Chil­dren’s birth­day

How to decorate a room for a girl's birthday?

The birth­day of a child is a hol­i­day in which there are no tri­fles. Every moment of the upcom­ing cel­e­bra­tion is planned and pre­pared in accor­dance with the gen­er­al idea. Dec­o­rat­ing the room is one of the key prepa­ra­tion points. The mood of the child will depend on how the new dec­o­ra­tion cor­re­sponds to the fes­tive atmos­phere. Girls are espe­cial­ly sen­si­tive to such visu­al man­i­fes­ta­tions.

Design elements

You can dec­o­rate a room for a girl’s birth­day with­out involv­ing dec­o­ra­tors. Doing it your­self is not dif­fi­cult at all, espe­cial­ly when the Inter­net is at hand. There are at least 3 points from which you can push off.


What a hol­i­day with­out balls: they will always be an attribute of joy, cel­e­bra­tion, fun. Their num­ber is lim­it­ed by the ideas of adults about the design. The col­or scheme can also be very dif­fer­ent.

One of the most pop­u­lar options for today: mul­ti-col­ored balls in one bun­dle. It can be both heli­um bal­loons and ordi­nary ones.

You can dec­o­rate the room with oblong-shaped balls, from which flors and ani­mal fig­ures are often made. Although clas­sic balls are con­sid­ered the most win-win option. By the way, the same balls will be a won­der­ful way to diver­si­fy the fes­tive pho­to shoot. Even just a child stand­ing with a bunch of bal­loons in his hand is already an occa­sion to take a mem­o­rable pho­to.

But for a girl, balls can be tied to the ends of the pig­tails: they will lift the pig­tails up, and a very fun­ny pho­to will come out.

Of course, you can also use bal­loons with the image of your child’s favorite char­ac­ters. The younger the girl, the more like­ly she is to like this option.


Flors are an invari­able attribute of a birth­day. And it is not true that only adult girls and women will appre­ci­ate the flors. The ear­li­er dad begins to give flors to his baby, the more love she will receive and the abil­i­ty to enjoy not only use­ful, but also beau­ti­ful things, touch­ing signs of atten­tion. There­fore, a small bou­quet for a birth­day girl is required.

Anoth­er great solu­tion is paper flors. Today, huge flors are in fash­ion, which ele­gant­ly dec­o­rate the walls or stand on spe­cial racks. They are per­fect for the pho­to zone. But you can get by with more mod­est options. For exam­ple, to make paper ros­es from music paper — first­ly, such decor will not fade and will please the girl for a long time. Sec­ond­ly, it is very touch­ing and unusu­al.

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There are a lot of mas­ter class­es on how to cre­ate such beau­ty on the Inter­net.

Paper decor

Today, there is no paper on sale: cor­ru­gat­ed, vel­vet, met­al­lized, print­ed, design­er. You can final­ly use print­outs to find the very tex­ture. And then from this paper you can cut out many small ele­ments that will become the basis of the gar­land. They are easy to tie togeth­er by sim­ply stitch­ing these homo­ge­neous ele­ments on a type­writer.

What can a paper gar­land con­sist of:

  • mugs;
  • tri­an­gles;
  • flags;
  • rec­tan­gles;
  • flash­lights;
  • boats;
  • bears and bun­nies;
  • flors;
  • fig­urines of a girl in a skirt;
  • snowflakes (if the girl’s birth­day falls on New Year’s hol­i­days).

From beau­ti­ful tex­tured paper, accord­ing to tem­plates, you can make a fairy amulet, which will be pre­sent­ed to the birth­day girl and will become a new pen­dant in the nurs­ery. This fairy will guard the girl’s dream. You can also do this: chop up old greet­ing cards and make a mosa­ic out of these frag­ments, which will be used in a fairy out­fit. Good wish­es of guests, rel­a­tives, rel­a­tives will not just be stored some­where in a box, but will be “aved” an out­fit for a fairy.

This will make a warm gift that can also be used as paper birth­day decor.

Decoration ideas for different ages

It is log­i­cal that the decor depends on how old the birth­day girl is. What old­er girls will appre­ci­ate, kids will not under­stand (and vice ver­sa).

1–2 years

At this age, babies are already aware of what is beau­ti­ful, bright, cheer­ful. They will not notice any small nuances, but in gen­er­al they will enjoy the fes­tive atmos­phere. What could be the design of a room for girls of this age:

  • very sim­ple fig­ures of favorite ani­mal char­ac­ters, even prim­i­tive ones, not com­pli­cat­ed by spe­cial styl­iza­tion;
  • pleas­ant col­ors, prefer­ably not very con­trast­ing and flashy, so that they do not put pres­sure on the child’s ner­vous sys­tem;
  • all decor should be envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly and safe for the girl (so that she can­not get hurt or choke);
  • it should­n’t be too much.

