150+ ideas of what to give a man for 50 years

50 years is the age of a man when he turns back to the past years and eval­u­ates achieve­ments in order to under­stand how he should be in a new phase of life. Not every­one here man­ages to remain opti­mistic, fix­ing atten­tion on suc­cess­es, not omis­sions. If you need ideas for unusu­al gifts for a man for 50 years, it would be right to remind the hero of the day how great he is after all
150+ ideas of what to give a man for 50 years
What to give a man for 50 years. Pho­to: shutterstock.com

Top 18 Best Gift Ideas for a 50 Year Old Man

For busi­ness

If any­thing at 50 is cer­tain, it is with the posi­tion on the labor mar­ket. Sharp turns in your career are unlike­ly to be expect­ed, but maybe it’s for the bet­ter? So it’s eas­i­er to plan for the future and equip the work­space.

1. Desktop

Laptop table
Pho­to: @ken-tomita, pixels.com

On “remote work” (and more or less all Rus­sians dealt with it) it became obvi­ous that not all hous­es are equal­ly con­ve­nient for work. Chang­ing the table to a more com­fort­able, ergonom­ic and fash­ion­able one is not one of those deci­sions that imme­di­ate­ly come to mind, but the birth­day boy will def­i­nite­ly appre­ci­ate your con­cern for his indi­vid­ual space.

But when choos­ing such a gift, it is still bet­ter to clar­i­fy the desired char­ac­ter­is­tics of the table from the future own­er.

2. Bag

Men's bag
Pho­to: pixabay.com

There are things that are very relat­ed to lifestyle, and the bag is one of them. At 50, the sta­tus of a man changes, and acces­sories should change accord­ing­ly.

If before the birth­day man in bags was more inter­est­ed in the func­tion­al side, now it would be time to pay atten­tion to the man­u­fac­tur­er. Wear­ing non-brand­ed prod­ucts is some­how not age-appro­pri­ate.

3. Netbook

Pho­to: pixabay.com

It’s good to have a device that turns lit­er­al­ly any desk into a work­space, and that’s con­ve­nient to car­ry around! But keep in mind that human­i­ty has “been ill” with tablets — they remain rel­e­vant only for rep­re­sen­ta­tives of select­ed pro­fes­sions.

But the idea of ​​a net­book promis­es not to become obso­lete for a long time. In fact, these are small, low-por lap­tops designed pri­mar­i­ly for net­work­ing. For such a gad­get, any per­son, exhaust­ed by long cor­re­spon­dence from the smart­phone key­board, will def­i­nite­ly say thank you.

4. Flash drive with a combination lock

personalized flash drive
Pho­to: pixabay.com

It is unlike­ly that men will buy such a flash dri­ve on their own — their price looks some­what over­priced. But the thing is nev­er­the­less use­ful and looks quite gift. There are few mod­els on the mar­ket, the choice will be sim­ple.

For good health

The far­ther, the more a man’s health depends on his phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. It is not nec­es­sary to give some­thing scream­ing about the need to play sports. So after all, the birth­day man can be sad about the records left in the past.

But del­i­cate encour­age­ment of under­tak­ings relat­ed to keep­ing fit and pro­mot­ing health will be appro­pri­ate.

5. Rowing machine

rowing machine
Pho­to: Andres Ayr­ton, pixels.com

It strains most of the mus­cles impor­tant for a man, slight­ly loads the joints, helps to dri­ve off excess ight, com­bines strength and car­dio loads. In a word, a great gift if the birth­day per­son does not have seri­ous back prob­lems and has enough space at home.

The caveat is that the more afford­able mechan­i­cal type row­ing machines have lim­it­ed func­tion­al­i­ty and are noisy. Aero­mag­net­ic or aero­dy­nam­ic are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent mon­ey.

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6. Fitness watch

Smart watch
Pho­to: shutterstock.com

Smart watch­es are a fash­ion­able, con­ve­nient, easy-to-learn gad­get. And after 50, it’s not a shame if it not only syn­chro­nizes with a smart­phone, but also mon­i­tors some health indi­ca­tors, for exam­ple, pres­sure, heart rate and ECG, sleep qual­i­ty.

Super­sti­tious peo­ple believe that it is impos­si­ble to give watch­es to loved ones — to sep­a­ra­tion. But there are few seri­ous argu­ments against this gift. For exam­ple, if a per­son has nev­er worn a watch in his life, then he is unlike­ly to appre­ci­ate this acces­so­ry at 50. Or if the hero of the day is seri­ous­ly wor­ried about the inex­orable pas­sage of time. The rest is a gift as a gift.

