150+ ideas for christening gifts

Bap­tism of a child is a bright hol­i­day, which is usu­al­ly cel­e­brat­ed with the clos­est peo­ple. Par­ents pre­pare treats, and guests give gifts to the hero of the occa­sion. We’ve round­ed up over 150 ideas for chris­ten­ing gifts.
150+ ideas for christening gifts
What to give for chris­ten­ing. Pho­to: shutterstock.com

The sacra­ment of ini­ti­a­tion into the Chris­t­ian faith is the most impor­tant event in the life of an Ortho­dox fam­i­ly. From time immemo­r­i­al, bap­tism was con­sid­ered the spir­i­tu­al birth of a per­son. It is believed that on this day a per­son acquires a Guardian Angel and god­par­ents. There­fore, many seek to bap­tize a new­born accord­ing to the old Ortho­dox tra­di­tion — on the 40th day after birth. God­moth­ers mom and dad make sure that the child grows up as a sin­cere Chris­t­ian, pray for his health, both phys­i­cal and spir­i­tu­al.

After the sacra­ment of bap­tism, it is cus­tom­ary to cel­e­brate what hap­pened at the din­ner table. By the way, it is the home hol­i­day held on the day of bap­tism in the church that is called chris­ten­ing. Only the clos­est peo­ple of the fam­i­ly are invit­ed to share such a joy­ful event. And gifts on this day are giv­en not only by god­par­ents, but also by all invit­ed guests. We will tell you what you can give for chris­ten­ing, and our expert will share valu­able tips.

What to give a boy for christening

The rite of bap­tism is asso­ci­at­ed with spir­i­tu­al rit­u­als. To give some­thing on a spir­i­tu­al theme on this day is the first thing that comes to mind. Read in our arti­cle what can be pre­sent­ed as a mem­o­rable present to a new­ly bap­tized boy.

1. Photo album

Photo album
Pho­to: Domini­ka Rose­clay, pexels.com

The first year of a baby’s life is a touch­ing time: the first smile, the first step. Lov­ing and car­ing par­ents try to cap­ture these mem­o­rable moments in the pho­to. There­fore, the pho­to album will be an actu­al gift.

It can be dec­o­rat­ed using the scrap­book­ing tech­nique at your dis­cre­tion, or you can order a hand­made item from craftswomen.

2. Jelry box

jelry box
Pho­to: pixabay.com

An ele­gant and use­ful gift. Cas­kets are used to store bap­tismal acces­sories: bap­tismal shirt, hats, bap­tismal cer­tifi­cates. Then it will be pos­si­ble to put the first fall­en tooth or cut curl into it. You can buy a fin­ished box in any online store, or you can order a hand­made prod­uct. The cost depends on the size and mate­r­i­al. Sil­ver, porce­lain, wood­en, suede box­es — there are many options for every taste.

3. Silver bowl

Silver bowl
Pho­to: Jason Song, unsplash.com

A sil­ver bowl is a sym­bol­ic gift. It does­n’t look like the device chil­dren drink from before they learn how to use a mug. In fact, this is a kind of cup, but with two han­dles. There is a belief that if you use a sil­ver bowl, milk teeth will not dark­en. Gifts such as a sil­ver drink­ing bowl are mem­o­rable and are inher­it­ed. But they have one caveat — high cost.

4. Icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker

Icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker
Pho­to: market.yandex.ru

A win-win option for a chris­ten­ing gift for a boy is to give an icon with the image of St. Nicholas the Won­der­work­er (Nicholas the Pleas­ant). He is known as a fight­er for jus­tice, appeas­er of the war­ring. In addi­tion, Nicholas the Won­der­work­er is con­sid­ered the patron saint of chil­dren: dur­ing the time of the per­se­cu­tion of Chris­tian­i­ty, he saved many young Chris­tians.

You can buy an already con­se­crat­ed icon in the church shop. Price depends on size and frame. By the way, the image of a saint can be made with your own hands — for exam­ple, embroi­dered. Such a gift, made with warmth and love, will be tru­ly unique.

