Chil­dren’s birth­day

How to celebrate the birthday of a 6 year old boy?

Par­ents always strive to orga­nize a birth­day in such a way that it will be remem­bered by the child for a long time. To do this, every­thing is arranged in such a way that favorite treats, long-await­ed gifts, and best friends are present. And, of course, not the last role is played by the design of the premis­es, com­pe­ti­tions and games. It will be use­ful for par­ents rais­ing a son to learn how to cel­e­brate the birth­day of a boy of 6 years old.

Room decoration

The birth­day of a child is always accom­pa­nied by bright col­ors. That’s why often the main attribute used in the design of the room are bal­loons of var­i­ous shapes and col­ors. They are sim­ply placed in the room where the hol­i­day will take place, on the ceil­ing and walls. They make arch­es, var­i­ous com­po­si­tions from them, orga­nize pho­to zones.

As dec­o­ra­tions, you can use all kinds of posters and stream­ers with con­grat­u­la­to­ry texts. Col­ored flags can also come in handy.

In order to cel­e­brate the birth­day of a 6‑year-old boy in an inter­est­ing and fun way, par­ents come up with a cer­tain theme, and then the room will be dec­o­rat­ed in accor­dance with this. The attrib­ut­es of pirates, cow­boys or fab­u­lous super­heroes may appear in the room.

A table with treats is also part of the fes­tive dec­o­ra­tion. It all depends on the dish­es served and the theme of the event. On the table, it is desir­able to lay a plain table­cloth, put bright dish­es, put nap­kins.

Orig­i­nal­ly dec­o­rat­ed dish­es can serve as dec­o­ra­tions — sal­ads, desserts, cock­tails and, of course, a birth­day cake.

Subject selection

The hol­i­day will turn out to be mem­o­rable for the child and will be suc­cess­ful if you think over its con­cept, and for this you need to decide which top­ic to choose. Here you need to focus on the hob­bies and pref­er­ences of the child. Be sure to ask what exact­ly he would like. And there are a lot of top­ics.

  • “In the cir­cus are­na”. Here, clowns can act as ani­ma­tors, they will amuse chil­dren, show tricks, play games with them. Just at such a hol­i­day, bright bal­loons will be appro­pri­ate. Chil­dren can also choose bright clothes if they are warned in advance about the theme of the hol­i­day.
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As an addi­tion, bright caps, noses can be used.

  • “Favorite Heroes” This option will also please the birth­day boy very much if he choos­es his favorite fairy tale or car­toon. A vari­ety of plots and sto­ries does not allow list­ing all the options. It can be nin­ja tur­tles, spi­der-man, Mick­ey Mouse, Har­ry Pot­ter.

The host of such a hol­i­day can appear as a magi­cian, who will come up with var­i­ous tasks and con­tests, give out prizes to the smartest, dex­ter­ous, fastest, with­out for­get­ting, of course, about the most impor­tant per­son — the hero of the occa­sion.

  • “Theme Par­ties” Here you can choose dif­fer­ent options. The birth­day boy and his friends for one evening can turn into pirates, cow­boys, sailors, trav­el­ers, astro­nauts. Based on this, you need to choose design, enter­tain­ment and, pos­si­bly, quests with inter­est­ing tasks.
  • “Trav­el”. If the birth­day takes place in nature, then you can orga­nize a mini-hike, come up with a map that will indi­cate where to look for the trea­sure. In nature, you can hold mobile relay races, games and com­pe­ti­tions.

It is also pos­si­ble to dec­o­rate the site beau­ti­ful­ly. On the trees you can hang both balls and stream­ers. A beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed table, albeit in field con­di­tions, should also be present.

  • “Oth­er plan­ets”. An unusu­al birth­day can turn out if you imag­ine that this is anoth­er plan­et. Then fly­ing saucers, and stars, and shiny cos­tumes will come in handy. You can give all the par­tic­i­pants of the hol­i­day fun­ny ears or anten­nas. Space ori­en­ta­tion tasks for boys will be inter­est­ing. For treats, it is also bet­ter to come up with cos­mic names.

The ani­ma­tor can be the cap­tain of a space­ship trav­el­ing to dif­fer­ent plan­ets.

