gifts for woman

Gift ideas for women

The ques­tion of a gift for a birth­day or oth­er hol­i­day for a man often becomes a real tor­ment. Men’s imag­i­na­tion is dif­fer­ent from wom­en’s, and the brain is much more prac­ti­cal. Often men are lim­it­ed to a banal choice — per­fumes and flors — because they are afraid not to please the woman they love, to buy some­thing that is not the right size. In recent years, gift cer­tifi­cates have gained par­tic­u­lar pop­u­lar­i­ty, which can be pur­chased at almost any store or salon in the ser­vice sec­tor. This option can be con­sid­ered a win-win, since a woman her­self can choose what she wants.

Giv­ing mon­ey to a woman is inde­cent, it shows the donor not from the most favor­able side. After all, it seems that the man does not even want to think about the gift. Choos­ing a gift-impres­sion for a woman is much eas­i­er, it is enough to at least approx­i­mate­ly know the scope of her inter­ests and tem­pera­ment.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you do not know what to choose as a gift for a woman, give emo­tions — they are unfor­get­table. Any girl will be delight­ed with such a gift-impres­sion.

It is bet­ter if it is a cer­tifi­cate for some ser­vice with a choice, so you insure your­self against fail­ure.

There are many ben­e­fits to such a gift.

  • Ver­sa­til­i­ty. In almost any field you can find a gift-impres­sion. Even those women who have every­thing, they will come in handy.
  • Thought­ful Sur­prise. Thus, you can sur­prise your woman and give her a choice.
  • Decor. Today, gift cer­tifi­cates for ser­vices are very effec­tive­ly dec­o­rat­ed.
  • Mem­o­ry. Yes, a woman will ar a ring or a dress for quite a long time, but impres­sions and emo­tions are the most mem­o­rable.
  • Big choice. Indeed, in the mod­ern world, you can pur­chase a cer­tifi­cate for almost any ser­vice: a cook­ing mas­ter class, a Thai mas­sage for two, a para­chute jump, a pho­to shoot. You can choose for every taste and bud­get.

Among the short­com­ings, only one can be dis­tin­guished, but it is very sig­nif­i­cant — a mis­take will entail more seri­ous con­se­quences than an ordi­nary gift.

Best Options

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When decid­ing what to give, be sure to focus on the tastes of the per­son being pre­sent­ed, you should not rely only on your pref­er­ences. The most ver­sa­tile are:

  • sub­scrip­tions to beau­ty salons, spas;
  • horse rides;
  • mas­ter class­es depend­ing on inter­ests — draw­ing, pot­tery, jel­ry mak­ing;
  • mas­sage;
  • din­ner at your favorite restau­rant;
  • tick­ets to a con­cert of your favorite band, an inter­est­ing per­for­mance.

Remem­ber, any attempt to change the appear­ance can be regard­ed by a woman as an attempt to point out the short­com­ings of her appear­ance. There­fore, be sure to con­sid­er the fact how close­ly you know each oth­er, choose pro­ce­dures and salons that she will def­i­nite­ly like.

Certificate Options

Gift coupons for a par­tic­u­lar ser­vice can be both the most advan­ta­geous option and a com­plete fail­ure if the char­ac­ter traits, tastes, per­son­al pref­er­ences of the per­son being pre­sent­ed are not tak­en into account. A facial treat­ment course will be a great gift for the one who hint­ed at it, and an insult to the ll-groomed beau­ty who con­sid­ers her­self an oppo­nent of cos­met­ic pro­ce­dures. The most pop­u­lar expe­ri­ence gifts are cer­tifi­cates for a course of mas­sage and spa treat­ments.

For spa treatments

Of course, it is risky to give such a gift to women who con­sid­er these pro­ce­dures a waste of time and mon­ey. But you can take the chance to con­vince your woman of the oppo­site, in the end, almost no one will refuse relax­ing pro­ce­dures, phy­to­bar­rels, facial and body treat­ments, vis­it­ing a bath, pool, ham­mam. No mat­ter how a woman treats these pro­ce­dures, she will not refuse them if they are pre­sent­ed as a gift.

For a massage

Almost the same applies to mas­sage treat­ments.

