150+ ideas of what to give a woman for 45 years

A mod­ern woman at this age is not prepar­ing to become a grand­moth­er. On the con­trary, she opens a new chap­ter in which she can final­ly begin to live only for her own plea­sure. Scrolling through your head ideas of unusu­al gifts for a woman for 45 years, think about how they car­ry just such a mes­sage.
150+ ideas of what to give a woman for 45 years
What to give a woman for 45 years. shutterstock.com

Top 12 Best Gift Ideas for a 45 Year Old Woman

For com­fort

Time is price­less and spend­ing it in the com­pa­ny of uncom­fort­able things is waste­ful. For­tu­nate­ly, progress throws us all new devices designed to increase the lev­el of com­fort. And usu­al­ly glo­ri­ous gifts come out of them.

1. Light alarm

Light alarm clock
Pho­to: @fox, pexels.com

I don’t like the alarm clock. There are very good rea­sons for this — this is a nec­es­sary evil of every­day life. Hov­er, light alarms are a thing of a dif­fer­ent kind, because their task is to make a forced awak­en­ing … if not pleas­ant, but as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble. With the help of grad­u­al­ly increas­ing light, such an alarm clock imi­tates the nat­ur­al begin­ning of the day and there­by grad­u­al­ly pre­pares the sleep­ing body for the rise. And when the music or horn final­ly turns on, wak­ing up is less stress­ful.

Per­haps light alarms are not equal­ly effec­tive for every­one. On the oth­er hand, this is the thing that the birth­day girl is unlike­ly to buy for her­self, which means an excel­lent can­di­date for gifts.

2. Smart watch

Smart watch
Pho­to: shutterstock.com

You won’t sur­prise any­one with a smart­phone at 45, but you can try with a smart watch. In short, they com­bine the func­tions of a fit­ness bracelet (track phys­i­cal activ­i­ty) and a wrist “branch” of a smart­phone. And the lat­ter seems like a whim only to those who have not tried to ar a smart watch. True, pop­u­lar and proven man­u­fac­tur­ers offer watch­es in uni­sex design.

3. Heated scarf

Heated smart scarf
Pho­to: sky­lar-kang, pexels.com

Choos­ing clothes or acces­sories for a mature woman is dif­fi­cult. But if this very clothes has a heat­ing func­tion that is rel­e­vant for most of Rus­sia, then you will be for­giv­en for a slight loss of style. Please note that it is con­sid­ered inde­cent to give gloves, so it is bet­ter to stay with a heat­ed scarf. Or on a vest, if the birth­day girl is not against a sporty style.

For good health

Forty-five is not yet the age when all the talk is only about ll-being. But it’s hard not to think about it. If the gift con­cerns such a del­i­cate top­ic as health, it is impor­tant that he does not shout: “Win­ter is com­ing!”.

4. Air purifier

Air Ozonator
Pho­to: pixabay.com

The air in big cities is quite pol­lut­ed, but many still do not buy puri­fiers. There are too great fears that they will not cope, but the thing is expen­sive. There­fore, get­ting such a thing for a birth­day is a glo­ri­ous option. At a min­i­mum, air puri­fiers will improve sleep qual­i­ty. And for aller­gy suf­fer­ers, it’s just a must-have.

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5. Neck Massage Pillow

Heated massage cushion
Pho­to: @ketut-subiyanto, pexels.com

It can’t be all right with the neck of those who spend a lot of time fac­ing the screen. That is, almost every­one. Yes, even if it’s okay! A few min­utes on the mas­sage cush­ion is a goose­bumps plea­sure.

When choos­ing, rec­om­mend stop­ping at the uni­ver­sal ver­sion of roller mas­sage. From vibra­tion there is less sense and plea­sure, and per­cus­sion mas­sage is not for every­one. Pil­lows with infrared heat­ing do have a num­ber of con­traindi­ca­tions for use. Roller skates won’t hurt any­one who does­n’t have a spinal injury.

6. Juicer

Pho­to: pixabay.com

It is clear that the idea is suc­cess­ful. But it is crit­i­cal that the juicer does not become a bulky con­trap­tion, aim­less­ly tak­ing up shelf space. To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, you need to pay atten­tion to the ease of clean­ing and size.

First of all, mod­els that are drea­ry to clean from cake fall into dis­grace. Sig­nif­i­cant advan­tages will also be the “omniv­o­rous” juicer, low noise lev­el and high effi­cien­cy.

For home

With age comes an under­stand­ing of how many unnec­es­sary things go through our lives. Choos­ing a pure­ly dec­o­ra­tive gift for the home and adding to the col­lec­tion of mean­ing­less items, you risk caus­ing irri­ta­tion.

An excep­tion may be design­er or self-made gifts, and even then not always. Bet­ter bet on func­tion­al­i­ty.

7. Special dishes

waffle iron
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Giv­ing pots and pans, in gen­er­al, is not comme il faut. Anoth­er thing is exot­ic dish­es for extra­or­di­nary or exper­i­men­tal dish­es. By 45, many become picky about food, and reveal­ing the culi­nary pref­er­ences of the birth­day girl is most like­ly easy.

