How to celebrate the anniversary of a woman?

Each reg­u­lar anniver­sary for a woman is an expec­ta­tion of the ful­fill­ment of pre­vi­ous­ly unful­filled hopes and a new life fron­tier. By their nature, women are emo­tion­al and anx­ious about the prepa­ra­tion of an impor­tant event for them. Of course, they deserve to make their cel­e­bra­tion spe­cial.

Venue and theme

Even if a woman is slight­ly over 50, on her hol­i­day she craves atten­tion from rel­a­tives and friends. There­fore, the orga­ni­za­tion of a wom­en’s birth­day should be giv­en great impor­tance. It is bet­ter to pre­pare by think­ing over the sce­nario so that the hol­i­day is not bor­ing and dynam­ic.

To decide how you want to make an event, you first need to decide where to hold it.

The most com­mon of the gen­er­al­ly accept­ed options.

  • Hous­es. In the fam­i­ly cir­cle, with close friends, time will fly by cheer­ful­ly and nat­u­ral­ly. In a com­fort­able famil­iar atmos­phere, there is a high chance to relax your soul and get real plea­sure from the cel­e­bra­tion.

  • In the bosom of nature. A fair­ly pop­u­lar solu­tion in the warm sea­son. Of course, in a for­est glade, a hol­i­day can take place only on a fine day. Although, if you are still drawn to the street, you can orga­nize a meet­ing of guests at your own or rent­ed dacha. Grilled dish­es, sin­cere con­ver­sa­tions and an infor­mal atmos­phere unite peo­ple and strength­en fam­i­ly and friend­ship ties. With a lim­it­ed bud­get, you can rent a gaze­bo by the pond in a city recre­ation area or out­side the city.
  • At the restau­rant. This is the most pompous and cost­ly option, requir­ing the least time for prepara­to­ry chores. Instead of the hero of the occa­sion, treats will be pre­pared by pro­fes­sion­al chefs, and serv­ing will be orga­nized by wait­ers. You don’t have to think about what dish to serve next or when to clear the table for guests. The undoubt­ed advan­tage is that you can invite a host, a musi­cal group or a soloist to the restau­rant, which will help the anniver­sary pass even more fun. Dances and songs, karaoke and a lot of free space for com­pe­ti­tions are the sol­id advan­tages of cel­e­brat­ing in a restau­rant. But the event will turn out to be more cost­ly than if every­thing hap­pened at home or in nature.

  • It is also con­ve­nient for a woman to cel­e­brate her anniver­sary in a small cafe. And it doesn’t mat­ter if she is 25 years old or 55. The only dif­fer­ence will be the theme of the event. The hol­i­day can be arranged in a fab­u­lous or ori­en­tal style, choos­ing the appro­pri­ate sur­round­ings and dec­o­ra­tion. Or make a splash in medieval cos­tumes. Exquis­ite dress­es with a decol­lete, eye-catch­ing jel­ry and high hair­styles will suit women of dif­fer­ent years.
  • Or maybe some­one in spir­it will be clos­er to a theme eveningasso­ci­at­ed with poet­ry, pio­neer­ing or orga­niz­ing a real con­cert. Par­tic­i­pants can pre­pare their per­for­mances in advance, even record songs in the stu­dio. It remains to take care of the micro­phone, acoustics and the design of the impro­vised stage.

  • A girl and her peers will like a noisy and cheer­ful feast with danc­ing and karaoke. 20-year-old girls can even gath­er friends in a night­club and cel­e­brate a hol­i­day on the dance floor, warm­ing up the mood with cock­tails and trendy tracks per­formed by a DJ. And the old­er cat­e­go­ry will appre­ci­ate sin­cere gath­er­ings, musi­cal accom­pa­ni­ment with “live” sound and toast­mas­ter ser­vices.

  • Cel­e­bra­tion in the fam­i­ly cir­cle is suit­able for age anniver­saries, espe­cial­ly cel­e­brat­ing the hon­or­able date of 85–90 years. For the anniver­sary of a grand­moth­er or great-grand­moth­er, a toast­mas­ter is not need­ed. At home, an elder­ly per­son will be more com­fort­able on such an excit­ing day.

