Chil­dren’s birth­day

Interesting options for decorating a children's birthday

Chil­dren’s birth­day can be fun at home. Par­ents have to think through all the orga­ni­za­tion­al issues. So, it is impor­tant to decide on the theme of the hol­i­day and pick up all the nec­es­sary dec­o­ra­tions. Much depends on the age of the child — some­times it is worth con­sid­er­ing safe­ty. With the right approach, it will be quite easy to make a birth­day mem­o­rable.

    Main elements

    You can dec­o­rate a room for a child’s birth­day with the help of dif­fer­ent items. Much can be done by hand. Some­times it makes sense to buy ready-made jel­ry or invite pro­fes­sion­als to help with the imple­men­ta­tion of the idea. Com­bin­ing sev­er­al ele­ments, it is worth stick­ing to a sin­gle style.

    Oth­er­wise, the apart­ment or house will look too col­or­ful, over­loaded.


    A large num­ber of bal­loons is delight­ful. This dec­o­ra­tion is liked not only by chil­dren, but also by adults. You can take medi­um-sized prod­ucts, inflate with a hand pump and dec­o­rate the floor with walls. Heli­um bal­loons look espe­cial­ly good as dec­o­ra­tions, which after the hol­i­day, in gen­er­al, can be launched into the sky.

    Arch­es and fig­ures from bal­loons are very pop­u­lar. Usu­al­ly they are made to order, but you can try and assem­ble them on your own. There are oth­er options for using balls.

    • On the table. You can place a small box with a gift on each plate and tie a bal­loon with heli­um inside. Looks impres­sive and inter­est­ing.
    • Num­bers from bal­loons can be the cen­tral dec­o­ra­tion of the hol­i­day. This is espe­cial­ly true if dec­o­rate a small room.

    • In a large room, you can make pan­els and arch­es. The balls are attached to a sol­id struc­ture, a frame. So you can dec­o­rate the entire wall with the entrance to the room.

    • Heli­um bal­loons look unusu­al, on which dif­fer­ent pho­tographs of the birth­day boy are applied. These dec­o­ra­tions are made to order.

    • One large bal­loon can be filled with many small ones. So, it is enough to burst one, so that the rest are released. Chil­dren will love this kind of fun. Can­dies or oth­er sur­pris­es can be hid­den inside small balls.

    • Heli­um Jel­ry can be tied to heavy objects and placed around the room.

    • A fab­ric ham­mock is stretched under the very ceil­ing. It is nec­es­sary to hide balls of dif­fer­ent col­ors and sizes in it. It is worth plac­ing such a design not above the table, but in anoth­er area of ​​the room. At the most key moment of the hol­i­day, it is enough to remove the ham­mock for a rain of bal­loons to sur­prise every­one present.

    • For an evening hol­i­day, mod­els with diodes inside are a good solu­tion. Light­ing with balls looks inter­est­ing and spec­tac­u­lar.


    A uni­ver­sal solu­tion for the birth­day of a girl of any age. Petals can be dot­ted with almost all free space. By the way, it will be inter­est­ing to make a ham­mock with such ele­ments over the birth­day girl’s bed, wake the girl up with con­grat­u­la­tions and shor her with rose petals. Very unusu­al and inter­est­ing.

    You can dec­o­rate the whole room with fresh flors by sim­ply plac­ing them around the perime­ter. And also the buds are appro­pri­ate on the table. In the cen­ter, you can put a flat dish, and lay out a flor arrange­ment on it.

    In gen­er­al, flors in any form will pro­vide a mag­i­cal aro­ma and fresh­ness of the room.

    Paper decorations

    There are a lot of ele­ments and vari­a­tions in this cat­e­go­ry. You can show your imag­i­na­tion by mak­ing amaz­ing jel­ry. It is note­wor­thy that paper ele­ments are most often made by hand. It will not take much time to dec­o­rate even a whole house or apart­ment. There are sev­er­al inter­est­ing options for paper dec­o­ra­tions.

