20+ ideas of what to give a doctor as a thank you

What is the best way to show respect to a doc­tor? We choose orig­i­nal gifts for the doc­tor in grat­i­tude for the assis­tance pro­vid­ed
20+ ideas of what to give a doctor as a thank you
20+ ideas of what to give a doc­tor as a thank you. Pho­to: @gustavo-fring, pexels.com

Dur­ing an ill­ness, turn to a clin­ic, a med­ical cen­ter or go to a hos­pi­tal. Good doc­tors do not just pre­scribe med­i­cines and pro­ce­dures, but also become those peo­ple who return our pre­cious health and self-con­fi­dence. We decid­ed to col­lect gift ideas for health­care work­ers. Here are some options for what you can give the doc­tor in grat­i­tude for his help.

Top 20 Gift Ideas for a Doctor as a Thank You

1. Personalized pen

Pen with engraving
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Every day, doc­tors have to fill out case his­to­ries, pre­scrip­tions, patient cards, and oth­er paper­work. It’s good to have a handy ball­point pen handy. It’s even nicer to write with an instru­ment that has your name embla­zoned on it. A high-qual­i­ty pen is unlike­ly to cor­rect the intri­cate med­ical hand­writ­ing, but it will def­i­nite­ly add a good mood to the own­er.

2. Coffee maker

portable coffee machine
Pho­to: @karine-monteiro, pexels.com

At the doc­tor’s wor­welace, this device will be tru­ly indis­pens­able. Cof­fee will invig­o­rate both ear­ly in the morn­ing at the begin­ning of the work shift, and late at night dur­ing shifts and rounds. You can com­ple­ment the present with a pack­age of cof­fee beans. And, of course, warm words of grat­i­tude.

3. Porbank

External battery for charging gadgets
Pho­to: pixabay.com

In the dai­ly carousel of cas­es and wor­ries, many doc­tors find them­selves in a sit­u­a­tion where the phone is dis­charged at the most inop­por­tune time for this. To help the doc­tor avoid such trou­bles, give him a por bank — an exter­nal bat­tery that can help out and por your smart­phone at any time.

4. A set of nuts and dried fruits

Set of nuts and dried fruits
Pho­to: @alexandr-podv, pexels.com

Often doc­tors are big fans of healthy eat­ing, so they under­stand a lot about nat­ur­al food. A use­ful and tasty gift will allow the doc­tor to relax over a cup of tea or have a quick snack before vis­it­ing patients. Sets in beau­ti­ful wood­en box­es look espe­cial­ly impres­sive.

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5. A set of different types of tea or coffee

Set of different types of tea
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Such a gift can be col­lect­ed by your­self. Put a cou­ple of cans of instant cof­fee, a cof­fee cup and a saucer in the bag. An excel­lent cof­fee sub­sti­tute is a set of sev­er­al types of green, black and herbal teas. Look into the tea shop — there you will cer­tain­ly find a good col­lec­tion of teas for your doc­tor.

6. Organizer for notes and trivia

Pho­to: pixabay.com

There are many papers in the med­ical pro­fes­sion. To make the doc­tor’s life eas­i­er, give him an orga­niz­er stand. In small com­part­ments, it is con­ve­nient to store leaflets with notes, pens, paper clips, erasers and oth­er nec­es­sary lit­tle things. A lit­tle time for sort­ing — and the table is free.

7. Leather notebook

leather notebook
Pho­to: pixabay.com

The most beau­ti­ful and prac­ti­cal note­books have durable leather cov­ers. Such things are pleas­ant to hold in hands, and they serve for a long time. What will be inside is a mat­ter of taste. Per­haps blank sheets of paper, check­ered pages, lined pages, and an orga­niz­er. The main thing is that the doc­tor will receive as a gift a real assis­tant for his dai­ly affairs.

8. Personalized mug or cup

Pho­to: pixabay.com

A won­der­ful present is espe­cial­ly rel­e­vant dur­ing dai­ly and night shifts. Order an indi­vid­ual engrav­ing and write good wish­es for the doc­tor. A saucer and spoon can be a great addi­tion to a cup.

9. Medal “Best Doctor”

Award medal
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the work of doc­tors often goes unno­ticed and under­es­ti­mat­ed. To cor­rect this injus­tice, give the doc­tor the medal “Best Doc­tor” or even the Order “For Dili­gence and Tal­ent”. A gift from the heart!

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10 Doctor Doll

doll doctor
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A fun­ny fig­ure in a med­ical gown, cap and with a suit­case in his hands will cer­tain­ly make the doc­tor smile. The sou­venir doc­tor will take its right­ful place on a table or a shelf and every time it will remind its own­er of grate­ful patients.