  • It is eas­i­est for a mid­dle-aged woman to cel­e­brate her anniver­sary, since moth­er or wife will sure­ly like dif­fer­ent sce­nar­ios for the hol­i­day. After all, atten­tion is impor­tant, not the spe­cif­ic details in which it will man­i­fest itself. The prepa­ra­tion of the event is most often done by adult chil­dren. This is espe­cial­ly valu­able and mem­o­rable for moth­ers.

Hov­er, each hero of the occa­sion knows bet­ter where and how to spend her own anniver­sary. The main thing is to take care of a good script so that the hol­i­day is remem­bered for a long time.

Possible entertainment

It is not at all nec­es­sary to invite a host and toast­mas­ter to the anniver­sary, espe­cial­ly if the hol­i­day is cel­e­brat­ed in a nar­row cir­cle, at home or in a small cafe.

  • You can come up with dress-up con­tests for guests and enter­tain them your­self. For exam­ple, if you involve some unin­hib­it­ed and socia­ble rel­a­tive in solv­ing this prob­lem.
  • So that guests do not get bored at the fes­tive table, they need to be lured by the pro­gram. But the sub­mis­sion of all tasks should be with humor and not strain those who do not want to par­tic­i­pate in the process. Ideas can be bor­rod from the Inter­net.
  • A com­pa­ny of dif­fer­ent ages will be unit­ed and occu­pied by the cre­ation of a wall news­pa­per in hon­or of the dear hero of the day. Also, ready-made cards from the game like “Phan­toms” and “Croc­o­dile” come in with a bang.
  • It would be great to arrange a blitz sur­vey or a real quiz on knowl­edge of the biog­ra­phy and curi­ous facts from the life of the host­ess of the evening.
  • You can enter­tain those present at the hol­i­day with a pho­to zone, which is eas­i­ly cre­at­ed with your own hands, for exam­ple, using three-dimen­sion­al paper flors or bal­loons. A great move is to down­load a tem­plate for a pho­to zone on the Inter­net and order a large-for­mat print.
  • Fun and loose­ness of the event will be added by the fact that some­one, as a host, will take the ini­tia­tive to pro­claim toasts and num­bers in their own hands. An unusu­al move would be to attach a whis­tle to any chair before the event. The one who takes this place will act as an assis­tant pre­sen­ter. He is sup­posed to whis­tle before each toast, urg­ing guests to atten­tion.
  • You can invite guests to com­plete the phrase about the hero of the day with their own ver­sion of phras­es. Or jok­ing­ly pre­dict her future for the com­ing year of her life. Of course, you need to say some­thing pleas­ant and inspir­ing. It will be fun­ny to dress up some of the men present as a gyp­sy and instruct the hero of the occa­sion to be fun­ny and cre­ative.
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It is best if all com­pet­i­tive tasks are prize-win­ning. Pure­ly sym­bol­ic sou­venirs will please any par­tic­i­pant. This will add more excite­ment to the enter­tain­ment. Ide­al­ly, order sou­venirs with a pho­to or the name of the hero of the occa­sion. Print­ing hous­es offer draw­ing images on mugs, pens, notepads, mag­nets and cal­en­dars.

An excel­lent com­pe­ti­tion at the wom­en’s hol­i­day will be a “com­men­da­tion sheet”. On paper, like a scroll, all guests are invit­ed to write some pleas­ant adjec­tives that char­ac­ter­ize the hero of the day. Also, this com­pe­ti­tion is fun oral­ly.

Of the unpre­ten­tious, but enter­tain­ing enter­tain­ment options, it is worth not­ing the draw­ing of a por­trait of the hero of the occa­sion. But you have to do it with a blind­fold on your eyes. You will need a large sheet of paper and an easel, on which all the guests will take turns draw­ing the fea­tures of the dear birth­day girl.

You can make rid­dles to the guests of the evening regard­ing the main per­son of the arranged ban­quet. Or ask those present to remem­ber songs with her name.


Of the games, in addi­tion to board games, mobile options are lcome at the anniver­sary. For exam­ple, guests can play guess­ing the favorite songs of the hero of the day.

