid­ed if pos­si­ble. If you do not know exact­ly all the plans for the day and evening, it may turn out that in the evening the com­pa­ny will also go to a cafe where you will look clear­ly out of place in your sat­shirt.

In cafes and restaurants

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Here much depends on the sta­tus of the insti­tu­tion, hov­er, they do not come to pub­lic places, espe­cial­ly expen­sive ones, in any form. An impres­sive image is extreme­ly impor­tant here — oth­ers should invol­un­tar­i­ly look at you and admire you. To go out to an expen­sive restau­rant, you need to dress in the best dress and always with fash­ion­able shoes — con­ve­nience here fades into the back­ground, giv­ing way to beau­ty.

It doesn’t mat­ter if you are a birth­day girl or just a guy’s girl­friend whose friend’s birth­day is today — this is how fash­ion rules require. If you are not sure about your own wardrobe, then you should replen­ish it before going to a restau­rant — half mea­sures will not do here. Dec­o­ra­tions are also help­ful.

It is impor­tant to be beau­ti­ful and attract atten­tion. To do this, you need to smile more often and demon­strate your own sex­u­al­i­ty, while not cross­ing the bound­aries of decen­cy. It’s impor­tant to find that line where you’re sexy on your own, but act­ing hum­ble.

For a holiday at home

Going to some­one else’s home to the hero of the occa­sion, remem­ber that with your pres­ence you must empha­size the feel­ing of the hol­i­day. The fact that you have arrived is an addi­tion­al gift in itself, but gifts, as know, should please, not dis­ap­point.

It is gen­er­al­ly not cus­tom­ary for girls to ar pants to a seri­ous event — the­o­ret­i­cal­ly this is per­mis­si­ble, but it is still bet­ter to choose a dress or a blouse with a skirt. This is espe­cial­ly true, giv­en that young peo­ple under 30 can eas­i­ly decide to diver­si­fy the evening by going to a club, and this is already going out, and evening dress will come in handy there.

If the event takes place at your home, this most like­ly means that the birth­day girl is you. In this sit­u­a­tion, you need to look like the queen of the evening, so that a per­son who acci­den­tal­ly sees pho­tos from the event does not won­der who is hav­ing a hol­i­day. Here you will need not just a cock­tail dress, but also make-up with a hair­style, oth­er­wise one of your friends may out­shine the hero of the occa­sion.

To the club

Club-type estab­lish­ments should not be con­fused with restau­rants — of course, this is also a pub­lic place, but already intend­ed for active move­ments. Going to a club to sit at the table all evening is some­how wrong, so you need to choose clothes so that it looks beau­ti­ful, but does not inter­fere with danc­ing. For this rea­son, long dress­es are com­plete­ly irrel­e­vant here, but short ones may be quite appro­pri­ate. You can go the oth­er way, putting on a top and expos­ing a flat tum­my, and com­ple­ment­ing the suit with plain trousers or a miniskirt from below.

In sum­mer, the empha­sis is on brighter out­fits, but in win­ter it is cus­tom­ary to stick to more restrained shades. When decid­ing on a style, you must find the line beten a decent amount of nudi­ty and vul­gar­i­ty.

To the sauna and bath

Although this option for a loca­tion for cel­e­brat­ing a birth­day is not very pop­u­lar, nev­er­the­less, such a way of cel­e­brat­ing a birth­day is pos­si­ble, and it is its rar­i­ty that can puz­zle a girl when choos­ing a cos­tume. Here it is impor­tant to under­stand that direct­ly in the bath or sauna most of the clothes in which you came will not be on you, and against this back­ground, the swim­suit acquires spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance. In oth­er words, it is best to focus on beach fash­ion and choose the option that espe­cial­ly empha­sizes the beau­ty of your fig­ure. In terms of design, it is bet­ter to focus on bright under­ar of one or two col­ors, but with­out exces­sive frank­ness and sex­u­al­i­ty.

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Sep­a­rate­ly, please note that not all hol­i­days in the sauna or bath are lim­it­ed only to these estab­lish­ments. — very often the evening has a con­tin­u­a­tion in the form of a club or restau­rant. This point must either be clar­i­fied in advance, or, just in case, pre­pare by choos­ing an out­fit that will be appro­pri­ate in case of con­tin­u­a­tion.


A bowl­ing club is, on the one hand, a place for prac­tic­ing a kind of sport, on the oth­er hand, it is a rather elite estab­lish­ment that requires a cer­tain dress code from vis­i­tors. Per­haps, it is most rea­son­able to dress here approx­i­mate­ly as it is sug­gest­ed to do it when going to a club — so that the out­fit is beau­ti­ful and evokes thoughts about the hol­i­day and your beau­ty, but at the same time does not hin­der move­ment at all.

Against this back­ground, our rec­om­men­da­tion is obvi­ous: if a dress or skirt, then not too long, if pants, then it is bet­ter with a top or a beau­ti­ful T‑shirt.

Stylish images

At first glance, it is most dif­fi­cult to choose an image in win­ter, when the sit­u­a­tion forces you to choose not so much beau­ti­ful as warm. In fact, almost any clas­sic skirt gives the girl a solemn look, espe­cial­ly if it is a white top and a black bot­tom — as in the first exam­ple.

For­ays into nature are often per­ceived as an urgent need to close your legs, but let’s be objec­tive — often a birth­day is still cel­e­brat­ed not in the for­est, but in some ll-groomed area. If you know that this is a dacha with mod lawns, then it is rea­son­able to dress light­ly and bright­ly, in a sum­mer way, in order to feel like a perky and hap­py girl — as in pho­to num­ber two.

Beau­ti­ful cock­tail dress­es are impor­tant for expen­sive estab­lish­ments, which can be longer or short­er depend­ing on the sea­son. The third exam­ple is clear­ly tak­en in the sum­mer, thanks to him all the girls can afford semi-tight dress­es above the knee. Note that with the gen­er­al style, the styles are still dif­fer­ent for every­one. Hair and make­up includ­ed.

Final­ly, for the club, clothes should be not only beau­ti­ful, but also com­fort­able, not restrict­ing move­ment. The top of the suit from the fourth exam­ple is dec­o­rat­ed with sequins, it is shiny and attracts atten­tion, while the back is open, so it will be less hot. At the same time, the skirt is very light, and, flut­ter­ing, it will def­i­nite­ly attract the eyes of oth­ers.