Anniversary contests and games

For a mem­o­rable anniver­sary, not only a plen­ti­ful table and a good com­pa­ny are impor­tant, but also fun con­tests. Many of them do not require spe­cial props and are eas­i­ly orga­nized even with­out the par­tic­i­pa­tion of a pro­fes­sion­al pre­sen­ter.

Funny mobile contests

At the anniver­sary, where young peo­ple of 20–30 years old gath­er, one can­not do with­out mobile com­pe­ti­tions. For exam­ple, guests will sure­ly like the com­ic race of cup­bear­ers — peo­ple who bring drinks to the feast. Two peo­ple can take part in the game at a time. For each, a chair, a wood­en spoon and a glass are pre­pared in advance.

In addi­tion, it will not be pos­si­ble to do with­out a con­tain­er filled with tint­ed water (about half a liter in vol­ume), imi­tat­ing wine.

Chairs are placed at a dis­tance of a cou­ple of meters from each oth­er. Glass­es are placed close to each oth­er on one of them, spoons are placed, and a wine bowl is placed on the oth­er. Each play­er will need to trans­fer “wine” from a com­mon bowl to their own glass using a wood­en device with­in one minute. The par­tic­i­pant with the most liq­uid wins.

Anoth­er fun game, known as Match­es, allows up to 5 guests to par­tic­i­pate at the same time. A thread 50 cen­time­ters long is tied to the leg of each, on which, in turn, a box of match­es is fixed. Par­tic­i­pants stand in a cir­cle so that their socks touch and the box is placed in front of their feet. At the lead­er’s com­mand, they jump back, and then simul­ta­ne­ous­ly begin to jump in a cir­cle, try­ing to crush the oppo­nen­t’s box, but save their own.


A cool con­test called “Chore­o­g­ra­ph­er” gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to shake up sal­ads and pre­pare for the next dish. All par­tic­i­pants line up in a cir­cle, and one of them goes to the cen­ter, prepar­ing to play the role of a chore­o­g­ra­ph­er. As soon as the music turns on, the cen­ter begins to demon­strate dif­fer­ent move­ments, and the rest are required to repeat them. With a change in com­po­si­tion, the chore­o­g­ra­ph­er choos­es a suc­ces­sor, who, in turn, becomes the cen­ter. The game con­tin­ues until every­one tries him­self as a direc­tor.

By the way, you can com­pli­cate the dance enter­tain­ment with the help of a scarf: the one who goes to the cen­ter will first be tied with a scarf.

The com­pe­ti­tion with a mop is also excit­ing. Guests are divid­ed into two teams, after which they line up in the sequence “man — woman”. One per­son should be left with­out a pair and receive clean­ing equip­ment instead. While the music plays for 2–3 min­utes, the par­tic­i­pants dance, but when it stops, they will have to quick­ly change the pair. Nat­u­ral­ly, the play­er with the mop quick­ly throws it and grabs the first dancer he comes across, and some­one, in turn, is left alone with the mop.

The high­light of the com­pe­ti­tion is the oppor­tu­ni­ty to dance with both men and women.

With dressing up

A dress-up con­test is suit­able for a close com­pa­ny of lib­er­at­ed peo­ple. All par­tic­i­pants are divid­ed into male-female pairs. As soon as the music starts play­ing, the mem­bers quick­ly undress and change into their part­ner’s clothes. The cou­ple that changes out­fits the fastest wins.

With prizes

No mat­ter how old the invi­tees are, few peo­ple refuse to take part in the com­pe­ti­tion with prizes. You can adapt the tra­di­tion­al fun of chil­dren’s birth­days for adults. Even before the hol­i­day, the hosts pre­pare small gifts: inter­est­ing­ly shaped soaps, face masks, pens, choco­lates, lighters and oth­er lit­tle things. All of them are wrapped in opaque paper and tied to strings, which, in turn, are attached to a rope stretched beten two chairs. The task of the par­tic­i­pants is to cut off one of the prizes with scis­sors while blind­fold­ed.