7. Orthopedic pillow

Orthopedic pillow
Pho­to: shutterstock.com

One of those gifts that only a loved one can please. Indeed, when choos­ing an ortho­pe­dic pil­low, one should take into account the phys­i­cal para­me­ters of the birth­day per­son. Shoul­der width, for exam­ple.

And you may also have to dis­cuss the gift with the hero of the day: you won’t “sud­den­ly” start sleep­ing on such a pil­low, it takes time to get used to it. But improv­ing sleep qual­i­ty is def­i­nite­ly worth the effort.

For sta­tus

The eas­i­er the meet­ing of the anniver­sary is expe­ri­enced, the more the birth­day man man­aged to achieve. A gift that empha­sizes the sta­tus of a man will add con­fi­dence that the past years have been pro­duc­tive.

8. Branded belt

Pho­to: pixabay.com

His­tor­i­cal­ly, the belt has been seen as a sym­bol of mas­culin­i­ty. But by how ll this piece of cloth­ing is cho­sen, one can also judge the taste of a man.

So choose care­ful­ly. When in doubt, choose a ver­sa­tile leather belt with qual­i­ty fit­tings.

9. Stylish chess

Pho­to: pixabay.com

“Game of the Wise Men” is in almost every home. It’s a pity there’s not always time for a game. Hov­er, if you present chess in an exquis­ite design, this will become an occa­sion to take the box out into the light more often.

10. Book-safe

Book safe
Pho­to: Lisa Fotios, pixels.com

A gift that will make the hero of the day think about those val­ues ​​that need to be espe­cial­ly pro­tect­ed. Due to its rel­a­tive cheap­ness, a safe book is suit­able as a sign of atten­tion to a not very close per­son, for exam­ple, a col­league.

for hob­by

At 50, many are vis­it­ed by the thought that for­mer hob­bies re com­plete­ly in vain pushed aside for the sake of more impor­tant things. Isn’t it time to return to them or dis­cov­er new types of leisure?

11. Speaker system

smart speaker
Pho­to: pixabay.com

The idea for this gift for the 50th anniver­sary is sug­gest­ed by life itself. The glob­al film mar­ket is now reori­ent­ing itself towards home con­sump­tion of films. So isn’t it time to get a sound sys­tem that will make you feel like you’re in a movie the­ater?

But at the same time, sug­gest that you still opt for good speak­ers with an ampli­fi­er, and not full-scale “home the­aters”. Because the sec­ond option in a decent per­for­mance can not afford every fam­i­ly. More­over, rela­tions with neigh­bors can dete­ri­o­rate.

12. Portable radio

radio station
Pho­to: cot­ton­bro, pixels.com

Hunt­ing and fish­ing, gath­er­ing and “clas­sic” tourism — all these hob­bies are unit­ed by the fact that at one fine moment the birth­day per­son may remain out of the access zone. Yes, know that’s exact­ly what he’s try­ing to achieve. But still, there are sit­u­a­tions when it is bet­ter to stay in touch.

Choos­ing a walkie-talkie is not easy if you start to delve into the tech­ni­cal details. Luck­i­ly, reviews are a great help.

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13. Guitar

Pho­to: pixabay.com

In adult­hood, it’s time to stop post­pon­ing any hob­bies for lat­er. And if a man had a gui­tar in his life, and then sud­den­ly dis­ap­peared for years due to cir­cum­stances, he is guar­an­teed to be hap­py with her return.

It is believed that musi­cal instru­ments can­not be select­ed online. This is an out­dat­ed point of view. With­out being an expert, it’s even eas­i­er to find some­thing wor­thy on a vir­tu­al counter among the prod­ucts of trust­ed man­u­fac­tur­ers than to deal with a sell­er who will “per­suade” you to buy a dubi­ous prod­uct.

14. DVR

Pho­to: pixabay.com

Many expe­ri­enced dri­vers neglect the pur­chase of a DVR because they feel con­fi­dent on the roads. This does not mean that they will not use it if it appears.

15. 3D pen

3D pen
Pho­to: Jes­si­ca Lewis Cre­ative, pixels.com

A rel­a­tive­ly new device that allows you to “paint” with plas­tic is con­sid­ered enter­tain­ment for chil­dren. But where a child is just play­ing around, an adult can find a seri­ous tool for cre­ativ­i­ty.