5. Candles for christening

Christening candles
Pho­to: Six­teen Miles Out, unsplash.com

Can­dles are an attribute with­out which no rite of bap­tism can do. After the sacra­ment, it is cus­tom­ary to take them home and light them on spe­cial occa­sions.

You can buy can­dles in the church shop and dec­o­rate them to your taste. Or you can buy a ready-made set of acces­sories for bap­tism. The sec­ond option, of course, is more expen­sive, but it saves time.

What to give a girl for christening

If you have been invit­ed to a girl’s chris­ten­ing, and you don’t know what to present to the baby, take a look at our list. We are sure that there will be a suit­able gift option in it.

1. Precious hairpin

Precious hairpin
Pho­to: Ivan Lapyrin, Pho­to: unsplash.com

A gold or sil­ver hair clip will be a mean­ing­ful present. Such things are con­sid­ered amulets and are kept for life. Some even pass on such mem­o­ra­bil­ia by inher­i­tance. Engrave your name on the bar­rette — this will give a spe­cial unique­ness to the gift.

2. Cast-imprint of arms and legs

Imprint of hands and feet
Pho­to: Alex Pasare­lu, unsplash.com

The Hand and Foot Impres­sion Kit is a great bud­get-friend­ly chris­ten­ing gift. It will allow you to remem­ber the hap­py moments of your baby’s child­hood. It is espe­cial­ly touch­ing if you make a cast on the day of bap­tism. On sale you can find kits for mak­ing an impres­sion: only for a foot or hand print or a kit for a dou­ble impres­sion. Pay atten­tion to this par­tic­u­lar set — it looks very fes­tive.

3. A set of tols

Bath tol
Pho­to: pixabay.com

If you’re con­sid­er­ing prac­ti­cal chris­ten­ing gift ideas, a set of ter­ry tols is the way to go. Choose the col­or of your choice. But still, plain tols of nat­ur­al shades are prefer­able — white, beige, gray, olive. The fab­ric must be 100% nat­ur­al — oth­er options for del­i­cate baby skin are unac­cept­able.

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4. Photoshoot

Pho­to: Joshua Red­dekopp, unsplash.com

It is not nec­es­sary to give things for chris­ten­ing, these can be pleas­ant mem­o­ries. It would be a great idea to order a pho­to or video film­ing of the sacra­ment of bap­tism. It is advis­able to choose a pho­tog­ra­ph­er or video­g­ra­ph­er based on reviews and his real port­fo­lio. After all, such a per­son is required not only to shoot, but also to edit the shots in an orig­i­nal way. Undoubt­ed­ly, only a pro­fes­sion­al should be involved in the sacred bap­tismal cer­e­mo­ny.

5. Icon depicting the Most Holy Theotokos

Icon of the Holy Mother of God
Pho­to: market.yandex.ru

From time immemo­r­i­al, girls have been giv­en an icon depict­ing the Moth­er of God for chris­ten­ing. Before her face they pray for peace and under­stand­ing in the fam­i­ly. You can choose an icon where the Moth­er of God is depict­ed with a baby — this is the Kazan or Vladimir Moth­er of God. A girl can also be pre­sent­ed with an image of the Vir­gin with­out a baby — for exam­ple, the icon of the Moth­er of God of the Sev­en Arrows. Her hands are fold­ed in a prayer­ful ges­ture, as if cov­er­ing the sev­en arrows pierc­ing the heart. Before this face, moth­ers pray for their chil­dren.

What to give for christening from the godmother

The rite of bap­tism in our coun­try is car­ried out with the direct par­tic­i­pa­tion of the god­par­ents, who, in fact, become the sec­ond moth­er and father for the child. If your loved ones have hon­ored you by offer­ing to become a god­moth­er for their baby, it’s time to think about a present. Below are some god­moth­er chris­ten­ing gift ideas.

1. Kryzhma

Pho­to: Luma Pimentel, unsplash.com

This is a white tol or sheet in which the per­son being bap­tized is wrapped after the font. Accord­ing to the Ortho­dox tra­di­tion, the choice of kryzh­ma is the duty of the god­moth­er. Depend­ing on the time of year and the tem­per­a­ture regime, a kryzh­ma is cho­sen from a thin or insu­lat­ed fab­ric. In Rus’, this spe­cial can­vas was dec­o­rat­ed at its dis­cre­tion, embroi­dered with the name of the child, prayer words or an Ortho­dox cross. Today you can buy ready-made embroi­dered fes­tive kryzh­ma. By the way, a can­vas with a cor­ner is most prefer­able, in it the baby is more com­fort­able and warmer.

