Gifts for the New Year

Gifts with humor for the New Year

The New Year is not only joy, a full table of food, guests and an unusu­al warm atmos­phere, it is also a ek of run­ning around in search of food, drinks and gifts. Usu­al­ly the most dif­fi­cult thing is with gifts and their pre­sen­ta­tion. Some on New Year’s Eve pro­pose to a girl in a restau­rant or a place dear to their hearts, some­one gives some­thing very valu­able: a phone, a lap­top or a vaca­tion trip. But any gift can be made with humor, and then pre­sent­ed in an orig­i­nal way, which brings a lot of joy to both the giv­er and the guests.

Hov­er, the choice of a com­ic sur­prise and pos­si­ble options for the orig­i­nal pre­sen­ta­tion depends on the com­pa­ny with which the cel­e­bra­tion takes place: friends, rel­a­tives and par­ents, class­mates, or maybe alone with your beloved.

Selection Tips

Before com­ing up with a New Year’s gift with humor, it is worth under­stand­ing whether every­one from the com­pa­ny will under­stand this, and whether what you have in mind will not offend any­one. At the same time, you need to under­stand that if the cel­e­bra­tion takes place in a com­pa­ny, then pre­sent­ing an orig­i­nal fun sur­prise to only one per­son, and the rest of the usu­al ones is wrong, then you need to think about cool gifts for every­one. Or make sure that every­one’s gifts are ordi­nary, but humor and orig­i­nal­i­ty re pre­cise­ly in the pre­sen­ta­tion of pre­pared sou­venirs.

In any case, a gift with humor should be care­ful­ly pre­pared in advance and think through every­thing., and in order to make the sit­u­a­tion a lit­tle eas­i­er for your­self, you can turn to tips that will help in the imple­men­ta­tion of the orig­i­nal plan. When plan­ning a gift with humor, it is worth con­sid­er­ing some fea­tures of the cel­e­bra­tion.

company for the new year

  • With employ­ees. At cor­po­rate par­ties or a joint meet­ing of the New Year, sur­pris­es for col­leagues depend on the time spent in the com­pa­ny, the tight­ness of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and the sta­tus of employ­ees. Usu­al­ly in such sit­u­a­tions, a lot of humor is not invest­ed in con­grat­u­la­tions.
  • With friends. This sit­u­a­tion is the oppo­site of the pre­vi­ous one. Friends often joke with each oth­er, so a gift with humor will be received as ll as pos­si­ble. You can make indi­vid­ual gifts or sur­pris­es for every­one at once, but humor should not be lim­it­ed.
  • With fam­i­ly and rel­a­tives. It is worth con­sid­er­ing that the New Year is a fam­i­ly hol­i­day, here humor should not be harsh, light jokes and a warm atmos­phere are the surest way.
  • Alone with your beloved. Here you should not use jokes with a reproach or mak­ing fun of some­thing in a girl. On this hol­i­day, the part­ner wants warmth and affec­tion, so some ill-con­ceived jokes can ruin the hol­i­day.

Characteristics of the gifted

  • Age. The old­er the recip­i­ent of the gift, the less humor is required in such a case, with some excep­tions in the case of close com­mu­ni­ca­tion.
  • posi­tion in soci­ety. Boss­es, the only woman in the team, some­one pop­u­lar in a com­pa­ny where the New Year is cel­e­brat­ed, employ­ees of seri­ous pro­fes­sions — all these nuances require a spe­cial approach if you want to add humor.
  • Hob­bies and pref­er­ences of the gift­ed. You should not joke about what the recip­i­ent likes, on the con­trary, it should be empha­sized that even the strangest activ­i­ties are cool.
  • Rela­tion­ship fea­tures. For friends, a gift can always be more open and play­ful than for those with whom you are not very famil­iar. But a gift to a girl, with all the humor­ous com­po­nent, should also car­ry romance.
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Tak­ing into account some of the described nuances, it will be pos­si­ble to com­pe­tent­ly pre­pare a sur­prise so as not to offend any­one and please every­one. Approach and thought­ful­ness is very impor­tant in this case, because not every­one can under­stand cer­tain jokes that you thought re fun­ny.

Do not for­get that peo­ple are wait­ing for gifts and do not want to lose joy­ful emo­tions.

And after unsuc­cess­ful jokes, peo­ple will asso­ciate the whole hol­i­day with some­thing that offend­ed them. Your task is to make every­thing fun and per­fect, because as you cel­e­brate the New Year, so you will spend it.