Prepa­ra­tion is the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the leader. He finds out in advance what kind of artists and tracks they are, makes a brief descrip­tion of them. It is bet­ter if it is in a com­ic for­mat. At the cel­e­bra­tion, the descrip­tion is read aloud and every­one tries to guess what song it is about. Who­ev­er guess­es most often gets some kind of mem­o­rable or fun­ny prize.

For exam­ple, the lyrics could be as fol­lows: this is a song about how a girl thinks, repeat­ed­ly ask­ing the same ques­tion. It’s about love expe­ri­ences. On top of that, the girl has a prob­lem with her voice. (“Am I to blame?”, Nadezh­da Kady­she­va).

Or so: some plants play hide and seek, while oth­ers feel sad. In the song itself lies a rhetor­i­cal ques­tion: why does every­thing turn out this way and not oth­er­wise? (“The daisies hid, the but­ter­cups drooped”).

  • Throw in an anniver­sary. Guests are invit­ed to divide into teams of 5–7 peo­ple and col­lect a tri­fle amount equal to the fig­ure of the age of the hero of the day. Which team will col­lect the required amount faster, that is con­sid­ered the win­ner. Resource­ful­ness and inge­nu­ity are lcome!
  • Terem-ter­emok. The guests are divid­ed into teams and hand­ed out on a piece of paper. The host tells the fairy tale “Ter­emok”. Par­tic­i­pants trans­form into char­ac­ters, and the sheet — into a house. In turn, every­one stands on the sheet next to the pre­vi­ous par­tic­i­pant. There are eight char­ac­ters in total, accord­ing to the fairy tale sce­nario. The task of the team is to accom­mo­date their heroes in the tor (on the sheet). Some­one will have to be picked up, snug­gle side­ways, climb on their backs, in oth­er words, be smart. Those who man­age to do it best of all are giv­en sym­bol­ic prizes.
  • But­tons. Select mul­ti­ple accoun­tants. After the word “let’s go,” they begin to count the but­tons on those present in the hall. Who will cope faster and more accu­rate­ly, will receive a prize.


You can use a ready-made set of tasks and con­grat­u­late the hero of the day in an orig­i­nal way by com­plet­ing an excit­ing quest on her hol­i­day. This can be done at home right in the morn­ing or at work with the involve­ment of col­leagues. Each task hides in a cer­tain place. Solv­ing the rid­dle, the hero of the occa­sion deter­mines the place where the next clue is hid­den. Thus, a chain of tasks is com­plet­ed and a cache with a prize is found. The kit offers a vari­ety of ver­sa­tile places in the home and office where you can hide tips and a gift.

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If some words do not fit, they can be replaced. The clues con­tain dif­fer­ent puz­zles based on mind games, ana­grams and var­i­ous ciphers.

The quest is easy to do on your own and with­out ready-made tem­plates. It is only nec­es­sary to con­nect the imag­i­na­tion. For exam­ple, by buy­ing a bou­quet of ros­es and putting each one in the places where such notes are hid­den.

  1. Good morn­ing, my dear! Hap­py anniver­sary! To receive your gift, you will have to fol­low all fur­ther instruc­tions. Go to the mir­ror and see how beau­ti­ful you are (there is a sec­ond flor and a note).
  2. Hon­ey, it seems that some­one is knock­ing on the door (behind the door there is a new rose with a note).
  3. Dear, didn’t you for­get to wash your face so that your eyes would shine even brighter? (Anoth­er rose is wait­ing on the wash­basin. And a note, of course).
  4. You are more beau­ti­ful than any­one in the world, wash your face as soon as pos­si­ble. And hur­ry to make the bed … (under the blan­ket a rose + a note).
  5. You are beau­ti­ful, no doubt about it. But you walk around in paja­mas for a long time. Pick your out­fit soon. A sur­prise awaits at the door (behind the cab­i­net door is a rose with a note).
  6. Our hap­pi­ness, dress up, and go to the kitchen!

A fes­tive­ly laid table awaits in the kitchen. And all close peo­ple with bou­quets and gifts. You can meet the hero of the day with music and con­fet­ti.

How to congratulate the birthday girl?

Con­grat­u­la­tions can also be pre­sent­ed not in an ordi­nary way, but in such a way as to impress, sur­prise and leave a mark in the mem­o­ry and heart of the hero of the day.


