Chil­dren’s birth­day

Celebrating 1 year old boy's birthday

For all par­ents, a child’s birth­day is con­sid­ered a whole event, espe­cial­ly if the baby is one year old. To do this, they dec­o­rate the room and order a cake, invite rel­a­tives and friends. Fun com­pe­ti­tions are orga­nized for the child, and guests are also enter­tained. Let the baby not remem­ber these moments, but they will remain with him in the pho­tographs and on the video. Not always par­ents can inde­pen­dent­ly think over the struc­ture of the cel­e­bra­tion. To do this, you can use the ideas of oth­er peo­ple’s hol­i­days, refine them and improve them. A few inter­est­ing thoughts for the first ever hol­i­day are described below.

Organization Features

To begin with, it is worth decid­ing how much mon­ey par­ents are will­ing to invest in the event. You can hire a host, ani­ma­tor, clown or magi­cian for the hol­i­day. These peo­ple will plan the entire sce­nario on their own. Par­ents will only have to pur­chase every­thing they need — balls, toys and gifts.

Firms pro­vid­ing such ser­vices, when hir­ing, pro­vide sev­er­al options for the cel­e­bra­tion. It remains to choose the appro­pri­ate one or indi­cate your pref­er­ences.

Spe­cial­ists take on not only the oblig­a­tion to hold the event and cheer the baby and guests, but also dec­o­rate the inte­ri­or.

It is more trou­ble­some if the rel­a­tives decide to orga­nize a birth­day par­ty for the boy them­selves. Usu­al­ly such prepa­ra­tion falls on the shoul­ders of a woman. True, one can­not do with­out help here — con­sul­tants of spe­cial stores can pro­vide sig­nif­i­cant assis­tance in acquir­ing para­pher­na­lia, and old­er broth­ers and sis­ters of the child and oth­er rel­a­tives in dec­o­rat­ing the inte­ri­or.

Based on the bud­get, the fol­low­ing things are deter­mined:

  • num­ber of guests;
  • the time it takes to cel­e­brate;
  • place of cel­e­bra­tion;
  • the cost of gifts and props for dec­o­ra­tion;
  • pro­vid­ing com­pe­ti­tions with prizes.

Impor­tant! Usu­al­ly, par­ents remem­ber videos or pho­tos as a keep­sake late. To cap­ture the best moments of the cel­e­bra­tion for 1 year, you can hire a pho­tog­ra­ph­er. If you don’t want to scare the boy with strangers at home, you can arrange with a cou­ple of guests to shoot the event.

Anoth­er way is to set up a tri­pod with a cam­era on which the shoot­ing mode will be set in advance in order to record all the moments of the hol­i­day.

Choose a topic

For a boy, there are a lot of options for dec­o­rat­ing a hol­i­day. Depend­ing on his hob­bies, you can arrange the fol­low­ing.

  • Pirate par­ty. All guests can be dressed up as pirates, and the birth­day boy can be giv­en a cut­lass from a toy store.
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  • Hol­i­day in the style of super­heroes. Chil­dren love to save the world, you can come up with many con­tests in which lit­tle guests will do it. Adults can pre­tend that some­thing hap­pened to them, the guests, along with the hero of the hol­i­day, saved them (take care of the sim­plic­i­ty of sal­va­tion).

  • An event where his favorite car­toon char­ac­ters will be. One of the par­ents can put on the cos­tume of Lun­tik or anoth­er char­ac­ter adored by the kid, thus the hol­i­day will be more inter­est­ing and fun. The birth­day boy him­self can also be dressed up in such a cos­tume.

  • Hol­i­day with ani­mals. Giraffe, dinosaur and lion cos­tumes can be found in many stores and some can be rent­ed.

How to choose a place of celebration?

Since the child is small, it is advis­able to take into account his dai­ly rou­tine. In order not to vio­late it, you need to clear­ly plan the event. First, decide on the loca­tion of the event. The best option for the baby will be the famil­iar envi­ron­ment of their own home. If the area of ​​​​the apart­ment is small, and a large num­ber of guests are expect­ed, it is bet­ter to stay in a rent­ed room. This could be a stu­dio, a cafe­te­ria hall, or a pho­tog­ra­phy stu­dio.

In this case, it is imme­di­ate­ly desir­able to dis­cuss with the staff the avail­abil­i­ty of a sep­a­rate room. This is nec­es­sary for the pri­va­cy of moth­er and baby. For exam­ple, for feed­ing or dress­ing a son, tem­po­rary rest. Chil­dren tend to get dirty often and get tired quick­ly from the abun­dance of impres­sions. In the sum­mer, it is bet­ter to cel­e­brate a birth­day out­doors: on the riv­er bank, in a park, gar­den, or in the coun­try. This option is per­fect if you expect an influx of guests with chil­dren. In addi­tion, such a solu­tion will pro­vide space for games and com­pe­ti­tions.