The stan­dard option for dec­o­rat­ing a hall or a nurs­ery in a house: paper gar­lands (which you can admire, not pull off and crush), balls (also under the ceil­ing, and if you play with them, only under adult super­vi­sion), the title fig­ure of your favorite char­ac­ter in the cen­ter of the room.

3–5 years

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At 3, 4, 5 years old, the child already has favorite char­ac­ters from fairy tales and car­toons. And their pres­ence in the decor of the room is always per­ceived as some kind of mag­ic. That’s why one has only to cal­cu­late which char­ac­ter will please a par­tic­u­lar girl more. Well, paper gar­lands will def­i­nite­ly not be super­flu­ous.

At this age, the baby will also be hap­py with the can­dy bar, which can be opened in hon­or of the hol­i­day. What kind of sets will be there, the par­ents decide.

6–9 years old

If at the age of 6 you can enjoy the design of the nurs­ery in the style of “Masha and the Bear”, then at 9 and even 8 the child’s pri­or­i­ty can change sig­nif­i­cant­ly. Then the design in the style of the theme cho­sen as the basis of the birth­day par­ty will help out. For exam­ple, it was decid­ed to arrange a Hawai­ian hol­i­day: flors and green­ery will become the main visu­al attrib­ut­es.

A 7‑year-old girl will like roman­tic themes: dolls, mer­maids, car­toon char­ac­ters for school­girls.

It is pos­si­ble that it is not nec­es­sary to arrange a sur­prise at this age, you can not only ask the child for an idea, but also involve the future hero­ine of the cel­e­bra­tion in the design. She will look for­ward to the guests appre­ci­at­ing the fruits of her cre­ativ­i­ty.

10–14 years old

Teenagers are more crit­i­cal, and the less inde­pen­dence par­ents should show. The design should be based strict­ly on the tastes and pref­er­ences of the birth­day girl. Her favorite themes, col­ors, aes­thet­ic pref­er­ences. You can view online col­lec­tions togeth­er with the girl, find a suit­able option.

As a rule, at this age, flo­ral and trop­i­cal themes are more often cho­sen, some­thing neu­tral and already far from car­toon themes. Although flags, gar­lands and illu­mi­na­tion are always held in high esteem.

What you like at 11 years old can cause a dif­fer­ent reac­tion at 13 and even at 12, so it is imper­a­tive to con­sult with the child. In order not to feel lat­er annoy­ance from inap­pro­pri­ate pink and uni­corns, for exam­ple.

15–16 years old

If you want to make a sur­prise, then let it be home­made gar­lands, gen­er­ous­ly hung around the room. Let it be a bunch of as many balls as the girl turns. And always fresh flors in a del­i­cate, del­i­cate bou­quet. And also a fam­i­ly greet­ing poster or birth­day col­lage are win-win options.

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A few tips for dec­o­rat­ing a room will help you avoid annoy­ing mis­takes and unnec­es­sary mis­takes. Dec­o­ra­tor tips.

  • It makes sense to focus on one thing. If it is paper, then let most of the decor be from it. If aerode­sign, then it fills the main space.
  • If the room itself is dec­o­rat­ed bright­ly (in terms of dec­o­ra­tion), there is no need to try to replay it with fes­tive decor. In this case, it should be neu­tral, gen­tle. And vice ver­sa — in white walls, a riot of col­or in the design will be appro­pri­ate.
  • Styles should not mix. You can make a bias towards vin­tage or some obvi­ous theme, with­out try­ing to con­nect every­thing. Or, for exam­ple, a com­mon mis­take: a birth­day in the win­ter, on New Year’s hol­i­days, and it turns out that the New Year’s decor is mixed with the birth­day one. But you can take white and sil­ver balls, gar­lands in the same col­ors, and every­thing will be organ­ic.

Decor must be stored after use: in box­es, bags, chests. Per­haps it will be applied at more than one hol­i­day and will become some­thing like a fam­i­ly val­ue, a tra­di­tion.

Beautiful examples

In addi­tion to the tips, there are illus­tra­tions that show the excite­ment that hol­i­day decor can cre­ate.

  • Bright gar­land of cir­cles and fluffy crepe paper flors.
  • White, pink and gold — a lux­u­ri­ous can­dy bar and pho­to zone.
  • For a Hawai­ian-style birth­day, a very sim­ple but beau­ti­ful option.

  • This design is suit­able if the birth­day girl is already 8–9 years old.
  • Paper gar­lands in the form of ice cream are unex­pect­ed and cute.
  • Sim­ple, bright, fast and cute — if there is no way to dec­o­rate the whole room.

  • A love­ly option for a spring birth­day.

  • A real fairy tale atmos­phere.

  • It is not nec­es­sary to arrange too mag­nif­i­cent dec­o­ra­tion, every­thing can be mod­est, but bright.

  • Ded­i­cat­ed to lit­tle lovers of pink.

How to dec­o­rate a room for a birth­day, see the fol­low­ing video.