In addi­tion, this is a mod­ern hob­by that has no psy­cho­log­i­cal bar­ri­er to mas­ter­ing. Unlike oth­er gad­gets.

For relax

By the age of 50, men know how to appre­ci­ate moments of relax­ation and know exact­ly what to spend time on. Retire­ment, hov­er, is still far away, so do not let the gifts leave the impres­sion that you are try­ing to pre­pare the hero of the day for it.

16. Wine rack

What to give dad for 50 years
Pho­to: pixabay.com

Hav­ing a sup­ply of noble drinks that does not run out in one evening is con­sid­ered a sign of matu­ri­ty in some homes. The appear­ance of a wine cab­i­net auto­mat­i­cal­ly rais­es the cul­ture of con­sump­tion to a lev­el wor­thy of a 50-year-old hus­band.

17. Armchair

Pho­to: pixabay.com

Our part­ners at work or at rest, chairs tend to ar out or get bored. An anniver­sary can be a good rea­son to update a piece of fur­ni­ture close to the body of the birth­day man. But don’t rec­om­mend giv­ing a rock­ing chair — they can mis­un­der­stand.

18. BBQ Grill

kitchen grill
Pho­to: pixabay.com

The “glam­orous” broth­ers of bar­be­cues, char­coal coun­try grills oper­ate on approx­i­mate­ly the same prin­ci­ple, but they look pret­ti­er. The dif­fer­ence, in fact, is in the lid. With it, in a bar­be­cue, you can cre­ate a smok­ing effect and reg­u­late the tem­per­a­ture of the coals. The birth­day per­son may be curi­ous to know how this will affect the taste of the dish­es.