2. Children’s Bible

Children's Bible
Pho­to: David Beale, unsplash.com

The spir­i­tu­al upbring­ing of a child begins with the first pages of the main source of the Ortho­dox faith — the Bible. A gift copy of the Holy Scrip­ture will be one of the best gifts. Of course, the text of the Bible is dif­fi­cult for a child to under­stand. There­fore, the baby can be pre­sent­ed with a chil­dren’s copy with col­or­ful illus­tra­tions — it sets out in a fair­ly acces­si­ble lan­guage the essence of the teach­ings of Ortho­dox Chris­tian­i­ty.

3. Silver spoon

silver spoon
Pho­to: Sio­ra Pho­tog­ra­phy, unsplash.com

Sil­ver in dif­fer­ent world cul­tures car­ries a hid­den mean­ing. Accord­ing to Ortho­dox teach­ing, after the birth of Jesus, the Magi brought him gifts, among which re sil­ver items.

Hav­ing received a sil­ver spoon on the day of bap­tism, the child joins the Ortho­dox cul­ture. In addi­tion, sil­ver has dis­in­fect­ing prop­er­ties, so this spoon can be used for chil­dren’s drink­ing water. You can buy the prod­uct in any jel­ry store.

4. Christening clothes

christening clothes
Pho­to: Anna Heck­er, unsplash.com

An indis­pens­able attribute of the sacra­ment of bap­tism is ele­gant, nec­es­sar­i­ly new bap­tismal cloth­ing. Usu­al­ly it is made in white, which sym­bol­izes the puri­ty and inno­cence of the per­son who is bap­tized. For boys they choose a chris­ten­ing shirt, for girls — a dress. The child is dressed in this out­fit imme­di­ate­ly after the cer­e­mo­ny. It is impor­tant that there are no extra fas­ten­ers and but­tons — so the god­par­ents can quick­ly and eas­i­ly put on a shirt or dress for the baby.

5. Icon with Guardian Angel

Icon with Guardian Angel
Pho­to: market.yandex.ru

Anoth­er Russ­ian cus­tom is to give an icon depict­ing a child’s Guardian Angel for chris­ten­ing. You can buy a ready-made image in a church shop, or you can order a unique copy from the mas­ter — a nom­i­nal icon depict­ing the saint whose name the child bears. It is usu­al­ly writ­ten on a board as high as a bap­tized child, so this icon is also called a full-length icon.

What to give for christening from the godfather

The god­fa­ther also plays the role of a sec­ond par­ent (as does the god­moth­er) for the new­ly bap­tized. The sta­tus is seri­ous, and gifts should be matched. Your atten­tion — a few ideas of what you can give for chris­ten­ing from the god­fa­ther

1. Pectoral cross

Pectoral cross
Pho­to: market.yandex.ru

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, the hon­or­able duty to pur­chase a pec­toral cross is assigned to the god­fa­ther. After all, he, like the god­moth­er, will take care of the spir­i­tu­al upbring­ing of the child, intro­duce him to the Ortho­dox faith. For babies, it is advis­able to choose a small cross with round­ed edges. Of the met­als, sil­ver or gold is prefer­able — they are con­sid­ered hypoal­ler­genic and will not cause irri­ta­tion on del­i­cate baby skin.

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2. Ladanka

Pho­to: market.yandex.ru

A baby’s amulet is a small flat pen­dant, which depicts the face of a saint, whose name the child was named. It is bet­ter to buy incense in the church — there they are already con­se­crat­ed. Since chil­dren usu­al­ly ar only a cross, the amulet is kept at the head of the crib. But if you want your gift to be worn, give a chain right away — this way you will save your par­ents from hav­ing to bear unfore­seen expens­es.