Decorate the holiday area

At a young age, a clear divi­sion by gen­der is very con­di­tion­al. There­fore, when dec­o­rat­ing a venue for a cel­e­bra­tion for a boy, you can use dif­fer­ent bright col­ors. Suit­able shades are:

  • blue;
  • blue;
  • azure;
  • green;
  • white;
  • yel­low.

Red, orange, sil­ver and gold col­ors will look vivid in small quan­ti­ties. Dec­o­rate the room with com­po­si­tions of bal­loons and Christ­mas tree rain, you can use gar­lands and flors made of paper or foil. For the cel­e­bra­tion, a wall news­pa­per with pho­tographs of the baby is suit­able — from birth to one year of age.

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A poster with the inscrip­tion “We are 1 year old!” will look great. You can cut out the meter num­ber 1 from card­board and drape it with a dark-col­ored satin rib­bon. For exam­ple, blue or pur­ple.

If the place allows and the pres­ence of guests with chil­dren is planned, then a dry pool with col­or­ful balls would be a great idea.

Colorful invitations for guests

You can call for a cel­e­bra­tion by send­ing com­mem­o­ra­tive invi­ta­tion cards to guests. Chil­dren’s cars and rat­tles, toys and favorite car­toon char­ac­ters can be suit­able as a back­ground. You can do the design togeth­er with the baby — his palms can be stained with spe­cial paints and allod to make sev­er­al prints on each post­card.

What cake to cook for a baby?

For a small child, a sharp change in diet is not always use­ful. Some­times the cause of ail­ments can be an aller­gy to cer­tain foods. So that after the hol­i­day there are no unde­sir­able con­se­quences, this fact is tak­en into account. It is best to make a cake from those prod­ucts that are famil­iar to the baby. For exam­ple, it can be a fruit cake already intro­duced into the diet.

For guests, clas­sic fruit cakes are more rel­e­vant. It is good if the cake for the crumbs and the guests will be com­bined with each oth­er.

Script Ideas

The first birth­day is not remem­bered by the child, but even a year old can be cel­e­brat­ed with fun. To do this, you need to think over con­tests and quizzes that can take all the guests. The first com­pe­ti­tion is opened by the hero of the occa­sion. Sev­er­al items are laid out in front of the baby. What­ev­er thing the child will reach for — that pro­fes­sion he will choose in adult­hood. It can be: comb — make-up artist, hair­dress­er; hemato­gen tile — doc­tor; bun or can­dy — con­fec­tion­er; machine — dri­ver; com­put­er mouse — sys­tem admin­is­tra­tor; the pic­ture is the artist; ruler — math­e­mati­cian or physi­cist.

For a fun pas­time, you will need ping-pong balls. On each of them they write with a mark­er an oblig­a­tion to the birth­day man. For exam­ple: going to an amuse­ment park, buy­ing a scoot­er, gift­ing a cer­tain item for a dding, etc. Before the com­pe­ti­tion, they put the balls in a shal­low basin, cov­ered with flour. They do this so that the loose mix­ture hides the objects com­plete­ly. The par­tic­i­pat­ing guest must take out the object with the inscrip­tion with­out hands, and then state the oblig­a­tion loud­ly and pub­licly.

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The boy will not be able to par­tic­i­pate in this com­pe­ti­tion, but what is hap­pen­ing will cer­tain­ly inter­est him.

Since the theme of the hol­i­day is the first birth­day, the theme of the com­pe­ti­tions should cor­re­spondb. To do this, buy nip­ples for bot­tles. In the right place on the nip­ple, you need to make a hole, and then put them on bot­tles of 0.5 liters. Bot­tles can be filled with lemon­ade for chil­dren, and cham­pagne for adults. After that dis­trib­ute them all. The one who will deal with the liq­uid faster, he won.

Karaoke is great fun for kids. If there is no way to turn on the music, you can give the kids rat­tles and chil­dren’s instru­ments, squeak­ing ducks are also suit­able. Chil­dren will inde­pen­dent­ly accom­pa­ny them­selves and sing. You can arrange real races, but not on cars, but on dads and moms. Chil­dren have to sad­dle their par­ents and get to a cer­tain place. Who­ev­er is faster gets the prize.

Be sure to take care of the awards for con­tests for guests. This will give inter­est and sharp­ness to the fight. The prize may be:

  • key­chain or mag­net with the image of the hero of the occa­sion;
  • cock­er­el on a stick;
  • small bar of choco­late.

After the end of the con­tests, you can arrange watch­ing car­toons with your fam­i­ly. It’s bet­ter to watch them on a big screen with a pro­jec­tor, but a reg­u­lar TV will do just fine. Adults at this moment can pre­pare a table with food and gifts for the child.

What are the best gifts to give a one year old baby?

The oblig­a­tory pro­gram of the hol­i­day is the pre­sen­ta­tion of gifts to the birth­day man. Agree with guests about the type of gifts. Gifts of small items are not allod. Any kid will be hap­py with a design­er with large parts and a type­writer. If the boy is cre­ative, he will like paints, pen­cils and felt-tip pens. Soft toys and musi­cal instru­ments will also please the baby.