    • Pom­pom balls. Usu­al­ly they are attached to the ceil­ing and walls. Pom­poms are easy to buy at the store, but you can make your own. Bright col­ors should be com­bined with each oth­er and with the theme of the hol­i­day. Usu­al­ly they take cor­ru­gat­ed paper — it has more dec­o­ra­tive prop­er­ties. Addi­tion­al­ly, rib­bons and fab­ric are used. Pom­poms can dec­o­rate a pho­to zone.
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    • Ros­es. Paper flors are beau­ti­ful and safe. Often used to dec­o­rate the room for the birth­day of young chil­dren. For self-pro­duc­tion, you need to stock up only with wire, cor­ru­gat­ed paper and free time. Ele­ments can be placed any­where — even on the ceil­ing, even on the fes­tive table. You can dec­o­rate the birth­day chair with such ros­es.
    • Fairy lights. There is noth­ing sim­pler and more effec­tive than such a dec­o­ra­tion. The ele­ment allows you to cre­ate a fes­tive mood. Gar­lands are locat­ed on the ceil­ing, walls, cur­tains, arch­es — in a word, any­where. Dec­o­ra­tion can be mono­phon­ic or mul­ti-col­ored. Often gar­lands are made in the form of inscrip­tions “Hap­py Birth­day”, con­grat­u­la­tions and oth­er things. For fas­ten­ing, you can use threads or rib­bons.

    • Umbrel­las. A sim­ple decor that kids love and is fun to play with. A com­po­si­tion of such ele­ments can be used in the design of a pho­to zone. Self-pro­duc­tion does not take much time, so you can make a large num­ber of umbrel­las.

    • 3D star fig­urines. Espe­cial­ly true for the first birth­day, but can be used, in gen­er­al, on any hol­i­day. Suit­able for dec­o­rat­ing walls, pho­to zones. You can place the stars on the ceil­ing so that they hang down. For the man­u­fac­ture of paper and card­board are usu­al­ly used. You just need to cut out a square and fold it into half of the fig­ure, then repeat. Two blanks are glued togeth­er and fixed to a thread, tape.

    If you attach the stars to a thin fish­ing line, then there will be a feel­ing that they are just float­ing in the air.

    Volumetric figures

    A ver­sa­tile dec­o­ra­tion for any birth­day. There are many man­u­fac­tur­ing options. Usu­al­ly the num­bers are laid out from balls or paper ros­es. You can make a card­board blank and glue it with beau­ti­ful paper. And also such a frame is past­ed over with var­i­ous dec­o­ra­tions, for exam­ple, rib­bons.

    The fig­ure itself can be sup­ple­ment­ed with inter­est­ing ele­ments. So, you can put on a crown or attach a uni­corn horn to the fig­ure. For a boy’s birth­day, a top hat is best. You can make a num­ber with your child. The blank is paint­ed white and eas­i­ly turned into a mas­ter­piece using fin­ger paints.

    photo collage

    Very inter­est­ing and unusu­al decor that is suit­able for a child of any age. Only for old­er guys who are cel­e­brat­ing with friends, you should more care­ful­ly select frames for the can­vas. At a chil­dren’s birth­day in the fam­i­ly cir­cle, a pho­to col­lage is espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant. Every­one will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to eval­u­ate how the baby has grown.

      A pho­to col­lage does not have to be designed like a wall news­pa­per. You can play with the shape of the can­vas. And also the col­lage goes ll with oth­er decor. So, the same vol­u­met­ric fig­ure, past­ed over with pho­tographs, looks inter­est­ing.

    Theme Options

    This nuance will have to be thought out espe­cial­ly care­ful­ly. For the small­est, this is not very impor­tant — at the first birth­day of a child, the decor is more appre­ci­at­ed by adult guests than by the birth­day per­son him­self. Usu­al­ly the hall is dec­o­rat­ed in a cute and airy way: for girls, you can use the flamin­go style with a lot of pink, and for a boy, add a lot of blue. In the future, you will have to work hard. Espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar is the design in the style of your favorite car­toons and films.

    • “Blue Trac­tor”. The main col­or is blue. It is impor­tant to take care of the fig­ure of the trac­tor itself. If there is time, then the machine can even be made volu­mi­nous, into which the child can climb. It is enough to use thick card­board. You can also pre­pare all the ani­mals that are found in the car­toon.
    • “Min­ions”. Chil­dren of all ages like it, some­times even teenagers. The main col­ors are yel­low and blue. The car­toon char­ac­ters them­selves are quite fun­ny and inter­est­ing. In the apart­ment you can arrange their fig­ures and images. Even a sal­ad can be eas­i­ly laid out in the form of a min­ion.
    • “Nin­ja Tur­tles”. The main col­or of the hol­i­day is green. Col­ored ban­dages should be fas­tened to the balls, like car­toon char­ac­ters. The same can be done for the birth­day boy and guests of the hol­i­day.
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    You can also pre­pare fig­ures of tur­tles for games, con­tests.