So why not gift a waf­fle mak­er to make Bel­gian waf­fles? Or an authen­tic WOK pan for Asian cui­sine? Pas­ta machine? Fon­due set? The main thing is that the birth­day girl could cook exact­ly her favorite dish with the help of a gift.

8. Photo printer

Portable photo printer
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Young peo­ple are sat­is­fied that pho­tographs exist only in dig­i­tal form. And absolute­ly in vain! The beau­ty is that now it is not nec­es­sary to look for pho­to print­ing shops. On sale there are com­pact, afford­able and easy-to-learn pho­to print­ers that allow you to mate­ri­al­ize valu­able shots at home.

The device will be the bet­ter, the larg­er pic­tures it can pro­duce. Keep in mind that print car­tridges and spe­cial­ty paper are rel­a­tive­ly expen­sive, and it would be nice to add a cou­ple of sets to the load with the print­er itself.

9. Wine storage

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Pho­to: pixabay.com

A home wine rack or even a spe­cial wine cab­i­net with cool­ing — out­ra­geous “bour­geois” inte­ri­or items. But they will def­i­nite­ly be appre­ci­at­ed by women who are versed in noble drinks.

Do not rush to be scared by the prices of racks and refrig­er­a­tors. There are options that will cost less than the bot­tles entrust­ed to them for stor­age.

For Sport

Some­thing changes at 45 for women accus­tomed to phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. For exam­ple, you have to think about the load on the joints and ten­dons, keep in mind the increase in bone fragili­ty.

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The approach to train­ing should be recon­sid­ered under the super­vi­sion of a spe­cial­ist, train­er or doc­tor, but “smooth” exer­cis­es that do not imply body over­load are def­i­nite­ly more prefer­able. And at the same time, life with­out sports after 45 is a com­plete­ly use­less option.

10. Home stepper

Pho­to: pixabay.com

Pro­fes­sion­al ath­letes can be as skep­ti­cal as they want about the effec­tive­ness of home step­pers. But in the “covid” world with its “remote work”, one should def­i­nite­ly not write off such sim­u­la­tors. And step­pers are com­pact. You can choose a mod­el that is easy to hide in a clos­et or under the sofa after a work­out.

You can’t go wrong with a clas­sic step­per that mim­ics climb­ing stairs. A plus will be the abil­i­ty to change the load mode, the pres­ence of handrails and expanders, as ll as a dis­play to dis­play infor­ma­tion about the progress of the work­out.

For fun

Not all gifts have to be use­ful, some can just please. And age will not be a hin­drance

11. Telescope

Pho­to: pixabay.com

If a woman at 45 thinks she’s seen it all, what about the Ocean of Storms on the Moon or the tail of a comet? Let the tele­scope be an imprac­ti­cal gift, but you can’t see much at home, but even such a touch to the secrets of space can give an adult real child­ish excite­ment and sur­prise. Pure romance!

12. SPA-set

Pho­to: pixabay.com

Almost every woman will be glad to spend sev­er­al hours in a SPA-salon arranged in her own house and only for her­self. All the nec­es­sary tools would be at hand … When choos­ing such a set as a gift, it is enough to peep what cos­met­ics the birth­day girl usu­al­ly uses and choose prod­ucts from the same man­u­fac­tur­er. Failed — make sure that your gift is at least hypoal­ler­genic.