3. Bedding set

Bed sheets
Pho­to: Alekke Blazhin, pexels.com

Beau­ti­ful and high-qual­i­ty bed linen is a good prac­ti­cal gift. The main thing to pay atten­tion to when choos­ing is the mate­r­i­al. Bed linen should be made from 100% cot­ton to avoid irri­ta­tion on del­i­cate skin. The fab­ric is desir­able to choose calm gen­tle shades. And if the child has already grown up (not only new­borns are bap­tized), then you can choose a set with your favorite car­toon char­ac­ters — the baby will be hap­py with such a gift.

4. Chain for a cross

Pho­to: Harp­er Sun­day, unsplash.com

If the par­ents have already pur­chased a pec­toral cross, the god­fa­ther can give a chain for him. And if a cross is usu­al­ly cho­sen light, min­i­mal­is­tic, then the chain, on the con­trary, should be strong, with com­plex aving. So there are more chances that it will not tear and the cross will not be lost. By the way, it is not nec­es­sary to buy expen­sive gold chains, you can buy a gai­tan. This is such a lace made of nat­ur­al mate­ri­als (silk, leather), strong enough, on which a pec­toral cross is worn.

5. Orthodox prayer book

Orthodox prayer book
Pho­to: Josh Apple­gate, unsplash.com

The tra­di­tion­al Ortho­dox prayer book con­tains church rules, canons, akathists, troparia and var­i­ous prayers. And if you real­ly aim to intro­duce the child to the church, present such a present. Just remem­ber to tell your god­son how to use the prayer book cor­rect­ly.

What to give for christening from guests

Usu­al­ly on this hol­i­day the whole fam­i­ly gath­ers at the table: grand­par­ents, uncles and aunts, broth­ers and sis­ters. Often the clos­est friends of the fam­i­ly are also called. In a word, all those who will be direct­ly involved in the life of the child are invit­ed. What to give him on such a bright day? We picked up a few chris­ten­ing gift ideas from guests.

1. A set of dishes

Children's set of dishes
Pho­to: pixabay.com

A prac­ti­cal gift option is a set of chil­dren’s dish­es. Usu­al­ly the set includes a plate, spoon, fork and cup. When choos­ing a mate­r­i­al, it is bet­ter to stop at some­thing pre­sentable and durable — sil­ver, porce­lain. By the way, you can per­son­al­ize the gift if you engrave the dish with the name, date of bap­tism and good wish­es.

2. Humidifier

Pho­to: pixabay.com

With the help of such a pre­sen­ta­tion, you can show con­cern for the health of the child. A humid­i­fi­er is a device that cre­ates a favor­able micro­cli­mate in a room by main­tain­ing humid­i­ty. It is advis­able to put it in the bed­room, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the heat­ing sea­son. The sizes of devices, as ll as the prices for dif­fer­ent mod­els, seri­ous­ly dif­fer. The main advan­tages of mini humid­i­fiers are their porta­bil­i­ty and low cost. And there are more por­ful devices: they cost more, take up more space, but they also do their job bet­ter.

3. Digital photo frame

Electronic photo frame
Pho­to: shutterstock.com

This is a device that replaces the usu­al pho­to album and dec­o­rates the inte­ri­or of the room. Pic­tures are loaded into the device’s mem­o­ry: they will be shown one by one in the form of slides on the pho­to frame screen. A use­ful option for some mod­els is the abil­i­ty to set music to which frames will be scrolled.

4. Night light

night light
Pho­to: pixabay.com

A night lamp is, first of all, a prac­ti­cal gift. Par­ents approach the baby more than once dur­ing the night: change the dia­per, check the tem­per­a­ture, cov­er with a blan­ket. There­fore, your gift will def­i­nite­ly not gath­er dust with­out work. In addi­tion, the lamp can be an inter­est­ing inte­ri­or solu­tion.

5. Book

Pho­to: pixabay.com

If you don’t know what to give as a gift, a book is the best option. With the help of lit­er­a­ture (even one with sol­id pic­tures), chil­dren learn about the world. For kids, it is bet­ter to choose famil­iar sto­ries in poet­ic form — they are eas­i­ly per­ceived by ear. Books for chil­dren should be with bright illus­tra­tions, prefer­ably made of thick card­board. That is, those that are dif­fi­cult to tear, and if they get t, they will not dete­ri­o­rate.