A cer­tain risk may include anti-cel­lulite mas­sage, as it can be per­ceived as an indi­ca­tion of an exist­ing flaw, but a relax­ing, restora­tive, Thai mas­sage, facial mas­sage is an ide­al gift for a woman at any age.

To the hairdresser

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Come from the image of a girl. If she ars her hair to the waist and does not dye it, this gift may be per­ceived as a demarche. If she reg­u­lar­ly vis­its the salon, then going to an excel­lent mas­ter for free will def­i­nite­ly inspire her. More­over, mod­ern meth­ods of stain­ing are very expen­sive.

For a manicure

This is anoth­er option that is dif­fi­cult to find oppo­nents. Even if your friend is a sup­port­er of nat­u­ral­ness, she will not refuse a good man­i­cure. After all, ll-groomed hands, care for hands and nails are done by every­one who takes care of them­selves.


It can be a para­chute jump, paraglid­ing, hot air bal­loon­ing, learn­ing to fly an air­plane — it doesn’t mat­ter at all if the gift­ed per­son loves extreme sports. She will def­i­nite­ly like it and will for­ev­er be remem­bered. But if you are not sure about this, it is bet­ter not to risk it.

romantic dinner

This seem­ing­ly banal gift can be per­fect if you take into account the girl’s pref­er­ences and give a cer­tifi­cate for din­ner at a trendy restau­rant of authen­tic cui­sine that she loves, din­ner in the dark or on the roof of a sky­scraper.

Boat trip

This vari­a­tion should not be con­sid­ered if the girl is afraid of water. In oth­er sit­u­a­tions, a trip on a yacht, cata­ma­ran or motor­boat can be per­ceived as an excit­ing adven­ture.

This can be com­bined with din­ner on some qui­et coast or island.


There are a lot of vari­a­tions here — tick­ets for a con­cert of your favorite artist, a musi­cal per­for­mance, you can order an orches­tra that will play exclu­sive­ly for your girl­friend. Con­sid­er going to a jazz club or a cer­tifi­cate to learn how to play the gui­tar if that’s what she’s dream­ing of.


Of course, not all girls love ani­mals, but those who do will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate a horse­back ride or swim­ming with dol­phins.

Shooting or cooking?

A cer­tifi­cate for a shoot­ing course will cause bewil­der­ment for some­one, and some­one will jump up to the ceil­ing after receiv­ing it. At the same time, a girl who is fond of bak­ing will be hap­py to go to a mas­ter class of a famous con­fec­tion­er. It all depends on the per­son­al­i­ty of the per­son to whom you want to present some­thing orig­i­nal. Draw­ing, div­ing, rock climb­ing, clay mod­el­ing, yoga, psy­chol­o­gy — the choice is very large.

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A very pop­u­lar direc­tion, you can choose a quest to the taste of the girl, intel­lec­tu­al, humor­ous, scary or requir­ing phys­i­cal activ­i­ty.


A joke cer­tifi­cate can make a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent impres­sion. A wife after 10 years of mar­riage will prob­a­bly laugh at a cer­tifi­cate of exemp­tion from clean­ing the house for 1 month, but the girl you just start­ed dat­ing is unlike­ly.


One of the uni­ver­sal types of gifts that will appeal to almost any woman, even if she is rarely pho­tographed. Choose a great pho­tog­ra­ph­er, an all-inclu­sive shoot where a styl­ist works and you can choose an out­fit, or a walk­ing pho­to ses­sion for two — every­one likes beau­ti­ful pho­tos.

More gift ideas in the next video.

How to donate?

Birth­day is a good occa­sion not only to give some­thing to a woman close to you, but also to do it beau­ti­ful­ly, in an orig­i­nal way, effec­tive­ly. More­over, the ques­tion “how to give” is often no less impor­tant than “what to give”. If you have cho­sen a cer­tifi­cate or tick­ets, and not a dia­mond ring, all the more you want to give it in some unusu­al way. Order a bou­quet with deliv­ery, and put an enve­lope with a gift in it. It will be espe­cial­ly pleas­ant to receive it at the height of the work­ing day, in front of all col­leagues. Women love it so much!

The sec­ond com­mon, but no less pleas­ant, option is present a present dur­ing din­ner at a restau­rant or at home. You can ask the wait­er to do this so that the sur­prise real­ly suc­ceeds.