25+ birthday gift ideas for your ex

Have you ever won­dered what to get your ex for his birth­day? Let’s fig­ure out when such gifts are appro­pri­ate, and what you can give to a per­son with whom you re pre­vi­ous­ly unit­ed by roman­tic feel­ings.
25+ birthday gift ideas for your ex
25+ ideas of what to give your ex for his birth­day. Pho­to: shutterstock.com

Some­times roman­tic rela­tion­ships end. Lost love is paint­ed, poems are ded­i­cat­ed, songs are sung. The Had­daway group per­sis­tent­ly asks their lovers not to hurt them: “What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.” We agree with them. Instead of hurt­ing, it’s bet­ter to give gifts! You can give a for­mer lover a birth­day present as a trib­ute to a warm past, for the pur­pose of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion, for part­ing, as a token of grat­i­tude, to close the gestalt, to leave only pleas­ant mem­o­ries of you in his mem­o­ry and sim­ply because the per­son is good. There are many options.

Top 25 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Ex

We offer 25 options on how to please your ex-lover and choose a pos­i­tive sce­nario for fur­ther inter­ac­tion.

What to get your ex hus­band for his birth­day

1. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones
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Is your ex-hus­band a music lover? Do you admire his musi­cal pref­er­ences and encour­age musi­cal hob­bies? Or maybe, on the con­trary, you don’t like what he lis­tens to? In all cas­es, wire­less head­phones will be a good gift. Charges quick­ly, con­nects to devices via Blue­tooth tech­nol­o­gy. Styl­ish. Many peo­ple will love this gift.

2. Blender

Pho­to: @mike-jones, pexels.com

If, after part­ing, the ex-hus­band became inter­est­ed in fit­ness or body­build­ing or switched to a healthy diet and reads mantras, give him a blender — sub­mersible or sta­tion­ary. Thanks to this device, he will be able to make deli­cious smooth­ies and improve his health.

3. Folding washing machine

Washing machine
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Maybe you re respon­si­ble for laun­dry in every­day life? And with­out you, your ex-hus­band is not able to wash count­less shirts and socks? Give him a portable wash­ing machine. It will great­ly facil­i­tate his life, espe­cial­ly on busi­ness trips to remote regions.

4. Iron

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Can be gift­ed with a fold­ing wash­ing machine. Indis­pens­able in the house­hold, if the ex-hus­band is an office work­er, and he needs to iron shirts and suits. If you took the iron with you, life will turn gray for your ex-part­ner. Return joy to his every­day life, give an iron.

5. Beard trimmer

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Is your ex-hus­band a trendy hip­ster? Or became a recluse after a divorce and grew a beard? Maybe he thinks he looks more man­ly with a beard? Give him a beard trim­mer — this device allows you to mon­i­tor facial hair at home and look ll-groomed.

6. Cactus

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You can give not only equip­ment, but also pleas­ant lit­tle things to main­tain com­fort in the house. For exam­ple, a cac­tus. It can be both real and arti­fi­cial. The cac­tus looks styl­ish and will dec­o­rate any inte­ri­or.

7. Coffee maker

drip coffee maker
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The cof­fee mak­er can be geyser, drip or carob. A more sophis­ti­cat­ed option is a cop­per cezve. Lots of options on the mar­ket. Such a gift will save you from mak­ing instant cof­fee and will allow you to feel the for­got­ten cheer­ful­ness in the morn­ing.

8. Book-safe

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If the ex-hus­band is puz­zled as to where he should hide his sav­ings, then please him with a safe book. Such a book can be made in the style of “Cap­i­tal” by K. Marx or “War and Peace” by L. Tol­stoy. The larg­er the book-safe, the more bills will fit there.

9. Miter saw

Miter saw
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Does your ex-hus­band like to make things with his hands? Or maybe his hob­by is saw­ing dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als, mak­ing pic­ture frames or fur­ni­ture? In this case, a miter saw will suit him. Thanks to her, the saw cut is accu­rate and even at a right or oth­er angle. The gift is not cheap, but it will come in handy on the farm if the ex-hus­band likes to saw.

What to get your ex boyfriend for his birth­day

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10. Gift certificate for extreme sports

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If your ex-boyfriend has always dreamed of learn­ing extreme dri­ving, please him with a gift cer­tifi­cate for extreme dri­ving cours­es. The advan­tage of such a gift is that you can choose the date of the cours­es your­self, the train­ing is con­duct­ed by pro­fes­sion­als in their field, and the man enjoys the long-await­ed adren­a­line.

11. City scooter

Kick scooter
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If the ex-man is an urban “hunter” but does not have his own vehi­cle, please him with an elec­tric scoot­er. To con­trol such a device, you do not need to obtain a license, and the road to work will become more excit­ing.

12. Computer games

Computer games
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Ex-man does not know what to do with him­self after break­ing up with you? Give him a licensed PC game on PC, Xbox or PlaySta­tion disc, depend­ing on what he has at home.

13. Lamp

original lamp
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To make it cozy at home, give your ex-man a lamp: a table lamp, a floor lamp, or maybe a solar-pored lamp. It is known that sources of sub­dued light make the atmos­phere in the house more pleas­ant, allow the eyes to rest after a hard day.

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14. Grill system or smokehouse

kitchen grill
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You broke up, and the man spends all his time in the coun­try? Give him a char­coal grill or smoke­house. With such sys­tems, sum­mer hol­i­days will be more fun — the for­mer will be able to invite his friends to bar­be­cue.