    • “Wheel­bar­rows”. The main col­or is red. Can be sup­ple­ment­ed with a black and white check — the col­ors of the fin­ish­ing flag. On sale there are a lot of dec­o­ra­tions for the hol­i­day in the style of wheel­bar­rows. You can inde­pen­dent­ly pre­pare fig­ures and pic­tures with the main char­ac­ter, his friends. As in the first ver­sion, a full-fledged machine is eas­i­ly made from thick card­board in which chil­dren can play. An addi­tion­al entourage will be cre­at­ed by dec­o­ra­tions in the form of wheels and tires, tools for car repair and every­thing con­nect­ed with this.
    • “Masha and the Bear”. The main col­or you can choose is pink, like Masha’s dress, green, asso­ci­at­ed with the for­est, or brown, rem­i­nis­cent of a Bear. Depend­ing on this, fur­ther accents are select­ed. The birth­day boy can be dressed in a suit­able suit. You should dec­o­rate the room with images of the main char­ac­ters of the car­toon.

    • “Sme­shari­ki”. Pri­ma­ry col­ors are blue and green. We dec­o­rate the room with bal­loons in the form of the main char­ac­ters of the car­toon. And it’s also quite easy to make volu­mi­nous fig­ures for a pho­to zone or games. A hol­i­day in the style of Sme­shari­ki will appeal to chil­dren. There is a lot of decor to play with. Even balls are eas­i­ly styl­ized as Sme­shari­ki.
    • “Avengers”. A good solu­tion for old­er chil­dren, rel­e­vant for teenagers. The main col­or can be any. In some cas­es, the empha­sis is on a par­tic­u­lar hero. Then the col­or scheme is select­ed accord­ing­ly.

    • “Bat­man”. The main col­ors are black and yel­low. If this com­bi­na­tion seems too dark, you can use gray. A large num­ber of large balls in these shades looks amaz­ing. A black table­cloth is usu­al­ly laid on the table, using a lot of yel­low dish­es. The hero badge is quite easy to make out of card­board.
    • “Trans­form­ers”. The col­or is select­ed depend­ing on the select­ed char­ac­ter. A fair­ly pop­u­lar trans­former is Bum­ble­bee, a hol­i­day in this style is dec­o­rat­ed with a pre­dom­i­nance of yel­low. Toys, fig­urines and pic­tures with char­ac­ters should be used.

    You can lay out a hel­met made of bal­loons — such a dec­o­ra­tion is very effec­tive, it will delight every­one.

    You can arrange a hol­i­day in any way, the theme is usu­al­ly cho­sen based on the inter­est of the child. A good idea for a boy would be a sea or pirate par­ty. Girls love hol­i­days with fairies and princess­es. Any of them will love a Bar­bie or Lit­tle Mer­maid themed par­ty.

    Many chil­dren believe that dinosaurs very much exist, as do drag­ons. Based on this idea, you can cre­ate a whole hol­i­day. Dino par­ty is very inter­est­ing to dec­o­rate. The main char­ac­ter can be built from bal­loons your­self. The best thing about this theme is that no one knows exact­ly what a drag­on or dinosaur looks like.

    The hol­i­day of sports theme is espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant for active chil­dren. You can do both gen­er­al and ded­i­cat­ed to a par­tic­u­lar sport. Pret­ty easy to dec­o­rate a foot­ball par­ty. You can use images of famous play­ers and balls in the form of balls. In gen­er­al, the hol­i­day should be dec­o­rat­ed with the main focus on green, black and white.

    Design ideas for age

    A 1‑year-old baby is not so impor­tant how the room will be dec­o­rat­ed, in what style. It is only impor­tant that every­thing is beau­ti­ful and attracts atten­tion. Usu­al­ly the first birth­day is cel­e­brat­ed in the cir­cle of rel­a­tives and fam­i­ly friends. You should not make the design too shiny and col­or­ful, oth­er­wise it will quick­ly tire the baby, he will become capri­cious.

    Chil­dren 2–3 years old will already be inter­est­ed in inter­act­ing with jel­ry. You can use bal­loons and paper decor, which is easy and fun to play with. A hol­i­day for kids should be not only fun, but also safe. When arrang­ing jel­ry, you should fol­low a few tips.