Original christening gift ideas

  1. Blan­ket
  2. Coin with the applied image of the Guardian Angel
  3. Cake
  4. Stroller
  5. Lace scarf
  6. Can­dle­stick in the shape of an angel
  7. gold ear­rings
  8. Cer­tifi­cate for a chil­dren’s store
  9. Water ion­iz­er
  10. bath tub
  11. play are­na
  12. Busy­board
  13. Bot­tle ster­il­iz­er
  14. Ortho­pe­dic mat­tress
  15. Ortho­pe­dic pil­low
  16. Paja­mas
  17. Cos­tume
  18. Toy bas­ket
  19. Gyp­sum sou­venir fig­urines in the form of angels
  20. Bike
  21. Edu­ca­tion­al elec­tron­ic toys
  22. Bou­quet of flors
  23. Chair for babies
  24. Devel­op­ing mat
  25. Mobile
  26. cocoon nest
  27. Sil­ver rat­tle
  28. Engraved plate
  29. Name vol­ume soft let­ters
  30. com­fort toy
  31. baby mon­i­tor
  32. Bed orga­niz­er
  33. Chaise longue for a child
  34. sil­ver bell
  35. Met­rics
  36. car seat
  37. Bath toys
  38. warmer toy
  39. gold­en pin
  40. Embroi­dered nap­kins
  41. Ortho­dox bead­work
  42. Salt lamp
  43. Nom­i­nal night light
  44. Ortho­pe­dic mats
  45. Soft toy
  46. rock­ing chair
  47. Diary for mom notes
  48. Beau­ti­ful ves­sel for holy water
  49. Cubes with pho­tos
  50. Pro­jec­tor
  51. Orga­niz­er for chil­dren’s doc­u­ments
  52. Medal­lion with a secret
  53. A porce­lain doll
  54. Con­struc­tor
  55. Hang­ing swing-nest
  56. Sil­i­cone bib
  57. Vel­cro sheets
  58. chil­dren’s house
  59. A set of gin­ger­bread on an Ortho­dox theme
  60. Embroi­dered booties
  61. Bracelet
  62. Top­i­ary
  63. dia­per cake
  64. Knit­ted plaid
  65. Ball pool
  66. Set of rodents
  67. col­or­ing rug
  68. nasal aspi­ra­tor
  69. Bed pads
  70. Height meter
  71. Bathing cir­cle
  72. Non-con­tact ther­mome­ter
  73. Ther­mos for baby bot­tle
  74. Fit­ball
  75. wall pan­el
  76. Ter­ry bathrobe for baby
  77. Water­proof mat­tress pad
  78. Baby chang­ing table
  79. Paci­fi­er ther­mome­ter
  80. Hang­ing toys in the stroller
  81. Toy-repeater
  82. Touch Lot­to
  83. Care cos­met­ics set
  84. Sling
  85. fold­ing mat
  86. Sled
  87. Stroller orga­niz­er
  88. Sling­bus­es
  89. bicy­cle chair
  90. Knit­ted plaid
  91. Per­son­al­ized paci­fi­er hold­er
  92. Table with a chair for cre­ativ­i­ty
  93. Maxi puz­zle
  94. Cam­era
  95. light sand table
  96. Mag­net­ic board
  97. Wood
  98. steam­er blender
  99. Chil­dren’s musi­cal instru­ments
  100. Song of own com­po­si­tion
  101. Shoes for the first steps
  102. Out­er­ar
  103. bath slide
  104. Tolokar
  105. Kick scoot­er
  106. Pouch for a cross
  107. Video greet­ing
  108. Cal­en­dar
  109. Pup­pet show
  110. baby mon­i­tor
  111. pho­to ses­sion cer­tifi­cate
  112. Pool pass
  113. Enve­lope for walk­ing
  114. Bath­room play table
  115. Rat­tle set
  116. Pyra­mids
  117. Name num­ber for stroller
  118. Rat­tle socks
  119. Nat­ur­al wood toys
  120. White noise gen­er­a­tor
  121. Musi­cal mas­sage pil­low
  122. Fig­ured nat­ur­al soap on herbs
  123. Anti-noise chil­dren’s head­phones
  124. Name light­box
  125. Scratch-poster “My first year”

Birth­day gift ideas for all ages: hun­dreds of options, expert advice

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How to choose a christening gift

I want the gift to bring only pleas­ant emo­tions to the recip­i­ent. To do this, there are gen­er­al rules for prepar­ing a sur­prise. Before you go to the store for a gift, pay atten­tion to our tips.