15. External hard drive

External hard drive
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Have you and your ex-boyfriend accu­mu­lat­ed a large num­ber of joint pho­tos? Or did you do nature pho­tog­ra­phy togeth­er? Maybe the ex-man down­loads and keeps movie col­lec­tions? Give him an exter­nal hard dri­ve — this use­ful piece of equip­ment will save hap­py moments and make room for oth­er pleas­ant events in a per­son­’s life.

What to get your ex boyfriend for his birth­day

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16. E‑book

E-book or tablet
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If you broke up with a book lover and are wor­ried that one day he will not be able to open the door to his own apart­ment because of a pile of paper tomes, give him an e‑book. They come with or with­out back­light­ing, the font size is adjustable in them, and most impor­tant­ly, they allow you to car­ry mil­lions of books with you with­out much load.

17. Action camera

Action camera
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An action cam­era will come in handy for your ex-lover if he can­not imag­ine his life with­out extreme sports: one day he skis down Ever­est, the next he sinks to the bot­tom of the ocean, the third he takes off on a paraglid­er into the clouds. The action cam­era will allow you to record the views that he will cov­er and cap­ture his most vivid emo­tions.

18. Walkie Talkie

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If an ex-boyfriend is pas­sion­ate about the top­ic of sur­vival and is deter­mined to go to Siberia with his friend, spend the night in a dugout and explore the vast expans­es, then give him a walkie-talkie. It will be use­ful for a trav­el­er and his friend to con­stant­ly be in touch and sup­port each oth­er in extreme sit­u­a­tions.

19. Navigator

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A nav­i­ga­tor or nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem will be need­ed for the trav­el­er to nav­i­gate in space. If the for­mer is fond of hunt­ing or fish­ing, then a nav­i­ga­tor may come in handy, which has a cal­en­dar of hunt­ing and fish­ing, infor­ma­tion about the sun and moon, and tide tables.

20. Humidifier

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Give your ex a humid­i­fi­er to breathe eas­i­er. In a room where the air is humid­i­fied, it works ll and sleeps ll. The air humid­i­fi­er can also be equipped with an air purifi­ca­tion sys­tem and have an arom­a­ti­za­tion func­tion.

21. Deodorant

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If you need a sim­ple and inex­pen­sive gift, give your ex-man an antiper­spi­rant deodor­ant. This cos­met­ic item is always use­ful in the house­hold, pro­vides fresh­ness. Just make sure that the man is not touchy and does not take such a gift as a hint to fol­low hygiene.

22. Leash-roulette

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Does your ex-boyfriend have a dog? Feel free to give a leash-roulette. Both the man and his four-legged friend will be hap­py with the gift. Choose from har­ness­es for small dogs and col­lars for larg­er breeds.

23. Fisherman’s overalls / semi-overalls

Pho­to: pixabay.com

If fish­ing is the ulti­mate dream for your ex, help him make it more com­fort­able: give him a fish­ing over­all or semi-over­alls. The sec­ond will be the best solu­tion for hot ather. With such an out­fit, wad­ing fish­ing, col­li­sions with snakes and oth­er dis­com­fort will not be ter­ri­ble.

24. Saddle pad

saddle pad
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If you had the good for­tune to meet with an eques­tri­an enthu­si­ast, feel free to give the man a sad­dle pad. This is such a cape on the back of the horse under the sad­dle so that it does not slip off the back of the ani­mal. The pads come in dif­fer­ent col­ors. Gift a sad­dle pad in a col­or your ex likes.

25. Christmas decorations

Christmas tree toy
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If the breakup hap­pened on New Year’s Eve or if the birth­day of the for­mer pre­cedes the new year, give your for­mer lover Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions. This unpre­ten­tious gift makes you remem­ber your child­hood and evokes joy­ful fes­tive feel­ings in a per­son.

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How to choose a birthday present for your ex

If you want to give a gift to an ex-lover in such a way as to hint about your feel­ings that have not fad­ed away, then choose gifts with a ref­er­ence to the joint past: it can be a book of your joint­ly beloved writer, a pho­to album with your shared pho­tos, an exter­nal hard dri­ve with videos of events where you re once togeth­er. The gift should be both use­ful and revive in a per­son bright mem­o­ries of your rela­tion­ship. You can also make a gift with your own hands — paint a pic­ture, mold a sal­ad bowl out of clay. The per­son will def­i­nite­ly feel that you put your whole soul into the gift.

If the pur­pose of the gift is to main­tain warm friend­ly rela­tions, then give things that are use­ful in the house­hold or pleas­ant lit­tle things. Dish­es, air puri­fiers, nav­i­ga­tors, head­phones, tols can be use­ful. Pleas­ant lit­tle things — some­thing for com­fort and for the soul: pil­lows, lamps, house plants, decor.

If you decide to part for­ev­er with your for­mer part­ner and not return to the past, includ­ing stop­ping any con­tacts, give some­thing that sym­bol­izes the end of your rela­tion­ship: for exam­ple, an iron will hint to the for­mer that the respon­si­bil­i­ty for the house­hold and its appear­ance is now only on him .

Keep in mind that every sit­u­a­tion is unique. Some­one wants to end the sto­ry of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with a for­mer lover beau­ti­ful­ly and give him some­thing for his birth­day that used to unite them: fish­ing tack­le (if the cou­ple was fond of fish­ing), a cer­tifi­cate for extreme dri­ving cours­es (if both loved the feel­ing of adren­a­line in the blood). Fur­ther devel­op­ment of events and your rela­tion­ship will depend on how you present the gift.