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The best competitions with balls

The most inter­est­ing birth­day con­tests require the sim­plest equip­ment — bal­loons. For exam­ple, in the game “Light­ning” the par­tic­i­pants are divid­ed equal­ly into two teams, they receive balls of dif­fer­ent col­ors, for exam­ple: red and yel­low. Then the play­ers ran­dom­ly scat­ter them on the floor. As soon as the music starts, the par­tic­i­pants will have to burst the oppo­nen­t’s bal­loons with their hands and at the same time pro­tect their own. The team that com­pletes the task the fastest wins.

In anoth­er com­pe­ti­tion, only two men can take part at a time. Every­one gets a net with a long han­dle and one bal­loon. At the begin­ning of the game, both par­tic­i­pants throw their balls up. Until they sink to the floor, the men need to catch each oth­er with a net. The win­ner will be the par­tic­i­pant who com­pletes the task the fastest.

Vocal and creative tasks

All those present at the cel­e­bra­tion will be able to take part in the “Por­trait of the hero of the day” con­test. Par­tic­i­pants should be divid­ed into two teams, after which each will be pro­vid­ed with an easel with what­man paper and a felt-tip pen. In turn, the play­ers approach the “can­vas” and draw that part of the body of the birth­day boy that the pre­sen­ter calls them.

Whose por­trait will turn out to be bet­ter in the end, the hero of the occa­sion him­self decides.

Anoth­er game will allow you to please the birth­day boy with sev­er­al musi­cal con­grat­u­la­tions. First, each par­tic­i­pant receives a card on which sev­er­al lines of an old song are print­ed: either a cho­rus or a verse. The play­er’s task is to find a cou­ple by singing their lines and only then present the col­lect­ed song to the hero of the day togeth­er.

Board game options

Board games allow you to get rid of the dis­uni­ty of those who came to the hol­i­day from the first min­utes and cre­ate a friend­ly atmos­phere.

For acquaintance

To intro­duce peo­ple who did not know each oth­er before, you can invite them to play a game that does not require any props — “True, true, false.” Each of those present will have to tell two truths and one lie about them­selves, and the rest will have to guess which voiced fact is unre­al.

Anoth­er sim­ple but addic­tive game is called What You Have. All those present are divid­ed into two teams, for exam­ple: on the right and left halves of the table. The host pro­nounces the phrase: “And who has …” and the name of the item: a pho­to of a child, sun­glass­es, pep­per spray, a screw­driv­er. Each team in response must present the named item and receive a point for this.

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A game that is suit­able not only for 25-year-old youths, but also for a com­pa­ny of adults 35–45 years old is Croc­o­dile. Its essence lies in the fact that one per­son depicts a hid­den word, phrase or con­cept with facial expres­sions and ges­tures, while oth­ers try to unrav­el it. There are sev­er­al ways to play Croc­o­dile at the table. In the first case, all invi­tees are divid­ed into teams, and each thinks over a few words that their com­peti­tors will show. The cards are stacked in sep­a­rate con­tain­ers, and tasks for the game are exchanged.

A good solu­tion would be to ini­tial­ly set the theme of the game, for exam­ple: “Favorite Sovi­et films”, “Back to school” or “Bon appetit”.

After mix­ing the records, the first mem­ber of the first team pulls out a piece of paper and goes to the cen­ter of the hall. His task will be to con­vey to his asso­ciates the writ­ten word or phrase in a lim­it­ed amount of time. Next, a mem­ber of the oth­er team enters the game, who will already inter­act with his com­rades. As a result, the team whose mem­bers can guess all the words giv­en to them will win.

In the sec­ond ver­sion of “Croc­o­dile” every­one speaks for him­self. The host him­self or the birth­day per­son guess­es the word to the first par­tic­i­pant, and then he him­self will come up with a phrase for the next par­tic­i­pant.

There can be no win­ner in such a game, but it con­tin­ues until the par­tic­i­pants decide to end it.

“Well no”

To play Yes-No, you will first need to pre­pare signs with these words for all par­tic­i­pants, includ­ing the birth­day boy. The host begins to read out fun­ny or tricky ques­tions regard­ing the host or host­ess of the evening. The guests raise a card with the cho­sen ansr (yes / no), after which the cor­rect one is voiced by the hero of the day. Those who coped with the ques­tion move on to the next round. As a result, there should be one win­ner, who can be award­ed a joke award: “The main fan of the birth­day boy.”