Original gift ideas for a woman for 45 years

  1. Rose in a flask
  2. Video greet­ing
  3. Sub­scrip­tion to vis­it SPA-pro­ce­dures
  4. Flor pot with built-in hid­ing place
  5. A set of rare Chi­nese tea
  6. Set of mas­sage combs
  7. aro­ma lamp
  8. Dry per­fume bag set
  9. Cap­sule cof­fee machine
  10. elec­tric blan­ket
  11. Mas­sage Mat
  12. Fash­ion­able rub­ber boots
  13. Home slip­pers with dec­o­ra­tive embroi­dery
  14. Cool­er bag
  15. Elec­tron­ic, cook­ing, talk­ing book
  16. Fit­ness bracelet
  17. Head­phones for smart­phone
  18. Elec­tron­ic book
  19. Humid­i­fi­er
  20. Alarm clock with nature sounds
  21. Lamp with oil flow­ing inside
  22. fon­due set
  23. Robot vac­u­um clean­er
  24. Fold­ing umbrel­la
  25. Pho­topil­lows
  26. Jel­ry stor­age box
  27. silk scarf
  28. Back mas­sager
  29. Elec­tric dry­er for veg­eta­bles
  30. Riv­er cruise tick­ets
  31. Biofire­place
  32. bread mak­er
  33. Leather gloves
  34. salt lamp
  35. rock­et launch­er
  36. smart watch
  37. mar­i­na­tor
  38. Bag chair
  39. Ther­mocup and ther­mos
  40. Caviar on a leg
  41. Case pilot
  42. Relax­ing leg ham­mock
  43. Warm plaid with sleeves
  44. yogurt mak­er
  45. Elec­tron­ic trans­la­tor
  46. Cord­less vac­u­um clean­er
  47. Dig­i­tal ather sta­tion
  48. Pic­nic set
  49. Food proces­sor
  50. Down scarf
  51. Smart­phone sound sys­tem
  52. Arm­chair — cocoon
  53. Set for mak­ing rolls.
  54. Gar­den swing
  55. Beau­ti­ful wall decor
  56. Singing pots
  57. Stor­age con­tain­er set
  58. Trav­el
  59. Japan­ese gar­den
  60. Styl­ish cof­fee table
  61. Pots with nat­ur­al water­ing func­tion
  62. A set of ceram­ic knives
  63. Fam­i­ly din­ner at the restau­rant
  64. pho­to ses­sion cer­tifi­cate
  65. Vac­u­um pack­ing machine
  66. Mon­ey Tree
  67. Steam sauna for the face
  68. home foun­tain
  69. Soft pouf
  70. Ger­mi­na­tor for seeds and grain
  71. Wood­en pan­el on the wall
  72. jel­ry dec­o­ra­tion
  73. Leather belt
  74. Mag­net­ic chalk­board for writ­ing
  75. Timer in the kitchen
  76. Elec­tric Tooth­brush
  77. dress­ing room mir­ror
  78. Set for self-dec­o­ra­tion of pil­lows
  79. Anatom­ic pil­low
  80. Dig­i­tal cam­era
  81. Exclu­sive birth­day cake
  82. Col­lec­tion of books by your favorite author
  83. Pig­gy bank of wine corks
  84. per­son­al­ized pen
  85. Cer­tifi­cate for a beau­ty salon
  86. Gas­tro bou­quet
  87. Tick­ets for a con­cert of your favorite artist
  88. Bath­room screen with an unusu­al print
  89. visu­al­iza­tion board
  90. Name frame for license plate
  91. Scratch map of the world
  92. bungee jump
  93. Birth­day girl car­toon
  94. Name ser­vice
  95. Gift beau­ty box
  96. Needle­work set
  97. Paint­ing
  98. Gift bas­ket with exot­ic fruits
  99. Name set of hon­ey or jam
  100. Bed sheets
  101. horse ride
  102. Mas­ter class cer­tifi­cate
  103. Gift cer­tifi­cate for shop­ping
  104. Pic­nic in nature
  105. fur prod­uct
  106. Fash­ion­able wom­en’s hand­bag
  107. Wrist watch
  108. Ted­dy bear of live ros­es
  109. Board game
  110. Name umbrel­la
  111. Hot air bal­loon flight
  112. dig­i­tal pho­to frame
  113. Gift nom­i­nal medal
  114. Float­ing
  115. hol­i­day fire­works
  116. Song of own com­po­si­tion
  117. Mul­ti­func­tion­al steam­er
  118. Dish­wash­er
  119. Vase with engrav­ing
  120. Under­ar set
  121. Mul­ti­var­ka
  122. Set of wine glass­es
  123. Ther­mo­pod
  124. Por­trait on wood or can­vas
  125. Clothes orga­niz­er
  126. Wine and cheese board decanter set
  127. wish book
  128. Multi­bak­er
  129. Umbrel­la ather indi­ca­tor
  130. Instant cam­era
  131. The­ater tick­ets
  132. Gift set of spices of the world
  133. Dar­son­val
  134. Set of sea del­i­ca­cies
  135. flo­rar­i­um
  136. ECO farm on the win­dow
  137. Clay pots for bak­ing
  138. Break­fast table in bed
  139. bam­boo blan­ket
  140. Device for fast cut­ting of veg­eta­bles
  141. Herbal pil­lows for easy falling asleep
  142. exer­cise bike
  143. Sub­scrip­tion to var­i­ous train­ing cours­es
  144. Fluffy bed­side rug
  145. Trav­el suit­case
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How to choose a gift for a woman for 45 years

  • Jel­ry is a win-win gift option for a 45th birth­day if you know the woman ll, but… it’s hard to come up with some­thing more banal.
  • Be care­ful with cos­met­ics. Make sure that donat­ed funds do not remind you of a bygone youth.
  • Do not give what is already in every­day life. What an iron, what a smart­phone is not a lux­u­ry, but nec­es­sary things. So what if you give more pro­gres­sive mod­els?
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  • Pay atten­tion to pack­ag­ing. This will show that you are seri­ous about the choice.
  • By the way, giv­ing “fun­ny” gifts is no longer age-appro­pri­ate.
  • Do not give dec­o­ra­tive items and sou­venirs if you are not 100% sure that they will please you.
  • Gift cer­tifi­cates are almost the same as giv­ing mon­ey, but lim­it­ing the abil­i­ty to spend it. Maybe it’s bet­ter to still cash in a fes­tive enve­lope?