How to celebrate a girl's birthday 18 years old?

Today, every adult remem­bers how much he looked for­ward to his 18th birth­day. This day for teenagers has always played and plays an impor­tant role. They enter adult­hood. A lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties open up for them. They can make their own deci­sions. For the par­ents of a grown child, and espe­cial­ly for a daugh­ter, the pic­ture looks some­what dif­fer­ent. But in any case, the day of major­i­ty is an impor­tant event in a per­son­’s life. And it should be cel­e­brat­ed at the high­est lev­el.

Organization Features

Cel­e­brat­ing a girl’s birth­day at the age of 18 is not so easy. Orga­ni­za­tion­al aspects of the event, of course, fall on the shoul­ders of her par­ents. And here the man­i­fes­ta­tion of fan­ta­sy will not be enough. On the one hand, com­ing of age involves hold­ing an adult hol­i­day sce­nario. But yes­ter­day the birth­day girl belonged to the cat­e­go­ry of teenagers. On this note, many dis­putes arise beten father and moth­er.

In order for the daughter’s hol­i­day to pass enchant­i­ng­ly and on the most pos­i­tive wave, the opin­ion of the birth­day girl should be tak­en into account. It is impor­tant to ask the young lady in advance about her desires regard­ing the cel­e­bra­tion, pref­er­ences. You need to ask how many guests will come to the hol­i­day. Clar­i­fy which theme of the daughter’s event will be more to her lik­ing.

Hav­ing learned the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion, par­ents should begin to pre­pare the cel­e­bra­tion. And in order for the event to turn out to be grandiose and mem­o­rable, the orga­niz­ers need to take into account sev­er­al impor­tant nuances.

  • Hol­i­day bud­get. If par­ents are not lim­it­ed in free mon­ey, they can safe­ly rent a yacht or rent a cot­tage for the upcom­ing noisy par­ty. Con­clude an agree­ment with the event agency in advance so that they devel­op a unique enter­tain­ment show, and on the eve of the hol­i­day, order the deliv­ery of snacks and drinks. If the amount allo­cat­ed is lim­it­ed, more afford­able options should be con­sid­ered. Nat­u­ral­ly, it is impor­tant to refuse home gath­er­ings imme­di­ate­ly.
  • Event pro­gram. In this case, the pref­er­ences of the hero of the occa­sion are tak­en into account, because the hol­i­day is arranged in hon­or of one per­son, and not in hon­or of the guests who have come. If she is a roman­tic nature, then the enter­tain­ment part should be more restrained. If the birth­day girl is an extreme, the show pro­gram should be filled with incred­i­ble con­tests.
  • A place for a cel­e­bra­tion. If the 18th birth­day is cel­e­brat­ed in the warm sea­son, it is rea­son­able to arrange a hol­i­day in the fresh air. With the onset of cold ather, it is required to con­sid­er warm rooms.

It is worth imme­di­ate­ly accept­ing the fact that the main part of the com­ing-of-age cel­e­bra­tion will take place with­out par­ents and oth­er rel­a­tives. Only friends and acquain­tances will be at the par­ty.

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The fam­i­ly part should be done at lunchtime, while the invit­ed guests are lead­ing the marathon for the upcom­ing par­ty.

How interesting to decorate a room?

When dec­o­rat­ing the room of the birth­day girl and the room reserved for the hol­i­day, it is nec­es­sary to take into account the pref­er­ences of the hero of the occa­sion. On this day, only her dreams should come true.

  • If a girl is an ardent par­ty girl, she will sure­ly like dec­o­rat­ing a room in a club style. A glow­ing ball hangs from the ceil­ing. Bright lights flash across the room. There are tables for guests around the perime­ter of the room, and a dance floor is locat­ed in the cen­ter of the hall. The DJ at the remote con­trol plays the favorite com­po­si­tions of the hero of the occa­sion, and she alone is in the cen­ter of every­one’s atten­tion.
  • If the birth­day girl is more of a roman­tic per­son, she will sure­ly like the calm design of the room. No bright or flashy col­ors. The room should be dom­i­nat­ed by light shades. An arch of fresh flors, a ceil­ing dec­o­rat­ed with flow­ing blue rib­bons, light-col­ored bal­loons, white table­cloths on tables will look spec­tac­u­lar. In gen­er­al, every­thing that is asso­ci­at­ed with ten­der­ness and roman­ti­cism.

  • Girls lead­ing an extreme lifestyle prac­ti­cal­ly do not both­er about dec­o­rat­ing a room for a hol­i­day. For them, the pro­gram of the event is the most impor­tant. And for sure it will not be hur­dles or squats. Most like­ly, the hol­i­day pro­gram will include sky­div­ing or descend­ing a steep snowy slope. Hov­er, after such adven­tures, every ath­lete wants to feel warmth, care and com­fort. It is home decor that will be the per­fect option for dec­o­rat­ing a fes­tive room.

Celebration Ideas

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not always teenage girls man­age to cel­e­brate their com­ing of age the way they dreamed. The rea­son for this is the lack of sup­port from par­ents who are spon­sors of the upcom­ing event. For exam­ple, a birth­day girl wants to cel­e­brate her 18th birth­day in a coun­try house with a bunch of invit­ed guests. And the par­ents think it’s a bad idea and throw a house par­ty with a birth­day cake in the cir­cle of rel­a­tives and a few friends.

In fact, spoil­ing your daugh­ter’s com­ing-of-age par­ty is very easy. And to pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, it is impor­tant to nego­ti­ate with the child, dis­cuss all the nuances of iden­ti­ty, and lis­ten to the ideas of the birth­day girl. But the most impor­tant thing is to decide on the gen­er­al idea of ​​u200bu200bthe event.