Many cre­ative peo­ple offer to remake the texts of famous songs for the anniver­sary. Turn­ing to such an author, you can get a real musi­cal mas­ter­piece and put it in a box of pleas­ant mem­o­ries of the hero of the occa­sion. The motive is cho­sen accord­ing to the taste of the one to whom the unusu­al sur­prise is addressed. Or accord­ing to your taste, with the con­fi­dence that it will be appre­ci­at­ed.

For the anniver­sary, it is very beau­ti­ful and mem­o­rable to order a clip with the par­tic­i­pa­tion of the hero of the day. To do this, you need her pho­to and video. You can enlist the sup­port of your inner cir­cle and get the nec­es­sary mate­r­i­al. It will be bud­getary to cre­ate a clip in a free appli­ca­tion on the Inter­net. But if you do not want to save and waste your time, pro­fes­sion­als will quick­ly cope with the task.


Con­grat­u­la­tions sound much nicer if they rhyme and are ded­i­cat­ed to a spe­cif­ic per­son. Order­ing an author’s poem is now com­plete­ly prob­lem­at­ic. More­over, tal­ent­ed poets cope with the task cre­ative­ly and quick­ly.

It is also bet­ter to arrange such a present some­how out­side the box. For exam­ple, print a spec­tac­u­lar poster or place a verse among a col­lage with a pho­to of the hero of the day and grace­ful­ly frame it. You can make some­thing like a scroll with a fam­i­ly seal. To give such a gift to a woman in a solemn atmos­phere, after read­ing the text aloud.

The poet­ic form is good because in qua­trains you can beau­ti­ful­ly list all the virtues of a woman.

You can read the mes­sage your­self or divide by roles. This is a very touch­ing ver­sion of con­grat­u­la­tions, which does not require large expens­es. But it will cer­tain­ly cause a sea of ​​inde­scrib­able emo­tions.

Slide show

Anoth­er win-win option for spec­tac­u­lar con­grat­u­la­tions. Its undoubt­ed advan­tage is that the task is eas­i­ly solved with­out the involve­ment of spe­cial­ists. Now there are many pro­grams for cre­at­ing an ani­mat­ed pho­to col­lage. Frames can be over­laid with appro­pri­ate music or even sev­er­al excerpts from dif­fer­ent songs.

Set present

It is also very appro­pri­ate to present a cake made accord­ing to indi­vid­ual wish­es for the anniver­sary. One of the best pho­tos of the hero of the day can be placed on the cream. Or make it in the form of a bou­quet, top it off with a crown and edi­ble gems. This per­fect­ly demon­strates the mes­sage that the years lived are the main alth of every­one.

For a 25th and 60th anniver­sary, the cake design can vary con­sid­er­ably in col­ors and decor. The main thing is not to empha­size the ven­er­a­ble age. For a woman, this is not a very cor­rect gift.

An alter­na­tive to cake can be cup­cakes or fig­ured choco­late. And often women are giv­en fruit bou­quets. Straw­ber­ries and pineap­ple in choco­late will cheer up any hero of the day.


Not a sin­gle wom­en’s hol­i­day can do with­out it, and even more so a round date. But it does not have to be fresh flors or exclu­sive­ly plants. The flor arrange­ment can be dilut­ed with choco­lates or you can order a full-fledged can­dy bou­quet.

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For 20 and 25-year-old girls, a bou­quet of soft toys would be a good option. Ted­dy bears, bun­nies and hearts, bows and rib­bons — such ten­der­ness will con­quer to the core!

Do not for­get about tra­di­tion­al post­cards and envelopes for mon­ey. Espe­cial­ly now they are so beau­ti­ful that they are kept as a keep­sake and are repeat­ed­ly exam­ined with plea­sure. It is easy to make such a gift your­self by view­ing a mas­ter class on the Web.

You can beau­ti­ful­ly con­grat­u­late on the anniver­sary by order­ing a por­trait of the hero of the occa­sion. What it will be: oil paints on can­vas, pho­to print­ing, pen­cil draw­ing — is cho­sen indi­vid­u­al­ly.