    1. Elec­tric gar­lands need to be fixed secure­ly and high. Chil­dren and ani­mals must not have access to them.
    2. Jel­ry should be large, with­out small ele­ments. A child may acci­den­tal­ly swal­low a frag­ment.
    3. Balls and paper. All decor mate­ri­als must be safe and of high qual­i­ty.
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      For chil­dren 4–5 years old, it will be inter­est­ing to make hol­i­days in the theme of their favorite car­toons. It will be fun and inter­est­ing. In this case, you can use vol­u­met­ric num­bers, paper decor of any com­plex­i­ty, balls and sim­ply beau­ti­ful dec­o­ra­tions.

    There are many options, the main thing is that some­one always looks after the chil­dren.

    Junior school­child­ren aged 6–10 often cel­e­brate their birth­day with friends. Chil­dren at this age love sur­pris­es, so you can neat­ly dec­o­rate the room at night. If some­thing glob­al is planned, then you can invite the child to sleep in anoth­er bed­room of the par­ents, so as not to inad­ver­tent­ly wake him up. Car­toons, games, books are cho­sen as themes — any­thing from the inter­ests of the baby.

    In this case, it is worth aban­don­ing the pho­to col­lage. The child may be uncom­fort­able in front of friends. At this age, it is espe­cial­ly impor­tant for chil­dren what peo­ple think of them. A good solu­tion would be decor that can be used for fun games. You can also pre­pare themed cos­tumes and an enter­tain­ment pro­gram.

    Chil­dren under 15 often choose the theme of the hol­i­day them­selves and talk with their par­ents about their desires. If you want to make a sur­prise, then you need to look at the inter­ests of the child. For the son, you should choose a more dis­creet decor, but the daughter’s room can be dec­o­rat­ed quite catchy. It is impor­tant to arrange a pho­to zone so that chil­dren can take beau­ti­ful pic­tures as a keep­sake.

    Boys and girls at this age are often addict­ed not only to games, films and books, but also to sci­ence. This can be used when dec­o­rat­ing a hol­i­day. It is espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing to beat astron­o­my, geog­ra­phy and his­to­ry.

    Arrang­ing a hol­i­day for a teenag­er, in gen­er­al, is not easy. Old­er chil­dren do not like to sit at home with friends, they always strive to dis­miss this idea. Hov­er, a qual­i­ty themed par­ty can change a teenager’s mind. It is very impor­tant to con­sult with the hero of the occa­sion or even involve him in the whole process.

    Every age has its own nuances. The birth­day of a small child should be dis­tin­guished by high-qual­i­ty and safe decor. In school years, chil­dren try to please their friends, so every ele­ment needs to be thought out. Teenagers are way­ward — their hol­i­day must ful­ly meet expec­ta­tions.

    That is why it is impor­tant to act togeth­er with the child, tak­ing into account his pref­er­ences, regard­less of age.

    Beautiful examples

    Mak­ing a hol­i­day for a child is a respon­si­ble task. It is nec­es­sary to think over the decor for the room and the table so that every­thing is beau­ti­ful, ele­gant and har­mo­nious. Par­ents should take into account the pref­er­ences of the child, because the hol­i­day is for him. Here are some inter­est­ing ideas.

    • A Hawai­ian-style hol­i­day will appeal to chil­dren of all ages. A good solu­tion for a sum­mer birth­day, every­thing looks bright and attrac­tive.
    • An ide­al birth­day for a girl — every lit­tle thing is thought out, even the decor on the chairs. All dec­o­ra­tions made of paper and tex­tiles can be made by hand.
    • Such an inter­est­ing design of the room is rel­e­vant for a girl of any age. Even a table of this type can be made with your own hands.
    • The col­or scheme is cho­sen per­fect­ly — every­thing looks con­cise and fes­tive at the same time. The idea with a bear is orig­i­nal and unusu­al, the child will def­i­nite­ly like it.
    • A pirate hol­i­day for boys is easy to pre­pare with your own hands. The dec­o­ra­tions are sim­ple but look very attrac­tive and cool.
    • Beau­ti­ful and con­cise, suit­able for a teenag­er. Such an unob­tru­sive design will be the best if you make a sur­prise with­out the knowl­edge of the child.

    See the next video for bud­get ideas for dec­o­rat­ing a chil­dren’s birth­day.