Ordi­nary birth­days re by default cel­e­brat­ed at home or in cafes, com­ing of age should be a notable excep­tion.

Many girls will find the idea of ​​hold­ing a hol­i­day in the most ordi­nary bus very inter­est­ing. On the one hand, this seems like mad­ness. But hard­ly any­one can boast of such an age. Par­ents will need to rent a bus, prefer­ably a larg­er one. Its inside is dec­o­rat­ed accord­ing to the theme of the hol­i­day or at the request of the hero of the occa­sion. Out­side, you can attach posters explain­ing the rea­son for the hol­i­day, hang lumi­nous gar­lands. The rest of the arrange­ment depends on the size of the bus.

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Anoth­er inter­est­ing idea for cel­e­brat­ing a birth­day is a quest game. It is desir­able that its dura­tion be cal­cu­lat­ed for 2–3 hours. The prepa­ra­tion of the sce­nario of the game and the design of the premis­es should be left in the hands of pro­fes­sion­al event agen­cies.

As an option — a par­ty at the ski base. Hov­er, this idea is more suit­able for teenagers who lead a sports lifestyle.

Anoth­er mind-blow­ing idea is to rent a night­club. And as an orig­i­nal gift, invite your daugh­ter’s favorite singer or musi­cal group to per­form. Just don’t tell the birth­day girl about it. Nei­ther she nor her guests will def­i­nite­ly for­get such a sur­prise.

in winter

Snow and cold can be a real prob­lem when prepar­ing for a com­ing-of-age par­ty. The big prob­lem is find­ing a place to cel­e­brate. Many girls believe that apart from a cafe or a night­club, oth­er options should not even be con­sid­ered. But this is an erro­neous opin­ion.

A very inter­est­ing idea is to cel­e­brate the 18th anniver­sary at the rink. First­ly, it is a win­ter enter­tain­ment that young peo­ple are fond of. Sec­ond­ly, in win­ter you can rent a skat­ing rink in a small indoor estab­lish­ment. Place fes­tive tables in the recre­ation area, draw up a show pro­gram, invite a host and a DJ.

A good idea for com­ing of age is a pho­to shoot against the back­drop of snowy nature. A noisy com­pa­ny of invit­ed guests goes to the moun­tains or to the for­est thick­et on a rent­ed bus. A pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er is wait­ing for them at the place of arrival, a win­ter tent is set up near­by, where you can warm up in beten the fun. In this case, the pho­to shoot does not involve pos­ing, the guests play snow­balls, make snow­men, dance. And the pho­tog­ra­ph­er must have time to cap­ture all the actions. After the pho­to ses­sion, the guests are tak­en by the same bus to the cafe to con­tin­ue the fun.

A fair­ly com­mon idea is to rent a cot­tage. Some peo­ple think that this is the best solu­tion for a sum­mer hol­i­day, while for­get­ting about such activ­i­ties as snow­mo­bil­ing, sled­ding down the moun­tain.

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The thaw after the win­ter cold opens up a lot of oppor­tu­ni­ties for cel­e­brat­ing the girl’s com­ing of age. The only prob­lem is that there is a high prob­a­bil­i­ty of bad ather con­di­tions. It may sud­den­ly snow or rain. In order not to get into an unpleas­ant sit­u­a­tion, it is worth care­ful­ly con­sid­er­ing the spring event.

A good idea for a cel­e­bra­tion is a pic­nic on the ter­race of a restau­rant. First­ly, guests are shel­tered by a canopy that does not allow bad ather to spoil the hol­i­day. Sec­ond­ly, this option is sim­i­lar to a pic­nic in nature.

A care­ful­ly thought-out pro­gram will make guests for­get about ran­dom gusts of cool wind.

The idea of ​​hold­ing a com­ing-of-age par­ty in a water park is very pop­u­lar. Many pools and slides of vary­ing dif­fi­cul­ty cause a lot of pos­i­tive emo­tions. Smiles, hap­pi­ness, joy are the main com­po­nents of any hol­i­day. Tables are placed in the recre­ation area, where guests of the birth­day girl can enjoy a fes­tive meal and par­tic­i­pate in the show pro­gram.


Autumn some­times brings apa­thy, depres­sion. But on the eve of adult­hood, all these states dis­ap­pear in an instant. The main thing is that the hol­i­day should not be spoiled by rain or snow.

When the air tem­per­a­ture is “not cold” and “not hot”, you can go to the movies with friends. But not in a reg­u­lar movie the­ater. Today there are mini-cin­e­mas with a small num­ber of seats. The hall is rent­ed in advance, a film marathon of new or old films is ordered, which the birth­day girl and her guests like.

You can arrange a hol­i­day at the recre­ation cen­ter. The absence of sum­mer heat and win­ter frost is an ide­al option for cel­e­brat­ing com­ing of age. In the for­est more often you can arrange a quest.

The main thing is that each team is accom­pa­nied by guides and rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the event agency that arranged the game.


Sum­mer is the best time of the year to cel­e­brate com­ing of age. The birth­day girl has a lot of ideas for the cel­e­bra­tion, it remains only to choose the most inter­est­ing option.

Beach par­ties at a par­tic­u­lar recre­ation cen­ter are very pop­u­lar. Depend­ing on the board­ing house, a menu is pre­pared, drinks are pur­chased. You can arrange a fes­tive show on your own, or order an enter­tain­ment part at an event agency. Water, sun, beach vol­ley­ball, DJ, host and deli­cious snacks are accom­pa­nied by joy, laugh­ter and oth­er pos­i­tive emo­tions.

Great ideas are a mini-jour­ney out of town, a boat trip or a trip to aban­doned places with a guide.

In any case, it is nec­es­sary to fill the hol­i­day script with fun and joy.

How to cel­e­brate a girl’s 18th birth­day, see below.