Price is not important

In fact, the val­ue of the gift is not so impor­tant. The main thing is that it be pre­sent­ed from a pure heart, with good wish­es of health and pros­per­i­ty to the new­ly bap­tized. Sin­cere good feel­ings are the key to suc­cess when choos­ing a gift for chris­ten­ing.


Bap­tism is an Ortho­dox Chris­t­ian rite. There­fore, items on Ortho­dox themes will come in handy. This includes icons, Ortho­dox lit­er­a­ture, can­dles, scarves and much more.


When choos­ing a gift, do not for­get about the beau­ti­ful pack­ag­ing. Even the most sim­ple and banal present can be made more ele­gant and seri­ous with its help. There is plen­ty to choose from: gift bags, spe­cial wrap­ping paper, rib­bons, bows, stick­ers, nat­ur­al decor mate­ri­als. It all depends on your capa­bil­i­ties and imag­i­na­tion. And if you want, you can ask for help from spe­cial­ists-dec­o­ra­tors.

What gifts are lcome, and what real­ly will cause joy­ful emo­tions in the recip­i­ent and his par­ents, tells orga­niz­er of hol­i­days, head of the event agency Anna Efre­mo­va:

Chris­ten­ing is a sin­cere and warm hol­i­day. Every­thing that is done with your own hands and with good­ness is lcome. At the same time, it is not the val­ue of the gift that mat­ters, but the emo­tion that it evokes. Here are some orig­i­nal chris­ten­ing gift ideas:

  • a blan­ket embroi­dered with pho­tographs of the lit­tle hero of the occa­sion and his par­ents;
  • the boy can be pre­sent­ed with a sou­venir soc­cer ball, on which there will again be pho­tos of the fam­i­ly;
  • a touch­ing ver­sion of a gift — a soul­ful song per­formed by you, which can be record­ed at a sound stu­dio;
  • gifts that help a baby fall asleep are, for exam­ple, a white noise gen­er­a­tor or a night-light pro­jec­tor “Star­ry Sky”.

By the way, it is believed that at chris­ten­ing there should be a lot of sets on the table so that the baby’s life is set. Give a cake or pie. It is advis­able to bake it your­self, rather than buy it.
And anoth­er impor­tant point. Think about what words you will say when you give a gift. Bap­tism is an emo­tion­al­ly por­ful cel­e­bra­tion. Express your care, love and touch­ing not only in a gift, but also in words.

Popular questions and ansrs

We tell you what else you can give for chris­ten­ing, and what gifts it is bet­ter to refrain from, and at the same time will ansr some ques­tions from read­ers.

What can grandparents give their grandson for christening?

Lov­ing grand­par­ents are usu­al­ly eager to give a mean­ing­ful gift on such a day. If the par­ents did not have time to pur­chase baby care prod­ucts, then old­er rel­a­tives can do it. A stroller or a crib is a great gift from the clos­est peo­ple. Grand­par­ents often take care of the child’s spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment. There­fore, an icon or a fes­tive copy of the Bible as a gift will be very rel­e­vant.

What kind of christening gift can be given to the parents of a child?

Gift­ing the par­ents of a child things that make it eas­i­er to care for a baby is pure car­ing. It is also not con­sid­ered shame­ful to give mon­ey to the par­ents of a child for chris­ten­ing in an enve­lope. So they will be able to choose and buy the thing they real­ly need at their own dis­cre­tion.

What should never be given on the day of christening?

On such a bright, peace­ful hol­i­day, such pre­sen­ta­tion options as apons and alco­hol are strict­ly pro­hib­it­ed. Oth­er­wise, you can not lim­it your imag­i­na­tion.