Top original gifts

For any hol­i­day, a gift with humor is best per­ceived. It is liked both by those who are des­tined for a sur­prise, and by all the guests present. Hov­er, it should be borne in mind that gifts with humor must be giv­en to every­one, or, due to the specifics of the rela­tion­ship, a gift with humor is giv­en to one per­son. The last option refers to some­one from a group of friends who is con­stant­ly joked about, such a sur­prise will be per­ceived ll. To be able to push off from some­thing, you can con­sid­er inter­est­ing orig­i­nal gifts.

For friends

  • Cloth­ing. Sater, hat, T‑shirt or vest with cer­tain prints, in which every­one can cel­e­brate the New Year, and then remem­ber how he sat all evening in a T‑shirt with the print “I’m a grand­moth­er, because I go to bed ear­li­er than the rest.”
  • If the com­pa­ny has a dat­ing cou­ple, then you can give them gloves for two or woolen socksthat com­ple­ment each oth­er. You can also play a prank on the best friends in the com­pa­ny.
  • Kugu­ru­mi. Cel­e­brat­ing the New Year in unusu­al ways is fun. And then you can arrange themed evenings and remem­ber how great it was.
  • Lumi­nous tie with a fun­ny inscrip­tion: “I’m not a clown”, “And I also have a bow tie”, “Tie from the dding” and many oth­er vari­ants of phras­es will peri­od­i­cal­ly amuse vaca­tion­ers.
  • Globe bar. An unusu­al gift, because when you open half of the globe you can see bot­tles and glass­es. The evening can be not only fun, but also infor­ma­tive, it can even hap­pen a trip to some city.

For the family

  • Invent­ed pedi­gree. Com­bin­ing a real pedi­gree with jokes and pre­sent­ing the result­ing tree to par­ents is excit­ing and edu­ca­tion­al.
  • Ortho­pe­dic pil­low. So you can have a fun hint at some­one’s age.
  • Pho­to frame with chang­ing pho­tos or wall news­pa­per, show­cas­ing high­lights from the past year.

For the beloved

  • Set sur­prise. A box of sets con­tain­ing every­thing a girl loves. Can­dies with pre­dic­tions — allow not only deli­cious, but also excit­ing time. Can­dies from Har­ry Pot­ter with dif­fer­ent, even the most unusu­al tastes. A board game in which sets are hid­den inside the play­ing field — get­ting into cer­tain cells you can eat deli­cious­ly, and los­ing in this case is not so sad. Do-it-your­self cook­ies made at home will make your girl­friend not only smile, but also be proud of her soul­mate.
  • A great addi­tion to the main gift can be a New Year’s card using the scrap­book­ing tech­nique. Mak­ing a card with your own hands is very roman­tic and pleas­ant for a girl, and if you stick fun­ny pho­tos of a girl or joint pho­tos on such a card, it will be fun.
  • Room Quest. Hide var­i­ous sou­venirs so that the girl, by solv­ing fun­ny puz­zles, is look­ing for her sur­prise.
  • Stress­ball. This sou­venir will allow you to enrage your soul­mate a lit­tle more often.
  • Blan­ket with sleeves. It’s warm and com­fort­able and looks fun.
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For staff

  • ani­mal hat. A great gift for lovers of hunt­ing and warmth.
  • cred­it card knife. It can always remain in the wal­let and, if nec­es­sary, will help out the own­er.
  • 3D pen. The gift­ed per­son will be able to draw a small fig­ure for him­self or for all the guests.
  • Illu­mi­nat­ed whiskey glass. You can find your glass even in the dark.

The coolest New Year’s gifts are orig­i­nal gift ideas, hand­made sou­venirs, or some­thing fun in the form of a game. A com­ic gift will make the hol­i­day eas­i­er, more inter­est­ing and more fun.

Funny Budget Ideas

Some­times there are a lot of gifts or there is no finance left at the end of the year, but it hap­pens that every­thing coin­cid­ed. In this case, bud­get gifts are the per­fect solu­tion to the prob­lem. Think­ing and pre­sent­ing pre­pared sou­venirs in an orig­i­nal way with humor is an option that can have no less, or maybe even a greater effect on guests. But to imple­ment a bud­get gift, you need to con­sid­er ideas that will make the hol­i­day fun.