The most pop­u­lar “Mafia” will per­fect­ly cope with the task of bring­ing peo­ple togeth­er at the table. For her, it will be pos­si­ble to pre­pare spe­cial play­ing cards or lim­it her­self to white sheets on which the let­ters will be indi­cat­ed: “G” is a cit­i­zen, he is also a civil­ian, “P” is a police­man and “M” is a mafia. In the event that 15 guests gath­er at the table, in addi­tion to the host, it is enough to appoint 4 mafia and 9 civil­ians. Those who received the cards must hide their con­tents from oth­ers.

The game begins with the city falling asleep and the mafia wak­ing up. This means that every­one clos­es their eyes, and after them only peo­ple with the “M” card open. The mafia selects its vic­tims, points them out to the host and “falls asleep”. After the host com­mands that the city wakes up and announces the vic­tims. The “sur­vivors” of the towns­peo­ple will have to find out which of them is a trai­tor. The per­son cho­sen by the major­i­ty of votes must show his cards. The game con­tin­ues until either only the mafia or only civil­ians remain.

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The pres­ence of a pro­jec­tor with a screen will allow you to hold a num­ber of excit­ing com­pe­ti­tions, in which you will be able to take part with­out leav­ing the table. For exam­ple, frames from famous films and TV shows can be shown, in which the main char­ac­ters are cov­ered with images of cute cats or rac­coons. The task of the par­tic­i­pants is to guess the dis­played pic­tures as quick­ly as pos­si­ble.

It will be very nice to guess the guests from chil­dren’s pho­tos, pre­vi­ous­ly col­lect­ed by the hosts of the cel­e­bra­tion.


For old­er peo­ple, that is, over 65 years old, a board game called “Force Majeure” will seem inter­est­ing. In turn, each guest receives a card on which an unfore­seen sit­u­a­tion is writ­ten, for exam­ple: “they delayed the salary”, “the elec­tric­i­ty was cut off at home”, “the secu­ri­ty guard locked me at work”, “the store ran out of all the cere­als”. From the height of the years lived and the accu­mu­lat­ed expe­ri­ence, the par­tic­i­pant must name the max­i­mum num­ber of advan­tages of the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion.

Grand­par­ents will show no less vivid emo­tions dur­ing the game “What to do with him?”. Each play­er will have to pull out a “youth” item from the box: a quartz face mas­sager, a spin­ner, a “smart” watch, and the like, and then sug­gest sev­er­al options for its use.

Ques­tions are con­sid­ered uni­ver­sal, which must be ansred with the help of card­board num­bers pre­vi­ous­ly dis­trib­uted to the par­tic­i­pants. Guests are divid­ed into two teams, and each receives its own set. The facil­i­ta­tor asks ques­tions relat­ed to the per­son­al­i­ty of the birth­day per­son or ll-known events, or requir­ing inge­nu­ity, and the par­tic­i­pants ansr them by rais­ing the num­bers. The team that gives the fastest and cor­rect ansr earns a point.

What else to do with guests without a toastmaster?

It will be pos­si­ble to keep guests busy while wait­ing for the next dish with the help of a mind-read­ing hat. For this fun­ny insert, you will first have to pre­pare a musi­cal selec­tion where wish­es or fun­ny state­ments are found in the songs. The host of the cel­e­bra­tion will have to go from guest to guest and put on his hat, simul­ta­ne­ous­ly turn­ing on the songs, and thus all those present will be able to eaves­drop on each oth­er’s “thoughts”.

Sev­er­al cou­ples from a hus­band and wife will be able to take part in the “Half” con­test. All men will need to be seat­ed on chairs in one row and blind­fold­ed. Women expose the lor part of the leg along with the foot and alter­nate­ly put it on the knees of the men. The task of the lat­ter is to touch the leg and find out your beloved one.

At home, in the absence of addi­tion­al props, the game “Princess Nes­meyana” is ide­al. Guests are divid­ed into two teams. The task of the mem­bers of the first is to sit with stern faces and not show any emo­tions, and the task of the mem­bers of the sec­ond is to make them laugh with jokes or anec­dotes for a cer­tain peri­od of time.

You can also play such mod­ern board games as “Eki­vo­ki” or “Con­sid­er­a­tion“or arrange an intel­lec­tu­al “Brain­storm”.