Original gift ideas for a man for 50 years

  1. Umbrel­la cane
  2. Mini golf set
  3. Smoke­house
  4. Col­lec­tion alco­hol
  5. Name embroi­dered tol set
  6. globe bar
  7. Mas­sage Mat
  8. Mag­net­ic bracelet
  9. Wood­en map of the world
  10. sofa orga­niz­er
  11. Spices set
  12. Ham­mock
  13. Fruit bas­ket with exot­ic fruits
  14. Hik­ing set
  15. A tea set
  16. Ther­mo mug
  17. Hand­made backgam­mon with carved pat­terns
  18. Col­lec­tion of books from your favorite author
  19. elec­tric blan­ket
  20. Rock­ing chair
  21. Bronze ash­tray with built-in lighter
  22. Elec­tric fire­place
  23. Bar can­is­ter
  24. Japan­ese rock gar­den in minia­ture
  25. Set of hand­made glass­es
  26. Gas­tro bou­quet
  27. Wall flo­rar­i­um
  28. Pedi­gree book
  29. Elec­tron­ic notepad
  30. lug­gage box
  31. Gift cup and diplo­ma
  32. Bath acces­sories set
  33. Per­son­al­ized humi­dor
  34. Phone orga­niz­er stand
  35. Flash dri­ve with engrav­ing
  36. per­son­al­ized glass
  37. Flight in a wind tun­nel
  38. Cuf­flinks with ini­tials
  39. Sub­scribe to your favorite mag­a­zine
  40. Set for a cof­fee lover
  41. Gift cer­tifi­cate for riv­er raft­ing
  42. Skers with carved han­dles
  43. Expen­sive cig­ars or smok­ing pipes
  44. Smart House
  45. Salt lamp
  46. Flask with a set of glass­es
  47. Home mini ather sta­tion
  48. Irri­ga­tor
  49. Cool­ing stones for drinks
  50. air puri­fi­er
  51. A table clock
  52. Wood­en key hold­er
  53. Elec­tric grill
  54. World spices set
  55. Pen with engrav­ing
  56. car refrig­er­a­tor
  57. Tray table
  58. mas­sage cer­tifi­cate
  59. Trav­el bag
  60. Wood­en pan­el on the wall
  61. Sta­tion­ary water fil­ter
  62. Cer­tifi­cate for hunt­ing and fish­ing shop
  63. Aro­ma lamp and a set of essen­tial oils
  64. Table lamp with touch con­trol
  65. Tourist knife set
  66. Car vac­u­um clean­er
  67. Shoe care kit
  68. lev­i­tat­ing globe
  69. Ship in a bot­tle
  70. mas­sage mat­tress
  71. Geyser cof­fee mak­er
  72. Tele­scope
  73. Pok­er set
  74. Gar­den swing
  75. Illu­mi­nat­ed Table­top Foun­tain
  76. Trav­el suit­case with remov­able cov­ers
  77. Mul­ti­func­tion­al han­dle
  78. Mag­net­ic slate board
  79. Chair cov­er with mas­sage func­tion
  80. Pig­gy bank for corks
  81. New­ton’s pen­du­lum
  82. mag­net­ic darts
  83. Pro­jec­tor star­ry sky
  84. mas­sage gun
  85. Engraved cut­ting board set
  86. Board game
  87. water­proof speak­er
  88. trav­el pil­low
  89. Sports bag
  90. vir­tu­al real­i­ty hel­met
  91. Weight­ed duvet for sound sleep
  92. Pan­el with light for read­ing books
  93. Som­me­li­er set
  94. Pil­low-Anti­stress
  95. Grill set
  96. Sleep­ing bag
  97. Favorite Per­fume
  98. Tick­ets for a con­cert of your favorite artist
  99. Instant cam­era
  100. camp­ing lantern
  101. Inflat­able sofa
  102. Sub­scrip­tion to the pool
  103. Gift set for car care
  104. Box­ing punch­ing bag
  105. Annu­al Online Home The­ater Sub­scrip­tion
  106. Sub­scrip­tion to the fit­ness room
  107. Mini-bar in the form of an air­plane with glass­es
  108. home brery
  109. Head­set for com­mu­ni­ca­tion
  110. Fry­ing pan from a disk for a pic­nic and a sum­mer res­i­dence
  111. Box with indi­vid­ual fill­ing
  112. Para­cord bracelet
  113. Tent
  114. visu­al­iza­tion board
  115. Gift bas­ket with wine and cheese
  116. Name plate on stand
  117. Cush­ion with print
  118. Alarm mat
  119. Ther­mal cal­en­dar
  120. Trans­form­ing table for lap­top
  121. Radar boat for rec­og­niz­ing fish­ing spots
  122. Quad­copter
  123. Cake with indi­vid­ual design
  124. Fam­i­ly din­ner at a coun­try hotel
  125. Col­lectible mod­el of a car or sail­boat
  126. Paint­ball trip
  127. fam­i­ly pho­to album
  128. Pho­to­box with wish­es
  129. Sou­venir rod
  130. Diary with wish­es
  131. Air gun
  132. Shoe dry­er
  133. VR glass­es
  134. home brery
  135. Wish check­book
  136. Car acces­sories
  137. Flash­light-stun gun
  138. Design­er cov­er for pass­port and card­hold­er
  139. anti­clock
  140. Frame­less chair
  141. Trav­el
  142. Binoc­u­lars
  143. Top­i­ary
  144. pho­to por­trait
  145. Wood­en orga­niz­er for doc­u­ments
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  • Do not con­fuse matu­ri­ty and old age. A warm blan­ket and an annu­al sub­scrip­tion to a pack­age of chan­nels with retro cin­e­ma let them wait anoth­er 15 years.
  • At 50, men’s hearts some­times begin to demand change. And there’s noth­ing to be done about it. Hov­er, suc­cess­ful gifts will help sat­is­fy crav­ings for fresh expe­ri­ences.
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  • Do not give sta­tus things that may remain unclaimed. For exam­ple, some peo­ple con­sid­er aring signet rings the height of vul­gar­i­ty, regard­less of their cost. Oth­ers can hard­ly imag­ine why cuf­flinks are need­ed.
  • Don’t make an anniver­sary a joke. A rare man will for­give if you are not seri­ous about an impor­tant date for him. In par­tic­u­lar, you should care­ful­ly con­sid­er the choice of words for a greet­ing card. It does not need either depre­ci­at­ing “fifty dol­lars” or rhymes full of false opti­mism.
  • Don’t give alco­hol. Unless he is from the breed that is drunk once in a life­time on super spe­cial occa­sions.
  • If you donate mon­ey this may mean that you re too lazy to turn on the fan­ta­sy, and can be tak­en as a hint that a man in his 50s does not earn enough.
  • Care prod­ucts at 50, of course, are impor­tant, but not every man is ready to admit it to him­self. There­fore, he is ready to receive such a gift only from the clos­est per­son, prefer­ably face-to-face.