Idea for a company

  • Secret San­ta - a bud­get option, because you can buy a gift for one per­son, and not buy sou­venirs for every­one. In addi­tion, in this case, a cer­tain peri­od of time is giv­en to present sur­pris­es, which adds solem­ni­ty and stirs up inter­est. And then the intrigue remains, who made this or that sur­prise. And after con­grat­u­la­tions, those who wish can open up and dis­cuss why they gave this or that sou­venir.
  • Glow­ing things. Laces, tie, hat, cap and more. Every­one can have their own bright sou­venir.
  • Comb-dag­ger or gun-lighter. Gun lovers will love it.

Family Ideas

  • Jar with pre­dic­tions and wish­es.
  • Ther­mal glass with print or pho­tos. Pho­tos from unfor­get­table places or warm words of con­grat­u­la­tions, indi­vid­ual for the recip­i­ent.

Ideas for your beloved

  • Sur­pris­es with vers­es. It can be a video, a song, just a poem. The great­est humor is caused by some fun­ny cas­es that re, facts about a girl or about your­self that will cheer you up.
  • Jar of best mem­o­ries. Papers tied with a rib­bon, each with warm words and mem­o­ries.
  • set jar. A lot of good­ies in one place, and at the same time beau­ti­ful­ly pack­aged. What else can make a girl smile like that?
  • Mes­sage bot­tle. A roman­tic-fun­ny mes­sage that can sail even in the bath­room and will not leave your soul­mate indif­fer­ent.
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Universal souvenirs

  • Aprons with fun­ny prints. New Year’s theme or bod­ies: for a man — fem­i­nine, for a woman — mas­cu­line.
  • Coupons. Make your own lay­out and print many dif­fer­ent coupons, for exam­ple, “Coupon for a mas­sage”, “Coupon for a guy wash­ing the dish­es”, “Coupon for 10 kiss­es” and oth­er pos­si­ble options. A girl can use each coupon once.
  • Sur­prise Wish­es. Asso­ciate each mini-sou­venir with a wish. For exam­ple, give scotch tape and say: “In the New Year, let every­thing stick togeth­er with you.”

In the case of a small bud­get for gifts for the New Year, you can find a way out and present some­thing unusu­al, while doing it in an orig­i­nal way.

Such a gift is often appre­ci­at­ed even more than expen­sive sur­pris­es with­out an indi­vid­ual approach and humor.

The most unusual souvenirs

The most unusu­al sou­venirs usu­al­ly do not cost much, but they are sin­cere, bright and most unfor­get­table.

  • Pre­pare for­tune cook­ies. The girl or guests will enjoy their culi­nary skills and at the same time learn fun­ny pre­dic­tions for the New Year.
  • Bal­loons with pre­dic­tions. Each of the guests can burst the balls glued to the wall with a dart. And then you need to read the com­ic pre­dic­tions that re pre­vi­ous­ly hid­den in balls.
  • Pre­dic­tion in horo­scope for­mat - record a video and con­grat­u­late all the signs of the Zodi­ac, as if you re the leader of the rubric.
  • Deci­sion Ball. A sou­venir that will even help you decide whether to go to bed tonight or not.
  • Con­grat­u­la­tions from the stars. You can con­tact famous per­son­al­i­ties through friends or direct­ly. Some­times the stars go for­ward and respond pos­i­tive­ly to the requests of sub­scribers and ordi­nary peo­ple, writ­ing down con­grat­u­la­tions for the recip­i­ent. Oth­er­wise, you can use the ser­vices on the Inter­net, as ll as show the won­ders of par­o­dy and edit­ing and record a video greet­ing for guests, friends or loved ones.
  • Video greet­ing or video post­card from friends, rel­a­tives, class­mates who are now far away. It is quite set and gen­tle, and fun­ny sto­ries of youth will make you not only laugh, but maybe even cry.

In prepa­ra­tion for the New Year, a lot of time and mon­ey is spent to find for loved ones the very gifts that they would like to receive.

Hov­er, do not for­get that this is the end of the year, every­one is tired and wait­ing for this hol­i­day, ekends and mood for a long time.

Peo­ple are shop­ping a lit­tle, lay­ing a full table and get­ting ready to meet the guests. There­fore, after all this ten­sion, it would be great to relax, have fun, spend an evening with jokes. In this sit­u­a­tion, gifts with humor are per­fect, the main thing is not to over­do it — then the hol­i­day will real­ly come out unfor­get­table.