  • “Pro­fes­sion­al guid­ance”. In fact, this, of course, is not a real career guid­ance, but it will be inter­est­ing for every­one to play in the pro­fes­sion. It is nec­es­sary to iden­ti­fy those for which it is real­is­tic to come up with tasks. Chefs, for exam­ple, can pre­pare a dish. In a chem­istry lab, you can cre­ate soap bub­bles with sim­ple ingre­di­ents, and let the writ­ers write the sto­ry. Each of the pro­fes­sions can be pre­sent­ed to chil­dren in an acces­si­ble form.
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If the birth­day is held out­side, there is a chance to play fire­fight­ers and res­cuers.

  • “Cin­e­ma plat­form”. A great way to let kids write their own lit­tle script and bring it to life. The apart­ment will turn into a film set for a few hours. Con­tests and tasks can also be asso­ci­at­ed with fairy tales, car­toons and films that chil­dren know and love.

Script Ideas

If you decide to spend a hol­i­day with your fam­i­ly, par­ents will have to take care not only about prepar­ing dish­es and dec­o­rat­ing the room, but also about the script. At home, you can also orga­nize an inter­est­ing hol­i­day. The main thing is to decide in advance on the com­pe­ti­tions and decide which games can be played at home.

  • If orga­nized, for exam­ple, a pirate par­ty, it all starts with a meet­ing of guests. The guys are invit­ed to the ship, which sets off as soon as all the guests have gath­ered.
  • To warm up, guests are invit­ed to come up with some kind of pirate greet­ing, in which atten­tion should also be paid to the hero of the occa­sion. Be sure to remem­ber that dur­ing the hol­i­day, chil­dren should receive prizes in com­pe­ti­tions and relay races.
  • After greet­ings, the facil­i­ta­tor can briefly describe the pur­pose of the event. Here you can also give gifts to the birth­day man.
  • The first part of the games can be mobile. For exam­ple, you can orga­nize a relay race with a pirate flag. Chil­dren are divid­ed into two teams. The first play­er runs with the flag to a cer­tain point, touch­es it and runs back, pass­es the flag to the next one, etc. The team where the par­tic­i­pants fin­ish the game faster wins.
  • Anoth­er option is to play blind­fold. The mas­ter pirate catch­es his friends aring a black blind­fold and then guess­es who he has caught. Caught turns into a leader, if he was able to iden­ti­fy.
  • The next step will be lunch, after the games you need to refresh your­self. At the table, you can give the chil­dren the oppor­tu­ni­ty to chat, and then con­duct a quiz, com­ing up with ques­tions on var­i­ous top­ics that six-year-olds may be famil­iar with. Since the theme is pirat­ed, can recall car­toons and films with pirates and let the chil­dren guess by the phrase or the name of the hero which movie they are talk­ing about.
  • Then you can go back to com­pe­ti­tions. A fun com­pe­ti­tion will turn out, where chil­dren are invit­ed to draw a pirate or a ship, but with their eyes closed and the whole team. For each team pre­pare a sheet of draw­ing paper and felt-tip pens. Each par­tic­i­pant runs up to the poster and draws some part with their eyes closed. The team with the most real­is­tic draw­ing wins.
  • After the chil­dren need to be giv­en free time, they also want to talk. You can turn on the music, let them dance and frol­ic.
  • The final stage will be tea drink­ing and a cake with can­dles.
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In any sce­nario, it should be remem­bered that chil­dren are not able to play for a long time, par­tic­i­pate in com­pe­ti­tions, they get tired, start to behave bad­ly. There­fore, 3–4 hours to cel­e­brate a birth­day is enough. Pro­vid­ed that the birth­day was orga­nized in nature, you can play life­guards. There may be games like this:

  • you can hide some­one in the for­est, and two teams will go in search of who­ev­er finds it first gets a prize;
  • an obsta­cle course would be use­ful: jump over a ditch, climb a tree, crawl under a log;
  • ori­en­ta­tion on the ground with a com­pass will be anoth­er adven­ture, you can even hide prizes in cer­tain places and look for them by iden­ti­fi­ca­tion marks;
  • you can col­lect branch­es and build a hut, the jury will deter­mine the best one.

It should be remem­bered that all this should take place under the strict super­vi­sion of adults in com­pli­ance with safe­ty reg­u­la­tions. A birth­day cake and treats must be offered beten games.