Of course, for any con­grat­u­la­tions in hon­or of the anniver­sary date, it is sup­posed to give some­thing use­ful and mem­o­rable. Some­thing from this pop­u­lar list will serve as a good gift.

  • Sou­venir with a ded­i­ca­to­ry inscrip­tion, indi­cat­ing a sig­nif­i­cant date and a wish for the hero of the day.
  • A bot­tle of col­lectible wine from the year of birth of the hero of the occa­sion or just good cham­pagne, but with a per­son­al­ized label. You can offer a woman to save the drink until the next round date. And drink it at the next sim­i­lar event.
  • A pleas­ant and use­ful present will be a cer­tifi­cate for salon pro­ce­dures, a spa or a coupon for pur­chas­es in a per­fume and cos­met­ics store.
  • Being in a close or fam­i­ly rela­tion­ship with the hero of the day, it will be con­ve­nient to present her with a vaca­tion tick­et.
  • You can give emo­tions: sky­div­ing, fly­ing in a heli­copter, a hot air bal­loon, rid­ing an ATV, etc. But this is all on the con­di­tion that a per­son loves extreme sports and wants to try the unknown.

Script Example

When orga­niz­ing an anniver­sary, you can focus on a spe­cif­ic top­ic. For exam­ple, make a dis­co par­ty, 60s or 80s, choose a spe­cif­ic col­or scheme or des­ig­nate a sophis­ti­cat­ed or fun­ny dress code. Then the event will turn out to be more solemn and bright, and the pho­tos will be an order of mag­ni­tude more har­mo­nious.

Sce­nar­ios can be com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent: it is not the top­ic itself that is impor­tant here, but the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make the hero of the day feel in the spot­light. Every­thing is built around her per­son and is inter­spersed with the pre­sen­ta­tion of gifts, cer­tifi­cates in her spe­cial­ty or for achieve­ments in every­day life. The meet­ing of the hero of the day should be espe­cial­ly spec­tac­u­lar. Espe­cial­ly when the evening is orga­nized not by her­self, but by her close cir­cle. Well-cho­sen music will be very help­ful. As soon as the host­ess of the evening enters the room, it’s a good idea to turn on loud music with a lcome text about a birth­day or words about an anniver­sary. It can be a com­ic or lyri­cal text — it all depends on the age of the lady and her pref­er­ences. It would be nice to dec­o­rate the room with flors, pho­tographs of the hero of the day, bal­loons, shor the birth­day girl’s path to the place at the table with rose petals or large sequins.

The begin­ning of the evening is usu­al­ly the most full of sur­pris­es and impres­sions. Cos­tumed scenes with jokes are planned for this part, so as not to tire the tired guests and the cul­prit of the event with the par­tic­i­pa­tion. At the end, be sure to bring out a beau­ti­ful dessert, in a restau­rant it is usu­al­ly a themed cake with fire­works can­dles. The woman is giv­en the floor to express grat­i­tude to all who came and par­tic­i­pate in the hol­i­day. You can end the evening with her slow dance with her hus­band or father, a joint song in karaoke.

For exam­ple, an inter­est­ing sce­nario can be built as fol­lows.

  • Imag­ine that the hero of the day is the Snow Queen and requires con­fir­ma­tion that there is no one bet­ter and more beau­ti­ful than her. The par­tic­i­pants in the scene will play the role of its mir­rors. They have to con­vince her that she is the most beau­ti­ful of all. And along the way, try to unfreeze (make laugh) your queen. The queen will have to hold on with all her might so as not to laugh out loud. If she could not restrain her­self, the one who pro­voked laugh­ter receives a prize from the host — the author of an impromp­tu fairy tale.
  • The queen her­self deter­mines who will be Kai and Ger­da, and choos­es oth­er par­tic­i­pants in the incen­di­ary action. The whole sce­nario is based on the ll-known fairy tale. Kai can be cho­sen as a young man or the hus­band of the hero of the occa­sion. He is cap­ti­vat­ed by her beau­ty. But the end­ing will be remade because the enchant­ed Kai won’t want anoth­er world with­out his Queen.

A wom­en’s hol­i­day will sure­ly turn out to be fun even in such a sim­ple sce­nario, because women like to laugh, and they love atten­tion and com­pli­ments.