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11. Gift set with a miniature book Hippocrates

Gift set with a miniature book of Hippocrates
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A spec­tac­u­lar sou­venir will dec­o­rate any inte­ri­or and will look good at work and at home. Under Hip­pocrates, med­i­cine came out of the dark witch­craft on a sci­en­tif­ic track, so the name of the great doc­tor is appre­ci­at­ed by every­one who con­nect­ed his life with heal­ing.

12. Aphorisms of great doctors

Aphorisms of great doctors
Pho­to: pixabay.com

A won­der­ful gift is the say­ings of Hip­pocrates, Avi­cen­na, Paracel­sus and Galen. A col­lec­tion of con­clu­sions not only on med­ical, but also on philo­soph­i­cal top­ics that affect glob­al things in the life of every per­son. The book of apho­risms will always be opened and re-read.

13. Thermal mug

Thermo mug
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Dou­ble-walled steel mug works like a ther­mos and retains heat per­fect­ly. You can pour hot tea, cof­fee or fruit drink into it and drink it when you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty. A ther­mal mug is use­ful not only at work, but also dur­ing a hik­ing trip and on excur­sions.

14. Perpetual calendar

perpetual calendar
Pho­to: @fauzanfitria, pexels.com

Despite the fact that peo­ple are used to using smart­phones, they con­tin­ue to love the good old cal­en­dars. For a gift to a doc­tor, a flip cal­en­dar in a met­al case with signs inside and a cal­en­dar in the form of a flat house with holes are suit­able. Styl­ish things that attract the eye.

15. Chess

Pho­to: pixabay.com

The best work­out for the mind in your spare time. Choose a beau­ti­ful gift set with carv­ings. It does not have to be large and mas­sive — the “road” option is also quite suit­able. Com­pact chess will be con­ve­nient to car­ry from office to office or take a trip with you.

16. Fragrant hand soap

Set for soap makers
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Doc­tors pre­fer liq­uid soap in a dis­penser to ordi­nary soap. Pressed, squeezed out a por­tion and washed his hands in warm water. So that soap does not seem like a too every­day gift, find a large, beau­ti­ful­ly designed dis­penser, and your present will turn out not only unusu­al, but also lux­u­ri­ous.

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17. Certificate for attending a massage

massage certificate
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A great solu­tion is to give your favorite doc­tor some health. Even one mas­sage ses­sion will help strength­en the body, relax the mus­cles and ener­gize the doc­tor for a long time. An alter­na­tive could be an elec­tric mas­sager for the face, legs or lor back.

18. Theater or concert ticket

Theater ticket
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Rou­tine work is addic­tive, so it is very impor­tant for a doc­tor to get new impres­sions. Pleas­ant enter­tain­ment on a day off is nec­es­sary to unwind and look at life with dif­fer­ent eyes.

19. Set of walking poles

Nordic walking poles
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Nordic walk­ing poles are not only fash­ion­able nowa­days, but also a con­ve­nient thing. They are use­ful for inde­pen­dent walks in the park or for­est, for trips to the moun­tains. The doc­tor will quick­ly appre­ci­ate trekking poles because they improve coor­di­na­tion and help pre­serve joints.

20. A set of aromatic oils

Essential oils set
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Nat­ur­al essen­tial oils are a real store­house of health. They are need­ed in the bath, sauna, to cre­ate home cos­met­ics and med­i­cines. Let the doc­tor enjoy the del­i­cate smells of laven­der and thyme, the tart aro­ma of fir and bright shades of orange.

How to choose a gift for a doctor

Do not put the doc­tor in an awk­ward posi­tion and give a too expen­sive present. Med­ical work­ers work in the pub­lic sec­tor. Accord­ing to Arti­cle 575 of the Civ­il Code of the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion, they are pro­hib­it­ed from accept­ing gifts worth more than 30 $.

Doc­tors are ll edu­cat­ed peo­ple. Intel­lec­tu­al gifts are appro­pri­ate for them — books, com­put­er pro­grams, smart gad­gets, tick­ets to a muse­um or a lec­ture hall.

Gifts of a per­son­al nature are appro­pri­ate only when you are ll acquaint­ed and com­mu­ni­cate with the doc­tor for a long time.

A great way to thank the doc­tor is to give him some­thing use­ful for the house. A hand­made present is also suit­able — a jar of set jam, home­made pick­les, a knit­ted nap­kin or an embroi­dered tol.